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Chapter 60 – Wild Boss

Thousand Creations was a member of Blue Brook Guild. Even though Ye Xiu made his head and face filthy with dirt, he was considered a rare expert among players. His individual strength might not be weaker than the so-called Five Great Experts.

In order to have a name like the Five Great Experts, a player first had to have incredible strength. Next, they also had to have incredible popularity. Once there were many supporters, the Five Great were made. But Thousand Creations? He had a bit of popularity, but he had an incredibly bad fault: he liked to kill steal.

Blue Brook Guild was one of the Three Great Guilds. But because of this, they had high expectations for their guild members. Although they didn’t go as far as requiring that members lay low, but kill stealing, that sort of nasty behavior, was forbidden by the guild. No one could complain about this kind of rule.

The sort of powerful but arrogant and despotic guild that formed parties to kill steal were destined to fail. Their guild member’s inner qualities were too poor.

But unfortunately, Thousand Creations had this kind of hobby. Moreover, he was also an expert, a relatively rare expert too. The guild didn’t want him because of his inner quality, but they were also unwilling to part with such an expert. In the end, they could only turn a blind eye to his actions. Fortunately, Thousand Creations could be considered tactful. Whenever he did a misdeed, he never showed the guild’s name, so a good deal of bullied players didn’t put the debt on Blue Brook Guild.

This time, when the tenth server opened, no one knew why this guy just signed up to participate on a whim. Although this guy hadn’t caused any problems for their guild yet, he made them feel as if he were a ticking time bomb. Seeing that he actively signed up to go the new server, the guild leader immediately approved and increased his rewards. In the end, he kicked the time bomb to Blue River, making Blue River pray that the time bomb wouldn’t explode.

Blue River’s cheeks streamed with tears! The opening of the new server was a time when players often killed monsters to level up. It was as if this time bomb was baking on a stove!

Fortunately, the new server was packed with people in the beginning, so everyone kill stole. Thousand Creations took pleasure in showing off his strength and didn’t stand out all. As for later, Blue River planned on putting this guy in his party when leveling. Watching over him, he could lessen the probability of him going out and kill stealing.

But in the end, the second day since the new server’s opening hadn’t yet finished, and the time bomb had already exploded. Not only that, it didn’t explode at any other time. It unfortunately exploded on their most important talent, Lord Grim.

Blue River was somewhat angry. The guild had clearly warned him many times that this talent had to be won over. If anyone saw him, they had to try and deepen their relationship and make friends with him. Thousand Creations should have seen this message. But this punk’s method of making friends was f*cking kill stealing?

Blue River knew that this wasn’t the time to be confused. Because Lord Grim was someone he was determined to pull into the guild, then he couldn’t hide from him that Thousand Creations was also from Blue Brook Guild. If he pretended to not know him, then what about later? That idiot.

Blue River cursed and then ran up to Lord Grim. He laughed out loud and greeted: “What a coincidence! Why are you here too?”

“Leveling!” Ye Xiu said.

“Ha ha. Don’t mind that punk! In these two days, everyone in the guild has been talking about and praising you. That punk probably didn’t feel too good, so he deliberately looked for you to make trouble.” Blue River said.

How could Blue River have handled the matter more brilliantly? First, he covered up Thousand Creation’s intent to kill steal. He said Thousand Creations was jealous of Lord Grim’s fame and power, which was why he deliberately searched for him, looking for trouble. This was easy to understand. In addition, he had unintentionally showed his guild’s admiration for Lord Grim. He had flattered him without batting an eyelid.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiu knew that Thousand Creations kill stole first. After seeing who he had kill stolen from, he had jealously challenged him. But that was all after he kill stole. Fortunately, Ye Xiu didn’t feel like getting involved with all this, so he casually laughed: “The child’s pretty naughty!”

“Yeah, yeah! Look, he even ran, afraid that I’d scold him.” Blue River said. If Thousand Creations had been switched with someone else, then he would have yelled for that person to come over and apologize. But as for Thousand Creations, he excused him. If this was someone who listened to others, then they would have fixed his terrible fault of kill stealing long ago.

“Um, do you want to level with us?” Blue River asked.

“No need. Leveling by myself is fine.” Ye Xiu said.

“Actually, we didn’t come over to level.” Blue River said.

“Oh?” Ye Xiu thought. The day was going to end soon. It wasn’t possible that Blue River and the others hadn’t reached the entry limit for the Boneyard dungeon. If they weren’t there for dungeon clearing or leveling, then could it be……

“Blood Gunner Yagg.” Blue River said.

Sure enough! Ye Xiu confirmed his guess.

Blood Gunner Yagg was Boneyard’s wild BOSS.

Although wild BOSSes respawned, they were even more valuable than hidden BOSSes because this BOSS would only respawn three times every week.

Wild BOSSes also had their own leaderboards. There were first clears and also the kill number. The first clear could only be given to one party. The kill number was the same as clear records. The leaderboards would show the first three ranks.

Currently, there hadn’t been any wild BOSS kills in the tenth server. Currently, there were only two in their level range. One was Boneyard’s Blood Gunner Yagg and the other was Frost Forest’s Goblin Merchant Lorraine. The beginner village didn’t have any wild BOSSes.

Ye Xiu also had requirements for wild BOSSes, but these things could only be discovered and not sought. Ye Xiu wouldn’t vainly attempt it alone. He had originally planned on getting the items from wild BOSSes from the markets. But if he happened to come across one, then he might as well try.

But the most important part for killing wild BOSSes was never to kill it, it was to steal it. The players who came to kill wild BOSSes were the more dangerous enemies. Although wild BOSSes were difficult, in the end, they were only system monsters. Experienced players had the ability to kill it without dying. But every time a wild BOSS was killed, there would always be dead players. This was all from the chaos between everyone fighting to kill it.

Although Ye Xiu had the ability to fight it, there was no way he could single-handedly steal the BOSS from an entire guild. Item drops from BOSSes were calculated differently from small monsters. Wild BOSSes had the most terrifying amount of health among BOSSes of the same level, and needed a long duration of heavy damage output. If the first hit and last hit counted for ⅔ of the experience and items, then no one would want to bitterly do all of the work in the middle.

Thus, wild BOSSes completely relied on total damage to determine the share. No matter how strong a player was, there was no way he could do more damage than an entire party.

“Brother, are you interested in taking a look?” Blue River continued.

“Okay!” Ye Xiu gladly accepted.

Blue River laughed brightly and sent a party invite over. After Lord Grim joined their party, he said regretfully: “If I knew earlier, then it would have been better if you hadn’t left the guild.”

In Glory, after leaving a guild, a player couldn’t join a new guild until five days later.

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