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Chapter 597 - I’ll Be Leaving First Because I’ve Got Stuff to Do 

Unrivaled Super Hottie crashed down with Heroic Leap. Compared to the free falling Dazzling Spring, who knew how much faster he dropped, it would be too late even if Zhang Jiale wanted to dodge. He could only curse a few times. Truthfully, he might have anticipated that this would happen, but the instant he jumped after being Provoked, he already knew that the situation was very bad.

It was true that as as God, he had the capability to dispel the taunt and switch directions in midair, but unfortunately, his opponent was also a God. His opponent wouldn’t be surprised that he could do it. In other words, when his opponent used Provoke, his opponent had already prepared to counter his next actions.

The Knight’s sword smashed into Dazzling Spring’s body. The displacement induced by the attack made it so that he missed his original landing spot, causing Dazzling Spring to continue to fall.

Zhang Jiale hastily looked for a possible landing spot, but Unrivaled Super Hottie unexpectedly continued to pressure him, following him downwards.

This guy!

Zhang Jiale was already aware that Ye Qiu wasn’t thinking about landing anywhere after hitting him down from his high point. Right now, Ye Qiu was planning on dragging him into the water.

As a result, everyone just watched as Unrivaled Super Hottie struck Dazzling Spring with a Heroic Leap and then dropped rapidly.

Unrivaled Super Hottie still had Knight’s Spirit activated. A streak of white light followed behind him like a shooting star. Dazzling Spring tried to escape from his predicament by attacking a few times, which just added to the splendor of the shooting star. However, his efforts were in vain. The two fell straight into the water, leaving behind a trace of their trajectory as well as a splash that hit the Blossom Valley players on the bridge.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Most of the players were still thinking about the stealthy heal by Little Cold Hands, who had quickly been hit into the water by the enemy. Who would have thought that those two experts would suddenly fall into the water together?

The river was vast and extremely deep at the center. When the two experts hit the water, they were immediately swept away by the current like all the other players. The players still hadn’t registered what had just happened and stared dumbly at the fast flowing currents beneath the bridge until a huge fireball suddenly exploded on the bridge. Several Blossom valley players cried out as they tumbled into the water below. Only then did everyone wake up.

Even though the two experts had left, the North Bridge Mage was still there! Their true purpose was to fight for the boss, not watch two experts have a go at it.

But without Dazzling Spring, Blossom Valley had lost their foothold. Even though a portion of their players had grasped the high ground, how could they have the same level of control over the situation as Zhang Jiale? Let alone suppressing the onslaught of enemy players rushing onto the North Bridge, with Dazzling Spring gone, the North Bridge Mage’s was completely focused on them.


Because they had stayed on the bridge longer, the North Bridge Mage placed priority on them over the players who had just stepped onto the bridge. All sorts of spells flew towards the players from Blossom Valley. With their skill level, one mistake meant falling into the water. The terrain and the boss made it too difficult for them to save the situation. What’s more, the enemy guilds had suffered under Blossom Valley’s hands for the past two weeks. They had a tacit agreement to not fight against each other and first allied together to vent the frustration built up over the last two weeks on Blossom Valley’s players.

In an instant, the players from Blossom Valley turned into dumplings and were struck into the water. If a player was thrown into the water, it didn’t matter if the player died or not. The players from Blossom Valley were wiped clean. The North Bridge Mage no longer had too many targets left and fired spells randomly.

Everyone was feeling very excited.

What a familiar scene! This was what the fight for the North Bridge Mage should look like! The boss’ battle power wasn’t actually too frightening, but the hard part was the location.

One, it was too easy to find him. Two, the terrain was difficult, so the battle always turned into a huge mess.

Once the North Bridge Mage started casting spells randomly, players constantly fell into the water. No one was a stranger to this scene though. Everyone calmly faced the boss. Without the expert from Blossom Valley, everyone felt a hundred times more confident.

Only Jiang You was uneasy.

The North Bridge Mage was something Tyrannical Ambition needed. The formidable Dazzling Spring had been taken care of by Ye Qiu, but in this type of chaotic battle, no guild had an absolute grasp on victory. Tyrannical Ambition was no exception. At this moment, they needed a peak expert watching over in order to have a better chance.

Jiang You cautiously commanded his troops, while hastily asking Unrivaled Super Hottie for his situation. He hoped that Unrivaled Super Hottie hadn’t died and hopefully landed nearby, so that he could hurry up and return. This wasn’t impossible. In Glory, every character automatically knew how to swim, so they usually wouldn’t drown. However, once a player fell into the water, the current was too rapid, making it difficult for them to figure out their position in the water. If they couldn’t find the surface to replenish their air supply, wouldn’t they suffocate? In addition, there were all sorts of rocks in the water, which would deal damage if collided into. The faster the current the more damage the rocks dealt. Characters who fell into the water didn’t have much health to begin with. Before they could drink any potions, the rocks would kill them.

Ye Qiu was a God though, so Jiang You felt like he wouldn’t die because of these reasons. Normal players would panic and be unable to figure out their position, but a God shouldn’t have that problem, right? 

As a result, Jiang You expected Unrivaled Super Hottie to have reached shore already. But then again, Dazzling Spring wasn’t a simple character either. He probably wouldn’t die in the river so easily either. If he came back to the battle, that would be troublesome too! Perhaps the two got out of the water at the same time and were fighting right now?

Who knew how many situations Jiang You had thought of already. Unrivaled Super Hottie soon returned a message. Jiang You hastily looked at it and coughed a mouthful of blood.

“I have stuff to do, so I’ll be leaving first. Good luck.”

What was this! What the f*ck was this? What do you mean you have stuff to do, so you’ll be leaving first? What’s more important than this wild boss? Jiang You was so angry, his hands were shaking. He replied: “The boss is such an important matter. You can’t just leave like that!”

“Brother, I’m still busy forming a new team. I don’t have the time to keep playing with you.” Unrivaled Super Hottie answered back, making Jiang You feel like his soul had parted with his body.

This guy wasn’t even trying to hide his identity anymore. If a spy revealed himself, it meant he had already completed his mission, so he didn’t care anymore, but the problem was that they knew his identity as a spy before, so why did he feel hurt after seeing his “I’m actually a spy” personality? In this type of situation, he should be saying “I already knew you were a spy.” It should have been a beautiful moment, so even though he knew, why couldn’t he say it?

“If I return, I won’t be there to help you fight for the boss, but rather to take the boss for myself. Are you sure you want me to come back?” Unrivaled Super Hottie followed up.

“See you later!” Jiang You decided.

“See you later?”

“I don’t want to see you ever again!” Jiang You changed his words.

“Ha ha ha :D” Unrivaled Super Hottie laughed and added a laughing emoji. Tears streaked down Jiang You’s face. Okay, there’s no point in placing any hope on him any longer. I should hurry up and lead my troops seriously. I have to win this boss with my own effort. Now that there were extraordinary experts causing chaos, it was up to each guild’s strength. They still had a chance.   

So at this moment, Jiang You heard a firm voice coming from the other end of the North Bridge.

“Hold your positions! You have to hold your position! Protect the Cleric and send the Cleric forward!

“A Gunner go up with an Aerial Fire! You’re still not going up and you dare call yourself an expert??”

“There doesn’t need to be anyone over there! Thieves, just place a few traps!”

“Don’t just rush in there! Go around! Be a bit more dirtier and despicable, okay? Dude, you’re an Assassin. Why are you charging forward like you’re a Knight!!”

“Over there! Over there is over there! The f*cking enemies understand, but you don’t understand? Give coordinates? If I give coordinates, the enemies will also hear and it looks to me like the enemies respond faster than you dimwitted fools. You idiot. If you fall into the water, you’re dead. Tsk tsk tsk!”

Who was this guy!

His firm voice carried an unbelievable amount of confidence. All of the players gathered here were the elite experts of each guild and the top players of the Heavenly Domain. Even Jiang You wouldn’t have such confidence when talking to his troops. Just who was this guy?

Jiang You looked towards that direction, but he couldn’t identify the speaker. However, the other end of the North Bridge was gradually became more and more stable. The guild that had grasped the upper hand was Samsara.

Was it because of that person’s leading? Another unknown expert? Jiang You’s heart palpitated. He had a bad premonition. It felt like this fight for the boss would be another wasted effort…...

Not far from the North Bridge, on the surface of the river, a huge tree trunk was floating on top.

A wave rose up. There seemed to be someone inside. The instant the wave rose, a character suddenly jumped out and turned 180 degrees, landing on the tree trunk. When he landed, he held a gun in one hand and a grenade in the other hand. His gaze stared at the incoming wave. It was Dazzling Spring.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…….

Zhang Jiale didn’t loosen his guard. He knew that a certain someone wouldn’t die in the water like that. As he was swept along with the current, he hadn’t been able to find a suitable place to stand until now. There was no way that guy would be unable to get out of the current.

Right when he was thinking this, an abnormal movement came from the wave. Zhang Jiale immediately noticed it. He focused and a Knight burst out of the water. He held a sword in his hand and landed majestically on the tree trunk.

“The same thing again!!” Zhang Jiale saw Heroic Leap and shouted angrily. He fired his gun and threw his grenade at him.

“What are you talking about? If I didn’t use it, how else was I supposed to get up here?” The Knight said as he landed.

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