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Chapter 600 - First Contact

No one thought that Dazzling Spring would return so quickly and massacre in such a tyrannical manner.

He killed his way through the crowd. Once he seized the high ground, he began blasting away once more. At this moment, there were no other players from Blossom Valley on the North Bridge apart from himself. Dazzling Spring didn’t have any helpers this time. 

Even though it was like this, his killing made Jiang You’s group want to jump into the river one after another. 

Dazzling Spring didn’t wait for them to respond as he climbed higher and higher. On the other hand, they had been fighting hard for so long, yet they still hadn’t been able to seize any high points. Dazzling Spring strolled along alone and seized, under their gaze, the most beautiful spot on the bridge.

Jiang You and the other guild leaders all had one thought in mind: why did this b*stard choose our end of the bridge and not the other end?

Zhang Jiale wasn’t only limited to this end of the bridge though. After taking the high ground, he glanced in the other direction. He was shocked when he looked.  

Judging by the position of the Samsara tags on everyone, Samsara’s troops were arranged in a beautiful formation.

It seemed that it would be a bit difficult to deal with?

Zhang Jiale had this thought, but he didn’t hesitate. He bravely rushed towards Samsara’s troops…...

By the time Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze reached the North Bridge, the battle had become indescribably chaotic.

Compared to Dazzling Spring’s attacks against Samsara, the messy entanglement between Tyrannical Ambition and the other guilds at the bridge’s western end was like a childish bore. Even they felt a little bit embarrassed for themselves.

The level of skill involved in the battles on the two ends of the bridges weren’t on the same level.

It was like how Unrivaled Super Hottie had challenged Blossom Valley on his own before, making everyone realize that it was a fight between two experts.

Only this time, the solo challenger was Dazzling Spring. 

As for Samsara, a loud voice continued to command their troops.

The guilds present all knew each other’s background. They interacted with each other numerous times a week. No one in Samsara had this kind of voice. The voice didn’t belong to their guild leader Three Realms Six Paths or any of the senior figures in the guild.

Just who was this person?

Because of the chaos, no one was able to identify their commander. Otherwise, the guilds on the bridge’s eastern end would have attempted to get rid of this person as quickly as possible, no matter what the sacrifice. This person’s importance to Samsara was unrivaled.

As for his arrangements, even an expert like Dazzling Spring was having trouble against them.

However, Zhang Jiale was still a God. 

After a few probing attacks, Zhang Jiale exploded into his Hundred Blossoms style. He leapt onto the bridge and headed across in a certain direction.

Everyone had turned towards Dazzling Spring long ago. They quickly caught the direction Dazzling Spring was charging towards. A Warlock was jumping up and down, trying to dodge Dazzling Spring’s attacks. 

However, Dazzling Spring refused to comply. This time, it was as if he was determined to sacrifice everything to kill this Warlock.

Could that Warlock be the commander?

They had to help! This would be a crucial moment!

All the guilds that had been beaten down by Samsara’s formations were filled with vigor all of a sudden. 

They hadn’t retreated yet, which naturally meant that they hadn’t completely given up yet. Seeing Dazzling Spring’s offense, they felt like it was the perfect opportunity to turn the tides. As a result, the guilds ignored everything else and began assisting Dazzling Spring to kill off the Warlock.


Everyone heard the loud voice curse.

A crazy assault, without regard for anything else, was very hard to defend against. Even more so with an expert killer like Dazzling Spring joining in.

Just when everyone thought that this Warlock would die, he actually leapt into the water before the attacks arrived.

Yes, he ran away!

Jumping into the water before being struck by any of the attacks was an act of escape.

In the world of gaming, where lives were as inexpensive as paper, in an intense battle like fighting for a boss, a character, who seemed to be the commander, actually chose to run away. At that instant, everyone paled. This behavior lacked any sense of shame and was utterly wretched. It was something even a noob wouldn’t do! The Warlock’s actions made everyone deeply shocked.

The players present couldn’t help but remember a phrase that loud voice often said: “Could you be a bit dirtier??”

Yes, you could! You really could! You’re too much!

At such a time, several players even had a disdainful emoji popping above their character’s heads. There were even Samsara players who did it and similarly despised such shameful actions.

At this moment, a God’s temperament needed to be talked about.

This direct move didn’t distract Zhang Jiale at all. Being dirty was a type of strategy. As a God, he need to be able to adapt to any situation. When he saw the Warlock jumping down into the water, Zhang Jiale immediately had Dazzling Spring switch targets. Almost at the exact same time that the Warlock jumped into the water, Dazzling Spring sent several nearby Samsara players into the water to keep him company.

Samsara’s formation was instantly broken. The players from the other guilds regained their composure and hastily hit Samsara while they were down. On the other hand, Dazzling Spring left. After seizing the high ground a third time, he began attacking randomly again. He wanted to control both ends of the bridge. Everyone else was itching to drag him down and kill him, but they didn’t have ability to do so. 

The North Bridge’s unique terrain was like an aquatic battle. Normal players couldn’t deal with it, so even though Zhang Jiale was by himself, he could easily make the guilds want to flip a table.

When Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze arrived, she missed the utterly wretched escape into the water. She didn’t care much about the fight for the boss. Her only mission was to search for the ID “Little Cold Hands”.

Even though she knew his name, it wasn’t easy finding a single player in such chaos. Chen Guo didn’t dare to approach the battle too carelessly either. Fighting for a wild boss was a sensitive subject. If a bystander didn’t keep their distance, it was possible they would be suspected of trickery and be killed. 

Chen Guo had Chasing Haze go around in a wide arc, but she couldn’t find Little Cold Hands. When she turned her head around, she noticed that Ye Xiu was looking at her screen and she hurriedly asked him if he saw Little Cold Hands. 

“Nope.” Ye Xiu also shook his head. His eyesight was keener than Chen Guo’s, but he wasn’t able to find any traces of Little Cold Hands either.

“He wouldn’t be on the other side, would he?” Chen Guo said as she looked towards the other end of the bridge. It was the position where Samsara and the other guilds had set up their front. Because of the distance, it was impossible to read the names clearly. 

“It shouldn’t be possible!” Ye Xiu said. 

Tyrannical Ambition’s position was on this side. If he ran off to the other side just for fun, then his judgement would be very disappointing.

“Maybe he hasn’t arrived yet?” Chen Guo controlled Chasing Haze to go around in another circle, but she still wasn’t able to locate him.

“Wait wait. Turn your view to the right, turn, turn again.” Ye Xiu spoke. 

Chen Guo’s mouse moved bit by bit. 

“Stop, there’s a person over there.” Ye Xiu pointed to Chen Guo’s screen at a tree not too far away from where they stood. 

“Really?” Chen Guo hadn’t noticed. She had mainly been searching the people in the crowd. She didn’t even notice the tree.

“Is it him?” Chen Guo asked.

“I don’t know.” Ye Xiu said. 

“I’ll go take a look.” Chen Guo didn’t have anything else to do, so she went to look behind the tree.

After adjusting her view, she saw a person behind the tree. Chen Guo immediately had Chasing Haze walk closer and quickly saw her target.

A female Cleric with the ID: Little Cold Hands.

“It’s him.” Chen Guo was happy. She was about to walk up, but she suddenly stopped after a few steps. 

Who knew when this Little Cold Hands had come to this spot, but he wasn’t moving. He was just hiding behind the tree, looking at who knows what. How would she be able to persuade him? She couldn’t just say: Bro, your peeping skills are peerless. I’m planning on creating a team. Come with me and I’ll unlock your full peeping potential!

It sounded so sketchy!

Chen Guo was thinking and she unconsciously had Chasing Haze come to a stop.

Maybe she could say that she saw his excellent healing skills on Unrivaled Super Hottie, so she was interested in having a chat with him, but to show such admiration only based on a single move might make her come off as a scammer?

Chen Guo couldn’t think of how to introduce herself, so she didn’t have Chasing Haze go up yet. She turned her head to look at Ye Xiu: “What is he doing?”

Ye Xiu also shook his head. He wasn’t familiar with Little Cold Hands to the point where he could predict his thoughts.

At this time, Little Cold Hands turned his view and saw a stupefied Chasing Haze. 

Seeing how she had been spotted, Chen Guo thought for a moment before deciding to let Chasing Haze go forward. Little Cold Hands didn’t run away, but rather she just stood under the tree, staring at Chasing Haze.

“Hello.” When their distance seemed about right, Chen Guo gave a greeting.

“Hi.” He replied. Originally, it would have been unsettling to hear a masculine voice coming from a female Cleric. However, even though this person’s voice was also masculine, his one-syllable reply felt as if it had some softness in it. The person’s voice and the character’s looks weren’t as conflicting as Chen Guo had imagined it would be. 

So strange…… Chen Guo thought quietly in her mind. 

“I saw you before.” This was the introduction Chen Guo had thought of.


“Before on the bridge, that Holy Heal of yours was brilliant.” Chen Guo continued. 

“Ha ha, it was alright!” His modest tone gave Chen Guo a good impression of him.

“If you don’t mind me asking, that wasn’t a coincidence, was it?” Chen Guo said. 

“Ha ha, there was a bit of luck involved.” Little Cold Hands said. 

“Then from what you’re saying, you’re a pretty skilled player!” Chen Guo said. 

“I’m just so-so!”

“So it’s like this. I’m planning on forming a pro team and I’m looking for a Cleric. Are you interested in joining?” Chen Guo said. 

“Oh? Ye Qiu’s team?” Little Cold Hands asked. 

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