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Chapter 674 - This Situation Isn’t Right!

Radiant wasn’t actually certain that a boss had spawned. They simply had a similar line of thinking and stationed their players all throughout the world to be on the lookout. In the end, players from Radiant discovered unusual movements from Conquering Clouds at the World Tree and immediately reported back.

When Radiant heard the news, they were quite excited! If the other side had already grouped up, it meant they were about to start attacking the boss. If they hurried over and snuck up on them, maybe they would be able to steal the boss?

Radiant formed two groups of players and rushed towards the World Tree. The Radiant players, who had discovered the unusual movements, saw Conquering Clouds shoo them away, confirming their suspicions: a wild boss had definitely spawned here.

“Force your way past them!”

Hearing that their players were being cleared from the field, Radiant’s guild leader ordered the two groups of players under him to prepare to sweep Conquering Cloud in one go.

But when they arrived at the location, they weren’t met with any resistance. Conquering Clouds seemed to be intentionally avoiding them, allowing Radiant to reach the boss’s location without any pressure.

“What’s going on?” Radiant’s guild leader was puzzled. The opposing side wasn’t stopping him from reaching the boss. Were they still fighting for the boss? This didn’t make any sense?

“Wait.” Radiant’s guild leader felt like there must have been a trap set somewhere. He felt a bit afraid to continue venturing deeper and hastily called his troops to halt.

“Everyone, wait here for now. I’ll go take a look ahead with a few others.” Radiant’s guild leader positioned himself as a scout and picked out a few players to go with him. They formed a small team and ventured deeper to investigate.

Not long afterwards, they quickly saw a huge commotion up ahead. A whole bunch of players seemed to be scattered around, but they were actually organized, aiming for the same target as if they were fighting the boss.

Why was it “as if”? Because Radiant’s scouts saw that some of these players had Conquering Cloud guild tags, while others had Heavenly Justice guild tags.

What sort of situation is this? Radiant’s scouts were puzzled. In an ideal world, two guilds would be fighting together alongside one another! However, something like that had never happened before! Wild bosses were such valuable resources. It was difficult for guilds like them to even have an opportunity to kill one, yet they were actually cooperating with one another and giving half of their troops to the other side? How could things be so perfect?

It’s a trap! There was definitely a trap hidden somewhere!

Radiant’s guild leader thought, but he didn’t know if this trap was for Radiant, or if those two guilds were plotting something against each other. If it was the latter, then it would be easy pickings for Radiant! On the other hand, if it was a trap for Radiant, what was the trap? Have them believe it would be easy pickings? Radiant’s guild leader was completely dumbfounded. There were no hints of them setting up any sort of net.

“Guild leader, what do we do?” Someone next to him asked.

“Something feels fishy!” Radiant’s guild leader hesitated. He looked around left and right, but no one seemed to notice them. Since there were only a few of them, by sticking close together, they easily avoided the sight of any nearby players.

“Can you see the boss?” Radiant’s guild leader stuck out his head, hoping to see something abnormal amongst the crowd of players.

“They should be attacking the boss, right? Why else would they be causing such a commotion?” One person said.

“But it’s too peaceful! That’s not logical at all!” Radiant’s guild leader didn’t understand at all. No matter how much he couldn’t understand, they still had a goal in mind. The boss’s health wasn’t going to wait for them. They also didn’t know when this crowd of players started attacking the boss. What if the boss was killed by the time they got there?

Radiant’s guild leader sent a message back, telling everyone to hurry over while they continued to observe the two guilds.

After receiving the message, Radiant’s players immediately set out. The two guilds obviously noticed the movements of such a large group of players. Conquering Cloud’s guild leader and Loulan Slash continuously received updates.

It was very obvious what the other side wanted. Perhaps it would be best to defend against them, so the two guilds organized their leftover troops to gather together. When Radiant arrived, the players from the two guilds that had been spread out earlier converged. Radiant’s guild leader saw this scene. Holy sh*t, they have so many people! It seemed like these two guilds really were partners? Why were they so against Radiant? Were these two guilds getting married?

The two sides faced each other, but because their guild leaders hadn’t given them any orders, neither side moved. They were all elite teams and were well disciplined. If their guild leader didn’t tell them to do anything, they wouldn’t provoke the other side, so the situation a stalemate.

“Ahem…..” Radiant’s guild leader felt like he should say something. He went to the front of his troops: “What are you guys doing?”

“We’re killing the boss! What else would we be doing?” Someone answered back as if it were obvious. Radiant’s guild leader had a title next to his name, indicating that he was the guild leader. The other side wasn’t a part of Radiant though, so they didn’t care.

“Killing the boss……” Radiant’s guild leader really wanted to know why they weren’t fighting each other, but how could he ask that? In the end, he said: “Really? How’s it going?”

“We’re almost done!” The other side replied.

“What are you trying to do? Do you plan on stopping us?” Conquering Cloud’s players shouted.

Radiant’s guild leader looked at them with disdain. In his heart, he was thinking about how stupid these people were. If we’re not here to stop you, do you think we’re here to watch? These people must have never killed a wild boss before!

Radiant’s guild leader thought because their guild had gotten a few wild bosses before. Even though they were powerless against the large guilds, Radiant had never given up on pursuing wild bosses. The Heavenly Domain was so vast. Even if the big guilds spread their net wide, there would always be a few fish that slipped through. Radiant relied on this method to snatch a few wild bosses. However, because of their goal, the number of times that they had been wiped by the big guilds was more than the number of wild boss kills they had managed to secure under their belts.

Sometimes, they would arrive first and start attacking the boss, but the big guilds ended up catching them and wiped them out along with the boss.

Even so, Radiant’s guild leader felt like they were still on the competitive side. They were one grade higher than those guilds who didn’t even dare to compete for wild bosses. In his eyes, Conquering Clouds was naturally a lower grade than them. As for Heavenly Justice, they didn’t have anything besides money!

Although he believed that Radiant had more experience than those two guilds, seeing how those two guilds were allied with each other, Radiant’s guild leader didn’t dare to fight them one versus two! He blamed the unclear reports from the players that had informed him. If he knew there were two guilds, he would have brought more people!

Radiant’s guild leader was wondering what he should do right now! Suddenly, he heard cheers of celebration and he knew that it wasn’t good. Sure enough, the wild boss had been killed and the two guilds were cheering as a result.

F*ck. These two guilds actually committed adultery?

Radiant’s guild leader saw that the boss had fallen, yet the two other guilds never attacked each other once. In the end, they even cheered together. It really made him speechless.

These people were truly amateurs! Instead of fighting over the wild boss, they actually allied together! Radiant’s guild leader thought resentfully. He was already planning on leaving, when he saw the players from the two guilds disperse. Conquering Cloud’s guild leader Yue Ziqin and Heavenly Justice’s guild leader Loulan Slash were walking over.

Between these two was a weird looking top-heavy guy, who instantly made Radiant’s guild leader….. No, the entire guild of Radiant pay attention. When this guy got closer and they could finally see his ID, Radiant’s guild leader felt his head go dizzy.

F*ck, isn’t he that guy?!

Radiant’s guild leader stood dumbly there, forgetting to tell his guild to leave. These three walked up to him. Conquering Cloud’s guild leader, Yue Ziqing, was familiar with him, so he introduced him to the other two: “This is Radiant’s guild leader White Stream. I don’t know if you two know of him?”

“It’s an honor to meet you.” Loulan Slash said. This wasn’t him being polite. Even though Radiant was a bottom-tier team in the Alliance, a pro team was still a pro team. Their guild was still quite powerful. Loulan Slash had conjured a storm and his popularity appeared to be soaring. However, his foundation still couldn’t compare to these Club guilds. They had real and loyal fans! Their team was doing so poorly, yet they still didn’t leave their team. If they weren’t loyal fans, what were they?

“Mm mm……” Ye Xiu nodded twice. He was being sincere! Saying it was an honor to meet him would be a lie. Even though Radiant’s guild leader could be considered a top figure in the game, his status wouldn’t even reach Ye Xiu’s ears. Ye Xiu was currently wondering who was in Team Radiant. Was there anyone noteworthy?

“This is Heavenly Justice’s guild leader Loulan Slash. This is, he he, I don’t need to introduce him, do I?” Yue Ziqin introduced them to White Stream.

“Mm……. ha, that’s…… right…..” White Stream didn’t know what to say. He was staring at Lord Grim. He wasn’t prepared at all to meet this God. His brain was currently short-circuiting.

“Right what? What do you want to say?” Yue Ziqing said. His relationship with White Stream wasn’t bad. Of course, his personal relationship wouldn’t get in the way of guild matters like competing for bosses!

“Ha, it’s like this.” Ye Xiu said, “You saw us killing the boss together, right?”

“Yeah…..” White Stream said.

“It went smoothly, no?” Ye Xiu said.

“Uh……” White Stream thought: It went smoothly because I hesitated too much. Had I acted, it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly…...

“We’re cooperating together to kill bosses. How about it? Would you like to join us? If you do, once this period is over, we might not necessarily lose out to Tyranny, Tiny Herb, or Blue Rain!” Ye Xiu said.

How aggressive! White Stream thought. God Ye Qiu had directly called out Tyranny, Tiny Herb, and Blue Rain. These were team names! If it were me, I’d be saying Tyrannical Ambition, Herb Garden, and Blue Brook Guild? Tsk tsk tsk, there’s such a huge difference between us.

White Stream’s mind wasn’t there. His focus was all over the place.

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