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Chapter 601 - Many Questions

Little Cold Hands was direct. He didn’t try to beat around the bush and asked for the truth. This truth was what Ye Xiu had wanted to hide and was why Ye Xiu had Chen Guo deal with this matter instead of doing it himself. However, they were exposed from the beginning. Chen Guo instantly felt embarrassed. She couldn’t bring herself to answer him at the moment, so she turned her head and looked at Ye Xiu. 

“What happened?” Ye Xiu asked.

“We’ve been seen through.” Chen Guo said. 

“Oh?” Ye Xiu didn’t seem to be too surprised. “So what did he say?”

“It’s my turn to talk now.” Chen Guo said. 

“Then say what you need to say!” Ye Xiu said. 

Then Chen Guo also showed the brisk side of her and happily admitted: “Yes.”

”Oh, then this team has some weight to it.” Little Cold Hands said. 

Chen Guo was confused for a moment. When she first mentioned that “Holy Heal”, this fellow appeared to be quite humble, but this sentence sort of implied that he thought of himself very highly. How could someone say something like Ye Qiu’s team only had “some weight to it”.

“Was that Unrivaled Super Hottie, Ye Qiu?” The more Little Cold Hands asked, the deeper he got.

Chen Guo turned around to look at Ye Xiu: “He’s asking about Unrivaled Super Hottie!”

Ye Xiu nodded his head, so Chen Guo answered with another: “Yes.”

“What was his aim for sneaking into Tyrannical Ambition?” Little Cold Hands continued to ask. 

He was currently speaking in an arrogant tone. As for Chen Guo, she was the type who could be persuaded by reason, but not coerced. When Little Cold Hands was being humble and polite, she had a good impression on him, but now that he suddenly acted all haughty, she immediately felt unhappy. If she continued to say that Ye Xiu did that just to find a Cleric and picked him, wouldn’t it please him to death? As a result, Chen Guo decided to just blab: “No particular reason. He just wanted to play on a side account to sharpen his skills.”

“To sharpen his skills? With Ye Qiu’s level, what skills could he need to sharpen by joining an average team in a guild?” Little Cold Hands was able to see through the lie with ease. Chen Guo felt gloomy and found Ye Xiu continuously shaking his head beside her, expressing his disdain towards her lie.

“In short, we think your skills are quite good. What do you think? Are you interested in joining us?” Chen Guo didn’t care, because truthfully, she favored the frank and blunt method. If he was interested in joining, then he could join. If not, he didn’t have to. It would be over and done with. If a clear and straightforward answer was given, why would there be a need to chit-chat anymore? In any case, everything had been exposed.

“If he really is Ye Qiu, then I do have some interest.” Little Cold Hands spoke, “But you’re not just borrowing his name to bluff me, are you?”

Chen Guo could see that he was starting to doubt her and wanted to faint. However, in the end, this was still official business, so she didn’t directly show her fearlessness and patiently continued: “It’s true. Didn’t you guess correctly from the start?”

“Then where is he? Why didn’t he come to find me himself?” Little Cold Hands asked. 

“It’s because he was afraid that you’re a Tyranny fan, so you might not like him because of his background as the God from Excellent Era.” Chen Guo spoke the truth.

“Oh, that’s true, but it wasn’t very wise to send you because a lot of people know about your relationship with Ye Qiu!” Little Cold Hands said.

“Yes yes yes. We were too careless, but now that you already know about it, how about you give us a definite answer about whether or not you’re interested in joining!” Chen Guo said.

“How could my decision be so easy?” Little Cold Hands was very shocked. “If I joined Ye Qiu, then I wouldn’t just be playing around for fun anymore, no? The goal would be the Pro Alliance, wouldn’t it? With the championships as the goal, it means I’d have to become a pro player, right? This is an important decision that could affect the rest of my life. Do you think I’d just be able to casually throw out an answer in a few seconds?”

The long chain of rhetorical questions made Chen Guo speechless. After a long while, she powerlessly said: “Then you can think about it. You can give me an answer anytime you’d like.”

“You’re just going to leave me like this?” Little Cold Hands continued to be surprised. 

“Then what do you want?” Chen Guo asked. 

“You should at least introduce your future plans and your current situation, right? For example, the other team members apart from Ye Qiu. For example, how much financial backing does your team have? What’s the direction and aim of the team’s development? What would be my compensation and salary be? How many years would I have to sign for in the contract? Are there three insurances and one fund or five insurances and one fund? Does your team provide food and housing accommodations?” Little Cold Hands continued with another chain of questions.

This time, Chen Guo didn’t feel upset. She also realized that what she was discussing with Little Cold Hands was indeed a very serious and important issue. On the other hand, she was recruiting him like how she would for a dungeon party in the game.

“Okay!” Chen Guo hurriedly hastily corrected her attitude, “As for our team, Ye Qiu will be the captain. We’re currently in the preparatory phase. We will be signing up for the Challenger League next season and fighting for qualifications into the Pro League. As for our members, we’re still in the middle of recruiting them. As for the investment, I’m currently the investor. As for salary, if you intend to join the team, then we can sit down and discuss it, are you satisfied?” 

“Oh? You’re the investor? Namely…...the boss?” Little Cold Hands asked. 

“Pretty much!” Chen Guo answered with a bit of guilt because she realized more and more that it wouldn’t be an easy thing to support a team in the current Glory league. She wasn’t confident that she could really support the team all by herself.

“Pretty much? What does that even mean?” Little Cold Hands grasped this point. 

“Currently, I’m the only investor.” Chen Guo said. 

“You mean that in the future, someone else could become a shareholder, or do you mean that you aren’t completely sure about the issue, so you gave a vague answer?” Little Cold Hands said. 

“Okay! I’m not sure. We’re currently in the preparatory stage of creating the team, so there are a lot of questions that we’re still figuring out.” Chen Guo said. 

“Also, you mentioned that your team would be getting the qualifications into the Pro League through the Challenger League? From the looks of it, your resources are very limited and you don’t have confidence in any of the other paths to the Pro League, but for the Challenger League, even if we have a God like Ye Qiu, we can’t be sure that we would definitely reach the end. After all, in the Challenger League, there will be two eliminated pro teams joining too, right? Under these circumstances, what would the contract for our wages say? Would our contract have a clause saying it’s half-professional? That if we happen to win our way into the Pro League through the Challenger League, the contract would automatically change into a full professional contract? If the team fails, the contract would automatically be terminated and everyone can just return home and do whatever?

Little Cold Hands threw out a mountain of questions once again. These were all things that Chen Guo had never thought about before. She was unable to ward off the blows at the moment. After hesitating for a long while, she gave another vague answer: “We’re still thinking about these issues. We can discuss the specifics once everyone has gathered together.”

“Oh look, another uncertainty! You really are unsure toward all the issues. Don’t tell me that you’re planning to say if I have any intentions on joining, then I should give you around three to five hundred yen as a deposit? If that’s the case, then I don’t have any other doubts toward your identity.” Little Cold Hands said.

“Of course not……” Chen Guo was gloomy, but she couldn’t bring herself to blame him because their team still lacked a decent and proper plan. Chen Guo was unsure about what Ye Xiu was planning, so she really couldn’t say anything. She was afraid that Little Cold Hands would ask more questions right now, so she firmly raised the white flag: “Actually, Ye Qiu is the one mainly responsible with creating the team. How about I have him find you to talk about all of this!”

“Don’t tell me, you don’t have any thoughts of your own? You’re that careless of an investor? Are you throwing everything to Ye Qiu to do? Could it be that he’s your relative?” Little Cold Hands still continued to ask. 

“Ask him, ask him……” Chen Guo could only say these words. She ruthlessly pulled Ye Xiu over from beside her. “You talk to him!”

“Talk about what?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“The team’s plans, the members of the team, our financial backing, if he needs to sign a contract, sign what sort of contract, if he gets three insurances and one fund, does it cover food and housing, and also, if I’m your relative.” Chen Guo summarized everything emotionlessly. She was about to go crazy.

“Ha ha ha, this fellow has done a lot of thinking!” Ye Xiu laughed, while taking Chen Guo’s headphones.

“Just hang it over there! I want to listen too.” Chen Guo said. 

“Why don’t you just put it on speaker? It wouldn’t be as exhausting for you.” Ye Xiu said. 

“And I was afraid of it being too noisy!” Chen Guo said. 

Ye Xiu held the mic near his mouth and said: “Hello, hello?”

“Ye Qiu?” The other side asked. 

“It’s me, it’s me. I’ve heard that you have a lot of questions!” Ye Xiu said. 

“Yup, my first question is to confirm that you’re the one who picked me and not that foolish lady who spoke earlier?” Little Cold Hands said. 

Ye Xiu gazed innocently at Chen Guo, who sat beside him. To his surprise, Chen Guo didn’t seem to have the energy to be angry because Chen Guo felt pretty stupid about her responses to Little Cold Hands.

“Yes, I was the one who found you. Moreover, that ‘foolish lady is not my relative. She’ll be our boss.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh? She’s so stupid. Her money must be easy to swindle, right? Is that why you chose her as your investor?” Little Cold Hands said. 

“I forgot to tell you. She can hear our conversation right now.” Ye Xiu had to say.

“......” Little Cold Hands, who had kept on asking questions, finally became silent. He then started said: “Hello boss, I hope that after you heard the reminders I gave you, you should be more aware of the risks that the Challenger League holds and to be cautious in investing.”

“Thank you.” Chen Guo’s face was covered in tears. 

“Then let's get to business, please tell me about the current state of this team!” Little Cold Hands said. 

“The situation is just as boss said. It’s currently filled with uncertainties. If we can’t assemble enough members before the Challenger League starts, then everything will just be for nothing.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Is this your main concern right now?” Little Cold Hands said. 


“Even if we managed to form a team, how can you be so certain about the Challenger League?” Little Cold Hands asked. 

“As long as it’s a competition, then no one would dare say that they are one hundred percent certain. However, a team like ours, which is made from scratch, needs to be tested through something like the Challenger League. If we can’t even perform well enough in the Challenger League, then even if our team enters the Pro League, then we would just be returning to the game very soon. To enter the Pro League through the Challenger League is so that our investors don’t have to take such dangerous risks. This is our responsibility to the investors.” Ye Xiu said. 

“What you mean is that Challenger League’s aim is actually to examine this team’s quality and worth?” Little Cold Hands asked. 

“Correct, the one who would actually be taking on the risk of elimination would be me. As long as you guys perform well, then the Challenger League will help you achieve enough to ensure your future.” Ye Xiu said. 

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