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Chapter 643 - The Standard Way

“Comrades!” After Little Cold Hand’s reply, Ye Xiu gave a sincere and heartfelt lecture: “If our team plans on developing itself in the long term, this is the correct attitude to have! Everyone correct yourself! My Lord Grim, Steamed Bun’s Steamed Bun Invasion, Little Tang’s Soft Mist , Old Wei’s Winward Formation, who do these accounts belong to? For an old player like Old Wei, after playing for another two years, he’ll most likely retire again. Will he be taking his account with him? Will we wait until the time comes before talking about it? What if negotiations don’t go well? Without accounts, how will our team continue to compete?”

“In addition, Old Wei currently has twenty million on him and he’s already invested two million in materials for our team. When our team registers and forms a Club, how much of a percent share does he get for that investment?” Ye Xiu said.

“I’ll consider the two million as your pay for closing the deal.” Wei Chen waved his hands.

“Okay, I’ve already invested two million worth of materials into the team. When our team registers and forms a Club, how much of a percent share do I get for that investment?” Ye Xiu corrected himself.

“F*ck, you’re not nice at all.” Wei Chen said.

“None of it matters if we don’t get through the Challenger League. If we officially enter the pro scene through the Challenger League, all of this needs to be cleared up in order for our team to continue operating without us being there.” Ye Xiu said.

Wei Chen didn’t say anything. He had been a part of the pro scene before. He had witnessed these types of situations before with his own eyes. In the early years, a lot of ideas weren’t fully developed yet. Quite a few teams with potential relied on their passion alone to carry the team, but without proper management, all of them collapsed and had to leave the stage preemptively.

In truth, Wei Chen liked that sort of pure passion. At the time, he had quite a few conflicts with this sort of management. However, reality slapped him in his face. They could share trials and tribulations, but they couldn’t share the riches and honors. No one liked this sort of situation, but this was how everything was done. It would be hard to find even a single special exception.

With the issue laid bare, Wei Chen felt a bit awkward listening to it, but he knew that Ye Xiu was correct.

“Ahem!” Wei Chen was a former pro player and a senior, so he felt like he had to give an example. He cleared his throat and spoke: “What’s there to talk about? My account belongs to the team. This is how we’ll settle it.”

“I’ll do the same too!” Tang Rou immediately followed. Even though she didn’t have any experience in the pro scene, she was an understanding person. What Ye Xiu talked about wasn’t just something that happened in the pro scene either. It was a very normal occurrence. Tang Rou understood the reasoning behind it and didn’t hesitate to hand over her account to the team.

“What does that mean?” Steamed Bun was confused. Declaring his stance without understanding the situation was Steamed Bun’s style though. As a result, Steamed Bun quickly followed: “Well, you guys are all doing it, so I guess I’ll do the same too. My account now belongs to the team?”

“Good Steamed Bun!!” Wei Chen praised.

“Thanks!” Steamed Bun was excited.

“Boss, look. These accounts belong to you from now on.” Ye Xiu said to Chen Guo.

“Ah…..” Chen Guo didn’t know how to react.

“You’d better not scam us!” Ye Xiu said.

“What are you talking about?!” Chen Guo was furious. He dared to question her morals!

“I’ll let the team use these accounts for now. If you guys want to leave in the future, how could I trouble you guys?” Chen Guo expressed her goodwill.

“If you’re planning on managing the team, that isn’t something that you should be saying, no? If we suddenly come up one day and ask for these accounts, will you actually give them to us? When that time comes, what will the other player use to compete?” Ye Xiu said.

Who would have thought Chen Guo would actually laugh: “The question is will there ever be a day like that?”

Everyone happily handed their accounts to the team. It was symbolic of their trust in her. At the same time, her expression of goodwill was a symbol of her trust in everyone else. She believed that none of them would dare to do anything to trouble the team.

“That’s hard to say.” Ye Xiu just had to damage the beautiful scene: “There are some really shameless people here.”

“Yeah! You have to be extremely careful of him.” Wei Chen immediately stood up. The two started insulting each other again…... 

Chen Guo wouldn’t bother with their trash talking. As the boss, she looked for Little Cold Hands in the group chat and talked about a few issues.

The discussion went smoothly.

Little Cold Hands had even more thoughts than Chen Guo. She couldn’t be blamed though. After all, apart from Little Cold Hands, her relationship with everyone else had developed through their friendship. With Chen Guo’s personality, she had realized a few issues, but she felt too embarrassed to talk about them.

As for Little Cold Hands, he talked in a very business-like manner. Chen Guo realized that a lot of issues were easily resolved. For example, in the Challenger League, everyone went in as a team, but most of the teams in the Challenger League had participated in it before. Getting into the pro scene? For most people, this was just a dream. Besides the Club teams regarding it as a revival tournament, very few teams had serious plans on actually becoming a pro team. The vast majority of teams were made up of good friends in the game. Before the tournament began, they would hastily form a team, register, and have a fun time.

Or sometimes, a few outstanding players would be noticed and then taken away by the pro teams. Up until now, no new teams had stepped into the pro scene through the Challenger League.   

As a result, Chen Guo and Little Cold Hand seriously discussed the issue of whether or not they were considered a pro team, while they were participating in the Challenger League.

If they were considered a pro team, then the team would need contracts and wages. Under normal circumstances, most of the participants were there to have fun. Having wages was a joke. Who would beg their friend to come with them? And even pay him?

Chen Guo originally had this attitude towards Little Cold Hands, but then she thought about how difficult it had been for Ye Xiu to find Little Cold Hands. Although he wasn’t as precious as an actual pro player, Ye Xiu had been a spy in Tyrannical Ambition for such a long time and had played with many Clerics, yet even so, wasn’t Little Cold Hands the only one that he picked?

Little Cold Hands wasn’t good enough to be at the top, but he was much better than everyone below him. Saying he was irreplaceable would be too much of an overstatement, but saying he was useless would be treating Ye Xiu’s efforts as Unrivaled Super Hottie as a waste of time.

This issue was a lot harder to resolve with Little Cold Hands compared to Wei Chen and Steamed Bun. Those two were friends. If they were invited over, they would come. Chen Guo had attended to their living needs during this time. They didn’t care about what happened during the Challenger League, but what should she say to Little Cold Hands?

Chen Guo hesitated for a long time before saying anything. Everything went unusually smoothly. This was because Little Cold Hands was very clear on his own position. He knew the difference between heaven and earth. Before entering the pro scene, everyone was just like soy sauce to the pro teams. He accepted this fact, but the issue was that their team’s goal wasn’t to be soy sauce. The team had players, who definitely weren’t at a soy sauce level.

In the end, it was Little Cold Hands who reminded Chen Guo: you’d better not treat God Ye Qiu like soy sauce. If you treat him like soy sauce, the entire team will end up being soy sauce.

Clearly, Chen Guo was used to treating Ye Xiu as if he weren’t a big deal, but Little Cold Hands didn’t know that Ye Xiu had been inadvertently picked up by Chen Guo. She hadn’t gotten him through praying and burning incense. There was still some time before the Challenger League. Little Cold Hands was quite nervous that something would happen to the God.

Chen Guo thought about it and understood. A normal person would think that there was no need for Ye Qiu to form a team and enter the pro scene through something as risky as the Challenger League.

With Ye Qiu’s identity, if he wanted to return to the pro scene, he just needed to say the word and he would grab all sorts of attention. A one year break wouldn’t be enough of a deterrence. Finding a team to join wouldn’t be a problem. Wasn’t that a lot more reliable than going through something like the Challenger League?

As a result, Chen Guo felt like Little Cold Hands was being a thorn in the side, but in Little Cold Hand’s eyes, Ye Qiu was the thorn.

“You don’t need to worry about that. Ye Qiu is the person leading the team.” Chen Guo said to Little Cold Hands.

“Then he’s the main investor?” Little Cold Hands asked.

“Yes, yes.” Chen Guo hadn’t thought about this. Because of the question that Little Cold Hand had about his account, today became a day where everyone seriously discussed about everyone’s share in the team. Before, they had talked about Wei Chen’s investment in the team. With Little Cold Hand’s reminder, Chen Guo realized that Ye Qiu could be considered as an investor and his investment was very high. Apart from that, Wei Chen’s investment had been in the form of skill books. Both of these investments were being used right now.

Figuring out their share would really be troublesome!

Chen Guo didn’t really know how to calculate it, so she asked for Ye Xiu and Wei Chen to help. These two had both experienced the days when the first teams were being created, so they had some knowledge about starting a team. Chen Guo finally understood after listening to them. In the early days, there were a lot of teams, which relied purely on passion without any real funds. Having food to eat and a place to live was already considered not bad. No one had any additional wages. Their income was solely from what the team earned.

As for their share, it was based on their investment in the team. At that time, their investment was mainly just their accounts.

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