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Chapter 59 – Are You Playing With A Child?

Four monsters. Four directions. Adding on the skeleton holding a machete, Thousand Creations couldn’t run away this time. The Chasers and what not had already disappeared far away along with the zombie that he had thrown down onto the ground. The camera circled round and round. And all around him were these undead monster’s bones and rotting flesh.

Undead monsters moved relatively sluggishly, so they got up quite slowly. Thousand Creations was the first one among them to stand up. His camera angle turned. This time, Lord Grim didn’t leave. Carrying his battle lance, Lord Grim ran over in large strides.

Surprised, Thousand Creations couldn’t help but jump backwards. After jumping, he felt extremely regretful again. Why did he hide? Wasn’t he the one who wanted to teach him a lesson?

At this moment, the sluggish monsters all climbed back up. Although these four monsters had smashed into Thousand Creations, their aggro was still on Lord Grim. The machete-wielding skeleton’s target was originally on Thousand Creations, but it had just been smashed by the four monsters, which could be considered as Lord Grim’s attack. Its aggro was also on Lord Grim now. After the five monsters got up, they rushed towards Lord Grim.

Thousand Creations had planned to first clear the monsters and then properly fight a round with Lord Grim. But in the end, Lord Grim’s battle lance had already stabbed towards the monsters, engaging in an intense battle. His viewpoint never turned towards him either.

Could it be that this guy only wants to fight the monsters and not me? Are these five undead monsters more valuable than me?

“HEY.” Thousand Creations yelled.

“Oh, you want a monster? Here’s one. Have fun!” Lord Grim uppercutted and thrusted. A monster was hit over to him and steadily fell in front of Thousand Creation’s feet.

Thousand Creations was baffled.

He had never felt this sort of feeling before.

In the past, every time he KSed to show off, the guys who had their kills stolen were all utterly infuriated. Some even immediately attacked him. But in the end, they were beaten down. That sort of feeling felt so good.

But this time, the other side’s response made him feel extremely childish. He had gathered five monsters and hit over one towards him whenever convenient. This move seemed as if it were saying: “Little child, don’t be noisy. Uncle’s got candy for you.”

Thousand Creation stared blankly, not moving. The monster that fell in front of him was still aggroed onto Lord Grim. After crawling back up, it rushed back.

“What? You don’t want it?” Lord Grim actually asked him.

Thousand Creations felt an extremely strong urge to gang up with the skeletons and zombies and beat this guy up.

“I’ll wait until you finish killing the monsters before we properly fight a round.” Thousand Creation’s tone suddenly became serious. He wasn’t as sloppy as before when he was trying to provoke him.

“No need.” Lord Grim replied to him.

“Why!” Thousand Creations blurted it out and then immediately regretted it. The other side had already said “You still have a ways to go” once. Why did he need to give him another chance to say it again.

“No time.” In the end, Lord Grim said this.

Thousand Creation’s cheeks streamed with tears. Child! He really was a child. A child that annoyed the adult to play with him. In response, the adult would say to the child: “Uncle’s busy. Be obedient. Play by yourself!”

He was being treated like this! Thousand Creations didn’t know what to say. He might as well just wait until he finishes killing off the monsters!

Thousand Creations came up with this plan. As a result, he quietly waited on the side. But at the same time, those five monsters wouldn’t be so quick to finish off. Should he try and help him? But he immediately felt that he wasn’t in a position to do so. As a result, he felt that he might as well just kill a monster to pass the time. But when he finished killing the monster and turned his camera angle back to Lord Grim, there were still five monsters. Kill another one then! After killing one, why were there still five monsters there? That guy’s skill wasn’t bad. It didn’t make sense for him to take so long! Thousand Creations was at a loss. But after looking more carefully, were these five monsters the same as the previous five?

Right when he was unsure, a skeleton was stabbed and then collapsed into a pile of bones. Soon after, he saw Lord Grim, bringing the other monsters, pull a new one and continue fighting with five monsters.

Thousand Creations threw up blood. He was waiting for this guy to finish off the monsters and duel with him, but this guy didn’t take him seriously at all. That guy was concentrated on leveling!

Thousand Creations grew angry. He decided to help him. Wrong, he wasn’t helping him, he was disturbing him. He was going to continue kill stealing until this guy’s patience ran out.

Thus, Thousand Creations rushed forward and began stabbing at the five monsters that Lord Grim had gathered.

Lord Grim seemed to shoot a glance at him. Immediately following, Thousand Creations received a party invite.

F*ck, who wants to form a party with you? I’m here to kill steal! Thousand Creations angrily declined the invite and continued to kill kill kill.

The five monsters were killed faster now, but after looking at the experience distribution, the expert KSer Thousand Creations was thoroughly defeated this time.

Because the two didn’t form a party, if they attacked the same monster, then the monster’s experience would be shared. The first blow and last blow made up for ⅔ of the experience gained. The other ⅓ was determined by how much damage they did.

Thousand Creations obviously didn’t make the first hit and he had originally planned to steal the last hit. But in the end, he was unable to take the last hit either. Adding on to total damage done, he was also below Lord Grim, so he was only able to get a pitiful amount of experience. And in this situation, all of the items dropped belonged to Lord Grim.

But the even more irritating part was that before the five monsters fell down, Lord Grim had already pulled new monsters and continued to fight non-stop. Thousand Creations tried to steal again, but met a tragic end just like the last time. In the end, all he did was help Lord Grim kill monsters faster. Moreover, most of the experience went to the other side, while he ate the small leftovers. Seeing it like this, Lord Grim hadn’t suffered any losses, while he himself had been squeezed for labor.

Thousand Creations was so angry he almost lost consciousness. After this wave, he would actively pull monsters and bring them back.
But this time, Lord Grim brought the monsters away from him, leaving Thousand Creations with the monsters he pulled.

Thousand Creation’s cheeks streamed with tears. What was he doing?

He quickly cleared away the monsters in front of him and rushed forward: “Hey, I’m going join these monsters and attack you!”

“Stop being so noisy. Go level up!” The other side said indifferently.

Thousand Creations clenched his teeth and brandished the battle pole. He was about to hit Lord Grim when he suddenly heard: “Huh? Why are you guys leveling together?”

Thousand Creations immediately turned his head. A party of Blue Brook Guild members was walking towards them. The person talking was the tenth server Blue Brook Guild’s guild leader, Blue River.

Thousand Creations put away the pole and was about to run.

“Where are you going Thousand Creations?” Blue River yelled.

Thousand Creation’s cheeks streamed with tears. Guild leader, you have no brains! I don’t have the guild name on top of my head, so why are you trying to expose my identity? So he ran, but sent a message to the guild: “Pretend you mistook me for someone else!”

“What are you doing?” Blue River didn’t understand the situation.

“I’ve offended Lord Grim.” Thousand Creations said.

“What…..What have you done? Did you kill steal his monsters?” Blue River understood his subordinate’s faults.

“I……..I was about to kill steal.” Thousand Creations cried. Even though he came to offend Lord Grim, he was the one who felt bad. How wrong was that?

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