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Chapter 664 - A Bit of an Ass-Kisser

Deception hadn’t actually logged off. He was still in the game! After knowing he would certainly die, he was too lazy to try anything else, so he got up and went to take a bathroom break. When he returned, as expected, his character had died. The surrounding players hadn’t left yet though. That eye-sore Lord Grim was still walking about.

Deception didn’t care. It wasn’t like he would revive on the spot. After choosing to revive, he clicked on the choice to revive at the closest city. He checked his inventory and found that all three of the boss drops were still there. He knew that he would still be profiting today no matter what he had lost. When he saw which equipment had been dropped, he felt his heart hurt a bit, but the profit he had earned was far greater than his losses. It was the first time in his scrap-picking career that he had managed to obtain Level 70 wild boss drops. His luck today had been very good.

Deception coming to this area had been a complete coincidence too. If he had planned on going scrap picking, he usually wouldn’t wear his best equipment. Today, he had just wanted to get a few items from Darkness Palace and just happened to run into the wild boss.

While the guilds fought, Deception hid on the sidelines. He didn’t act blindly without thinking because the equipment he had on him was quite expensive. Scrap pickers always had to consider whether the equipment obtained would make up for the equipment they lost. Since he had worn a good set of equipment this time, he obviously couldn’t press forward rashly like he usually could.

Deception had waited patiently for a long time. Today’s wild boss fight wasn’t as chaotic as usual. There were fewer participating guilds and Heavenly Justice had the clear advantage, not giving the other competing guilds any opportunities. This sort of situation wasn’t suitable for scrap picking, so the experienced Deception continued to wait patiently.

In the end, the opposing guilds had been defeated and Heavenly Justice began focusing the wild boss. This conclusion made Deception quite disappointed. However, he still waited, hoping Heavenly Justice would make a huge mistake and get wiped by the boss. If that happened, he could happily pick away.

Heavenly Justice didn’t get wiped as he had hoped. The one to fall was the wild boss, but at this moment, Heavenly Justice became careless. They made a common mistake committed by victors. The moment the winners celebrated, he acted.

Afterwards, Deception obviously needed to try and escape. Even though he failed, his gains had been quite considerable. How much would he able to sell these three wild boss drops for? Deception wasn’t really sure because these sort of items rarely showed up on the market! Deception felt like if he sold it correctly, he would be able to live lavishly for years to come.

“Hm? Did that guy revive??”

The instant Deception revived, the surrounding players reacted. After a character revived, the corpse would disappear and turn into a tombstone. If he had really logged off, this wouldn’t have happened.

“That guy was still on!!” Loulan Slash shouted.

“Have your players in Darkness City be on the lookout.” Ye Xiu instructed and then called out to Tang Rou and Steamed Bun: “We’re leaving.”

“Everyone, let’s go.” Loulan Slash ordered, “Grab the equipment on your way out.”

Loulan Slash was pointing at the equipment dropped from the battle. Quite a few players from Conquering Clouds and Seaside had died. Players who died would naturally drop equipment. No matter how hard they tried to get them back, there would still be many pieces of equipment that would land in the hands of Heavenly Justice’s players. The guilds all had their own ways of resolving this situation. In general, it was a difficult issue to deal with because in this type of chaotic battle, it was difficult to pinpoint who exactly took your equipment.

Ye Xiu had talked about these equipment drops with Loulan Slash earlier. Loulan Slash now understood why Ye Xiu said he didn’t need equipment, if it were after the battle. It turns out he had complete confidence in their dominating victory and knew that he could just pick which of the plundered equipment he liked after the battle.

But choosing out of all of these was quite troublesome. Everything had to be organized first, so Loulan Slash made the decision: instead of going through all that trouble, he would directly buy them the equipment that they wanted when they got back to the city.

Right when he said this, they realized Deception had revived. Ye Xiu said a few words and started rushing back to the city with Lord Grim.

“How do you know he’s in Darkness City?” Loulan Slash chased after him and asked. Darkness City was the city closest to Darkness Palace.

“From his equipment, it didn’t look like he had planned on scrap picking today. If he had something else to do, isn’t it common sense that he would pick the closest city as his revival point?” Ye Xiu said.

“Right!” Loulan Slash suddenly understood. He hadn’t thought about this point because he had no knowledge of how scrap picking worked.

Loulan Slash gave an order in the guild chat. Ye Xiu and his team naturally saw it too. Right now, they were under Heavenly Justice, so they belonged to the guild.

“I have players in Darkness City who are heading over to search.” Loulan Slash said to Ye Xiu.

“Mm, that’s good.” Ye Xiu replied. Lord Grim turned his head to glance back. Loulan Slash also looked back and was a bit speechless. As his and Ye Xiu’s groups rushed back, they had left the other Heavenly Justice players behind. The players with equipment that increased their movement speed were still able to keep up for awhile because they ran faster, but gradually, without properly utilizing their stamina, they would run out. If they could no longer sprint, their equipment’s added movement speed wouldn’t do anything.

In comparison, Loulan Slash and his team kept up. Thinking of this point, Loulan Slash felt a bit happy. They deserved to be pros! Look, they could keep up with a God!

Just as he was thinking in this way, he noticed that Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion were easily keeping up as well. When he looked, he immediately realized how disgusting their equipment looked. He was wearing good equipment and had some increase in movement speed, yet he was running at the same speed as them. How could he feel happy?

Loulan Slash felt quite defeated.

“Have the brothers who are investigating in the city hide their guild tags.” Ye Xiu suddenly said. He was still being careful.

“Okay!” Loulan Slash received the message and immediately passed it down.

“Have players in other cities pay attention too. Darkness City is just an estimation. He isn’t guaranteed to be there.” Ye Xiu added.

“Makes sense!” Loulan Slash nodded his head and ordered again.

When Ocean Ahead, Homeward Bound, Thousand Falling Leaves, and Night Tide heard their conversation, they tried hard not to interrupt. They couldn’t compare to Steamed Bun in this area. Student Steamed Bun would say anything that he thought of. When he heard the two talk, Steamed Bun opened up the guild interface. After studying it carefully, he suddenly asked: “When you said ‘Makes sense!’, who said that?”

“Me!” Loulan Slash said.

‘Who is this ‘me’?” Steamed Bun asked again.

“What do you mean?” Loulan Slash was puzzled.

“Loulan Slash?” Steamed Bun seemed to have determined something, but he still seemed unsure.

“That’s me!” Loulan Slash said.

“Senior, how mighty!” Steamed Bun excitedly said, “You can even order around a guild leader. What a god!”


Ye Xiu typed an emoji sweating. Loulan Slash typed a depressed face. The others had wanted to say something about this. Loulan Slash and them weren’t just any players in the game. They had been good friends even before they started playing and understood each other well. With their friendship, the other four wouldn’t object to any one of them being the guild leader. In the end, Loulan Slash became the guild leader because they felt like he had the most potential as a leader.

If this hadn’t happened in front of them, they would never have though Loulan Slash could ever be regarded as a little kid and he didn’t even look like he had any objections.

How embarrassing!

At this moment, all of them felt a bit embarrassed. Loulan Slash wanted to explain, but he also felt like he had been acting like such an ass-kisser! How would he explain himself? Wouldn’t it just make matters worse?

In the end, Ye Xiu was the calmest. He immediately said: “Steamed Bun, what do you know? We’re discussing strategy.”

“Oh, so that’s the case!” Steamed Bun said.

This sort of explanation was enough for Steamed Bun, but for everyone else, it didn’t explain anything. Loulan Slash knew his friends were probably laughing at him. They just didn’t express it.

How depressing! However, a message suddenly arrived, averting everyone’s attention from the issue.

“Someone’s found him! He really is in Darkness City!” Loulan Slash said.

“Good!” Ye Xiu replied.

“What do we do now?’ Loulan Slash asked.

Ocean Ahead and the others were crying. Brother, do you have short term memory? How can you keep acting like this?

But this time, Ye Xiu was generous. Instead of directly saying it, he sent Loulan Slash a private message: “Watch him and figure out where he’s headed.”

The instant Loulan Slash received the message, Loulan Slash immediately realized….. He had acted like Ye Xiu’s b*tch again.

Fortunately, he had been reminded by Ye Xiu. It was a you say it instead of me message! Loulan Slash immediately gave the order and told Ye Xiu: “We’re not sure right now. Let’s just head over according to his coordinates!”

“That’s fine too. Can you get us some better equipment? Especially any that add movement speed. If not, dealing with that guy might be a bit difficult.” Ye Xiu replied.

“I’ll see if anyone can do it for us.” Loulan Slash busied about.

Following afterwards, they quietly entered Darkness City. Ye Xiu and Loulan Slash talked to each other privately, so the others obviously wouldn’t know.

“It seems like he’s planning on teleporting away!” Loulan Slash received some new information.

“Have your players in the other cities hurry and pay attention to the teleport formations! The more cities the better.” Ye Xiu hastily said.

“Already done.” After being embarrassed, Loulan Slash checked himself. Did he really need Ye Xiu to teach him this type of stuff? Not at all. With his experience, he could have done it completely on his own.

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