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Chapter 635 - 20 Million

(TL: Money amounts are in RMB:  1 RMB = 0.14 USD, 20 million RMB = 2.9 million USD)

15 million!

Ye Xiu had a mini-heart attack when he heard this number, but he didn’t let his eyebrow twitch even the slightest bit. As a person who was familiar with the professional scene, he obviously knew what this price meant in the Glory circle. 

As a matter of fact, the development of Glory’s professional scene had still been relatively short. When negotiating player transfers from one team to another, they seldom used money. The Clubs tended to prefer trades.

A pro player for a pro player.

A character for a character.

Or a pro player for a character.

A pro player with their character for a powerful character. 

There were all sorts of ways to deal with such matters. As long as both sides felt that they would not lose out, they traded however they liked. Monetary exchange for a player or character only started to appear in more recent years, once the Clubs started to flourish. This was because many people had come to realize the potential of these Clubs in the market, whether it was as an investment or for signing contracts for sponsorships. These gave Clubs an increasing amount of profits. This was when Clubs began buying and selling with money.

So far, the player with the highest transfer price in Glory was Sun Xiang. He had joined Excellent Era for seven million this season. Character transfers were on a much smaller scale. God characters were all passed down starting from when the Club first formed and had never moved from their nests before, so they usually weren’t up for trade. There were a few that had been traded in the initial stages of the Glory professional scene, but that was because when the early Clubs could no longer continue operating, they had no choice but to sell one of their characters to stay afloat. It was still during the early stages of the scene and the prices were much lower, so it was insignificant to bring up the prices.

Now that the professional scene had stabilized, teams that possessed god-leveled characters wouldn’t be weak, let alone nearing the point where they could no longer continue operating, even for a disaster like Excellent Era, who had relegated.

Although no one had ever traded God characters, it didn’t stop people from discussing their value.

As of now, many people saw the glorious Battle God One Autumn Leaf as the number one character in Glory. It was generally believed that, if you didn’t put up at least 10 million, then the offer wouldn’t even be looked at.

Apart from this, those who had titles such as the King of Fighting, Sword Saint, or Great Gunner were all top tier characters of Glory, so it was reckoned that they were also worth around 10 million.

However, their estimated value remained an estimate. If it really came to the time to trade, everyone would negotiate. In the end, their transferring price might not match up with their market price. Everyone was clear about this point. In any way, everyone only estimated for fun, but those prices also, to a certain point, reflected the character’s status in every player’s heart. 

15 million! It was generally acknowledged in Glory that if one offered this amount for any God character, the other side would need to give back change.

Was Ye Xiu’s skill points for Samsara really worth more than a God level character?

Samsara had been discussing how much these skill points were truly worth all last night. 15 million, was what the manager concluded from last night’s discussion. 

He had given the opening price, what would followed next was Ye Xiu’s response. 

As for Ye Xiu? His expression remained unmoving. He was also weighing this number in his mind. 

He had nothing to measure against for this trade, but with his identity as a God, he had a rough estimate of the price too.

If all the characters in the team had an increase in skill points, which skills would they strengthen? What sort of advantages would they gain in the upcoming competition?

If there was one more God-level character on the team, what sort of change would that produce? What sort of improvement would it create?

The profits made from winning the championships and the attention that God-level characters brought to the team had to be considered! Ye Xiu wasn’t sure about how the price of such things were measured, but in terms of an increase in competitive strength, Ye Xiu was an absolute expert. 

If it was only these few, Ye Xiu felt that 15 million was a good price.

So Ye Xiu nodded, just when the manager let out a breath, Ye Xiu spoke: “15 million, you’re not buying it out, right?”

The manager of Samsara was just about to relax and take a sip of tea, but ended up spitting it back into his cup. He nearly spat two mouthfuls of blood into the cup as well. 

“Are you kidding me?” Samsara’s manager was getting anxious.

You could negotiate nicely if you wanted to raise the price! How could you say that this price isn’t worth buying it out? That was simply robbery.

“I think that it’s still too little for a complete buy it out.” Ye Xiu spoke unhurriedly.

The manager of Samsara realized that he lost his composure just then, so he calmed down and placed away the tea cup and said: “Then what is your price?”

“30 million!” Ye Xiu said. 

If they weren’t familiar with each other, Samsara’s manager would have kicked him out of the place.

Last night, they had conducted an all night meeting and carried out a complete check on how they could benefit from this trade. After considering the benefits and risks, 30 million would only be considered if it were absolutely guaranteed.

What was an absolute guarantee?

If they bought it with a 100% chance of winning the championships, then 30 million was definitely an acceptable price. 

That kind of guarantee wasn’t possible, so 30 million was also impossible. 

“Come on, God Ye. Let’s go over this together.” Samsara’s manager said. He was determined to clearly reveal to Ye Xiu what 30 million stood for, so this bluffing guy would feel ashamed. 

However, Ye Xiu didn’t intend to hear his explanation. He only sighed with regret: “What? Is that no good?”

“Of course not!” Samsara’s manager spoke without needing to think, “This thing won’t guarantee that we will win the championships! And even though the data is real, it still depends on luck! What if we have really bad luck and fail to receive any skill books even after clearing all the tasks? Even 15 thousand would be a loss, let alone 15 million!!”

“How could you say such unlucky words? Are you a spy?” Ye Xiu said. 

“I was just giving an example……” Samsara’s manager didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “Fine, that was a bit too extreme. Then, let’s say that our skill points go up similar to what you showed us previously. I’m sure you’re very clear as to how much that would improve the team’s strength. If we take that improvement and convert it to what would be required in character trades, what would that amount be? If you’re not too sure about the current market, I can show you, for example……”

“Alright, alright, you don’t have to tell me. I have to admit, 30 million was a joke.” Ye Xiu said. Samsara’s manager was just about to let out a sigh of relief, when Ye Xiu continued on with his sentence: “But you also have to admit, 15 million is also a joke.”

“How can 15 million be a joke!” The manager for Samsara was anxious, “I’ll show you the calculations.”

“Why are you always trying to calculate? Did you spend all of last night calculating this?” Ye Xiu said. 

Samsara’s manager was startled. He hadn’t needed to say it out loud, but they actually did spend the whole of last night calculating this…...

“We’re professionals in this industry, no? If we really were to figure out who’s right and wrong, do you really think 15 million is actually reasonable?”

“How is it not reasonable?” Samsara’s manager said worriedly. 

“22 million!” Ye Xiu said. 

“What?” Samsara’s manager was startled. 

“If both 30 million and 15 million are considered as a joke, then take the middle, which would be 22.5 million , but since I’m a generous person, I’ll let you keep 0.5 million, which makes it 22 million!” Ye Xiu said. 

“You’re saying that 22 million is more reasonable?” The manager asked. 

“You don’t think it’s reasonable?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Not at all!!” The manager said. 

“Why don’t we find someone else to evaluate this for us?” Ye Xiu suggested.

“Find someone else to evaluate this?”

“For example, Tyranny, Blue Rain, or Tiny Herb.” Ye Xiu said. 

“......” The manager was starting to panic. He was very annoyed at Ye Xiu’s pressure and needed to dispute a bit more: “Each team has their own situation. They might have cleared all the tasks for their characters in the team, so if you take that to them, it might not be worth a penny at all!” 

“Worth less than a penny? Are you kidding me? Keeping the other teams from using this couldn’t be worth less than a penny. Anyone would buy it out. No matter what, buying this out would only bring you benefit and no harm. Take you guys as an example. Do you guys need the skill points? No, what you guys need is an advantage. Buying this out would automatically give you an advantage. For this, you would naturally need to give more.” Ye Xiu said. 

“22 million is too much.” The manager said. 

“Then what do you think?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“18 million.” The manager was finally letting go of the price for 15 million.

“21 million!” Ye Xiu said. 

“Do you have any point in doing this?” The manager didn't know whether to cry or laugh. This was a big trade we’re talking about. Could we not bargain bit by bit like how you would at a flea market? Every little bit was in the millions. If you wanted to change the price you have to give a reason. If there wasn’t a solid reason, who would be willing to give away a few million?

“Fine, fine, 20 million. I know this is an acceptable price for you.” Ye Xiu said. 

“20 million……” The manager was a little gloomy.

In actual fact, 20 million was a sum that matched their calculations, but no one would reveal their upper limit right at the start. They had to start with a lower price, so they decided on 15 million. In terms of the negotiation, the manager originally had quite a lot of confidence. This was because he thought that Ye Xiu would only be clear about how much the skill points could improve their team’s strength. In terms of the other benefits produced by the result of the upgrade, even a manager like him couldn’t simply weigh it all out, let alone a former pro player like Ye Xiu.

He thought that if he explained it to Ye Xiu, he would easily convince the latter into thinking that 15 million was a reasonable price. Even if it didn’t work, he could handle with an addition of one or two million. 

Who would have thought that Ye Xiu would refuse to listen to his explanation and only argue about 15 million being too little? Ye Xiu had even threatened him with 30 million and the other teams. The manager wasn’t useless. He could tell that Ye Xiu himself wasn’t too sure what the amount should be and how to measure it either. He must have realized instinctively that 15 million must have been lower than their bottom line, so he found reasons to lift the price up. He was daring and wasn’t afraid of making a fool of himself. He rose the price violently, treating the 15 million like 15 yuan and just multiplied it by two. 

The manager’s face was filled with tears! He felt like he had lost in terms of being too reserved and lenient……Why didn’t he just shamelessly offer 5 million in the beginning?

“20 million…… then let’s make it 20 million……” The manager nodded helplessly.

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