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Chapter 671 - The Proper Way to Steal Bosses

“There’s a difference!” The person, who replied to Chen Guo, wasn’t Ye Xiu, but rather Loulan Slash. His in-game tactical skills were just so-so in Ye Xiu’s eyes, but his management ability was quite good. For example, he had seized several opportunities to maximize his team’s publicity. He utilized everything he could use, taunting the other guilds and winning numerous fans.

Now, for a sensitive and urgent issue like stealing wild bosses, he was suddenly not as arrogant as he had been when he had publicized the team. Instead, he hesitated. Loulan Slash was someone who was proper.

Snatching a wild boss wasn’t the same as fighting a verbal battle. The materials dropped from wild bosses were crucial for self-made equipment, which determined the strength of a character, and the strength of a character influenced the strength of a team. The team’s strength was the fundamental reason why Clubs existed.

Hurting someone else’s wild boss was the same as hurting their reason for existence. How could there be no difference?

This was why Loulan Slash had hesitated towards this idea. He knew very well that flinging some words at the Clubs and make them feel disgusted wasn’t the same.

Fighting for a boss required appropriate behavior.

Correct, appropriate behavior.

Chen Guo felt like there was no difference between Ye Xiu’s two suggestions, but Loulan Slash immediately understood that one of these was much more appropriate.

Waiting on the side and suddenly ambushing them, right when the other side was about to kill the boss, and hastily joining the battle after arriving late might seem like the same thing, but the former appeared intentional, while the latter didn’t.

Appearing intentional would portray them as unkind and savage.

Alternately, appearing unintentional placed them within the norms.

Thus, it didn’t matter if you actually appeared late or not, you would have to do it that way. This was what Ye Xiu meant by pretending to arrive late.

Loulan Slash didn’t need Ye Xiu to explain it to him, but it took Chen Guo quite a while to understand after listening to Ye Xiu’s explanation.

With the method decided, there was an art to arriving late.

There was a fine line between the two methods. Everyone knew that inside and out, so if you wanted to pretend to arrive late, the other side wouldn’t let you do that so easily.

If you want to arrive late, you had to know their location, but what if you didn’t have any information on them?

Experienced Clubs would definitely confirm the surroundings were safe before engaging a wild boss alone. They might even arrange for a fake group to misdirect others.

The accuracy of their information was crucial for “arriving late”. Heavenly Justice still had members surveying the situation, but these eyes would certainly be killed off once the other side began attacking the boss.

There were too many things to take care of when fighting against a wild boss. If it was just strength alone, the experience accumulated from thousands of years of struggles between mankind would be wasted.

The small details involved were another part of the game. Loulan Slash couldn’t think of anything. In the end, he waited for Ye Xiu to suggest something.

“I’ll go!” Ye Xiu sighed.

At this moment, only an expert would be able to continue surveying the situation without being caught, and who here was more of an expert than Ye Xiu?

“You…… aren’t you too noticeable!” Chen Guo said.

“It doesn’t matter who goes.” Ye Xiu said and then said to Loulan Slash: “Keep on the lookout for those on the way here. See if any other guilds are also moving. There shouldn’t just be one guild looking to take advantage of the situation!”

“Don’t worry about that!” Loulan Slash had thought of it before and had already made arrangements. Having Ye Xiu tell him how to do everything was too shameful. However, even though he tried to avoid these situations, he was once again given a lesson by Ye Xiu…… Loulan Slash didn’t know if he would ever graduate from this course.

And at this moment, those at the front reported back. Conquering Cloud had gathered together and were about to start attacking the boss.

Conquering Cloud didn’t relax, after seeing that there were no enemies nearby. They still dispatched players to clear the area.

When they cleared the area, they didn’t directly kill anyone. Instead, they gave a warning, saying that they were about to start killing a wild boss, and that they should stay away because it was dangerous. Of course, players could insist on staying. Even so, they wouldn’t kill anyone. As Club guilds, they had to pay attention to their public image, especially when they did things with their guild tags displayed. Then what do they do if the players insist on staying? They would take the next step and make it clear that wild bosses were difficult things to kill in Glory. No one knows what might happen, so it would be best to be careful.

Sometimes, they might be more direct and make it even clearer that the battle can get chaotic. Not just the boss’s attacks, but their attacks might accidentally hit you, so don’t blame us for not telling you beforehand. It’s not like we can add you into our group.

At this point, if you weren’t stupid, you would know what you had to do. If you still insisted on staying, they would definitely “lose control” of the situation and envelop any bystanders into the battle. Once that happened, they would express their apologies. Nicer groups might say “We’ll help you pick up your equipment when you die. Contact us to get it back.” Lazier groups might not care. In any case, they were busy killing the wild boss. If they ignored the items that you dropped, that was also very reasonable too, no?

The Heavenly Justice players at the front didn’t have their guild tags next to them to avoid trouble with Conquering Clouds. Don’t look at how a low-grade Club guild like Conquering Clouds couldn’t usually take any wild bosses, they would still follow these unwritten procedures.

The players at the front clearly thought their troops would be arriving soon, so they insisted on staying. Conquering Cloud would naturally “bring them into the battle and kill them accidentally”, but when they messaged the guild leader, they received a reply telling them to retreat.

“What? We’re not killing the boss?” The information-gathering players were puzzled.

“There’s been a change of plans.” Loulan Slash replied, “Come back! We’re at 48711, 49128. Withdraw and meet up with us!”

The information-gathering players didn’t know what was going on, so they followed orders and left. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was currently rushing over to the boss’s last known location.

Usually, while clearing the field, they would find a place without anyone there and lure the boss over.

Glory was a huge world. Even though there were a lot of players, it wasn’t packed. In addition, not everyone was online for the entire day, so finding a place without anyone nearby wasn’t difficult. As for how to quietly move the boss away, that depended on each guild.

When Lord Grim rushed to the scene, let alone moving the boss away, Conquering Cloud wasn’t even done clearing away the field!

Small Club guilds had their own difficulties too!

Even though they were also Club guilds, weak teams didn’t have much of a status in the players’ eyes. The strength of weak teams were still far greater than normal in-game players, but that should be the case for pro teams anyways! Weak teams were only weak relative to the pro scene. However, to the players, if you kept on losing and losing, you were nothing but trash, even if you were far more skilled than them.

If I look down on you, then I naturally won’t acknowledge you as my superior. Even though I know that it might get troublesome if I don’t leave, leaving just because you tell me to is too disgraceful. I’ll look around for a bit and then leave. Is that not okay?

In front of weak Club guilds, even normal players were starting to talk about face.

In the end, only a third of the nearby players actually left. Conquering Cloud’s guild leader was depressed! Their team wasn’t strong enough! It could even be felt in game. They had just been bullied by Heavenly Justice and now even normal players were looking down on them.

The guild leader really wanted to order his troops to slaughter these bystanders and let them have a taste of their Conquering Cloud’s might. Unfortunately, he knew he couldn’t do it. It wasn’t easy being a little team’s guild leader!

If it were just a few players, accidentally bringing them into the fight and killing them wouldn’t be a problem, but two thirds of them remained. If all of them were enveloped, it would be too obvious. Conquering Cloud’s guild leader was frustrated! He didn’t know what to do yet, when he received a report: not only were there many players still remaining, there was someone else coming over.

“F*ck, who is it!” Conquering Cloud’s guild leader asked a meaningless question. This was a leveling area. There were plenty of players around anyways. Even though there was PK going on everywhere during this world war, it shouldn’t be surprising for someone to wander in.

But when he asked this question, he actually got a legitimate answer.

“It’s Lord Grim.” The person who saw Lord Grim reported.

“F*ck!” Conquering Cloud’s guild leader sucked in a cold breath. Today’s failure was all because of that guy. Conquering Cloud understood very well that, if not for him, they wouldn’t have lost so badly against Heavenly Justice. Heavenly Justice’s coordination in that battle was imprinted deeply in his mind. It wasn’t the sort of coordination an in-game guild should have. There was certainly an expert leading them, and he had seen Lord Grim amongst them.

How frustrating! So f*cking annoying! If he’s coming, doesn’t that mean that Heavenly Justice is coming too?

Conquering Cloud’s guild leader had his players expand their search area when he saw Lord Grim strut over. The guild leader once again sucked in a cold breath towards Lord Grim’s equipment this time. His top-heavy bottom-light style was extremely weird. What was this God doing?

Then, he saw Lord Grim circle around them and actually asked a Conquering Cloud player: “Why haven’t you started attacking the boss?”

Conquering Cloud’s guild leader was so furious, his nose was crooked. Who asked for information in this way? It was way too disdainful.

That player clearly wasn’t prepared for the question. He didn’t know how to reply and looked at his guild leader.

Lord Grim also turned around to look and saw the guild leader tag above the guild leader. He immediately walked over.

“Are you the guild leader? Why haven’t you started attacking the boss?” Ye Xiu actually straight up asked the guild leader this question.

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