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Chapter 673 - It’s All a Misunderstanding

I just thought of it…….

Loulan Slash muttered to himself. He didn’t need Ye Xiu to explain it to him to know that this would be a long-term solution, but even so, he wasn’t very happy with Ye Xiu making such a decision on his behalf. This was completely different from when he was acting like a dog following him around everywhere. That could be considered just a joke, but Ye Xiu directly deciding something for him was a completely different matter.

Loulan Slash had to express his complaints: “Why didn’t you tell me about this before making such a decision?”

Yes, he just wanted to be informed of it beforehand. Loulan Slash liked this plan. He wasn’t against it, but he needed to be the one to make the decision. Even Ocean Ahead, Homeward Bound, Thousand Falling Leaves, or Night Tide would be fine too. Ye Xiu shouldn’t be allowed to help Heavenly Justice make such an important decision. This time, Loulan Slash felt that Ye Xiu had gone too far.

‘Oh, aren’t I doing that right now? What do you think of it?” Ye Xiu replied.

“......” Loulan Slash choked. This this……. this was how the matter would be resolved?

Loulan Slash wasn’t satisfied! He felt like Ye Xiu should be aware of his stance.

“What if I don’t want to?” Loulan Slash replied. He was ready to let Ye Xiu know. Didn’t you already decide? Did you really think that I would definitely accept your plan? You were right in the fact that I have no objections, but what if I don’t agree to it? What are you going to do?

“Oh? You’re not going to participate?” Ye Xiu replied and even typed out an astonished emoji.

You must be surprised! Haha! Now you know that you shouldn’t take everything for granted! Know that you can’t make decisions on behalf of Heavenly Justice! Loulan Slash was still enjoying himself, when Ye Xiu suddenly messaged: “If you’re not going to participate, how are you going to get any bosses in the future?”

“Ha ha, maybe I have a different way!” Loulan Slash replied.

“Okay okay!” Ye Xiu replied, “So you had backup plans. I hadn’t thought of that. Looks like we’ll be adversaries in the future. Good luck!!”

Wait wait wait wait!!

Loulan Slash was dumbfounded. Something wasn’t right! Before he could even react, the guild system notified him that Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Steamed Bun Invasion had all left the guild. Afterwards, Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, and Chen Guo said their farewells and prepared to leave.

“Hey hey hey! Where are you guys going?” Loulan Slash called out to them, when he suddenly understood.

“It’s a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!” Loulan Slash cried.

The three characters stopped and looked at him. Their characters’ expressions were cold and indifferent. In reality, they were puzzled: What? What had happened? What misunderstanding?

Loulan Slash finally realized what had happened. Ye Xiu hadn’t made any decisions on his behalf. He was making his own decision. Loulan Slash had forgotten why Ye Xiu had even been in his guild to begin with: it was just to for them to temporarily take advantage of their guild’s extra stat points. Ye Xiu wasn’t there to serve his guild. Their statuses were equal. Ye Xiu was working alone. He just hadn’t created his guild yet, so he was staying with Heavenly Justice until he did so.

So it really had been a misunderstanding, but this misunderstanding wasn’t easy to explain. Loulan Slash had brought this upon himself. When he saw them leave his guild, Loulan Slash finally realized: in that alliance plan, his Heavenly Justice had been crossed out as someone who wouldn’t be joining.

F*ck! How could I not take part in this?

If Ye Xiu really did what he said he would do, the small Club guilds would ally together. The top Club guilds would still be as powerful as ever. How could his Heavenly Justice compete with them both alone?

Loulan Slash didn’t want to be the unique one. Not at all. As he shouted at them to stop, he hastily messaged Ye Xiu to explain in a shameless manner: “You’re too decisive! I never said I wasn’t going to participate. I was just thinking over it!!!!”

“Think? What’s there to think about?” Ye Xiu replied.

“Yeah, there’s no need to think about it, but I accidentally spilled some water on my keyboard, so I was in a bit of a fluster. I thought too much for a second there. I just decided that I had to participate, right? Isn’t that obvious?” Loulan Slash regretted how the other side could see his impatience.

“Oh, then come over here! We haven’t noticed any other guilds coming, so us three will kill it together!” Ye Xiu replied.


Loulan Slash saw this number. As expected! Ye Xiu hadn’t considered himself a part of Heavenly Justice. They were separate entities. Loulan Slash had assumed it on his own and regarded Ye Xiu as laboring for him.

Loulan Slash hastily led his team over to the boss, while inviting Soft MIst and Steamed Bun Invasion back to the guild. However, the invites were denied. When he looked again, he remembered that those who left a guild couldn’t join another one for five days. Loulan Slash had forgotten about it in his anxiousness.

Sigh sigh sigh!

Loulan Slash sighed. He originally had a close relationship with Ye Xiu, but with just one blunder, he widened had it. They originally had Heavenly Justice next to their names, giving Conquering Clouds and any other guilds a warning. And now? Ye Xiu wouldn’t directly join Conquering Cloud right?

Loulan Slash was somewhat fidgety. He forgot about the notification he got: those who left the guild wouldn’t be able to join another guild for five days.

When Heavenly Justice arrived, Ye Xiu and Conquering Cloud’s guild leader had already finished their discussion. With their alliance in place, the bit of enmity between them went away. The two were happily chatting together. Quite a few Conquering Cloud players had come over too. Who was this? God Ye Qiu! To be able to meet him in-game was definitely something to be excited about!

When Loulan Slash came over and saw Conquering Cloud’s guild leader chatting away with Ye Xiu, he felt sad and depressed!

It’s all my own fault! Why did I have to say all that when I didn’t even understand the situation?

“God……” Loulan Slash went over and gave an awkward greeting.

“You’re here? Let’s start then. We’ll split the rewards evenly three ways. Will that be an issue?” Ye Xiu said.

It seems like Ye Xiu would be considering himself as an equal entity, but his abilities didn’t need to be discussed. How could Heavenly Justice or Conquering Clouds not know of his capabilities in leading a group? So even though the other side had fewer people, none of them objected to him taking an equal share. Even though he had fewer people, all of them were experts.

“You guys have probably never fought against this boss before, right?” Ye XIu asked the two guild leaders.

“Yeah.” Conquering Cloud’s guild leader and Loulan Slash confirmed it.

“Then I’ll be responsible for leading this operation!” Ye Xiu said.

Neither of them objected, but Loulan Slash also knew that Ye Xiu had never fought against this boss before either, but starting something new was never easy!

The two guilds working together would have around four to five hundred players in this small area. It was unusually noisy. The two sides had fought against each other just a short while ago at Darkness Palace. All of a sudden, they would now be cooperating with each other? This sudden change in relationship was a familiar one for the big Club guilds, but for these guild players, who rarely competed, it took some time for them to get used to.

Furthermore, this was for a wild boss. Four full groups weren’t necessary. They might accidentally injure one another too, which would prove to be troublesome. As a result, the two guilds chose their strongest members and had them form a group. Everyone else dispersed and were in charge of being on the lookout. Without any other guilds around, didn’t that mean they would be doing nothing?

“Then shall we start?” Ye Xiu looked around. Loulan Slash and Conquering Cloud’s guild leader would obviously be a part of the main group.

“Let’s start!”

“Team one……”

“Team two…..”

Ye Xiu started giving instructions. Sometimes, he would speak. Other times, he would type. In any case, the group chat would be very clean during these times, so typing out the instructions wouldn’t be difficult to see.

The front lines would consist of Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Loulan Slash’s team. Their skill level surpassed top normal players. As for the other members of the group, they would be dealing damage whenever they were given the opportunity to do so. From time to time, they would need to make adjustments according to the instructions given.

Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze was amongst these players. When she looked around left and right, there were numerous Heavenly Justice and Conquering Cloud players surrounding her. The only Happy player was herself! How lonely…….

Chen Guo was depressed! They needed to hurry and establish their guild! They should at least have some number between ten and twenty people here!

With Ye Xiu leading and several experts helping, Forest Guardian Vich wasn’t an easy task, but it still went smoothly. From an overall perspective, even though they weren’t a big Club guild, they didn’t lack elite teams. Along with a God like Ye Xiu, the elite teams from the guilds were more than enough.

The wild boss was steadily eaten up. Ye Xiu’s precise decision-making helped a lot. Loulan Slash and the others let out a sigh of relief. With his leading, it really had been quite easy to beat this wild boss. As long as no outsider messed things up, the boss wouldn’t give them any trouble.

But their fear came. Conquering Cloud’s guild leader received a message that Guild Radiant was coming.

Guild Radiant belonged to Club Radiant. Team Radiant placed 17th in the regular season. They were clearly a bottom-tier team, but they wanted to take advantage of this situation to snag a few wild bosses as well.

“Are they close?” Ye Xiu asked, when he saw the message from Conquering Cloud’s guild leader.

“They should arrive before we finish killing the boss.” Conquering Cloud’s guild leader said.

“Then we should let them come! With our current situation, it’ll be quite convenient to talk about things once they arrive.” Ye Xiu said.

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