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Chapter 655 - Trade

No one had expected that the ones to tip the scales of this even battle between Team Blue Rain and Team Samsara would be the two nearly non-existent players.

Team Samsara’s Lu Boyuan and Team Blue Rain’s Song Xiao.

Ever since the beginning of the match, the confrontation between the Grappler and Qi Master had practically been ignored. The cameraman rarely gave them any screen time.

Compared to the fast-paced team battle, where opposing teams kept on changing targets, these two seemed to almost be in their own little world. The two players had engaged in a 1v1.

However, when this 1v1 concluded, one side ended with an overwhelming advantage.

The vast majority of attention given to Samsara was focused on Zhou Zekai followed by the vice-captain, Jiang Botao. The other supporting players weren’t bad, but compared to the brilliance displayed by the Great Gunner, their plays would all appear somewhat dull. At this point, many people had realized that Team Samsara’s characters all had increased skill points. However, most of the discussion was still focused on the two All Star characters, Cloud Piercer and Empty Waves.

Only Team Samsara themselves would know the exact details. With their 20 million RMB purchase of the skill book guild, the character with the greatest improvement was actually Lu Boyuan’s Grappler: Chaotic Cloudy Mountains.

Chaotic Cloudy Mountains originally possessed 4770 skill points, an average number in the pro scene, but while clearing the quests for skill points, their luck was extremely good on this account and they had actually managed to reach the maximum 5000 points. An increase in 230 skill points had been the greatest through all of Team Samsara’. Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer and Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves also managed to reach 5000 skill points, but their All Star characters had a higher starting point to begin with. Both of their characters originally possessed over 4800 points and only needed a bit more than 100 points to reach the max. As a result, amongst Team Samsara, Chaotic Cloudy Mountains had improved the most. If the opponents used data from previous matches, they would certainly realize that Chaotic Cloudy Mountains contribution exceeded their expectations.

And at this moment, the unexpected happened on Chaotic Cloudy Mountain’s side.

With the help of the 230 extra points obtained through the skill book guide, Lu Boyuan was able to suppress Song Xiao. Once Chaotic Cloudy Mountains grabbed Receding Tides, he continuously used throwing skills to pressure Receding Tides. Song Xiao began to panic. He originally had confidence in breaking out of these chain throws, but during the fight, he felt that something wasn’t right. The gaps, which he could usually take advantage of to break free, were always chained together even faster than he had anticipated.

This wasn’t just an issue of the user’s hand speed, but rather a step up in the character’s skills.

Even worse, Team Samsara seemed to have expected such results. After Chaotic Cloudy Mountains successfully grabbed Receding Tides and began to continuously throw him, the other three Team Samsara attackers focused their attacks on Receding Tides.

Song Xiao wasn’t the only one to be surprised and panicked. For Team Blue Rain, this was certainly an unexpected result.

Since they hadn’t expected Song Xiao to be completely helpless against Lu Boyuan’s chain throws, they hadn’t thought that his Receding Tides would be toyed around in the hands of Chaotic Chaotic Mountains.

A character being completely controlled by a Grappler would find it difficult to react to any other enemy attacks. With the sudden attacks were focused on him, along with Chaotic Cloudy Mountain’s complete control, Receding Tide’s health rapidly fell. Xu Jingxi was suddenly a mess again.

Song Xiao’s suppression affected the rest of the battle. Team Blue Rain was suddenly caught unprepared. Everything had happened too quickly.

Song Xiao’s Receding Tides was able to be saved, but it had cost Xu Jingxi’s Soul Speaker a huge amount of skills and mana. With a lot of his skills on cooldown, he wouldn’t be able to keep up the healing for Team Blue Rain in their fight against Team Samsara. The entire team’s health had been lowered by a peg. The series of events triggered by Song Xiao’s suppression had led to Team Blue Rain suffering a heavy loss.

“What an idiot! To think he can’t even escape out of something like that!!!” Wei Chen anxiously shouted, during Song Xiao’s suppression.

“It seems like Chaotic Cloudy Mountain’s skill points have improved by quite a lot.” Ye Xiu truly deserved to be called an expert at all classes. He was able to quickly discover Chaotic Cloudy Mountain’s significant increase in strength.

“F*ck.” Wei Chen angrily cursed.

“It seems like with your attitude, you want Team Blue Rain to win?” Ye Xiu said.

“Nonsense.” Wei Chen glared at Ye Xiu, “If Team Samsara loses, the twenty million that they spent would be a waste of their money. How exciting would that be? Ha ha ha ha!!”

“You beast……” Ye Xiu sighed.

Unfortunately, reality didn’t meet Wei Chen’s expectations. The first lead grasped by Team Samsara had been obtained because of their twenty million RMB investment.

“Chaotic Cloudy Mountains is a bit strange.” Song Xiao had managed to survive, so he quickly warned the rest of his teammates.

“Be careful.”

Team Blue Rain couldn’t do much about it. They had no way of slowly analyzing how their opponents allocated his skill points in the middle of such an intense match. They could only rely on their experience and intuition to deal with the problem. In an even match like this, if someone made a mistake in judgement, he would end up like how Song Xiao had previously.

After gaining their first lead, Team Samsara continued to pressure their opponents. They continued with their relentless attacks, not giving Team Blue Rain any time to recover from their earlier loss.

This type of forced fighting was exactly what Team Samsara wanted. Even though Team Blue Rain didn’t lose in a frontal confrontation, such a fast-paced battle didn’t give them any opportunity to close the gap made by Team Samsara. If this situation continued, the first one to fall would definitely be someone from Team Blue Rain.

Team Samsara gradually displayed their reason for choosing this map. By using the protective screen of the grass, they were able to force Team Blue Rain on the defensive.

“Captain, behind you!!”

A Team Blue Rain player suddenly warned during the deadlock. The spectators were able to notice it faster from their viewpoint. Team Samsara’s Assassin, Cruel Silence, had circled around to flank Swoksaar.

The warning had come too late. Against a sudden ambush, Yu Wenzhou’s reaction speed and intuition wouldn’t lose to anyone, but his execution was always a bit slower than anyone else's.

Yu Wenzhou was extremely important to the team, but his weakness was also extremely obvious. He was a contradictory existence in the team. The team’s greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses were both him. This wasn’t any secret. As a result, Yu Wenzhou’s Swoksaar was often ambushed by others, so he was very used to it.

Facing this kind of situation, he didn’t panic. He would always calmly resolve it.

Cruel Silence leapt out of his cover from the grass. The cold light glinting from his dagger slashed downwards towards Swoksaar. Suddenly, a Hexagram Prison appeared out of the void. However, it wasn’t aimed at Cruel Silence, but rather Swoksaar himself.

Wu Qi was depressed!!

If he continued, he would definitely hit Swoksaar, but his Cruel Silence would definitely crash into that dark-purple prison. In that case, he would immediately be trapped inside the Hexagram Prison. A single attack in exchange for getting imprisoned wasn’t worth it.

Cruel Silence didn’t continue forward and retreated instead. Suddenly, as he dodged to the side. “Ding!” The sound of two blades colliding could be heard. Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain had suddenly appeared. However, Wu Qi had been aware and used his dagger to block the attack.

The two melee classes engaged in battle. Swoksaar’s Hexagram Prison immediately began to move. It wasn’t fast, but it cut off Cruel Silence’s path of retreat.

Huang Shaotian knew what to do intuitively. Troubling Rain drew his sword and used Formless Phantom Blade.

Assassins didn’t have the ability to directly face a skill like this. Wu Qi hastily had Cruel Silence retreat, but only then did he discover that he had nowhere to run. In front of him was a Formless Phantom Blade and behind him was a Hexagram Prison. One of the lights from the Hexagram Prison touched Cruel Silence. The prison instantly formed around him. Before the duration of the effect had ended, he would have no way of escaping. Troubling Rain’s attack was already storming towards him. Blood flew everywhere from Cruel Silence’s body.

It hadn’t been easy to catch an opponent. Just one attack would be a waste. Team Blue Rain’s characters began to focus their fire on him. Team Samsara could hastily try to rescue him and Cruel Silence might not die, but this situation was similar to Song Xiao’s previous situation. Team Blue Rain would use this opportunity to make up for the gap that had previously been created.

But who would have thought that Team Samsara didn’t have any intentions on saving him? Wu Qi and his Cruel Silence had unexpectedly been completely abandoned. Samsara’s players immediately focused their attacks on Swoksaar instead.

Team Blue Rain suddenly realized this might happen and wanted to make adjustments, but Team Samsara didn’t give them a chance. The first one to arrive was Chaotic Cloudy Mountains. Ignoring everything else, he grabbed Swoksaar and tossed him into the air. Then, bullets flew towards Swoksaar. Zhou Zekai was planning on using a Delivery Gun to send Swoksaar away!

Delivery Gun wasn’t something that couldn’t be broken free from, but…… it required Yu Wenzhou to best Zhou Zekai in hand speed. It was something very very very unlikely to happen. None of Team Blue Rain’s players had any hope for their captain. They hastily searched for Cloud Piercer’s position and headed over to stop him.

But how could Team Samsara just let them do what they wanted? They hurried over to protect him…..

Swoksaar continued to tumble in the air. Cruel Silence being trapped by the Hexagram Prison had been Team Samsara’s trade.

However, the trade for Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence in exchange for Yu Wenzhou’s Swoksaar was too worth it!

After another series of back and forths, Cruel Silence made a heroic sacrifice and Swoksaar was finally killed by Cloud Piercer.

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