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Chapter 661 - Hasty Escape

The Disappearing Body Technique was a skill that enabled Ninjas to have Spiderman-like abilities. However, this skill had a limited activation time. Deception was able to maintain this state for 20 seconds. He had planned on making good use of this time by planning his escape route, but he didn’t expect Lord Grim to find him so quickly.

This guy was very troublesome. From their previous fight together, he had experienced just how bothersome Lord Grim truly was. Right when he thought he had gotten a good haul, he just had to bump into him.

He had used the Disappearing Body Technique and the Darkness Palace itself was dimly lit to begin with. The higher you went, the darker it became too. How was this guy able to find locate me? Deception thought perplexedly. As he pondered over this, he didn’t hesitate to move to a higher position. The long-ranged classes could still hit him at this height.

However, when he moved from his hiding place, he heard Lord Grim say, “There! Did you see him?! He moved just now!”

“I see him!” Numerous people responded and immediately began attacking him.

Deception felt helpless. He would’ve dared to make a bet with anyone that Lord Grim hadn’t actually known where he was hiding, but rather guessed that he would be around this area. Did the random firing force me to move and trick me into revealing my own location?

If I had just stayed still and took the damage, would he have just passed me by?

Deception’s current analysis of the situation was actually incorrect. He had underestimated Ye Xiu skill.

It was true that Ye Xiu wasn’t completely sure about his exact hiding position, but he could still roughly estimate it. Deception’s hiding position could be determined from his previous position and movement speed. In such a short period of time, when Deception hid behind the pillar, he couldn’t have moved much farther past it, something of which Ye Xiu was sure. The previous blind firing hadn’t been completely random. Even if the attack hadn’t hit him, it wouldn’t be too far off.

Deception wouldn’t be able to hold on against so many heavy attacks from the players. The Disappearing Body Technique wasn’t invincible. Escaping while being targeted by so many players on the stone pillar was no easy feat. Deception thought about moving to another pillar, but immediately dismissed the notion when he remembered that that troublesome guy was below. He slid down the pillar and, mid-way through, suddenly kicked the pillar to jump, ready to forcefully charge through the crowd.

He moved like a bullet, all the while taking note of Lord Grim’s position. He had to avoid that guy at all costs.

However, right as he glanced over to see Lord Grim’s position, Lord Grim’s umbrella was already locked on him. He realized that, of all the players, Lord Grim's reaction speed was the fastest. The other players were still shooting at the stone pillar.

“Bang bang!”

Two muffled sounds could be heard and the two shots actually hit him, causing Deception to tumble through the air.

To be able to hit him while he was moving at such fast speed, this guy’s aim was too terrifying!

Deception, who had been shot out of the air, was about to fall into a group of players. If he were surrounded by these players, there was no way he could escape. In that instant, he used the ‘Shadow Clone Technique’ and then used his main body to force his way through the crowd.

He waved his hands and threw a smoke bomb towards the ground, instantly creating another screen of thick purple smoke around him. The purple smoke was so dense that no one could see anything despite being right next to each other. It would be considered quite good if they didn’t crash into each other. Even though Heavenly Justice’s players could blindly attack because they wouldn’t hurt each other, these aimless attacks would only deal tiny bits of damage to Deception if they even hit. They had no way of keeping him there. In the blink of an eye, Deception snuck his way out of the smoke and stealthily tossed a few more caltrops behind him.

The two ninja tools were flawlessly used. Deception, who had been in this kind of situation countless times before, knew how to get out of this predicament.

Deception had forced his way out of the encirclement. Normally, he would have run away without even looking back. However, today there was a thorn in his side that wouldn’t allow him to escape so easily. As a result, he couldn’t help but look back. He noticed that while everyone else had lost their sense of direction and was moving sluggishly, only Lord Grim quickly dashed out of the smoke and pursued him.

As expected, it’s not going to be easy shaking him off!

Deception turned around and sped up. His equipment could be considered top quality in the eyes of the Glory community. Ninjas were also a class that emphasized speed and mobility. As a result, equipment that increased his movement speed were highly valued. In terms of running, Lord Grim’s shabby equipment would definitely lose compared to Deception’s.

But why would Ye Xiu only rely on running? Lord Grim fired his gun as he chased him.

With all of the bullets coming from behind, Deception could only zig zag left and right to prevent Lord Grim from accurately hitting him, but how could he dodge all of Lord Grim’s attacks? Not all of the bullets hit, but the accuracy was higher than what Deception had anticipated. Deception felt like his zig zagging was pointless, but he also knew that if he didn’t move in this manner, he would have turned into a honeycomb long ago.

The bullets induced a small stun effect, making it very annoying to get hit. Lord Grim purposefully aimed at Deception’s legs too, so he moved like a crippled duck.

In this situation, even though Deception's speed was still very fast, Lord Grim, who was able to slow down Deception’s speed, was able to control him quite well.

The exit was right there!

Deception could already see the light coming in from the exit of the Darkness Palace. With his current speed, he could shake off the other pursuers, but what about Lord Grim?

Deception wasn’t confident that he could escape. Suddenly, the sounds of gunshots stopped. Surprised, Deception glanced over and realized that the distance between him and Lord Grim had widened enough that he was out of Lord Grim’s attack range.

Ye Xiu couldn’t do much about it.

He had tried his best to hold Deception off. If only his equipment were a bit better, he could definitely have caught up to Deception. Unfortunately, his shabby equipment didn’t increase his movement speed much, while his opponent’s equipment increased his movement speed by a lot. In addition to this, even though his bullets could slow him down, Deception was still able to slowly increase the distance. Currently, a lot of Heavenly Justice member had run past Lord Grim, but they were only running after Deception, without using any skills to impede Deception's progress. Without slowing him down like Ye Xiu did, they would never be able to catch up. Now that Deception had escaped Ye Xiu’s range, his movement speed increased even more.

Deception felt more confident now that he had shrugged off Lord Grim. Deception ignored all of the other pursuers.

“Steamed Bun, Little Tang!” Ye Xiu raised his head and called out.


“Come over. You two need to stop Deception.” Ye Xiu spoke.

“No problem.” Both of them replied.

Darkness Palace’s exit was quite wide. Even with 2 players blocking, the exit couldn’t be blocked completely. However, these two players didn’t consider themselves as mere blockers. The murderous aura they released clearly stated their intention to kill anyone who came near the exit.

In the blink of an eye, Deception reached the exit. After escaping from Lord Grim, he paid no heed to the other pursuers. Deception only glanced at the two players at the exit. Without even caring to avoid or evade them, he dashed forward.

When Tang Rou saw this person dash forward without any hesitation, she immediately felt admiration for him. Soft Mist moved forward and greeted him with her spear.

As Deception ran closer, he saw their mismatched equipment and regarded them as worthless. The moment he reached Soft Mist, he suddenly jumped, and threw three shurikens.

Tang Rou didn’t have sufficient knowledge about every class, but she had seen the majority of their skills before. In the Arena part of the Heavenly Domain challenge, she had encountered skills from various classes before.

Shuriken was a low level Ninja skill which Tang Rou had seen many times before. The moment the shurikens were thrown towards her, she had Soft Mist take a step to the side and swing her spear.

“Ding!” The sound of the spear colliding with those shurikens echoed throughout the area. This type of attack wouldn’t have priority over her spear because projectile attacks were usually weak.

Tang Rou moved sideways, causing the shurikens to pass her by without damaging her.

Against such a weak skill, Tang Rou had used such a domineering method to counter it. Of course, with such a domineering method, she also showed that she wasn't just any ordinary player. Deception didn't expect a character with such a mismatched equipment to be so skilled.

Are we of the same profession?

At this moment, Deception thought about this question. Although the equipment worn by experts usually wasn’t this bad, experts who came out to scrap pick would usually wear poor equipment. Didn’t Deception also use low grade equipment during scrap picking?

After deflecting the shurikens, the spear didn’t slow down and continued to arc towards Deception. As for Deception, he lived up to a player of the Ninja class. He crouched in mid-air and dodged the spear. He straightened his legs and stepped on the spear. Using it as leverage, he kicked at Soft Mist.

Seeing Deception and Soft Mist fighting, Heavenly Justice was completely petrified by the scene before them. Before their eyes was a pro-level fight. With those mechanics alone, were these guys really normal players?

Deception rapidly descended as if he were planning on tackling Soft Mist, but halfway, he was met with a flying brick, stopping him. Soft Mist’s spear swung at him and threw him into the ground.

Deception immediately had his character quick recover, but was suddenly met with a handful of sand upon standing up.

Sand Toss!

Deception obviously recognized this skill and immediately turned away so he wouldn’t be blinded. The Brawler was faster than the sand though. Right when Deception was about to turn his body away, his butt was kicked and he was sent stumbling face first into the floor.

Deception hastily stabilized himself, but was immediately knocked down by Tang Rou’s Circle Swing.

The Heavenly Justice players felt numb inside. They had so many players, yet they couldn’t compare to two players with trash equipment, who managed to stop Deception from escaping. Seeing Deception being tossed around on the ground made them sweat.

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