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Chapter 614 - Comparing Notes

“Ha ha, little punk, now you know this senior’s might!”

Wei Chen laughed. He had clearly beaten Steamed Bun to a pulp. Steamed Bun was more than good enough to crush an overwhelming majority of players, but he wasn’t a match against an experienced opponent.

Wei Chen was, without a doubt, an experienced player and a former pro at that. Even though he was no longer as good as he had been in his glory days, he could only accumulate more and more experience. On the other hand, Steamed Bun was someone who had only started playing Glory for four months. Even if he had talent, had a strong foundation, and improved quickly, it was far from enough to beat an expert like Wei Chen.

“Aw, I lost.” Steamed Bun replied with sorrow.

“Don’t be so emotional. This is completely normal.” Wei Chen laughed delightedly.

“Tsk tsk, how despicable.” Ye Xiu didn’t even watch the match. He had only heard their results. With Wei Chen’s skill, being so delighted about beating a beginner who had only been playing for four months was really despicable. He couldn’t help but express his opinions.

“Right, there’s no need to be so emotional.” Steamed Bun seemed to have come to a realization, “I can just try again!”

“What?” Wei Chen was surprised. Steamed Bun’s thought process going from “no need to be emotional” to “trying again” caught him off guard.

“Come come come. Don’t be afraid. Let’s play again.” Steamed Bun said.

“F*ck, you think I’m afraid of a noob like you?” Wei Chen said and accepted the challenge.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Wei Chen laughed wildly every time he won. His laughter became louder each time. Even the workers outside were starting to feel annoyed. Chen Guo opened the door to the room and looked inside: “What’s going on?”  

“Eight to zero!” Wei Chen wrote a “八” in the air. (TL: 八 means eight) 

“Seriously?” Chen Guo looked at Ye Xiu in astonishment.

“What are you looking at me for? It’s between him and Steamed Bun.” Ye Xiu said.

“Seriously?” Chen Guo looked at Wei Chen in astonishment. Her disdain was exactly the same as Ye Xiu’s initial reaction. Chen Guo also felt that, with Wei Chen’s status, it was too low of him to feel so delighted for destroying Steamed Bun. 

But Wei Chen clearly didn’t care and continued to look at Steamed Bun in glee: “What do you think now, you little punk?”

“Amazing, amazing. I didn’t think you would be so amazing. What’s your background?” Steamed Bun sighed.

“You’d better sit still when you hear it! This senior is Team Blue Rain’s former captain and the original owner of the great Swoksaar! I hope I didn’t scare you!” Wei Chen spoke.


“OH???????” Wei Chen clearly wasn’t happy with Steamed Bun’s indifferent reaction. 

“Sooksoo, what’s that?” Steamed Bun asked.

“You don’t even know who that is?! That’s the number one Warlock in Glory. A godly existence!” Wei Chen exclaimed.   

“Oh!” Steamed Bun gasped.

“He really needs some catching up to do.” Wei Chen spoke to Ye Xiu.

“Is it important to know that type of stuff?” Ye Xiu asked back.

“Of course.” Wei Chen acted like he was a holy saint, “It’s passing on one’s knowledge and conviction to the future generations.”

“...... How about you talk about Steamed Bun’s skill!” Ye Xiu shifted topics.

“Uh…… he’s not bad. For a player who’s only been playing for four months, he’s pretty decent.” Wei Chen commented.

“You’re not speaking with much confidence.” Ye Xiu remarked.

“F*ck, how am I lacking confidence?” Wei Chen shouted.

“You almost lost, didn’t you...” Ye Xiu said.

“Tch, he’s got a long ways to go if he wants to beat me!” Wei Chen said out loud, but on QQ, he shot Ye Xiu a message: “Sh*t, I got careless once and he almost turned it around.”

“Ha ha ha, who told you to hold on for dear life.” Ye Xiu replied.

“I wasn’t holding on for dear life. I can still beat him, but that Steamed Bun always makes weird moves. Even though most of the time he’s a complete mess, he occasionally makes you really sweat.” Wei Chen typed.

“Quite surprising, right?” Ye Xiu remarked.

“Indeed. Once that little punk improves his fundamentals and game knowledge, who knows what he’ll be like. From the looks of it, if we helped him consolidate his game knowledge and have him do some practice to improve his mechanics, he’ll be good. In terms of experience, teaching him too much would actually be harmful.” Wei Chen said.

“Who needs you to say that?” Ye Xiu replied.

“With this guy’s style, once you die, oh that’s not right, once you retire, you can give your unspecialized to him. That will certainly be a scene to see.” Wei Chen said.

“Oh?” Ye Xiu was surprised, “But an unspecialized…..”

“I know what you want to say. According to common knowledge, only someone who is proficient with every class can play an unspecialized character, but have you ever thought about what would happen if you had a completely blank slate begin playing an unspecialized and have him treat it as a complicated class?” Wei Chen asked. 

“Hm? That’s definitely an interesting thought.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Even though Steamed Bun isn’t a completely blank slate, he’s very simple-minded. His noobness isn’t because he’s new to the game, but rather his personality. If you had him treat your unspecialized as a new class, he might actually be able to do it. Think about it, with a 120 extremely quick, short cooldown skills at his disposal and his chaotic play style, what would that be like?” Wei Chen wondered.

“Even more chaotic.” Ye Xiu said.

“But that’s what makes him scary!” Wei Chen felt some lingering fear in his heart.

“It’s just that unspecialized characters won’t last very long!” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s true. Glory hasn’t raised the level cap in three years, right?” Ye Xiu said. 


“I suspect that by the time we make it back into the pro scenes, they’ll have raised the level cap at least once.” Wei Chen said.

“Yeah….. But every time they raise the level cap, it will usually only be five levels, so Level 75. It’s something that an unspecialized can still cope with for now.” Ye Xiu said.

“We’ll wait and see! When the time is right, we can let Steamed Bun try out an unspecialized.” Wei Chen said.

“Okay.” Ye Xiu agreed.

“What about that pretty girl? How good is she?” Wei Chen asked.

“Why don’t you play a practice match against her and see for yourself?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Okay!” Wei Chen happily agreed.

“Little Tang, how about you have a practice match with Wei Chen?” Ye Xiu turned to Tang Rou.

“Sure! Let me finish this dungeon first!” Tang Rou was currently leveling inside a dungeon. She definitely wouldn’t refuse to play a practice match. She loved to compete.

Soon afterwards, Tang Rou exited the dungeon and went to the Fixed Field. Wei Chen had already set up a room, waiting for her. Tang Rou went in and the two immediately started fighting. Ye Xiu didn’t watch them and continued to level up his Lord Grim. Tang Rou was sitting next to him though, so he would occasionally take a peek at the situation.

Tang Rou’s situation was virtually the same as Steamed Bun’s. Both of them lacked experience and experience was Wei Chen’s strength. Ye Xiu didn’t know how badly Steamed Bun had been beaten up, but Tang Rou was being completely suppressed. There wouldn’t be any suspense in who would win, but Ye Xiu reckoned that Wei Chen could feel some pressure from Tang Rou’s playstyle.

In the first match, Wei Chen easily won, just like Ye Xiu predicted.

“Your mechanics are very good. Quick and precise.” Wei Chen pointed out Tang Rou’s strengths after winning.

“Thanks! Again?” Tang Rou asked.

“Come!” Wei Chen happily accepted. On QQ, Ye Xiu sent him a laughing emoji.

“What?” Wei Chen was puzzled.

“You have to stop.” Ye Xiu said.  

“Stop? This massacre? It’s no pressure at all!” Wei Chen said.

“Ha ha.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Ha, your sister!” Wei Chen replied and then fought again.  

“Ha ha, I’m sorry pretty girl. I won again.” Wei Chen said at the end of the following match.



When the third match began, Ye Xiu dungeoned, while sipping his tea. He didn’t need to look. He could tell from the sounds of their keyboards and clicking that the pace for this match was going faster. Tang Rou was going all out…… her peak condition usually didn’t show at the start of the match. Her true skill oftentimes didn’t appear until she faced a predicament. She was a perfect example of becoming stronger with the strength of her opponent.

However, Wei Chen still won the third match. Wei Chen gave a cough. He was just about to say something, when Tang Rou stared at him, her battle spirit burning: “Again?”

Wei Chen looked around until he stopped on Ye Xiu, but he discovered that Ye Xiu had hidden himself behind his monitor.

“Come……” Wei Chen didn’t refuse, but his voice was becoming drier.

“What the f*ck is this!!!” He quickly shot Ye Xiu a message on QQ.

“Stop.” Ye Xiu said again, but this time, Wei Chen was starting to understand.

On the fourth match, Wei Chen won again, but before he could say anything, Tang Rou’s Soft Mist had already clicked ready in the lobby. When he raised his head to look at Tang Rou, she was staring at him, extremely eager for another try.

“Last match……” Wei Chen was starting to lose confidence.

Tang Rou didn’t comment. She continued to try her hardest and in the end, Tang Rou won.

Wei Chen let out a sigh of relief, when he heard Tang Rou doubt him: “You didn’t intentionally lose did you?”

“No no. Definitely not.” Wei Chen hastily answered.

“Ha ha ha ha.” Ye Xiu finally said something and then added: “Okay okay. Old Wei is tired now. Give him a break, Little Tang.”

Tang Rou wasn’t so stubborn that she wouldn’t drop the matter until he died. Even though she was reluctant, she let it go.  

“F*ck!” Wei Chen messaged Ye Xiu.

“What do you think about her?” Ye Xiu asked.

“She’s incredible. The more she fights, the fiercer she becomes. My old hands are about to cramp up.” Wei Chen said.

“Did you give her the win on that last one?” Ye Xiu asked.

“No sh*t. You don’t actually believe I’d actually keep going until my hands cramped did you? If I did, I’d be sick.” Wei Chen said.

“She’s also someone who’s only played for four months!” Ye Xiu said.

“To think you’d be able to pick up two players like this in the tenth server. With the blessings that the God of Glory has bestowed upon you, you’d better return to the Alliance and win that championship.” Wei Chen puffed.

“God of Glory? You mean me?” Ye Xiu replied.

“F*ck off! Enough with your sh*t! ” Wei Chen cursed.

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