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Chapter 654 - Trump Card versus Trump Card

Anyone with a starting position in Team Blue Rain or Team Samsara was definitely skilled. Wu Qi fought evenly against the All Star level Yu Feng for a single moment. Both of them were pro players. Arguing over who was better or worse wouldn’t give a definite answer. The results could only be determined once the fight concluded. In real battle, any small detail could be a deciding factor. It wasn’t something that could be predicted on paper.

Wu Qi may have been fighting evenly with Yu Feng, but once Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain joined the battle and the Blade Master and Berserker duo combined their attacks, Wu Qi could no longer endure.

Huang Shaotian and Yu Feng hadn’t been teammates for just a day or two. Their coordination with one another wasn’t as simple as one plus one equals two. Assassins had low defense and health. Facing the combined flurry of attacks, his Assassin rapidly lost health. Fortunately, Samsara’s Cleric Fang Ming Hua was able to rescue him. His character Laughing Song lifted silver weapon, Angel’s Protection, as holy light repeatedly flashed, helping Wu Qi survive for a bit longer. On the other side of the battle, Zhou Zekai had figured out where the real body was, so he wasn’t just going to sit around wasting anymore time. Cloud Piercer changed directions to rescue Wu Qi.

This was one advantage of the Gunner classes. They had long range attacks, so they could provide support faster. He just needed to lift his hands and the bullets would arrive. In comparison, if Huang Shaotian’s Blade Master had to go rescue someone, no matter how fast he ran, he would never be as fast as a bullet.

No one would ignore an attack from the Great Gunner, but taking the attack under the protection of a Paladin’s Life Activation was another matter. Life Activation increased the health regen of a character. It was especially effective for characters with equipment that had health regen effects. With Life Activation, it was possible to completely negate the effects of low damage attacks.

This skill could be used on teammates, but because the majority of characters wouldn’t stack health regen on themselves, Paladins generally cast the skill on themselves before tanking damage for their teammates.

At this moment, Xu Jingqi’s Soul Speaker activated the skill. A vigorous aura of vitality emitted from his body as he took Cloud Piercer’s bullets head on.

Blood splattered everywhere!

When the bullets hit his body, the effects were still there, but because of the quickened health regeneration, the injuries on Soul Language’s body healed at a visible pace. He didn’t move at all and just ate the bullets like a meat shield. In that instant, he looked like a Knight holding a shield, facing the boss alone.

It looked somewhat stupid, but it was effective. Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer shot bullets at all sorts of angles, but Soul Language’s body was there to block them! His attacks were able to deal damage to Soul Speaker, even under Life Activation, but Soul Spekaer’s health didn’t fall as rapidly as Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence.

Wu Qi was facing the attacks from two All Star level players. Even though he was still hanging on with the help of his Cleric, it rapidly consumed the mana and skill cooldowns of the Cleric. Once enough skills were on cooldown, the two enemies might be able to inflict serious enough damage to directly finish him off in one go. This was a method that pro teams often used. A team like Team Blue Rain could obviously execute it to perfection. With the way the current battle was going, it was obvious what Team Blue Rain was planning to do.

No one stopped Fang Minghua from healing. After Yu Wenzhou’s Swoksaar escaped from the Electric Wave Formation, he stopped Samsara’s Jiang Botao from assisting his teammates.

Ignore a Warlock’s attacks?

That most definitely couldn’t be done. It wasn’t because of the damage, but because of the CC effects from Warlock skills.

Binding Curse, Control Curse, Hexagram Prison….. You wouldn’t die from these attacks, but being dead might be better than being alive under these spells.

Yu Wenzhou’s hand speed wasn’t fast, but his grasp of timing had reached near perfection. Wasting skills or cycling through skill cooldowns properly would never happen as long as he was in control. Yu Wenzhou rarely appeared in the individual competitions, but it didn’t mean his slow hand speed made him useless in 1v1s. With his slow and steady pace, he was able to completely control Samsara’s Jiang Botao.


Ye Xiu heard someone beside him curse. He turned his head to see Wei Chen watching the confrontation between Swoksaar and Empty Waves. His expression was ugly. He was clearly thinking of some unpleasant memories.

“You have to overcome that psychological trauma.” Ye Xiu turned his head to look at Swoksaar on the screen.

“F*ck!” Wei Chen cursed. He clearly wasn’t happy with the usage of the word “psychological trauma”. He didn’t have any such thing. He had just thought about something very unpleasant.

“What psychological trauma?” Tang Rou and Steamed Bun turned their heads and asked curiously.

“F*ck off! It isn’t something that little kids like you should be worried about!” Wei Chen shooed the two away.

“Yeah, a little kid in his teens beat him so badly, he lost all confidence and was so down-hearted, he retired. Did you really think Old Wei would blab about it casually to anyone?” Ye Xiu said.

“Tch, I was just helping a younger generation player mature and gave him confidence, so I lost on purpose.” Wei Chen jumped up and said without missing a beat. It wasn’t without reason. That time, when he lost to Yu Wenzhou, it had just been a practice bout with the team. As a senior, he could say that he intentionally went easy, because Wei Chen wouldn’t go all out against a kid in the training camp, even for someone as shameless as him. 

In the end, he lost all three rounds. In the pro scene, losing three rounds didn’t prove anything. but from their positions in the team at that time, even if Wei Chen didn’t go all out, it wouldn’t change anything. Gold would always shine. Whether Yu Wenzhou won or lost those three rounds, the shell came off of Yu Wenzhou and Wei Chen would always be stuck with the feeling that he wasn’t as good as him. Losing only made the feeling worse.

“A younger generation player from your team? I don’t know where you thought of that! I’m talking about that year in the playoffs where I completely crushed you!” Ye Xiu said. When Wei Chen had still been in the Alliance, Ye Xiu hadn’t even been 20 years old yet, so he could be considered a little kid in his teens at that time too.

“So that’s what you were talking about!” Wei Chen slapped his leg: “Wasn’t that because when this senior saw your repulsively ugly face and crafty-looking eyes, with my eyes honed in the streets, I could easily see that aura of evil around you? If I didn’t let you win the championships, someone like you might take on a vengeful personality and inflict a great terror on society. As a citizen of this country, I could only throw the game and allow you to win the championships. And I had to do it three times to prevent such a great tragedy from happening. Now that you’ve grown up, this senior doesn’t need you to repay me anymore. Give this old fellow a break!”

“Are you pulling that out of your ass? I specifically looked for you to join our team so that you could win finally a championship for once. This is my apology for beating you so badly that year, but we have to get one thing straight! I only beat you up once, so I can only let you win once. The rest you have to gain with your own efforts. Look at those youngsters on the screen. Their tenaciousness and passion to win is something that you should learn from.”

“Ha ha……” Tang Rou laughed. She shifted her attention back to the match and stopped listening to their argument. The beginning of the argument seemed to have been half-truth half-lie, but near the end, the two of them began talking nonsense.

Though when Steamed Bun listened, he looked hard at Ye Xiu and mumbled to himself: “I have eyes honed in the streets too. Why don’t I see an aura of evil?”

“Ha ha ha ha, Steamed Bun, see…….. Ah!” Wei Chen heard his mumble and laughed. He was just about to say something, but his eyes had been watching the match the entire time. Team Blue Rain had control of the match, when their control was suddenly broken. Once again, the person to change the tides of the match was the Great Gunner!

Zhou Zekai fiercely turned Cloud Piercer’s gun and started attacking Yu Wenzhou’s Swoksaar.

This action had been planned beforehand. Xu Jingxi’s duty was to block his bullets. Now that he shifted his attention to a different target, Xu Jingxi’s Soul Language couldn’t get there in time. The Sharpshooter’s attacks covered a large range.

As for Yu Wenzhou? A battle of hand speed was his nemesis. His tempo was disrupted. Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves was able to use this opportunity to escape from Yu Wenzhou. He immediately cast an Ice Wave Formation towards Troubling Rain, Brilliant Edge, and Cruel Silence, where the main battle was taking place.

The wave formation headed towards both targets and the probability of getting frozen was very high. Huang Shaotian and Yu Feng had to be wary. They could only temporarily stop attacking Cruel Silence and hastily escape the formation’s area of effect.

Under the wave formation’s protection, Wu Qi quickly controlled Cruel Silence to escape, but this battle wouldn’t give him any time to rest. Cruel Silence immediately headed towards Yu Wenzhou’s Swoksaar to return the favor and bully the enemy captain.

The situation instantly reversed.

Starting from Huang Shaotian’s ambush, Team Blue Rain had dominated the match until Zhou Zekai reversed the situation with a powerful snipe. Huang Shaotian then ambushed the, again regain control of the situation. Instead of facing the enemy ace player directly, he threw the enemy Cleric aside and, along with Yu Feng, focused his attacks on a non-core member like Wu Qi. Unfortunately, their control over the battle was once again disrupted by the enemy ace player Zhou Zekai.

A series of ups and downs occurred in a short period of time. The styles of the two teams could completely be seen.

Team Blue Rain had clever tactics and coordination. Team Samsara’s Zhou Zekai overturned the battle with his own power. These were their trump cards! From start to finish, they were evenly matched.

However, tactics couldn’t be executed perfectly every time, and no individual never made mistakes.

Which team would be the first to expose an opening?

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