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Chapter 645 - Excessive Improvement

Zhou Zekai and Huang Shaotian were complete opposites of each other, whether that was on stage or off stage.

Off stage, one of them was so quiet that people wanted to take a stick and pry his mouth open, while the other was so noisy that people wanted to take a stick and beat his mouth shut. Onstage, Zhou Zekai was the absolute core of the team and the main attacker. Where ever he was, that was where the most intense battle was taking place. Using his firepower, he pushed his team forward.

As for Huang Shaotian? Team Blue Rain’s strategies didn’t completely revolve around him. He was like a specter wandering the battlefield, giving the feeling that he didn’t exist. However, every move he made would leave a rain of blood behind. This was his opportunistic style. His numbers weren’t impressive at all, but when looking at the content of a match as a whole, his existence could not be ignored because without him, the match would have ended with a completely different result. The other part of him, which definitely showed he existed, dominated the entire field.

People could easily compare the similarities between the two players..

At the same time, people could easily compare the differences between the two players as well.

Huang Shaotian had become famous earlier than Zhou Zekai, but after Zhou Zekai became famous, these two names were frequently spoken about together.

However, as of now, most people considered Zhou Zekai to be a bit better. After all, an opportunist like Huang Shaotian required a precondition: an opportunity.

If his opponents never gave him that sort of opportunity, his presence instantly diminished. This wasn’t something that had never happened before.

During the match, it would seem as if he didn’t exist, but those familiar with his style would wait for him to suddenly jump out and give a fright. However, when the match ended, everyone realized: What! This time, he really didn’t exist!

Finding an opportunity was just one matter. Seizing the opportunity was another. Even for a master like Huang Shaotian, he couldn’t guarantee that he could seize every opportunity that passed by. There would be moments where he did nothing, and with his style, if he failed to grasp the opportunity, he would be useless during the match.

Because of the weaknesses in his style, Huang Shaotian was less consistent than Zhou Zekai, so most people considered him slightly worse. However, Huang Shaotian had a championship title under his belt. At that time, he played the decisive role in their victory, so no one completely counted him out.

This time, these two Gods would be meeting up in the finals. Whoever won would not only defeat his opponent, but would also take the championship cup as proof. This debate would finally come to an end here.   

All of the fans had been waiting for an entire year for this day to come. The fans of the both teams had done all sorts of things to support their teams. The game was the most direct way way of confrontation. The two guilds clashed with each other constantly, making the guild leaders exhausted from their efforts.

Yes, they were exhausted.

Because the day before the finals, any conflict would erupt into an all-out war! Peacefully settle it and retreat? This was how the Club guilds usually handled conflicts, but it didn’t suit the particular occasion. At this moment, they needed to show their strength. The team needed to, as well as the team’s fans. Even if they wouldn’t gain any benefits, they absolutely couldn’t back down.

Wei Chen was the group leader for Samsara’s fifth group. This period of time hadn’t been easy for him either. He had very little free time to begin with. For the past few days, as soon as he got online, the guild leader would call for him and then have him rush towards a certain location. In an intense battle, how could there be any shortage of elite players?

But because of the crises during this particular period of time, Wei Chen was being noticed by Samsara. In their eyes, Wei Chen’s ability to lead was very high. Even amidst the chaos, he was sharp and decisive. Using a talent like him to lead teams in dungeons was a waste. He should be used to fight for wild bosses! That was a battlefield between players. If they didn’t utilize such talents, wouldn’t that be a waste?

The upper echelons of Samsara discussed with each other.

A portion of them believed that he should be used to fight for wild bosses. Another portion of them still didn’t fully trust him.

However, these doubts were eventually dispelled after a bunch of reverse reasoning. Samsara’s core members discussed this issue and unanimously felt that sending such an expert to be a spy was way too wasteful. If he were placed in any other guild, he would, without a doubt, be taking the lead in the wild boss fights. What could he gain from being a spy?

Samsara’s core members pondered over this question. They couldn’t think of any reason for an expert like Wei Chen to be a spy for such a long period of time. He couldn’t be trying to vie for the guild leader position, right? It was impossible. The main guild leader was appointed by the Club. It wasn’t something that one’s performance or the public opinion could decide.

Samsara’s core members couldn’t think of any other reasons. The probability of Wei Chen being a spy was very small. The guild would always considered the value of a spy in terms of the competition between guilds. After getting rid of their doubts towards Wei Chen, his value became even greater than the potential risks.

As a result, during the restless days before the finals, Wei Chen was appointed group leader for Samsara’s second elite group.

In a wild boss fight, guilds usually dispatched more than two groups. The first group would be led by the guild leader. This was just a matter of the guild leader’s authority. As for the second group, their chances of participating in a wild boss fight were about the same as the first group. For Wei Chen to reach this position, he had reached the peak of his career as a spy.

However, after becoming the second group’s leader, it wasn’t easy to find a place for his friends. The members of the first and second group weren’t randomly placed. Even though the skill levels of his friends weren’t bad under the guidance of Wei Chen, they still weren’t better than the top players of these Club guilds. These were the top experts in the game. In terms of skill level, they were better than Wei Chen’s friends, and they far surpassed them in terms of equipment.

“What should I do?” Wei Chen asked Ye Xiu. His plans couldn’t keep up with the changes. His rise in position far exceeded his expectations.

“Second group…… that’s not easy to control.” Ye Xiu said.

“Exactly! I can’t get any of my people into the group either. If I wanted to do a sudden betrayal, it wouldn’t be convenient anymore! If I give an unreasonable order, let alone the group not following my order, it might expose me too.” Wei Chen said.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t say it completely depended on you. You’ll just be coordinating with us. We have a few helpers already. We’re about ready to act now.” Ye Xiu said.

“Where are the helpers?” Wei Chen asked.

“Over there.” Ye Xiu nudged his head to point them out.

“Just those two?” Wei Chen was a bit speechless. Ye Xiu had pointed to Tang Rou and Steamed Bun. They had both just entered the Heavenly Domain. With the huge experience rewards in the Heavenly Domain, Tang Rou had reached Level 70. She had a maxed out five thousand skill points and was figuring out how to allocate them.

Steamed Bun’s Steamed Bun Invasion wasn’t max leveled yet, but with his skill, a level or two difference wouldn’t make too much of a difference. Even though their skill levels far surpassed normal players, if they went to join a wild boss fight with countless players, wouldn’t their influence be too little?

“Little Cold Hands can come with us too.” Ye Xiu said. After upgrading Little Cold Hand’s account, they had sent it back to him.

“Couldn’t you at least get five people?” Wei Chen said.

“Don’t we also have our boss?” Ye Xiu said.

“Her?” Wei Chen said.

“What about me?” Chen Guo raised her eyebrow.

“To put it plainly, you kind of suck.” Wei Chen wasn’t scared of Chen Guo’s threat. He spat out the truth, not giving her any face.

“Better than nothing!” Ye Xiu also said the truth and didn’t give her any face.

“You two can both go die!!” Chen Guo was furious!

“So now we have five.” Ye Xiu said.

“Five! Wow, how amazing.” Wei Chen nodded his head.

“Could your friends help us out too?” Ye Xiu asked.

“It wasn’t easy for them to get into Samsara. Isn’t that just asking for them to be exposed as spies?” Wei Chen said.

“You can use your original accounts. Hasn’t the danger passed already?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Oh, those accounts never regained their experience!” Wei Chen said. At that time, they had ravaged the guilds and had been killed many many times in return. Who knew how many levels these accounts had gone down by. In any case, if they were ten levels below the max level, they couldn’t come. Even if it were ten levels, going from 60 to 70 wasn’t a matter of a few days, even in the Heavenly Domain.

“Or I could have them leave. In any case, with my current position, they can’t really help me anymore.” Wei Chen said.

“That’s hard to say. Getting in wasn’t easy. If we can have them there, we should let them stay there. If we need helpers, you can send them a batch to use!” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s fine too.” Wei Chen nodded his head. Even though he didn’t have any on him, he had more than enough money to buy them.

“Are there still any wild bosses that haven’t spawned this week?” Ye Xiu asked.

“How would I know? I just got the position.” Wei Chen said.

“If one spawns, we’ll immediately act and try our luck!” Ye Xiu said.

“With just you lot? Don’t joke. Even if no one touches you guys, you guys won’t be able to gain the boss’s aggro. How much damage can three people output?” Wei Chen said.

“Three is too few. We’ll find someone to collaborate with.” Ye Xiu said.


“Heavenly Justice!” Ye Xiu said.

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