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Chapter 646 - Let’s Steal a Boss

“What an unsurprising answer!” Wei Chen commented on Ye Xiu’s reply. From an overall view of the Heavenly Domain, only Heavenly Justice’s infamous name could match Lord Grim’s.

All of the other Club guilds had suffered under Ye Xiu’s hands starting from the tenth server and stretched all the way to the Heavenly Domain. No one would feel at ease if they wanted to collaborate again. Only Heavenly Justice had kept good relations with him the entire time. They constantly worked together in their mutual interest. Furthermore, Loulan Slash spoke for Heavenly Justice. The guild leaders of other Club guilds were just young household members who went out for work. In order to profit, they were willing to do whatever was necessary. On the other hand, with Loulan Slash’s status, if he mercilessly committed terrible acts just for a boss, he would stand out too much.

With the decision made, Ye Xiu contacted Loulan Slash. He had the game open on his computer, and checked to see that Loulan Slash was online, so he messaged him: “What are you busy with?”

Ye Xiu had used this greeting who knew how many times, and he never thought of changing it up.

“Nothing really. Ha ha!” Loulan Slash replied.

“Let’s go steal a boss!” Ye Xiu went straight to the point.

“Which boss?” Loulan Slash asked.

“Wild boss!” Ye Xiu said.


“How would I know? You don’t have that type of information?” Ye Xiu asked.

Loulan Slash felt awkward: “What type of situation is this?”

“Oh, is Heavenly Justice developing smoothly in regards to wild bosses?” Ye Xiu asked.

“It’s so-so……” Loulan Slash said.

“What does so-so even mean? How many bosses did you get last week?” Ye Xiu asked.


“Three is so-so?! You’re not modest at all!” Ye Xiu sighed. The Heavenly Domain was huge. There were so many maps and if each map had a wild boss, Ye Xiu didn’t know how many wild bosses spawned per week. However, he was certain that three was a very small number. Calling that number so-so was not being modest at all.

“That’s so-so for us.” Loulan Slash forced a smile.

Ye Xiu was happy. It wasn’t that he was happy at their misfortune. Heavenly Justice clearly wasn’t too successful at obtaining bosses, to which Ye Xiu wasn’t surprised. The Club guilds had a much stronger foundation. Just by comparing their guild storages, the average quality of equipment in the Club guilds was certainly higher than the average quality of equipment in Heavenly Justice. Better equipment meant more strength. The weaker forces would obviously have a harder time getting wild bosses. If they couldn’t get wild bosses, Ye Xiu could use this as a bargaining chip. Otherwise, if they already won bosses easily, there would be no reason to negotiate at all!

“I’ll help you. Let’s collaborate. How about we split the drops fifty-fifty?” Ye Xiu proposed.

“If we can actually get the wild bosses, then that won’t be a problem.” Loulan Slash agreed. His guild could only successfully steal three bosses across the span of a week. How could things get any worse? He was willing to agree with anything Ye Xiu suggested. Try everything when you’re desperate.

“Good. If you learn anything, let me know!” Ye Xiu said.

“No problem.” Loulan Slash said.

Ye Xiu closed the chat window. Not long afterwards, Loulan Slash messaged him. Ye Xiu wasn’t too surprised at the quick response. Wild bosses spawned randomly. In this business, every second, starting from midnight on Monday, mattered. You had to be ready to go into battle at any moment. The elite groups of the Club guilds were responsible for the wild bosses and it wasn’t an easy task. They weren’t professional gamers. When a boss appeared, they had to act immediately, as if it were an emergency.

When Ye Xiu looked at Loulan Slash’s message, he discovered that it wasn’t about a boss, but about the skill book guide.

“Oh, that. It’s gone. It’s already been sold.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Ah…… is that so? That’s too bad.” Loulan Slash was a bit regretful, but he wasn’t too surprised. At that time, he was very clear about why Ye Xiu had come to him. Even though he had rejected the offer, he knew that there would certainly be buyers. In the end, Ye Xiu didn’t look for him again, so he guessed that Ye Xiu had successfully sold it. Loulan Slash simply confirmed his guess and now he didn’t need to think about it anymore.

The two didn’t say anything more and went on with their own business. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim wasn’t max leveled yet, so he naturally spent most of his time leveling. As he walked around, the Heavenly Domain really was chaotic! Samsara and Blue Rain didn’t only fight with each other as a guild. Their fans often argued with each other on their own basis too.

Apart from these two teams, Tiny Herb and Misty Rain weren’t happy after being eliminated either. If they received any sort of taunting from the winners, they wouldn’t endure it. There were also the teams that had been eliminated in the first round. No fan would feel happy about their own team being eliminated and would often want to gain back some face through the game. If there was nothing to dispute about, they would find something to dispute about.

The Heavenly Domain didn’t have any safe zones apart from cities. A player could kill another play anywhere at any time. Everyone was on edge because of the playoffs.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim hadn’t even left the city yet when Loulan Slash messaged him again. This time, a boss had appeared, but when Ye Xiu looked at the name Sewer King, he suddenly lost interest. 

Sewer King Lookashoo. His name sounded domineering. King! But in reality, he was just some rogue in the sewers. It’s not like Ye Xiu had anything against him, it was just that this boss was only Level 55.

There were materials that they needed from low-leveled bosses, but Ye Xiu didn’t have many helpers. The amount of time and effort that they could put in was very limited, so he hoped for a high-leveled boss. Even if they didn’t have any low-leveled boss materials, they could use high-leveled boss materials to trade.

Wild boss materials were difficult to buy, but trading for other materials wasn’t that hard. Each team had different classes and different equipment that they used, so they each required different materials. All materials were welcome, but they would need some materials more than others. The market for trading uncommon materials for other uncommon materials was very active.

With this sort of background, no matter what they actually needed, Level 70 bosses were always more valuable than Level 55 bosses.

Unfortunately, Loulan Slash only reported a Level 55 boss. Even though it was a bit regretful, it was better than nothing. Ye Xiu called for Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, and Chen Guo. They headed towards Loulan Slash’s meeting location. As for Wei Chen, he hadn’t received any message from Samsara. It wasn’t that Samsara didn’t know, but it was more likely that this Level 55 boss wasn’t something that the main guild’s second elite group was needed to deal with.

Lookashoo was the Sewer King. The sewers were a city facility, so it wasn’t in some desolate area. Instead, the sewers had turned into a leveling area at Heshin City. Ye Xiu and the three others found a teleport location in the nearest cities to them and teleported to Heshin City. They saw quite a few players heading towards a single direction and all of them had guild tags above their heads.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had a guild tag too. Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Steamed Bun Invasion were all under Heavenly Justice’s name, mainly for the stat points and benefits of being a part of a guild.

“There are a lot of people already!” Ye Xiu sighed. The top guilds had their own methods for killing wild bosses. On Monday, everyone would be spread out all across the Heavenly Domain. Every time a wild boss was killed, they naturally wouldn’t search that area again. As for the bosses that hadn’t been cleared yet, there would always be guild members wandering in that area. This wasn’t just a game. It was important work for the Clubs.

“Shouldn’t we…… keep a low-profile?” Chen Guo was the crowds of people and was worried that Lord Grim’s name would stand out too much. The amount of attention towards him was much higher than Sewer King Lookashoo.

“Mm, low profile is better.” Ye Xiu agreed. They took a roundabout route and messaged Loulan Slash about their situation.

“There are quite a few people.” Loulan Slash replied. His group had arrived earlier than Ye Xiu’s had.

They naturally knew about the boss’ exact location, so they moved towards that location. This Level 55 city didn’t have many players inside, but the closer they got to the location, the more people they saw. Ye Xiu wasn’t too interested in this Level 55 boss, but the Club guilds still considered it important work.

“How many guilds are present?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I’ve seen five so far.” Loulan Slash said.

“Have they started fighting the boss yet?” Ye Xiu asked.

“They should be starting soon.” Loulan Slash said. Level 55 bosses weren’t difficult to beat for the Level 70 Heavenly Domain players, so they usually wouldn’t waste time facing the boss. Once there were enough people, they would start attacking. Beating the boss was easy, so whoever started first held the advantage.

“Ah, they’ve started!” Loulan Slash reported.

“Which guild?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Blue Brook Guild.” Loulan Slash said.

“They have a lot of energy after making it into the finals!” Ye Xiu replied, “We should move out too.”

“Where are you? I still don’t see you.” Loulan Slash said.

“We’re not there yet. They’ve started, so you should start too. Put out damage and kill others if there are any opportunities.” Ye Xiu said.

“What about you?”

“We’ll cut them off en-route.” Ye Xiu said. He called out to Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, and Chen Guo. They rushed forward and just happened to bump into two Blue Brook Guild players.

“How lucky!” Ye Xiu said.

The two players saw Lord Grim and were startled too. When they heard Ye Xiu speak, they thought he had something to say, but in the next second, several attacks shot towards them and one of them died immediately. The other one was alarmed. He hastily tried to defend himself, but the brave Steamed Bun Invasion had already pounced on him.

The two Blue Brook Guild players instantly fell. Ye Xiu led the three towards the sewers to continue player hunting. The guilds were still sending their players towards the boss, so they all arrived at different times. The players hadn’t gathered together into large groups yet, so the four of them blocked off small parties. They worked especially hard against Blue Brook Guild’s players.

The boss fight had already started down in the sewers. The guilds didn’t have enough people, so they were carefully fighting the boss, while waiting for their reinforcements to arrive. However, the guilds soon received information about their players being ambushed.

“Who?” They obviously had to ask this question. When they heard the answer, they turned pale with fright. Lord Grim had been quiet for a long time. Why did he start acting up again all of a sudden?

“F*ck!” The person leading Blue Brook Guild’s side slammed his keyboard, “Why am I so unlucky?”

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