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Chapter 651 - Team Samsara’s Teamwork

Troubling Rain had disappeared!!

The first one to want to cry was the cameraman! The cameraman had the ability to focus on a single character, but from a bird’s eye view, while the other four Team Blue Rain players could easily be seen amidst the grass blowing in the wind, only Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain was nowhere to be found. When did he stray off from the rest of the team? No one had noticed it.

Fortunately, this sort of problem could easily be solved. The cameraman immediately switched to Troubling Rain’s first person point of view. His location and movements could be discerned from his surroundings.

The camera zoomed out, zoomed out, zoomed out, and then Troubling Rain disappeared once again.

The commentator followed up with the prompt. He could only brace himself and say: “Everyone, look. Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain is currently moving around, hidden in the grass. It isn’t easy to see him. Instead, pay attention to the tracks left behind in the grass.”

The commentator was just spouting nonsense. When the cameraman zoomed out, it was impossible to see where Troubling Rain was actually located. That was the only thing he could say.

Tracks left behind? The spectators looked at the screen to search for them. Those who couldn’t see it would say “Oh, I see it! Over there, over there.” If not, wouldn’t it seem like they weren’t good enough to notice?

Experienced players like Ye Xiu and Wei Chen were actually able to grasp Troubling Rain’s movements from the minute traces left behind in the grass. However, these traces immediately disappeared from the screen because the cameraman was randomly moving it around. The two of them realized that the cameraman had no idea what he was doing and was just pretending that he did.

The cameraman obviously couldn’t keep on pretending he couldn’t find these tracks, so he began shifting to other points of views, from an overall perspective to different individual perspectives. It gave off the feeling that a decisive battle was approaching.

Finally, one side made the first offensive move!

“Great Gunner, I’m behind you!” A bunch of words suddenly appeared in all chat. The person speaking was Troubling Rain!

In Glory’s eight season finals, the first attack had been Huang Shaotian’s trash talk. For people, who loathed superfluous words, it was quite a disappointing opening.

The cameraman immediately switched to Huang Shaotian’s target: Zhou Zekai’s Great Gunner, Cloud Piercer.

Cloud Piercer didn’t have any intentions on turning around. He simple flung a grenade behind him.

Whether Huang Shaotian was telling the truth or not, Zhou Zekai probably decided it would be best to defend himself just in case. The explosion from his grenade was the first sound of the entire match.

‘Uh oh, I’ve been hit.” Another string of words popped up in all chat.

“F*ck, just fight already! Why do you have to talk so much!!” The players hadn’t even reacted yet, but the commentator was already starting to become impatient. Of course, the commentator could only say this in his head. Out loud, his only choice was to say: “Team Blue Rain’s Huang Shaotian has already begun verbally harassing his opponents, but is it effective against Samsara? We’ll have to wait and see.”

This commentator clearly wasn’t a fan of Huang Shaotian. He had to restrain himself from spewing out his true feelings and expressed a more neutral stance.

“Look at my sword!” Four words popped up on the screen.

Samsara’s players remained unmoved. Suddenly, a sword light flew out from a patch of grass.

Troubling Rain had begun attacking. However, his target wasn’t Cloud Piercer, but Fang Minghua’s Cleric: Laughing Song.

But if this sort of ambush was enough to cause trouble for them, Samsara should not have chosen this map for the finals to begin with. Samsara’s players had clearly been prepared for this kind of ambush. The instant the grass broke apart, Fang Minghua’s Laughing Song moved. He quickly cast a Sacred Fire at his feet and leapt to the side. He put his cross in front of him and holy white light shot out like a flashlight. The green grass was lit up by the white light and a figure could be seen hiding inside. After that sword light missed, the figure hadn’t rushed forward, but retreated instead.

Samsara’s practiced players immediately focused their attacks towards that location to clear away the field. Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer leaped high into the sky and opened fired at the figure amidst the grass. Jiang Botao’s Spellblade, Empty Waves, also rushed forward. Fiery flames surrounded his strangely shaped dagger as he slashed downwards. A wave of fire immediately swept the area. The surrounding grass was burnt away, but there was no sign of Troubling Rain.

The Assassin Wu Qi and the Grappler Lu Boyuan needed to be within melee range to attack and didn’t have any mid or long-ranged moves. The two characters rushed out, executing a pincer attack.

At this moment, Laughing Song’s white light faded away and Troubling Rain’s figure could no longer be seen, but Cloud Piercer was able to infer Troubling Rain’s location from the white light and chased after him. With these attacks pointing towards their target, Wu Qi and Lu Boyuan coordinated with Jiang Botao’s Fire Wave and instantly trapped Troubling Rain.

The audience cheered loudly.

Their teamwork had to be brilliant in order to catch that sly Huang Shaotian.

Even though Samsara was known as a one man team, this was only because of Zhou Zekai’s outstanding performance. When other teams called Samsara a one man team, they were simply envious of them having such an incredible ace player. Every top team had fresh flowers and green leaves supporting one another. It was just that the flower known as Zhou Zekai stood out compared to the other players. Zhou Zekai often decided the match on his own, but it didn’t mean that Samsara didn’t have any tactics or teamwork. At this very moment, they displayed their exceptional teamwork on stage.

“Troubling Rain has been caught! Things are not looking good for him right now. His teammates still need a bit of time before they will be able to reach him. Huang Shaotian’s movements are a bit off from his team’s. This was a bit of a rash move on his part. Let’s how he manages to deal with this situation!” The commentator rejoiced at Huang Shaotian’s misfortune as he continued to commentate.

“Wow, you actually managed to catch me!!”

Huang Shaotian actually took the time to type a few words. For people who liked to talk a lot, it was quite admirable of him.

Lu Boyuan’s Grappler had extended his hands towards Troubling Rain. Grapplers relied on throws. Their damage wasn’t amazing, but throws couldn’t be blocked. Along with their displacement and knockdown effects, throws were extremely useful crowd control skills in team fights, especially for an offense-oriented team.

Huang Shaotian didn’t only talk. Troubling Rain quickly leaped away from the two hands. At the same time, he put his sword up and activated Guard to block the Heart-Piercing Stab from Wu Qi’s Assassin.

Using the momentum from the opponent’s stab, Troubling Rain slid backwards, but Wu Qi’s Assassin followed closely after him, his dagger never left Troubling Rain’s blade as he hastily kept up.

How could a God like Huang Shaotian not be experienced? He immediately realized what Wu Qi was planning to do and rolled to the side. The dagger in the hands of Wu Qi’s Assassin shot forward like a bullet, but if one looked closely, the dagger hadn’t left his hands. Only a part of the dagger had shot out. The dagger was still in his character’s hands and slashed along an arc along with the other part.

Assassin skill: Mother and Child Stab.

Wu Qi’s execution wasn’t slow. Unfortunately, Huang Shaotian had predicted it and had dodged. This sudden and insidious move failed to injure him.

Troubling Rain didn’t complete the roll as he flew up. He used a Headwind Strike and swept the area in front of him with a storm of wind, not only was Wu Qi’s Assassin unable to dodge it in time, it also stopped Lu Boyuan’s Grappler from approaching.

After using Headwind Strike, Troubling Rain landed on the ground. The instant Headwind Strike ended, Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer slid past Wu Qi and Lu Boyuan. While Huang Shaotian had been defending against them, Zhou Zekai had found the perfect opportunity to attack him.

It looked as if Zhou Zekai’s Slide Kick would hit Troubling Rain, but the instant before it hit, Huang Shaotian was able to complete a Falling Light Blade to meet the attack.

Troubling Rain’s blade hit Cloud Piercer and Cloud Piercer’s Slide Kick hit Troubling Rain. It was a clash between two skills of equal levels.

Troubling Rain was kicked away, but it was exactly what he wanted. The instant he landed, he swung his sword. Instead of attacking, he used a Triple Slash to run away. As his sword slashed, the grass around him was sliced apart before he disappeared from view again.

Because Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer had been hit by the Falling Light Blade, he was briefly stunned. This brief stun was enough to stop him from following up, allowing Troubling Rain and opportunity to escape. Huang Shaotian was a master at seizing opportunities, after all.

The first confrontation between the two sides had concluded. All sorts of minute movements had happened in that short instant. It felt like even a small breath of air could have changed the outcome. The spectators didn’t dare to breathe and no matter how fast the commentator could speak, there was no way he could keep up with such a fast pace.

Everyone was still reflecting on the fight, when a string of words appeared in all chat.

“Ha ha ha, you can’t catch me! You can’t catch me! Just wait. You’ll see me soon again.”

How childish! Numerous people were thinking that it spoiled the beautiful scene. It had been such a high level confrontation, but this guy just hand to end it with some trash talk. What an eye sore!

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