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Chapter 668 - Revival Point

Deception died. His ghost floated around. The drop rates from PKing in the Heavenly Domain lived up to its reputation. When he died, another piece of his equipment dropped. The ghost Deception could only quietly watch as Lord Grim take his equipment away.

Deception had been mentally prepared. Even though he was sad about his death, he wasn’t too angry either. Soon afterwards, he chose to revive.

When he revived, Deception checked his inventory. He had lost a leg armor piece and a pendant in the Darkness Palace, which he made up for with some make-do equipment. This time, he had dropped a ring.

Good. It wasn’t too painful of a loss.

Losing equipment would always be painful. Deception could only console himself with the three materials on him.

What do I do now? Is that guy still going to be guarding the teleport formation? Deception thought. He didn’t take any of what Ye Xiu had just said to heart. However, what he didn’t know was that the moment he died, Ye Xiu messaged Tang Rou and Steamed Bun.

“I’m here! I’m here! I’m watching the place closely!!” Steamed Bun immediately began looking around the revival point.

Finding Deception at the revival point wasn’t easy. There was a world war going on, so the revival point was very busy. Not only were there a lot of players reviving. There were also a lot of players fighting around it. These players were similar to Tang Rou and Steamed Bun and had come to the revival point to chase after and kill more players. All of the revival points in the cities had turned into intense battlefields.

Even though the revival point wasn’t a safe area, a revived player would be protected by the system for a brief duration. It was similar to logging on. During this brief duration, the character would be protected from all damage they received, but the character also wouldn’t be able to deal damage.

After Deception revived, he checked his inventory to console himself, while running out of this revival point. If not, when the system’s protection wore off, while the players might not be aiming for him, it was hard to avoid taking splash damage.

Tang Rou and Steamed Bun saw the chaos around the revival point and obviously wouldn’t look for trouble. The two characters watched from the edges of the battlefield.

“Over here over here over here!!!” Steamed Bun messaged Tang Rou.

“Which way is over here…..” Tang Rou said helplessly, “Coordinates?”

No response. Tang Rou turned her head to look at Steamed Bun’s screen. Steamed Bun and Deception had already started fighting with each other. Tang Rou checked the coordinates and had Soft Mist rush over.

“You punk! Forfeit your life!” Steamed Bun shouted as he lifted the brick in his hand.

Deception looked and immediately recognized that the other side had set up an ambush here beforehand. He was quite annoyed. When the brick flew at him, he tilted his head to dodge it. The brick whooshed past him and slammed into the back of a Blue Brook Guild player in the midst of a battle.

Steamed Bun hadn’t consider whether a mistake on his part would pull aggro. He only reacted after the injuries had already been made.

“Oops!” Steamed Bun shouted. He crouched down in an attempt to hide from the other side.

In reality, the battlefield at the revival point was so chaotic that if an accidental attack occurred, the player hit by it could only consider himself unlucky. The player didn’t even have time to bicker!

Deception saw this scene and thought about how stupid Steamed Bun must be. He immediately turned around to leave. He had no plans on fighting him. Steamed Bun saw that the person he accidentally hit wasn’t going to look for trouble, so he focused again. He shouted “Don’t run!” Steamed Bun shot forward. His character flew through the air as his two legs headed for Deception.

Brawler skill: Powerful Knee Strike.

Brawlers had a street-style way of fighting. Sand Toss, Brick, and Poison Needle skills were all dirty fighting moves. Skills such as Powerful Knee Strike and Tyrannical Chain Punch showed their violent and unrestrained fighting style.

This Powerful Knee Strike was fast and fierce, but Steamed Bun liked to talk when he attacked. Deception heard his loud shout and turned around to look. When he saw the two legs flying towards him, he immediately dodged it. Steamed Bun missed and landed on the ground. He got up and charged at Deception.

Deception quickly formed a hand seal. His character instantly tunneled into the ground to dodge Steamed Bun’s charge. Then, he drilled out of the earth and stabbed towards Steamed Bun Invasion.

Steamed Bun reacted fast. He had Steamed Bun Invasion swing his arms horizontally to block it. His arms hit Deception’s hands and knocked them aside, successfully defending against the stab.

Brawler skill: Tiger Flips the Mountain.

The skill name sounded very intelligent, but players liked to call it “Protect My Face”. From its nickname, it could be seen that it was just a simple defensive move used in the streets. Of course, the game wasn’t going to call it something as lame as “Protect My Face”. That just wouldn’t be right.

After having his dagger blocked, Deception leapt up and used a Bird Fall from high in the air. His two feet stepped on Steamed Bun Invasion’s shoulder. With a whoosh, he flew past Steamed Bun Invasion.

Even though these guys were quite good, they were much easier to deal with compared to Lord Grim. Right when Deception thought in this way, he heard a “Pow!” His head had been smashed in by a brick.

Being hit by a brick from behind had a 100% chance of inducing a .4 second stun.

This meant that even though Deception was still in midair, he would be stunned. Characters in a stunned state couldn’t use skills or make any movements, so he crashed headfirst into the ground.


Deception was sad! Why did this guy like Bricks so much? He wasn’t using it intelligently either. He just used it as soon as it came off cooldown. Even so, he had been hit from behind. Deception was furious.

Fortunately, he had been in midair previously! Even though he lost his balance from the stun, he had still been able to gain some distance. He took some damage from the fall, but the stun wore off fairly quickly. Deception got up and threw a Shuriken. Only then did he adjust his camera. F*ck! The person moving towards him wasn’t Steamed Bun Invasion.

Battle Mage!

Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

Tang Rou’s Soft Mist had finally arrived.

Shurikens could briefly stun a target, so it was good at interrupting spells, but it was worthless in front of Dragon Breaks the Ranks, which gave the user Super Armor. Apart from grabs, no other skill could interrupt it.

The shurikens hit Soft Mist and did negligible damage, but it wouldn’t stop her from activating the skill.

Skills with super armor were equally tyrannical. In the blink of an eye, Soft Mist closed in on him. Her spear ripped through the wind as it penetrated Deception’s body.

Deception was sent flying. Soft Mist was a physical-oriented Battle Mage, so Dragon Breaks the Ranks was utilized to its maximum potential. Tang Rou never let up in a battle though. She followed up with a Rising Dragon Soars the Sky. Her spear transformed into a dragon, which shot towards Deception and devoured him. The magic undulations poured into Deception in a burst of colors.

“I feel like he’s much weaker now.” Steamed Bun said from the sidelines.

“It’s probably because you have better equipment now?” Tang Rou said.

“Oh oh, right!” Steamed Bun realized.

Following afterwards, the two coordinated with each other and Deception’s bitter days had truly come. He didn’t even plan on fighting them anymore. He just wanted to escape, but now that they had switched equipment, their strength had improved significantly. Deception could no longer handle both of them together. He had also lost experience and equipment. He had three mismatched pieces of equipment and his stats had been reduced to that of a Level 69.

“Do we just kill him?” Steamed Bun asked.

“Probably?” Tang Rou wasn’t sure.

“Let me ask!” Steamed Bun stood up and shouted: “Senior, do we kill him?”

“Huh…..” Ye Xiu jumped up in surprise at Steamed Bun’s sudden shout. His Lord Grim was heading towards the revival point, but it seemed like Steamed Bun and Tang Rou were fine on their own?

“I was just talking with him to see if he wanted to join us. How about you keep asking him?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Understood.” Steamed Bun sat down and immediately said: “Punk, what a rare opportunity! Our senior actually recognizes your skill. Have considered his offer?”

Consider my ass! When did I say I would consider it? Deception was being hunted down repeatedly. How could he be in a good mood? He also couldn’t beat his enemies. This type of powerlessness was very frustrating.

“Why aren’t you talking? Are you thinking about it? Is three seconds long enough?” Steamed Bun said.

“One, two, three…..” Steamed Bun counted.

“You’re still not talking? Is three seconds not enough? Then how many seconds do you need?” Steamed Bun asked.

“Enough!!” Deception couldn’t help but shout.

“If it’s enough, then where’s your answer!” Steamed Bun said.

“I’m saying I’ve had enough of your chattering!” Deception said.

“Then did you think about it?” Steamed Bun asked.

“......” Deception was speechless. He wasn’t the talkative type, let alone keeping up with Steamed Bun’s thought process.

“He’s about to die.” Tang Rou reminded.

“Hurry hurry. Drink some potions!” Steamed Bun hastily urged Deception.

“.......” Deception wanted to cry. In order to survive, he had chugging potions, but potions had cooldowns. They were on cooldown right now. Did you think I didn’t want to drink more?

Tang Rou felt like Steamed Bun’s way of speaking was completely brainless, so she explained: “We’re planning on forming a team. Are you interested in joining us?”

“Not interested!” Deception ground his teeth.

“Okay!” Tang Rou replied. She attacked and ended Deception’s misery.

“I……” Deception had wanted to say something. His character died though, so his voice didn’t come out. His ghost floated around again. Deception was speechless. This sister was so ruthless!

Afterwards, Deception saw Steamed Bun Invasion run forward and pick up something from his corpse.

Another piece of equipment…. lost…..

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