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Chapter 663 - Don’t Let Him Escape

Deception’s path ahead was completely blocked off. Loulan Slash had even set up a net comprised of several players linked together in the air to defend. Deception was simply too slippery to catch. It was no wonder that he was infamous. He had successfully pulled off his scrap picking operations time after time. Loulan Slash had fought alongside Deception before, so he had a good understanding of his skill level. This time, after becoming the target, he deeply felt how talented this person was. If the five players on his team were qualified to be pro players, Deception was definitely qualified as well.

Loulan Slash had already started thinking of how he would recruit him. For a moment, he wasn’t sure what to say, but the Heavenly Justice players surrounding Deception had begun shouting: “Run! Why’d you stop running? Why don’t you give it another try!”

There were a hundred of them, yet they couldn’t even catch a single person. Fortunately, two players had been blocking the exit. These two players wore such garbage equipment that everyone wanted to cry just looking at them. Heavenly Justice’s players were ashamed and resentful.

Deception didn’t say anything. When he killed Loulan Slash, three items from the Level 70 wild boss had dropped. Even if he died, he would still profit, unless he were unlucky enough to lose all three of those items. However, the probability of this happening was too low. Maybe none of these item would drop and he lost one or two pieces of equipment. He would have made a killing if that were the case.

If you dropped an item after being killed, getting it back wasn’t an easy task. A single fight was rarely enough. However, even if you couldn’t get your dropped item back, getting another item of equal value wouldn’t be bad either! However, this wasn’t even close to the case right now. Nothing on Deception was equal in value to any of the three items that were dropped by a Level 70 wild boss.

Deception clearly knew this point, so he knew that when he died, he was very calm. So what if he died?! He would still make a huge profit.

The Heavenly Justice players could only curse at him. No one moved though. They understood this point. They wouldn’t be able to get the items back if they killed him once. Perhaps there was a better way.

However, their guild leader wasn’t saying anything. Lord Grim stood out though.

“You can’t run anymore. Hand over the items.” Ye Xiu said.

Deception didn’t even look at him. Quite a few Heavenly Justice players turned to look at him. They felt like his words were a bit naive. Even if Deception died, he would still profit. Why would he just hand over the items like that?

“This brother is very talented!” Loulan Slash finally spoke. His opening words were meaningless. Afterwards, he played by the book: “If you don’t mind, why don’t we add each other as friends. You won’t need to return the items. Just consider them a gift from me.”

It was very obvious what his intentions were. Loulan Slash’s boldness manifested itself. He was willing to gift three Level 70 wild boss drops. His character as a money warrior showed.

Even though the players from Heavenly Justice weren’t too happy, Deception was truly very skilled. They could understand why Loulan Slash made this type of decision. Let alone the fact that none of the players that had come to kill the wild boss were outsiders, everyone in the game near Loulan Slash was planning on entering the pro scene. If he found someone talented, of course he would try and recruit him!

Deception ignored him though, leaving Loulan Slash hanging.

Loulan Slash felt a bit embarrassed, but he didn’t back down. He played his big card: “Brother, scrap picking is a waste with your talent. I’m currently forming a pro team and I’m looking for players to join. Brother, would you be interested? If you are, I’m open to whatever conditions you have.”

The Heavenly Justice players were jealous!

Being offered to join a pro team and even being allowed to state your own terms? How could a Glory player not feel jealous about such treatment?

But when the person in front of them heard such incredible terms, he remained indifferent. He didn’t even glance at Loulan Slash.


“What brother!”

Right when Loulan Slash was about to say something, Ye Xiu interrupted him. He saw Lord Grim transform his umbrella into a spear and stab towards Deception.

Deception didn’t even dodge. After getting stabbed, Deception stumbled. Lord Grim stabbed again and Deception fell to the ground. He didn’t seem to have any plans to get up.

“He logged off.” Ye Xiu said to Loulan Slash.

Loulan Slash was a pro-level player. Just from the reactions made by Deception after being attacked, it was clear that no one was controlling the character.

Deception was still in a combat state, so he couldn’t directly log off. He could only force quit the game. If that were the case, his character would remain in the game until he left combat. Another possibility was that he had left his character in the game and was just not controlling it anymore.

“Maybe he’s still there?” Loulan Slash thought of this possibility.

“Then you want to keep on chatting?” Ye Xiu asked.

Loulan Slash felt a bit embarrassed. Whether the person was there or not, his attitude was clear. He wouldn’t pay any attention to them. Talking to a piece of wood with so many people watching was too embarrassing! If he had confidence in persuading the other side, he might give it a try, but Loulan Slash’s previous statements had been very clear. If even these statements couldn’t move him, then nothing would work. After thinking about it, Loulan Slash felt like it would be better to show off his strength. In the end, he pointed his sword at Deception and said: “Kill him.”

As soon as he gave the order, the players attacked and Deception instantly became a corpse. He didn’t revive for a long time. It seemed as if he had truly logged off. Deception must be celebrating his success! It was a good thing Loulan Slash didn’t continue speaking. If not, Deception might have gotten out of combat and actually logged off. That would have been even worse!

When Loulan Slash looked at the ground, it didn’t make him feel happy though.

Not a single one of the three Level 70 drops that Deception had stolen had dropped. Two pieces of Ninja equipment had dropped, but Loulan Slash wouldn’t put any equipment from the game in his eyes! He looked at them and didn’t even want to pick them up. He was clear-headed enough to know that he wasn’t the only one unhappy. He said loudly: “Killing him can be considered our revenge! You can blame me for being too careless and getting killed by him. Don’t worry everyone. I’m not going to reduce any of the rewards for this run just because of something like this.”

The Heavenly Justice players felt much better after hearing his comforting words.

They clearly knew that these Level 70 wild boss drops would have been used by Loulan Slash for his pro team, so he couldn’t directly distribute them to the guild. He could only give them other rewards. It was the same for any other Club guild. Equipment from Level 70 wild bosses could sometimes be found in the guild storage, but materials were a dream.

None of them expected to get any of the boss drops anyways, so they didn’t care too much if Loulan Slash didn’t end up getting the drops. After all, Heavenly Justice had been founded through Loulan Slash’s money and his team had just been created. The fans created through hype didn’t have as much loyalty as the other Club guilds. For the Club guild players, if they were fans of the team, they would share the team spirit and cohesiveness. If something like this happened and not getting the materials affected the team’s development, they would definitely feel worried too.

As for Heavenly Justice, when Loulan Slash expressed his attitude on this matter, the majority of the players were happy. Of course, they wouldn’t display it. They remained gloomy in the game. However, Loulan Slash understood their feelings. If not, he wouldn’t have said any of these words to comfort them. In order to gain more fans, he had to be willing to say anything.

After placating his guild members, Loulan Slash had to say something to Ye Xiu too.

Even though Ye Xiu had said that he would treat the ones that had been stolen away as his part of his share, but how could Loulan Slash let him do that? Having those items stolen away was definitely his fault. Even though he could come up with many excuses, none of it could be blamed on Ye Xiu. He had been responsible for attacking the other competing guilds and had completed his task beautifully. Being able to crush two Club guilds was something that they couldn’t usually do.

Loulan Slash messaged Lord Grim. He gave him the list of items that had dropped from Night Streak and then said: “The three drops stolen away by that guy should be considered as part of my share, but I really wasn’t able to see which items were stolen. How about we first split it evenly and then you can pick any three from my share.”

“What? You’re planning on letting him go so easily?” Ye Xiu said.

“Him?” Loulan Slash asked. He obviously didn’t feel happy about letting him go, but that was how it had turned out. Loulan Slash was very angry, but what could he do? Deception had already died and they didn’t know which city he revived at. Chasing and hunting him down wasn’t worth it either. Plus, they probably wouldn’t be able to get the items back by hunting him down. Once he revived, he could just transfer the materials to his storage. The items in storage couldn’t be dropped.

“Just provide me with info. I’ll be responsible for hunting him!” Ye Xiu patted his chest.

“God, look! There are still a few wild bosses left to kill. Shouldn’t we put in our efforts towards those bosses? If we can get another boss, isn’t that more valuable than getting those three drops back from that punk? Wasting your time and our resources on him just isn’t worth it!” Loulan Slash refuted.

“Of course we have to get the bosses, but we can’t let that guy go either. In any case, all you have to do is tell me his coordinates. Announce it to your guild and just have them report his location if they ever see him.” Ye Xiu said.

“But if you go and take care of that punk, how am I supposed to steal bosses?”

“You don’t need to use a spear to kill a fly.” Ye Xiu said.

Loulan Slash hesitated: “Are you saying that punk is the fly or the boss is the fly?”

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