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Chapter 596 - The Sneaky Cleric

Heals were instant cast, and the more it healed, the longer the cooldown and the higher the aggro gained. 

Even in PvP, high aggro generation couldn’t be overlooked. Even though players weren’t bound to aggro like NPCs were, this type of aggro generating skills were still hated by players.

The skill that had been cast on Unrivaled Super Hottie was an ultimate heal, “Holy Heal”. The amount of HP healed was enormous. The timing of the skill could be known by the Tyrannical Ambition elites that were in the same party as Unrivaled Super Hottie. They clearly saw that Unrivaled Super Hottie’s HP had just been about to reach zero, but then Holy Heal was cast. 

One could only imagine the amount of aggro generated by the skill. The Blossom Valley players had given it their all to attack Unrivaled Super Hottie. At that point, they were just counting down until Unrivaled Super Hottie would die, but suddenly a Holy Heal came out! 

Clerics didn’t have to be ferocious, nor did they have many ways to deal damage, but performing well at these crucial moments could cause their opponents to cough blood. The psychological damage was immeasurable.

Who was it? 

It was the question in everybody’s head. They began looking around, trying to find the caster of the heal. 

They found out very soon. 

On the North Bridge, a Cleric was standing on top of a broken railing a few units above the ground. He had his arms extended with a cross in his hands, as if waiting for the cooldown to be over so that he could cast another spell. He appeared to be paying attention to where his feet were as if afraid to fall down. This wiped out any semblance of style and made him look dirty.  

And then everybody could see the two rows of words above his head. 

Tyrannical Ambition Seventh Branch Guild.

Little Cold Hands. 

Who’s that? 

Even players from Tyrannical Ambition had this question on their minds. They had never heard of this name before. And watching the guy standing at that spot carefully, everybody present could already picture it in their minds: A Cleric called Little Cold Hands snuck up to that spot when nobody was paying attention and had cast a heal. 

Was it only a coincidence? 

That was the conclusion reached by most of the players as Little Cold Hand’s movements didn’t seem like that of an expert.

Some people were still doubtful about the situation. What happened next left them speechless. 

The Blossom Valley players attacking Unrivaled Super Hottie discovered Little Cold Hands at the same time. They hated the Holy Heal very much. They weren’t even in the mood to analyze Little Cold Hand’s actions. They were mad that somebody had snuck behind them and used a Holy Heal when they weren’t paying attention. 

It would never have happened under normal circumstances. Unrivaled Super Hottie was just too good. Everybody’s attention was focus on knocking him off the bridge and ignored everything else.

They were lucky that it was only one player. What would have happened if all of these guilds had seized the opportunity to rush onto the bridge?

The Blossom Valley players couldn’t help but feel afraid after considering the scenario. 

The players from the other guilds also noticed the lost opportunity and were filled with regret. 

“That was a chance that Unrivaled Super Hottie fought so hard for, and we’re just standing around watching?” There was even a Tyrannical Ambition player who said it out loud. 

“He should have given us a signal!” Someone said. 

“Do you think he had time to do that in that situation?” Somebody replied. 

While they still basking in regret, the Blossom Valley players had already taken action. Attack after attack was launched towards Little Cold Hands. 

Facing all of these attacks, Little Cold Hand’s only reaction was a loud “Oh no!” and he fell into the water. 

He was not an expert. 

It had just been a coincidence.

Everybody, that had their hopes up for Little Cold Hands, became speechless. Any one of them could’ve lasted longer even if they weren’t as good as Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

While everybody else was shaking their heads and sighing, their attention shifted once again to Little Cold Hands. They had unexpectedly forgotten about the impact of the “Holy Heal’ on the outcome of the battle.

“Great job!!” 

It was a praise from Unrivaled Super Hottie himself. 

But he could not be heard by the ones below because of the sound effects of all the attacks being thrown at him. 

The only person who realized the value of that Holy Heal other than Ye Xiu would be Zhang Jiale. 

Their judgement and game sense were obviously way higher than normal players.

“Not good!” 

Zhang Jiale thought the moment the Holy Heal landed on Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

If he had seen the Cleric sneaking up, he would have prevented it. The problem was that he hadn’t.

He was at the highest point of the bridge unlike the other Blossom Valley players and the players from the other guilds. They were looking upwards, so it was natural for them to have missed Little Cold Hands, but for Zhang Jiale, he had a bird’s eye view, so he should have spotted the person. 

But he hadn’t. 

It was all due to the large amount of AoE attacks he and the Blossom Valley players had dished out against Unrivaled Super Hottie. These attacks were mainly long-ranged with bright visual effects like cannon fire or spells. This was the Hundred Blossoms style. However, it didn’t mean Zhang Jiale could see through the visual distractions either. In that instant, he realised the root of the problem. 

This Cleric had used the visual effects of their attacks to hide himself from their view. 

The Holy Heal that he had cast had been on point. 

Blossom Valley’s attacks were more for support rather than damage. That was the reason why Unrivaled Super Hottie was able to survive all those attacks for so long. Zhang Jiale made such an arrangement because he knew the real identity of his opponent. He believed that his opponent would seize any opportunity given to him. 

It would not be wise to challenge the judgement of an experienced opponent. Zhang Jiale understood the philosophy deeply as one of the experienced Gods. 

That was why his attacks against Unrivaled Super Hottie had been weak but unavoidable attacks. This was also why Zhang Jiale had baited Unrivaled Super Hottie to such a height. If Unrivaled Super Hottie wanted to escape, he would only have one choice: jump into the river. 

But suddenly a Cleric and a Holy Heal turned the tides. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie’s health was higher than Zhang Jiale had expected, and with his persistence in rushing towards him, which was originally meaningless to Zhang Jiale, was now a huge threat. 

White light glowed around Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

Knight’s Spirit!

Unrivaled Super Hottie activated Knight’s Spirit. Zhang Jiale knew that this was a very crucial moment. 

The pressure was huge.

To suffer an attack from a God like Ye Qiu while under attack from the North Bridge Mage as well wouldn’t be easy for anyone to deal with.


Unrivaled Super Hottie activated the skill, rushing upwards. Zhang Jiale knew that with the Holy Heal, Unrivaled Super Hottie would close in on him unless he managed to widen the distance.

Zhang Jiale chose to evade. Dazzling Spring prepared to escape, attempting to kite Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

At that moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie waved at him. 


He was killed because of this very skill in their previous confrontation. 

Provoke! Unrivaled Super Hottie had cast Provoke on him. 

His character moved towards Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

Under the influence of Provoke, the character still retained intelligence. The character would still retain its autopathing instead of falling right down below. 

But this alone was lethal. Zhang Jiale’s aim was for Dazzling Spring to stay as far away as possible from Unrivaled Super Hottie, not get closer.

It was too late. 

He only had Blossom Valley players around him. Although they were experts in the game, they would never compare to pro players. Nobody could help him in time. 

Dazzling Spring leapt high into the air. A light lit up Dazzling Spring in midair, it was a Focus from a Cleric, removing the Provoke effect. 

The Cleric might have thought that the skill was timely and stylish, but Zhang Jiale wanted to cry.

Because of the North Bridge’s terrain, his movements toward Unrivaled Super Hottie weren’t just simple sprinting. He needed to jump. His Dazzling Spring had a very high jump capability. That particular jump was high and far, and with the system’s auto pathing, he landed in a very safe spot. 

But this was not what Zhang Jiale wanted!

You couldn’t just turn in midair like you could on the ground.

But Zhang Jiale was a God and Dazzling Spring was a Gunner.

Zhang Jiale immediately surveyed the terrain and immediately fired out several shots. 

With his gun’s recoil, he managed to stop his character’s forward movement. 

Dazzling Spring stopped in mid air, but there was no landing spot.

When Dazzling Spring dropped down, there would be a low landing spot. Zhang Jiale had shot his bullets perfectly.

But at that moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie leapt into the air, and his sword slashed down at Dazzling Spring. 

Heroic Leap. 

“The same trick again! Won’t you ever get tired of it?!!!” Zhang Jiale coughed out blood. 

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