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Chapter 616 - Su Muqiu

When Chen Guo saw the name on the grave, her mind was instantly filled with countless ideas and thoughts. She wanted to further confirm through the content given on the grave, but from her current position and distance from them, she couldn't see any other words. Chen Guo didn’t want to distract them, so she didn't progress any closer. She only stretched and bent herself around to see if she could pick up any useful information that the two figures had blocked.

In the midst of her efforts, Ye Xiu suddenly turned his head and saw Chen Guo.

Chen Guo knew that Ye Xiu must have caught her peeking. She wanted to find a hole for herself, lie in there, straighten up a gravestone, and just die. She subconsciously pretended not to notice Ye Xiu looking her way and continued to look around. After a while, she quickly scanned around again and saw Ye Xiu, who was smiling, and still looking at her. When he saw her looking his way, he waved towards her, as if hinting for her to come over.

Chen Guo was surprised and made a hand gesture confirming that she was allowed to walk forward. She only started to walk over after Ye Xiu gave her a nod.

Chen Guo was quite familiar with Nanshan Cemetery and knew about the different types of graves that were used here. The row Ye Xiu was in belonged to one of the lower grade gravestones in Nanshan Cemetery. The setup was simple and the space for visiting the grave was very small. If there were more family members or friends visiting, it wasn’t possible  for everyone to stand in front of the grave together. Chen Guo came to the front and found the small and simple grave tidied up very neatly.  It must have been cleaned by the two just then. The Birds of Paradise were placed silently before the grave. Chen Guo could finally clearly read the words on the grave.

The name and the time the grave was set up instantly gave Chen Guo some information. At this moment, Ye Xiu stood aside and patted the gravestone lightly while saying: “Look at this, if he weren’t lying here, he would have definitely become one of the Gods in Glory.

“He’s your brother!” Chen Guo looked at Su Mucheng. The name on the gravestone pointed it out.

“Yeah.” Su Mucheng nodded. She took off her hat and sunglasses before the grave. Her emotions didn't seem to be too sorrowful. She seemed like she was reminiscing her past. Judging by the dates on the grave, he passed away at the mere age of 18, which had been almost eight years ago.


“Car accident.” Su Mucheng spoke.

“Oh……” Chen Guo fell silent. She had also experienced the unexpected pain of loss before.

“He was the only family member I had.” Su Mucheng said.

“Huh?” Chen Guo was stunned while immediately remembering that, despite the fact that Su Mucheng was a celebrity figure, her information portfolio had never introduced anything about her family. Chen Guo had always thought that she just didn't want to reveal information about her family. During this year’s Spring Festival, Chen Guo knew the reason why Ye Xiu didn't return home. However, when Su Mucheng also stayed at the club, Chen Guo was slightly puzzled in the beginning, but didn't think much of it afterwards. She assumed that Su Mucheng stayed behind to be with Ye Xiu. She only knew about it now that even if Su Mucheng wanted to gather with relatives for a festival, there was no one she could find. As for Chen Guo? Although she was living by herself, she still had a few relatives, they just didn't interact much. 

“We both grew up in the orphanage, then something happened, so we were left to wander outside, it was my brother who always cared for me for the whole time.” Su Mucheng said.

Chen Guo continued to be stunned. She had never thought that such a dazzling Glory celebrity had such a miserable past. Her brother Su Muqiu was not even 18 when he passed away and before that, he already had to bear the responsibility of raising two people. Chen Guo was unable to imagine how hard it must have been..

“Haha.” It was unexpected that Su Mucheng would laugh at a time like this, “Don't assume that our lives were hard at that time, because it wasn't! Our lives were pretty good due to my brother’s gaming talent.”

“Gaming talent?”

“Yeah!” Su Mucheng smiled, “Power leveling, selling equipment, organizing gambling dens, or even assassinating. In terms of gaming, there's really nothing he couldn't do.” 

“Oh, that's nice.” Although Chen Guo spoke in this manner, she was pained on the inside. She knew that although Su Mucheng had said it like this, the reality might not have been as blissful as she had described. Chen Guo had grown up in the Internet Cafe. Later, she managed the Internet Cafe, a relatively big one too. Although she didn't involve herself with online games at first, she had watched over such a place every day, so Chen Guo knew quite clearly about what it was like to seek a living in gaming, similar to what Su Mucheng had described.

Although doing these things could help them survive, it would be difficult to let a person live a luxurious life. Chen Guo didn’t know to what degree Su Muqiu could do it, but at that time, he was just a teenager and he had needed to support two people’s lives, so it must have been very difficult. Also, another reality was before her eyes. Su Muqiu’s grave was one of those with a low standard in Nanshan Public Cemetery, so it could be seen that when he had passed away, their financial assets had been very limited.

Chen Guo didn't think that Su Mucheng had spoken in such way just to comfort her. Maybe she really was satisfied during that time. Her living demands weren’t too high as someone who had grown up living on the streets and depended on her brother. This was why she felt very happy even though her life might not have been very good in another person’s eyes.

Chen Guo received confirmation because she caught Ye Xiu’s emotions in that instant. When Su Mucheng was happily remembering her past, Ye Xiu, who was always calm, had a bit of bitterness displayed on his face. Chen Guo knew that he wasn't some kind of pitiable teenager who didn't have a home to go to. In terms of his quality of life, he definitely wasn’t on the same level as a homeless girl. Evidently, Ye Xiu was clear about what the Su sibling’s lives were like, so when Su Mucheng brought up the “happiness” from her past, his emotions were similar to Chen Guo’s.

“When the game Glory came out, my brother was so happy! He had high hopes for this game and put all his heart into it.” Su Mucheng said.

“I met those two around that time.” Ye Xiu said.

“After you have left home, right?” Chen Guo asked.

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu nodded, “After meeting them, I got along with Muqu. Both of us aspired to make something out of Glory, so we spent all our time on Glory every day. We researched classes, skills, equipment, and creating our own equipment in Glory. The Pro League still has Silver equipment created by him.”

“Really?” Chen Guo was astonished.

“Really! One Autumn Leaf’s spear Evil Annihilation is one of his works!” Ye Xiu said.

“As well as the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella?” Chen Guo suddenly remembered, when she had first learned about this piece of Silver equipment, Ye Xiu had mentioned a friend. Chen Guo felt it was a sensitive topic, so she hadn’t investigated the matter any further. Now it could be seen that the friend Ye Xiu had previously mentioned was Su Muqiu.

“Yeah, very gifted, right? It was a pity that the update for Level 55 destroyed any meaning in unspecialized characters and this weapon.” Ye Xiu sighed.

“But my brother didn't give up!” Su Mucheng spoke.

“That's right. The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella’s conception was a vision produced by him when unspecialized characters had been extremely popular. From then on, he researched unceasingly. He experimented and experimented. No one knew how many failures he experienced, but he never gave up. Who knew that, just when he was about to succeed, when he had prepared a character to level up with the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella, that update happened. When the news came out, even I couldn't accept such a sorrowful thing. His silence during that time scared all of us. Do you know what happened afterwards?” Ye Xiu asked.

“What happened?” Chen Guo was startled. The first thing that came to her mind was that Su Muqiu had been too depressed because of this and deliberately got into a car accident. However, after giving it more thoughts and this really happened, how could Ye Xiu ask something like “Do you know what happened afterwards?”

“On the second day, when we were all still worrying about him, he smiled and handed a card to me, saying: “It’s a new start.” Ye Xiu said.

“He’s really strong.” Chen Guo instantly gained respect for Su Muqiu from the bottom of her heart.

“He gave up on the idea of playing an unspecialized. He picked a class and leveled it up again. During that time, the news of a Professional League forming was gradually released. We were famous in Glory at that time, so we were contacted and invited everywhere. Of course, we weren't able to bring out our unspecialized characters, but we could finally take a step ahead in Glory. Everyone was happy, only that……” Ye Xiu fell dim when he spoke here and lowered his head towards the gravestone. In the picture that was mounted on the gravestone, was a delicate teenager, who looked kind of like Su Mucheng, giving off a confident and easy smile.

At that moment, Chen Guo felt as if she could really hear a free and easy voice saying: It's a new start.

Yeah! Only a person with absolute confidence would be able to casually say such a thing after experiencing an attack that destroyed all of his hard work. And he had only been a youth in his teens.

“At that time, we had already confirmed our team and were prepared to formally sign the contract, but he was caught up in an accident.” Ye Xiu sighed.

The three fell silent, Su Mucheng slightly turned her head, but quickly turned it back to its original position. Although the tears in her eyes were shining, there was still a strong smile hanging on her face: “But he left behind many things!”

“That's right, without the Silver weapon, Evil Annihilation for One Autumn Leaf, I wouldn't have been able to win three championships in a row so easily. Haha, at that time, that Silver weapon was ahead of its time. You can even ask Old Wei when you return. It scared him to death!” Ye Xiu said. 

“There's also Lord Grim and the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. What he wasn't able to achieve before can be achieved now!” Chen Guo spoke.

“As well as the account he prepared to use for the Pro League.” Su Mucheng added.

“Oh? Where?” Chen Guo truly wanted to worship the character that this firm and confident youth had left behind. This youth would have become a God, but ended up with such a tragic ending instead.

“It's the Dancing Rain account that I’m currently using!” Su Mucheng said.

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