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Chapter 64 – Hunting Yagg (4)

Brawlers belonged to the Fighter Class and were street fighters that use underhanded methods to win.

For example, Sand Toss threw sand, dirtying the target’s clothing in a despicable manner.

At this moment, hearing Ye Xiu’s call, this Brawler immediately threw sand at the Blood Gunner.

Ye Xiu started sweating. He didn’t think that this player was a complete noob. He immediately instructed: “Sand Toss whenever it’s off cooldown and throw sand at its face.”

This was Sand Toss’s true usage.

Sand Toss had a hidden effect that occurred when sand was thrown into the target’s eyes. It had a chance to Blind the target. Because it was a hidden effect, the chance to Blind and the Blind’s duration wasn’t directly shown by the system. However, through player testing, the lowest level Sand Toss had a 50% chance to Blind and lasted 4 seconds. But when the skill was maxed, it had a 100% chance to Blind and lasted 8 seconds.

This effect was truly terrifying. In Glory’s early days, Brawlers ruled the world with Sand Toss. Whenever they encountered anything displeasing, they would throw some sand at their face. Under the effects of Blind, the player’s screen became pitch-black, unable to see anything. Brawlers could use this opportunity to attack despicably and lowly while their target was in such a state.

But nowadays, players found quite a few ways to deal with Sand Toss.

The simplest way was that when the Sand Toss was thrown, the character turned his or her viewpoint. Look up, look down, look left, look right, any of them worked.

Although Sand Toss damaged them, it was much better than that terrifying hidden effect.

But the unequalled counter to Sand Toss was a type of accessory: eyeglasses.

This toy was the same type of item as the Mithril Pendant that Ye Xiu possessed. It had no attributes and was purely decoration. However, these eyeglasses could nullify Sand Toss’s hidden effect, turning it into nothing but fleeting clouds.

The most hated item among Brawlers were these eyeglass type items.

Fortunately, NPCs wouldn’t shamelessly wear eyeglasses as if they were refined people.

Blinded NPCs would lose their sense of direction, unable to find their original aggro target. It might not even be able to figure out the direction to hit back players that bullied it. Ye Xiu’s purpose was obviously to let this Brawler attempt to Blind it. But who knew that that guy was too much of a noob. His Sand Toss was unexpectedly thrown at the Blood Gunner’s body. Ye Xiu had no idea how this guy got to level 23, two levels higher than him.

“Brick Buster!” Ye Xiu continued to patiently instruct this Brawler.

Brick Buster was the system’s official name for the skill. Ye Xiu was afraid that his noob wouldn’t know the popular term for it, so he used the official skill name. Among players, this skill was known as Brick.

Correct. Found high and low, far and wide, the Brick that people in street fights would often use as a weapon.

In Glory, Brawler’s Bricks could be used to smash and throw, extremely formidable. Apart from this, the skill also had a special effect. It had a 50% chance to cause the target to be Dizzy for 3 seconds. However, in order to create this effect, the Brick had to be smashed onto the head. This Brick also had a hidden effect. When the Brick is a back attack and also hits the head, the Dizzy chance becomes 100% and lasted 4 seconds.

Ye Xiu didn’t have time to explain in detail to this Brawler. Fortunately, the Brick’s Dizzy special effect wasn’t a hidden effect, so the skill tooltip described this. Evidently, the Brawler noticed this point and his Brick headed towards the Blood Gunner’s head.

Regretfully, instead of using his hands to directly smash its head with the Brick, he threw it.

The flying brick’s damage was reduced by half. The chance to Dizzy was reduced by half; the Dizzy duration was reduced by half……

Moreover, this Brick flew askew.

“Idiot, pick up the Brick and smash the back of its head.” Another person acted on behalf of Ye Xiu and directed. Brick’s hidden effect wasn’t a secret.

The newbie Brawler immediately responded sincerely “Okay okay”.

“Raging Flames, attack.” Ye Xiu commanded the Elementalist.

Raging Flames soared up. Ye Xiu nodded his head, satisfied. He wasn’t as noobish as that Brawler at least.

Facing the BOSS Blood Gunner, the low-leveled Raging Flame’s knock up was small. But Ye Xiu had already controlled Lord Grim to follow up.

“Collapsing Mountain!”

“Ghostblade use a Sword Soul!”

“Sand Toss!!”

“Raging Flames!!”

“Ghost Slash!!”

Ye Xiu succinctly and quickly directed them. The five players, who had originally been regarded as dead players, suddenly discovered: was dealing with the Blood Gunner really this easy?

Originally, they tried every possible way but they couldn’t hit the Blood Gunner. Now, it was pretty much just a sandbag. Sword slashes, brick smashes, magic flashes, they all hit.

The experienced players among the five saw that this was all because of Lord Grim. This guy would use his attacks exactly where they controlled the enemy. Moreover, his commands on when to use the skills controlled the enemy well. As a result, surrounding it, in this beautiful rhythm, they happily dealt damage to the Blood Gunner.

The Blood Gunner wasn’t powerless to retaliate, but its attack target was always Lord Grim.Ye Xiu had already figured out its attack pattern, so he always dodged his attacks perfectly. In addition, the damage never spread to the other party members.

In an instant, a chaotic party that had originally been regarded as dead bodies transformed into a well-coordinated party under Ye Xiu’s lead. The five players used their skills contentedly, but Ye Xiu didn’t relax a bit. He understood clearly that a single mistake in his play or a small misjudgement in his leading would completely reverse the situation.

The Three Great Guilds that had just been standing there watching were already completely dumbfounded. Each of them had majestically prepared dozens of players as reinforcement just in case. But at that instant, the six player party was hunting down the BOSS yet they didn’t dare advance. Each and every one felt ill-at-ease and glanced left and right. The more they looked, the more foolish they seemed.

“See! This is the leading I wanted to see!” Tyrannical Ambition’s Endless Night yelled.

“What are you being so happy for?” His guild leader Cold Night said.

“So Lord Grim was actually this terrifying…..” Herb Garden always had Lord Grim in their thoughts, but they still hadn’t seen his strength. Now that they had seen it, the guild leader Plantago Seed was completely stunned.

“If this continues, then the Blood Gunner really will be killed off by this guy.” Blue Brook Guild’s Flower Lantern said to Blue River.

As a result, the three guild leaders began twisting strangely again. They turned in one direction, then in the other, observing the other two’s reactions.

They all understood what everyone had to do at this moment.

“Kill off those additional players. Don’t touch Lord Grim. If they attack Lord Grim, then lend a hand!” Blue River commanded.

“Help who?” Someone still asked.

“Idiot, don’t tell me you think we should help those two bunches of bastards?” Blue River said.

Everyone understood.

“Take the empty spot in our party and immediately give it to Lord Grim.” Blue River said.

Everyone felt a bit solemn. There obviously wasn’t any empty spot right now, but there would be one soon because someone had to die. The person that died would respawn in town and automatically leave the party.

The Three Great Guilds all began moving at practically the same time.

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