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Chapter 586 - Provoke Relay

The two Gods didn’t stop moving their hands, when they spoke to each other. Unrivaled Super Hottie and Dazzling Spring spun around each other, fighting back and forth. Occasionally, Unrivaled Super Hottie would shout out “Clerics!”, reducing the quality of the match.

“Charge over and help!!”

An unexpected order came from Tyrannical Ambition’s side.

Those two players were fighting fiercely. The fight for the boss was turning white hot as well. Players continued to die in battle. The boss’s aggro kept on shifting between the three guilds through the usage of Provoke. Blossom Valley wasn’t focusing too much on the boss, so they had already fallen slightly behind. As for Tyrannical Ambition, Unrivaled Super Hottie had given them the advantage by being the first to establish aggro. Right now was the perfect moment to firmly grasp the lead. Who would have thought that their guild leader would order their main force to support Unrivaled Super Hottie......

Even though the players didn’t understand the reason, they still followed the order.

The players from Blossom Valley tried their hardest to stop Tyrannical Ambition, but Tyrannical Ambition’s strength didn’t lose to them one bit. Tyrannical Ambition couldn’t crush Blossom Valley with one strike, but they could still focus their forces onto a point and create a small opening.

Under Jiang You’s orders, the players from Tyrannical Ambition quickly rushed through the opening and provided a line of defense for the Clerics. The Clerics immediately began casting their spells and healed Unrivaled Super Hottie.

“Ha ha ha ha.” Unrivaled Super Hottie laughed. When the players from Blossom Valley saw this guy laugh, they gave him a look of disdain and began healing Dazzling Spring as well.

The two players were being healed like crazy and neither of them had the destructive force of a obss. Their health bars were always full. No matter how hard they attacked, their health bar never dropped.

“What’s the point of a fight like this?” Zhang Jiale looked up at the sky.

“Ha ha, let’s see which side’s Clerics will run out of mana first!” Ye Xiu said.

“Shameless!” Zhang Jiale was speechless. With the way they were fighting, even though his health never dropped, as a Spitfire with leather armor, he definitely wouldn’t be able to survive as long as a Knight with heavy armor. Against a normal opponent, Zhang Jiale could widen the distance between them and kite the opponent, but he was currently against another God. Kiting him wouldn’t be so easy. Even if he were able to widen the distance for a moment, he would quickly be chased down.  

Thus, Zhang Jiale decided not to waste his energy fighting Ye Xiu . He tossed Unrivaled Super Hottie aside and directly rushed into the chaotic fight between the two guilds. From this point of view, it could be seen that Zhang Jiale had the upperhand over Unrivaled Super Hottie. If he wanted to run, he could easily do so.

“Running again? Please stop giving up so easily!” Ye Xiu shouted as he chased after Dazzling Spring..

“I’ll come clean you up in a bit.” Zhang Jiale replied calmly. Following afterwards, he blasted apart the group of enemies he had charged into. His offense wasn’t something ordinary players could defend against. The bright lights swallowed up numerous players. The players from Blossom Valley had been prepared. They were all in the same team as Dazzling Spring, so none of them took any damage. Tyrannical Ambition’s side was much more tragic. They were unable to resist. They wanted to fight back, but they couldn’t even find their opponents.

From a certain perspective, Zhang Jiale’s Hundred Blossoms fighting style was a type of offense and defense. He didn’t rely on the skill effects to defend. Instead, he used the visual effects that were supposed to just be for decoration. These beautiful flashes of light would cover up Dazzling spring, so the players wouldn’t know his position. Where were they supposed to attack?

This technique was similar to Vanishing Steps. It wasn’t something the system had purposefully intended for, but rather something the players had found for themselves according to how the game worked.

Even though the damage that could be dealt by a single person was limited, Zhang Jiale was a God, who could increase the pace of his attacks with his playing. His ability to deal incredible amounts of damage in an instant was regarded as a model for many teams. This extravagant playstyle looked like it covered an extremely large area, but in reality, the damage was focused on one target. And only Zhang Jiale knew who this target was. By the time his opponent was able to figure it out, it was usually too late.

And with so many enemies around him, it was naturally very difficult to see who his attacks were focused on, even more so for normal players on a lower level than him. The health of some players fell slowly, while the health of other players fell quickly. But from an overall outlook of the battle, everyone was being attacked without any distinction between them.  

For his fighting style, the more numerous the enemies the easier it was to confuse the enemies.

The players from Tyrannical Ambition were helpless. Suddenly, they saw Dazzling Spring shoot out from the bright lights, but he didn’t stop attacking. However, this time, instead of attacking all around him, his attacks were focused on one player.

Everyone thought they would be able to guess who this target was, but when they turned to look, everyone was stunned.

This guy wasn’t Unrivaled Super Hottie, but a Knight from Tyrannical Ambition. This guy didn’t have any sort of conflict with Dazzling Spring, but right now, he had become Dazzling Spring’s target.

“Ha ha, not bad!” Unrivaled Super Hottie finally rushed over, but Dazzling Spring didn’t even glance at him as he continued to attack that Knight. He didn’t even turn his head when Unrivaled Super Hottie slashed at him.

“Give me a Focus!!” Everyone heard Dazzling Spring shout. Afterwards, his attacks instantly engulfed that Knight. But this Knight didn’t fall. The Clerics supporting him had been prepared and had started healing him awhile ago.

This Knight was an elite from Tyrannical Ambition. His equipment was better than Unrivaled Super Hottie’s, so with Clerics assisting him, he was able to survive the burst. When they saw that Dazzling Spring was still attacking this Knight, they finally came to a realization.

“Provoked! He’s been Provoked!!”  

“Hurry up and give him a Focus!!!” Blossom Valley finally realized as well, but they were too late. Unrivaled Super Hottie shouted “Next!” and another Knight from far away used Provoke. Dazzling Spring turned around and ran over to that side. Blossom Valley’s Clerics wanted to cast a Focus to dispel the Provoke, but after the Provoke had been relayed, they were no longer in reach. In order to get closer, they would need to ask if Tyrannical Ambition would kindly move aside.

“Hurry over!!”

This time, the players from Blossom Valley shouted these words. Except this time, the situation was completely different. Last time, Unrivaled Super Hottie and Dazzling Spring had been in a harmonious 1v1 environment. Even though both of them had been within Blossom Valley’s troops, no one else was attacking Unrivaled Super Hottie besides Dazzling Spring.

But this time, Dazzling Spring had been Provoked into Tyrannical Ambition’s troops, but he didn’t receive the same treatment. As soon as Dazzling Spring fell into the enemy’s hands, Ye Xiu shouted without any shame: “Kill him! What are you waiting for!!!”

The players from Tyrannical Ambition all attacked Dazzling Spring. How much health could a Spitfire have? In addition, after being Provoked, his movements were limited and didn’t really have any way to dodge the barrage of attacks. In the end, he could only survive a bit longer than a normal player before dying.

“Okay okay. He’s dead now. Stop charging towards him and hurry up and kill the boss.” With Dazzling Spring dead, Unrivaled Super Hottie immediately appeared between Blossom Valley and Tyrannical Ambition as if nothing had happened.

“F*ck! Kill him!!” The players from Blossom Valley heard his statement and went mad. What boss? Unrivaled Super Hottie’s existence was much more disgusting than the boss’s. Everyone threw their attacks at Unrivaled Super Hottie, not even caring if they themselves took damage.

Even a pro Knight wouldn’t be able to take this huge storm of attacks! Unrivaled Super Hottie ran away and involved the surrounding players. These players weren’t able to react in time and were instantly killed.

“So hot-headed!” Ye Xiu grumbled as he ran. The players he passed by gave him salutes. This guy carried a halo of a aggro. To be able to make the enemies attack without any regard for their lives, how capable was that?

“What’s the situation with the boss?” Unrivaled Super Hottie swiftly retreated from the frontlines and went to ask Jiang You’s Wandering Peak. His objectives quickly switched. After getting rid of Dazzling Spring, he stopped PKing and focused on the boss fight.

“Right now, Samsara has the advantage.” Jiang You was speechless for a good while.

“Too arrogant! I’ll go steal it back!! Knights, follow me!” Ye Xiu shouted.

The Knights looked at him in fear. The several players that were previously near Unrivaled Super Hottie had been killed in an instant from the enemy’s attacks. With such a huge amount of aggro on his head, who dared to stand next to him?

This Unrivaled Super Hottie directly asked the guild leader: “Can I take out the Knights and Clerics and have them join my team?”

“Okay.” Jiang You agreed decisively. He immediately reorganized the teams by putting all of the Clerics and Knights in one team. Then, he added Unrivaled Super Hottie into it.

“Knights, listen to my orders. Stop using Provoke.” Unrivaled Super Hottie instructed.


“Wait for everyone’s Provoke to come off cooldown and then wait for my order. We’ll directly take the boss away in one swoop.” Unrivaled Super Hottie explained.

“How is that going to work?” No one believed him. The Knights from the other guilds weren’t dead. If we act, the enemies will do the same. It’ll just be a stalemate again.

“That’s why I said wait for my order.” Unrivaled Super Hottie said arrogantly.

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