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Chapter 634 - Final Test 

“God Ye, would you like something to eat?” Samsara’s manager was exhausted as he lay down on the sofa. After hearing his stomach growl a few times, he thought of getting dinner.

“Oh, sure!” Ye Xiu replied indifferently. At the same time, sounds of tapping could be heard.

Hm?! What’s this?

Samsara’s manager suddenly realized something. This was clearly his office. Why am I sitting on the guest sofa, while the guest is sitting in my chair and using my computer?

He’s using my computer?

He’s using my computer!!!!

Samsara’s manager suddenly leapt up. How could his computer be randomly used by an outsider? There were Club secrets stored inside! He strode over and went to his computer. When he looked, he almost fainted.

The other side wasn’t searching for Samsara’s secrets. He was using his computer to play Glory! How long has he been playing?

“Lord Grim…… oh…… you’ve been famous ever since the tenth server opened!” Samsara’s manager saw the name and made a comment.  

“Ha ha, thanks.” Ye Xiu said.

“Level 66, tsk tsk. Leveling truly isn’t easy, huh.” Samsara’s manager said. Lord Grim was an unspecialized character. He couldn’t level past 50 unless it was done in the Heavenly Domain. As the Club’s manager, he didn’t need to be concerned about these bits of information about the game, but the people in his social circle often talked about things like this.

“Yeah, it truly isn’t easy.” Ye Xiu sighed.

“It looks like another God-level character is about to be born.” Samsara’s manager remarked.

“Ha ha.” Ye Xiu laughed, but didn’t deny it.

“How many skill points does your character have?” Samsara’s manager suddenly asked.

“That’s a secret. I can’t let you know so easily.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Haha, you’re already treating us as your opponents?” Samsara’s manager said.

“Already? Haven’t I always?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Alright…… I guess so……” Samsara’s manager said and then suddenly shifted topics: “It looks like you and Excellent Era aren’t on good terms anymore! For something as important as this, the first thing you did was contact us instead of contacting Excellent Era.”

“That’s not hard to understand, is it?” Ye Xiu said.

“It isn’t.” Samsara’s manager nodded his head. He knew exactly why Ye Xiu would think of Samsara first.

“If we just keep sitting like this, I feel like we won’t ever get anywhere.” Samsara’s manager said.


“Be more decisive! Give me a price!” Ye Xiu said.

“Why don’t you be more decisive?” Samsara’s manager was gloomy.

“Because I’m not worried……” Ye Xiu said.

“Fine!” Samsara’s manager was helpless. Ye Xiu didn’t have any other tricks. He was fully utilizing the few advantages that he had. It truly was the mark of a pro God.

“How about this! It’s quite late. You’re probably tired too, so go take rest! I’ll give you a definite answer tomorrow.” Samsara’s manager replied.    

“Like that, ah……”

“Do you have a place to stay? If you don’t, we can arrange one for you.” Samsara’s manager said.

“No need. I’ll come over again tomorrow then.” Ye Xiu said as he got up. The two had been in a deadlock for the entire day, but no conclusion had been reached.

When Ye Xiu left, Samsara’s manager immediately contacted his boss and gave a report about the situation. After receiving the boss’s approval, he immediately contacted the various department heads in the Club and held a meeting that night.

They never set up a meeting time, so once Ye Xiu had gotten enough sleep, he tidied himself up and walked over to the Club once more. Chen Guo had arranged the hotel ahead of time and since she knew that Ye Xiu would be going to Samsara, she obviously picked a hotel close to it.

Samsara’s manager had been waiting for Ye Xiu to arrive, but he looked quite tired. It seemed like he hadn’t slept well the previous night.

“How are things going?” Ye Xiu smiled. He had guessed why the manager had told him he would have a definite answer the next day. The manager must have held a meeting right after he left and thoroughly measured the value of what Ye Xiu had brought.  

“Two things. First, quest list. It shouldn’t be a big issue if you only provide us the quest names, right? Second, how you got that drop rate. We still hope that we can see some concrete proof.” Sure enough, the manager’s efforts yesterday night weren’t for naught. Samsara had found a reasonable price for it, but they needed to clarify some things first.

The manager’s talk with Ye Xiu yesterday afternoon wasn’t a waste of time. Samsara’s manager understood how he got these 1000 points of skill books. It was through a manipulation of small details in the quests. Just a list of names shouldn’t be an issue. And as long as Samsara knew the names of the quest, they could check their characters to see which quests they had already completed. Then, by knowing the drop rate, they could approximate how many skill points they could obtain. Of course, they would also need some concrete proof of Ye Xiu’s supposed drop rates before doing so.

“Alright!” Ye Xiu had expected this. Soon afterwards, he took over the manager’s computer and opened two files from his email.

The first file was how Concealed Light had calculated the drop rate. Ye Xiu didn’t understand it, but someone in Samsara probably had the ability to do so and check if it was real or fake.

The second file was a list of quest names.

After finding these two files, Ye Xiu also gave a requirement: “Since you’re going to test it, I want to be able to watch them do it. Will that be a problem?”

“Not at all.” Samsara’s manager didn’t object.

He printed out the two files. Samsara's manager looked at the data and felt his head hurt. He and Ye Xiu went over to the technology department and handed it over to one of their experts. As for the quests list, he printed out another 11 copies and wrote the name of a Samsara character onto each of them. The eleven pro account cards had already been prepared for testing.

Samsara’s employees began checking the quests for each of the characters.

This caused a huge commotion in Glory. The message soon reached the ears of the other teams, who heard that Team Samsara had all of their characters wandering around in-game that morning. Their footprints included places in the normal server and Heavenly Domain. All of the characters stayed on for around the same amount of time too.

The playoffs were about to begin. Samsara wasn’t busy practicing and instead running to the game to wander around? And it was the entire pro team too. What was going on?

The players in-game were talking fervently about it. The pro teams were also at a loss. Team Samsara had a good chance of winning the championships and were naturally formidable opponents. No one dared to underestimate them. What was going on?

Because these characters were just wandering around, they didn’t follow the same steps. It was hard to see if a character was talking to an NPC, so no one could figure out what they were doing, but their movements couldn’t be without any meaning, especially right before the playoffs. Thus, the only possibility was that Samsara’s characters were being strengthened.

This was a unique aspect of an eSports based around an MMO.

If a character wanted to be strengthened, they had to do it under the same skies as everyone else. Since Team Samsara’s characters had run to the game in such a critical time period, what else could they be doing?

However, they couldn’t figure out why.

These eleven characters didn’t even do any quests. The data for the drop rate had been analyzed already. There weren’t any problems with it.

After verifying which quests had been completed, as well as the drop rate, Samsara could calculate how many skill points they could potentially obtain.

Without considering luck and only based on the data, of Samsara’s eleven characters, five of them could reach 5000 skill points, while the remaining six would be around 4960 points. With good luck, it was obviously possible that all of them or none of them would be able to reach 5000 skill points.

Ye Xiu saw these results, but didn’t say anything. This was a very good result. Besides not having enough money, Ye Xiu couldn’t think of any reason for why Samsara wouldn’t buy it.

Was it possible for them to figure out how to do the quests through the data for calculating drop rate? Ye Xiu had asked Concealed Light about this and found out that it wasn’t possible. Concealed Light had only been able to come up with this data after going through Wei Chen’s experimental data. Without Wei Chen’s experimental data, with just this data and the quest names, it wasn’t possible to figure out the method for it. If not, Ye Xiu wouldn’t dare to hand over this data to them. Wouldn’t that be the same thing as handing over the guide?

Once the results came out, Samsara’s manager and Ye Xiu left the technology department and returned to his office.

“15 million RMB.” Samsara’s manager gave the starting price. The previous test was a double-edged sword. If the results weren’t good, Samsara could lower the price, but after confirming everything, Samsara was now at ease. They would get what they paid for.

15 million was without a doubt a buyout price. If it wasn’t a buyout, it wouldn’t be so expensive. The competitive scene in Glory had developed for several years. Business deals for transferring a character or a player from one team to another were done in the millions. A business deal over ten million was a first in Glory’s history. However, this deal would not be made public.

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