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Chapter 599 - Proceed With Care

He did all this just to find a Cleric!

Chen Guo had only just learned Ye Xiu’s goal in infiltrating Tyrannical Ambition. After she moved over to hear the conversation between the two Gods, she realized how everything came together.

However, the issue Zhang Jiale brought up before he left was indeed a problem. How could they get a person they had just met to enter their own team?

While Chen Guo was still thinking about this issue, she suddenly found Ye Xiu looking at her.

“What are you looking at?” Chen Guo asked.

“You should deal with this matter.” Ye Xiu said. 

“What matter?” Chen Guo asked.

“The matter of getting that Cleric to join our guild.” Ye Xiu said.

“What?! Why me?! I don’t even know that person!” Chen Guo said.

“Does it matter whether you know that person or not? Just say that you admire his abilities and you just so happen to be recruiting for a team, so you would like to ask if he’s interested.” Ye Xiu said.

“Is it that simple?” Chen Guo was uncertain.

“Otherwise?” Ye Xiu asked in reply.

Chen Guo thought about it: true, if anyone wanted to invite a person to join them, wouldn’t they just directly ask them? Chen Guo gave a guess and felt like the possibility of success was quite high. This was because a normal player yearned to be a pro. As long as you didn’t pop out and say something weird like: “Hey bro, your bones are marvellous. Did you know that there’s some sort of spiritual aura spurting out from your ID?” Otherwise, most players would be interested in something like joining a team.

“Okay then. I’ll try to get in touch with him.” Chen Guo agreed. She was always active in helping with things that were related to the formation of the team. There was no reason for her to be making excuses when there was something for her to do. Boss Chen wasn’t that reserved.

“What’s that person’s ID?” Chen Guo asked, as she logged onto her Heavenly Domain account.

“Little Cold Hands。” Ye Xiu spoke. 

Chen Guo had been watching from the side, so didn’t actually notice Little Cold Hands. She only knew that he was able to use Holy Heal at such a crucial time to turn the tables. Then after that, Ye Xiu followed up by controlling Unrivaled Super Hottie to knock Zhang Jiale’s Dazzling Spring into the water. In fact, it wasn’t just Chen Guo, even Zhang Jiale didn’t know this Cleric’s name.

After logging onto Chasing Haze, Chen Guo searched for the character’s name. The information came out very quickly and she was immediately surprised: “Wait, she’s a girl?” When Chen Guo first heard the ID, she thought the name Little Cold Hands was pretty feminine. Now that the character appeared, it was actually a female avatar. 

“Ahem……” Ye Xiu coughed with a strange expression.

“This Cleric doesn’t happen to be a male playing as a female, right?” Chen Guo noticed the oddity. 

“You’ve got incredible foresight.” Ye Xiu said.

“What sort of person is he?” Chen Guo was astonished. This was because there were seldom players in Glory who played with avatars of the opposite gender for their character. After all, Glory’s voice communication was a part of the game, so it was the universal method of communication. It wouldn’t be pleasing to one’s eyes nor ears when a character had a beautiful and charming name, while they constantly spoke out in a rugged, masculine voice. 

“Nothing really. Apparently, the account was given to him and he was just too lazy to care about the gender, so he just played with it.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Oh.” Chen Guo replied.

Seldom does not represent none at all. In the end, there were many male players who played female characters and the same went for Glory. The reasons were strange and unimaginable, but a reason like playing on a given account was pretty rational and reasonable.  

“Never mind, I don’t discriminate against those types of players.” Chen Guo said while she was already preparing to add him as a friend. 

“Hang on, hang on. What are you planning on doing?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“Add him as a friend and invite him join our group!” Chen Guo said. 

“Add him as a friend and just say: “Yo bro, I’ve been admiring your strength for a long time, would you like to form a team with me?” Ye Xiu asked. 

Chen Guo stared blankly. True, if she added him as a friend, how would she start the conversation? Little Cold Hands wasn’t a pro player. If she just added him as a friend from out of the blue and directly asked him to join, it would feel like stopping someone on the street and say: “Hey bro, your bones are marvellous” or whatever; She would most likely be treated as a scammer.

“For now, you need to actually get in touch with him and show that you’ve seen his talents. Then, you can naturally recruit him, right?” Ye Xiu said on the side. 

Chen Guo looked at Ye Xiu. She suddenly felt that, if she directly added that person as a friend and tried to recruit him immediately, he probably wouldn’t buy into their trickery. Only if she did what Ye Xiu told her could that person be convinced.

True, for no particular reason at all, Chen Guo suddenly had a feeling of “tricking”.

“Say, why don’t you do it?” Chen Guo felt that Ye Xiu had other reasons for making her go alone. 

“Ahem, aren’t I doing this to avoid arousing suspicion? See, Zhang Jiale even said it before he left, to be aware that he might despise my identity. If I just went and directly said, ‘I’m Ye Qiu. Come with me.’ What if I only end up being spit in the face? Therefore, it’s better if you do it!” Ye Xiu said. 

“Wouldn’t he still have to interact with you afterwards anyways?” Chen Guo said. 

“Yes, but just say that I also happened to be roped in on the side of the road!” Ye Xiu said. 

“What nonsense.” Chen Guo threw her mouse. She felt that Ye Xiu just threw aside something nonsensical for her to do. 

“Well he is a fan of Tyranny. With my identity and background, we can’t be careless in handling this matter.” Ye Xiu said.

“Tyrannical Ambition. He doesn’t have to be a Tyranny fan, right?” Chen Guo said. 

“I said so because I have a certain level of understanding towards him.” Ye Xiu said. 

“To what degree do you know him?” Chen Guo asked. 

“Well, he’s a Tyranny fan. He’s an hardcore fan of Zhang Xinjie.” Ye Xiu said. “Apparently.” 


“Yup, maybe he was bragging?” Ye Xiu said. 

“Does he have a need to brag about that?” Chen Guo really wanted to pull Ye Xiu’s ear over to give a good growl.

“To sum it up, I think it’s more reliable if you’re the person to get in touch with him.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Aren’t you a little irresponsible to fool somebody like this!” Chen Guo said. 

“Look, you’re essentially the team’s manage. Recruiting team members is also a part of your responsibilities. Your formed team has me and also him. It’s something decided by you as the boss. Do we, the members, have any right to be picky? You should have this kind of working attitude. Don’t just be a fan and think like a fan.” Ye Xiu lectured her.

Chen Guo was stupefied after being lectured. She only started to regain her senses after a long while: “Are you lecturing your boss?”

“I wouldn’t dare. I wouldn’t dare.” Ye Xiu hastily noted. 

“What do I do if he doesn’t agree?” Chen Guo asked.

“Then….... We can only take a step and make plans for the next. There’s nothing we can do if he truly doesn’t want to join our team.” Ye Xiu sighed. 

“Uh, I think the problem isn’t too big. If a normal Glory player is offered something like being in a pro team, the player shouldn’t have any over conflicting sentiments.” Chen Guo could see the expression of regret on Ye Xiu’s face and thought about the hardships of forming a team, so she started to comfort him.

“I hope so.” Ye Xiu said. 

After the two finished discussing, Chen Guo prepared to take action. She grabbed her mouse, but held it in the air.

“If I don’t add him as a friend, how do I get in touch with him?” Chen Guo asked. 

“Oh.” Ye Xiu nodded, on his side, he sent a message to Little Cold Hands: “Where are you?”

“I just drowned, so I’m currently heading back to the North Bridge! What’s happening over there?” Little Cold Hands.

“Look.” Ye Xiu showed his screen to Chen Guo. 

Chen Guo was speechless. Sometimes, things really were that simple. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie withdrew from the North Bridge mage boss fight, while Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze disguised as a passerby.

Upon arriving at the North Bridge, the battle proceeded with many highlights. 

After wiping out Blossom Valley, each guild took  a position on the battlefield on either ends of the Northern Bridge. All the major guilds were fighting in a huge mess.

On the eastern head of the bridge, Samsara had grasped a slight upper hand. The players had gradually gotten ahold of the advantageous terrain on their side. The long-ranged classes took the high ground, while the support and control classes were in the middle and the melee classes at the bottom. Samsara’s tactics were clear and incomparable. They sufficiently took advantage of the condition of the North Bridge’s terrain. Their positions were not only divided between the front and the back. They also had the upper, middle, and bottom paths as well. All of these arrangements had been organized by a rough commander with a loud voice and high spirit.

As for the western end of the bridge, it was still a mess. It was hard for any of the guilds to seize the upper hand. However, the resulting position of Samsara at the eastern end gave some train of thought to the guilds on the western end. All of the big guilds started to imitate without understanding the true substance, but the problem was that this train of thought was given to everyone, so it resulted in a position where everyone was in a deadlock.

Jiang You was worried! Very worried. 

He was worried by both the state of this competition over the boss and over Unrivaled Super Hottie’s unhurried exit from the battle. 

He wanted to calm down. He reminded himself to calm down, but his heart wouldn’t calm down. He was unable to seriously observe the current situation and carry out a wise, strategic decision. He couldn’t help but have the silhouette of Unrivaled Super Hottie float up from the bottom of his heart. This fellow had infiltrated their guild for two weeks and during the two weeks of hard labor, Jiang You couldn’t figure out his aim at all, but then he just suddenly announced his leave and meant it. He didn’t seem to be snatching the boss, and had just left it hanging there. The last thing he ever did was to jump romantically into the water with Dazzling Spring…... 

What sort of evildoing did that fellow do?

Jiang You didn’t believe that Ye Qiu only came to their guild to stride around idly. This guy was a God afterall. Why would he use up his time for such leisure? Also, between the lines of his later messages, Jiang You had a sort of feeling that: it wasn’t because Ye Qiu was leaving that he didn’t care about his identity being revealed. It felt as if he wasn’t afraid of being suspected right from the beginning. 

To be completely unafraid to have himself revealed, were all Gods this arrogant when they became spies? But why would his aim be hidden so deeply, so much that they couldn’t see a hint at all? What changes did Tyrannical Ambition go through during the few weeks when Unrivaled Super Hottie mingled with them? 

Jiang You felt that the problem must have been hidden within. However, apart from gratifying changes, such as having many of their groups surpassing their progress in dungeons for the past few weeks, it seemed as if there was no bad effects to worry about at all. 

Was the evildoing hidden among the good things?

Jiang You couldn’t help himself but to keep thinking about these questions, how could he make clear commands? Originally, Tyrannical Ambition was determined to get this boss, so the troop arrangement set out for today was arrogant, but under Jiang You’s absent-minded commands, they had fallen into a pitiful deadlock. When they were pushed to the point where they had no alternatives left, a shadow suddenly joined the fight and started a massacre. That person came in an unstoppable manner as if he didn’t care about the guilds at all.

The shadow opened up a path through the crowd. Some died, while some remained alive, but he was already gone. After a few rises and falls, he instantly snatched the high ground!

Dazzling Spring!!

He’s back!

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