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Chapter 669 - Three Tasks

Deception’s corpse lay on the ground. He chose not to revive. He knew that the other side wouldn’t leave just like that. He couldn’t beat them, nor could he run away from them. If he revived, it would just be a never ending loop.

It seemed like logging off was the most appropriate choice in this situation.

However, Deception wasn’t willing to! He had played this game for so long, and he had aggroed a lot of players during his scrap picking career. It wasn’t his first time dying, but it was certainly his first time being camped at the revival point and being unable to escape from them.

But what could he do?

He couldn’t beat them. He truly didn’t have the ability.

Let alone Lord Grim, fighting even Steamed Bun or Soft Mist was hard enough. With those two fighting him together, Deception couldn’t see any chance of winning.

He had always played alone, so he didn’t have any friends in the game. If he were any other player, most of them would have called their friends to help them escape by now.

Seeing how Soft Mist and Steamed Bun were still standing there, checking that his corpse hadn’t turned into a gravestone, Deception knew that they weren’t planning on leaving.

I guess I should log off…..

Deception didn’t have any other choice. He could only log off.

By the time Lord Grim arrived, his corpse still hadn’t turned into a tombstone, but it had already disappeared, indicating that he was offline.

“He escaped.” Steamed Bun sighed with regret.

“What did he say in the end?” Ye Xiu asked.

“He said ‘I…..’ and then he died.” Steamed Bun described it vividly. He even had his Steamed Bun Invasion lay on the ground as if he had truly died.

Ye Xiu couldn’t do anything about it. Lord Grim turned around and faced Soft Mist.

“I asked if he was interested in joining us. He said no.” Tang Rou said.

“Tsk……” Ye Xiu sighed. It seemed like getting Deception to join wasn’t going to be an easy task. The key point was that he wasn’t an ordinary player either. If a normal player got an invite to join a pro team, the player would be extraordinarily happy. Even if the player couldn’t accept it because of his family or some other reason, every player desired to be a pro player, but this Deception only scap picked and didn’t seem to care about anything else in the world. Ye Xiu wasn’t sure how to persuade someone like him. There weren’t any players in the pro scene who liked to scrap pick…..

“Hu…… how tiring…..” Just as he was sighing, the door to the practice room opened and Chen Guo came in out of breath. The finals were the finals after all. Even though Excellent Era wasn’t playing, Happy Internet Cafe was still packed. Any team that entered the finals would have plenty of fans.

When the first round of the finals ended, Samsara celebrated, while Blue Rain cried. The fans of the two teams taunting each other was hard to avoid. Fortunately, the fans were reasonable enough and nothing escalated too chaotically. However, keeping everything under control was still exhausting work. It hadn’t been easy getting everyone to leave. During that time, they had defeated two guilds, killed a boss, and killed Deception twice.

“Today’s match was pretty good.” Chen Guo was obviously here to discuss the match with them. Chen Guo didn’t care too much about either team, but it was still an intense and entertaining match.

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu answered.

Chen Guo looked at the practice room. Something wasn’t right! None of them had the excitement that they should have had after watching such a brilliant match. Even though she had come late and they had already finished discussing it, shouldn’t they still have a happy expression on them?

“What’s wrong?” Chen Guo walked around in a circle questioningly. Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, and Steamed Bun weren’t doing anything right now. Only Wei Chen was busy. Truthfully, when Ye Xiu and the others had defeated the two guilds and killed Deception, Wei Chen’s shouting was louder than their own.

Wei Chen was participating in the world war! And as Samsara’s second elite group leader, wherever the battle was cruel and intense, he would have to appear there. When Chen Guo turned to look at Wei Chen’s screen, she saw all sorts of skills flying around everywhere. Wei Chen’s Warlock was running around amidst the chaos. All of the players around him had guild tags of the top guilds.

Chen Guo had been monitoring the situation downstairs. There was no way she would know about what was happening in the game.

“What’s going on? Are they fighting for a wild boss?” Chen Guo asked.

“They’re fighting.” Ye Xiu said.

“What do you mean?”

“The fires from the finals have reached the game.” Ye Xiu said.

“How exciting!” Chen Guo immediately turned on a computer and logged into the game.

Ye Xiu had just got in contact with Loulan Slash. Deception had logged off. Ye Xiu and the others couldn’t stay there guarding the entire time, so they asked Loulan Slash for help to pay special attention to his whereabouts.

“Okay. I got it.” When Loulan Slash heard Deception had already died twice, had been forced to log off, and Ye Xiu still wasn’t done, he deeply felt that offending this God was a very scary matter. When this God pursued and killed players, he did so with everything he had.

Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze entered the game. She walked around and naturally saw the battles going on everywhere. These battles had started since the end of the first round of the finals. Now, they had reached their peak. Walking around on the street wasn’t so bad though. The players feeling it the most were the elites of the Club guilds, such as Wei Chen. They were fighting nonstop without rest.

As for Ye Xiu and the others? Loulan Slash had gotten them new equipment. They were max leveled and max skilled. Getting better equipment from the game than what they had now was pointless. No equipment in the game could compare to those in the pro scene. In order to get to a pro level, they would have to create their own equipment, which required wild bosses. Ye Xiu hoped for Loulan Slash to message him about bosses, but there just weren’t any more spawning right now. Without anything to do, Ye Xiu led Tang Rou and Steamed Bun around to form a three-player scrap picking team…….

Correct. Right after killing the infamous scrap picker Deception, Ye Xiu and the others went to go scrap picking.

With a huge war going on, there were plenty of opportunities to pick up scraps. However, even a master scrap picker like Deception didn’t dare to rashly move and instead went to Darkness Palace to do something. This only showed how difficult scrap picking would be right now.

However, there would always be players who welcomed challenges. With the fires of war spreading everywhere, it was sometimes hard to tell who was there to fight and who was there to pick up scraps. These fights were because of the competition between the pro teams. Players with the Club guild tags on them were only a very small portion of the fans. Those with guilds and those without guilds participated in this war regardless.

Ye Xiu and the others really had nothing to do without any wild bosses out there. From a training perspective, letting Tang Rou and Steamed Bun participate in these chaotic battles would be good practice.

Facing Ye Xiu’s logical and confident words, Chen Guo had no way of arguing against him.

Because they would be regarding this as training, they would obviously go to the most difficult places to scrap pick.

“Old Wei, where are you?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Ah? What did you say? Speak louder!” Wei Chen roared.

“I’m saying, where are you?” Ye Xiu shouted.

“Oh, you’re talking!” Wei Chen turned his head over.

“Stop talking nonsense. Who else in the game would call you Old Wei?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I’m feeling a bit dizzy. What is it?” Wei Chen had only glanced at Ye Xiu, before focusing on the game again.

“I’m asking, where are you?” Ye Xiu asked. Instead of waiting for Wei Chen to reply, he just looked at Wei Chen’s screen. A few seconds after Ye Xiu finished looking, Wei Chen suddenly replied: “Why don’t you look yourself?”

Busy! Wei Chen was truly too busy! He was responsible for leading the group as well as his own character. He had to do two things at once. With Ye Xiu being the third, he had a difficult time managing everything.

After Ye Xiu checked for himself, he notified Tang Rou and Steamed Bun. The three of them immediately set out. Chen Guo wanted to participate too, but seeing how chaotic the battle was from Wei Chen’s screen, Chen Guo felt like it would be best if she didn’t become a burden.

A few minutes later, Wei Chen suddenly said: “You’re coming over? To do what?”

“Scrap pick.” Ye Xiu confirmed that Wei Chen was talking to him and replied back.

“F*ck! Why? What’s there to pick up?” Wei Chen had left the pro scene a long time ago and his perspective had gone back to a normal player’s perspective, but now that he planned on going back to the pro scene, his perspective quickly changed back. None of the equipment in the game was worth squat.

“It’s a rare opportunity. We might not get anything useful, but it will still be good for the guild storage. We’ll have to form a guild sooner or later.” Ye Xiu said.

Wei Chen didn’t refute his statement. How could he not know about the importance of a guild for their team? In the early days of the pro scene, the pro players had to manage the guild as well as practice. During Wei Chen’s time as a pro, he had done both too. Speaking of which, Wei Chen was having trouble adapting to the current structure, where pro players put all of their effort into their own matches. He always felt like pro players, who completely threw the game aspect aside, weren’t reliable.

Ye Xiu and the other two soon arrived at the battlefield. There were corpses and gravestones littered all over the ground, but this also made it easier for Ye Xiu and the others to find dropped equipment.

“Seven o’clock. Coordinates 25865, 45726. Grab that weapon!” Ye Xiu ordered and the three began their scrap picking journey…...

“Little Tang, don’t keep fighting!!” Ye Xiu had said these words who knew how many times. When Tang Rou fought against someone, she would sometimes get too engrossed in it.

“Steamed Bun, don’t pick up that one. It’s worthless.” Ye Xiu often had to remind Steamed Bun this. Steamed Bun would put whatever equipment he found into his inventory.

“Oka okay. That’s good enough. Let’s go!” Once they filled up their inventories, Ye Xiu hastily had them leave the battle. Right after they stored these pieces of equipment in their storages, they received a message from Loulan Slash about a wild boss.

“Let’s go!” The three changed directions, heading towards a different map.

“These are the three main tasks that we will be doing in the near future.” Ye Xiu said in a serious tone: “Scrap picking, killing bosses, and killing Deception.”

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