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Chapter 615 - Qingming Festival

He had even discussed the issue of hiding these talents with Ye Xiu. At the same time, he also asked if there were any undiscovered hidden talents. After all, only having four people on the team was not enough.

This issue made Wei Chen a little disappointed. The other two confirmed members for the team, Little Cold Hands and Concealed Light, were not at the same level as Steamed Bun or Tang Rou’s level of skill. However, this was not enough to cause a tactful person like Wei Chen to feel worried over. He and Ye Xiu alike, had experienced the initial stages of the Professional League. If he were to compare the two, he would find the current situation not bad at all. It was Excellent Era’s records that caused Wei Chen to feel a little vexed. Even though it would feel good to personally bury his previous glory and restart his journey once again, a tactful guy like Wei Chen no longer had the same hot-bloodedness that a youth had. On the contrary, he wished to avoid Excellent Era and take down the Challenger League safely.

Everyone had something to do the next day. Chen Guo supervised the decorating. Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, and Steamed Bun levelled on their own, while Wei Chen switched back to his spy account in Samsara to continue to act as a hired thug. Due to the fact that they had different levels in the game, the four people weren't able to interact as a group for the time being.

A day passed. The next day, Chen Guo woke up very early. She handed all her decoration work to Tang Rou today because she had something else to deal with.

April 4th was this year’s Qingming Festival. Chen Guo would go and visit her deceased father’s grave every year on this day.

After she had left her room quietly and went down the stairs, Chen Guo was startled. She didn't think that Ye Xiu had gotten up earlier than her. He was also neatly dressed as he sat casually behind the receptionist desk.

Chen Guo looked suspiciously towards the reception desk. Ye Xiu wasn’t just neatly dressed. He was dressed very formally.

“Morning.” Ye Xiu and Chen Guo greeted each other.

“You’re going out?” Chen Guo looked at Ye Xiu’s attire and made a guess. It was already April and the weather had been becoming warmer, so there was no need to wear different clothes indoors and outdoors, which made it hard for Chen Guo to judge.

  “Yeah!” Ye Xiu nodded.

“That's new! Where are you headed?” Chen Guo was curious. Ye Xiu had been working at Happy Internet Cafe for four months now. Apart from the All Stars Weekend and Spring Festival, his range of activity had never left this street.

“I’m going to visit a grave.” Ye Xiu spoke.

“Huh? Where are you going?” Chen Guo was startled. Due to Ye Xiu’s brother Ye Qiu’s previous visit, Chen Guo was sure that Ye Xiu wasn’t from City H. If he planned on visiting a grave, wouldn't he be returning home?

“Nanshan Public Cemetery.” Ye Xiu said.

“Nanshan Public Cemetery?” Chen Guo was once again surprised because this was exactly where she was headed.

“To go visit a friend.” Ye Xiu obviously saw Chen Guo’s confusion, so he took the initiative to explain it to her.

“Oh, I’m also going there.” Chen Guo said.

“Let's go together?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Sure, should we leave now then?” Chen Guo asked.

“Wait for Mucheng.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, Mumu is going as well?!” Chen Guo replied. Usually, she would undoubtedly be more than happy to be able to interact with Su Mucheng. However, today was a special day. It was inappropriate to be happy because of something so trivial.

They didn't wait long. Su Mucheng arrived at Happy Internet Cafe exactly on time at 7:30. Evidently, Su MuCheng and Ye Xiu had arranged a time to meet beforehand. As an eSports star, especially in the area of City H, it was very inconvenient for Su Mucheng to go out. Now that winter had passed, Su MuCheng was unable to dress in her tight armor, so she was wearing a large pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap and stood briskly at the Internet cafe’s entrance. 

“Let's go!” Ye Xiu stood up, while Chen Guo went to greet Su Mucheng. Chen Guo helped Su Mucheng look around to see if they had attracted any attention. Ye Xiu saw this and only gave a laugh before the three set off. They called for a taxi and set off towards Nanshan Public Cemetery. 

Chen Guo was curious about who Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng were going to visit, but it wasn't an appropriate question to ask about so casually. As for her, even though she had never mentioned it to Ye Xiu before, she reckoned that everyone in the Internet Cafe knew about her home life. Ye Xiu probably already knew, so she didn't explain it herself.

The atmosphere was somewhat tense. Chen Guo quickly glanced in the rear mirror from her passenger seat. Ye Xiu’s expression was as natural as always. As for Su MuCheng, her expression was hard to recognize because of her mask, but it felt like she wasn’t too sad.  Chen Guo hesitated upon deciding whether or not she should pick a topic to talk about, but it was Ye Xiu who spoke first. However, he didn't speak to Chen Guo or Su Mucheng, but to the rental car driver: “Sir, do you play Glory?”

“What?” The driver had been asked such a sudden question, so he was a bit surprised.

“Glory, an online game.”Ye Xiu said.

“Online game? Aren’t those for children!! How would I know?” The driver scoffed.

The three on the car were suddenly regarded as children. Chen Guo felt a little embarrassed, while Ye Xiu appeared very natural. He turned towards Su Mucheng and spoke: “You can take it off and rest……”

Su Mucheng quickly took off her giant sunglasses and heaved out a long sigh. “So heavy.”

Chen Guo finally realized why Ye Xiu had asked the driver this question. Afterwards, Ye Xiu asked. “It’s still the previous set, right?”


“Tsk tsk tsk……” Ye Xiu continuously sighed as if feeling relieved that she didn't have to suffer because of him.

Based on this topic, Chen Guo quickly joined in and helped her by giving advice. Once the topic was opened up, the atmosphere was no longer so heavy. Chen Guo and Su Mucheng discussed enthusiastically about makeup and other cosmetics. This took away the chance for Ye Xiu to join in on the conversation. They traveled in this manner until they arrived at City H’s Nanshan Public Cemetery.

Although the three had arrived early, it was the Qingming Festival after all, so there were a lot of people that had already come to visit their ancestor’s graves. 

“Are you guys going to buy anything?” Chen Guo asked the two.

“Should we buy some flowers?” Ye Xiu asked Su Mucheng.


“Then you should pick some out.” Ye Xiu said.

“Of course.” Su Mucheng said as she and Chen Guo entered a nearby flower shop. Not long after, the two came out, each holding a bouquet of flowers. The flowers that Chen Guo had bought were normal flowers. As for Su Mucheng, Ye Xiu couldn't recognize any of the flowers within her bouquet.

“What kind of flowers are those?” Ye Xiu asked after he walked over.

“Birds of Paradise.”

“Oh.” Ye Xiu replied, but didn’t make any further remarks.

The three people entered the cemetery and kept silent. They quietly followed the stone path until Chen Guo stopped: “I’m heading this way, how about you guys?”

“Oh, we’ll be going a little further down that way.” Ye Xiu pointed to another side along the path.

“Oh, I see. Then I’ll come find you guys afterwards?” Chen Guo said.

“Sure, see you later.” Ye Xiu said.

“See you later.” Chen Guo nodded and the two said their goodbyes. Chen Guo took her bunch of flowers and went to visit her father’s grave.

“Dad, I’ve come to see you.” With a small smile, Chen Guo gently placed the bunch of flowers down.

“I’m doing well and so is the Internet Cafe, but it's a little different than before! A strange guy came and said that he would willingly take the night shift for the Internet Cafe. I’ve then discovered that he's an amazing and famous person. He's an eSports player and a top-tier one at that. Haha, if you were some other dad, you would definitely think ‘so what’, but you’re different. You opened up an Internet Cafe, so you know all about online games! To have such a great figure like him come to our Internet Cafe and become an employee, it's weird isn't it?”

“I learned about him having some conflicts with his original team, so he was forced to retire and leave. However, he has no intentions on giving up at all. He’s preparing to create another team to return to the professional league and aim for the championships once more. As for me, I’ve decided to fiercely support him. This is another major decision I’ve made after taking over the Internet Cafe. I haven't had any dreams or ideals, uhh, though I wish that you could come back to life, but that's only a fantasy! It only counts as a dream if you make it into a reality with your own ability, right? I now want to work hard and create a team, what do you think? Amazing, isn't it? It's going to be very difficult, but I think it can be done! You don't have to worry about the Internet Cafe either! Because even though that guy and the others he brought along can be quite a mess sometimes, I have a feeling that they’re all very reliable people! It feels good to be with them and I think our shared goal will soon become a reality. At that time, I will definitely come and tell you about it. Wait for our good news!”

Standing before the grave, Chen Guo told her deceased father about everything. Although he was no longer present, the emotions that tied them together would never disappear. Even time wouldn't be able to collapse this bond. Chen Guo hoped that her father knew that everything was going well for her and wished that she could share the enthusiasm and happiness with him.

“Alright, I’ll be going now. I might even more bring good news the next time I come to see you!” Chen Guo smiled as she turned and made her leave. She returned to the stone path and walked towards the direction that Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng had previously gone down.

Chen Guo had visited Nanshan Public Cemetery for quite some time, so she was pretty familiar with the layout of the place, which explained why she knew which area Ye Xiu had previously pointed to. That area had not yet been opened when her father entered the cemetery. She couldn't remember which year that area had opened up.

While thinking, Chen Guo reached one side and walked past the rows. She soon found Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng, standing shoulder to shoulder.

Chen Guo didn't go over because she knew that many people had a lot of say when visiting the graves of their dear ones, so it would be inconvenient if there were an outsider nearby.

Chen Guo didn't walk forward, but from a distance, she could still see the name carved upon the gravestone.

Su Muqiu?

Chen Guo was startled. Judging from the name, the person seemed to be a family member of Su Mucheng.

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