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Chapter 585 - Starting Place

Dazzling Spring attacked with an extremely quick pace. In order to dodge these types of attacks, Unrivaled Super Hottie had to make lots of movements. This caused Chen Guo, who was beside Ye Xiu, to stare at his screen, but be unsure of what was going on.

Despite this, she was still immensely excited. 

This was because she was the only person who could actually confirm the two’s identity. 

Ye Xiu, that naturally goes without saying. 

Zhang Jiale. His flashy Spitfire’s Hundred Blossoms style was too noticeable. Even more so, Ye Xiu quietly spoke to Dazzling Spring so that no one else besides Dazzling Spring could hear him. However, Chen Guo was next to Ye Xiu, so she could hear him speak. Chen Guo didn’t need further confirmation. She had already made an accurate guess on this person’s identity. 

Chen Guo was extremely excited. She was too busy to even look down on Ye Xiu for telling the Clerics to support him, so he could just tank the hits to fight.

Zhang Jiale was a God!

In terms of age, he had been a pro for six years. Right now, the Glory Pro Alliance was on its eighth competitive season, so he would be considered quite old.

Within these six years, he participated in three finals, which was quite an accomplishment. Amongst all the Gods in the pro scene, only Ye Qiu and Wang Jiexi had similar achievements. Ye Qiu had participated in four finals and became the champion three times. Wang Jiexi had participated in three finals and became the champion two times. Zhang Jiale had participated in three finals, but won the championship zero times.

This tragic comparison was honestly very depressing. Especially for those three finals, Zhang Jiale’s opponents just happened to be Ye Qiu and Wang Jie Xi. When the three were compared together, it only made Zhang Jiale look even more tragic.

Last season or the Pro Alliance’s seventh season, Team Hundred Blossoms led by Zhang Jiale lost to Team Tiny Herb led by Wang Jiexi. Zhang Jiale’s heart completely died. After the long holidays, he suddenly announced his retirement, completely catching Team Hundred Blossoms off guard. Because Team Hundred Blossoms wasn’t able to prepare well enough during the summer, their performance this season fell sharply. It was only because of Team Excellent Era’s downfall that Team Hundred Blossoms was able to escape from criticism.  

Then again, Team Hundred Blossom’s decline wasn’t unreasonable like Team Excellent Era’s. The sudden retirement of their ace player and captain resulted in the team not having anyone to take his position. Their decline wasn’t a surprise with such misfortune falling upon them. However, a team that had participated in three finals couldn’t be ordinary. Team Hundred Blossom’s second year rookie Tang Hao had risen abruptly this season. But their best character and the responsibilities involved were pushed onto Zou Yuan, which was way beyond his ability. On the other hand, Tang Hao was outstanding player, but the Brawler character in his hand wasn’t good enough to be considered a trump card. In the end, Team Hundred Blossom’s performance was shaky. At this point in time, it would be natural for a person to think: if Zhang Jiale and his Dazzling Hundred Blossoms were still playing, along with the aid of the rising Tang Hao, Team Hundred Blossoms would undoubtedly be a power to be reckoned with this season.

Harsh critics would say Zhang Jiale was worthy of being called the Number One Unlucky God. He couldn’t take it anymore and retired after suffering through so many years, but then an outstanding helper immediately popped up in the team. Originally, he could have had another chance to win the championships, but the chance was missed just like that.

But the majority of the people were lenient and felt sorry for Zhang Jiale. Hundred Dazzling Blossom’s performance during last season’s final was still as splendid as in the past. Zhang Jiale hadn’t aged to the point, where he needed to retire yet. It was just that he was unable to get any return from all of his struggling for so many ears. Although he wasn’t old, his heart had been grinded by time. His heart had given up. His sudden announcement of his retirement felt a little bit irresponsible and impulsive.

Topics related to Zhang Jiale continued for the whole competition season. Even if Team Hundred Blossoms had the upcoming Tang Hao, it couldn’t stop the fans’ reminiscence of Zhang Jiale. Some people suggested that in the All Star Weekend’s Rookie Challenge, Tang Hao’s prideful “junior succeeds the senior” might have been because Team Hundred Blossoms constantly talked about their retired team leader, which irritated him and caused him to want to rise like the devil. If one thought about this more carefully, the explanation would feel a bit far-fetched, but it was truly hard to say why Tang Hao issued the challenge.

A God had just risen in the team, but the only thing people talked about was the previous leader. What could he be feeling in his heart? Tao Hao was only a God because of his skills. In terms of age, he was only a second year rookie. He was turning eighteen this year, an age where it’s easy to be proud. How could anyone expect such a youth to be mature and reserved? 

Everything that had happened to Team Hundred Blossoms this season could be attributed to Zhang Jiale’s retirement. His leave was straightforward, but was he truly willing in his heart? If there really was another chance, would he return again? With the rise of Tang Hao this season, many Team Hundred Blossom fans wanted Zhang Jiale to come back.

But now, in the online game, Zhang Jiale’s Spitfire had appeared. Combined with the encounter with Wei Chen from before, Chen Guo immediately became excited.

Chen Guo was obviously a bit uneasy about their future new team. But another powerful God had come. How could Chen Guo stop herself from being excited? She hoped to see a repeat performance of Wei Chen’s encounter.

“Did you become a spy in Tyrannical Ambition for this to happen?” Chen Guo was so enthusiastic that her voice was shaking. 

“For what to happen?” But Ye Xiu was puzzled.

“Him! Zhang Jiale.” Chen Guo pointed towards Dazzling Spring on Ye Xiu’s screen. Chen Guo felt dizzy seeing a fight between two Gods from a first person point of view.

“I became a spy in Tyrannical Ambition to find Zhang Jiale? Could you please analyze how that makes any logical sense.” Ye Xiu spoke helplessly. 

“It’s not?” Chen Guo asked with uncertainty. 

“Of course not! This is a pure coincidence! If I knew he were here, wouldn’t I be seeking death by coming in my current condition?” Ye Xiu spoke.

“What about your condition?”

“With only my current equipment, no guild, and lacking 160 stat points.” Ye Xiu spoke. 

“Do you mean to say that you can’t beat him?”

“I just died a moment ago. Did you not see that?” Ye Xiu asked, puzzled.

“I thought that was one of your despicable tactics.” Chen Guo was dumbstruck.

“What type of tactic is that? When I get revived, my experience is still deducted. I was level, so a loss in experience means a reduction in stats.” Ye Xiu said. 

“So you’re saying…… it’s a tragedy?” Chen Guo asked. 

“Didn’t you see me calling for the Clerics to come help me?” Ye Xiu said. “What exactly have you been doing this entire time?”

“I…… I……” Chen Guo was at a loss for words. She really didn’t think that the reason for Unrivaled Super Hottie’s death and Ye Xiu’s call for help was actually so simple and plain: he couldn’t beat his opponent. She had been thinking  about what sort of despicable scheme Ye Xiu was hiding. The truth rendered her speechless. 

He died because he couldn’t beat his opponent.

He called for help because he couldn’t beat his opponent. 

F*ck, those actions were so logical! But Chen Guo didn’t even spend a second to think about the possibility of this happening to Ye Xiu and regarded it as illogical. 

Chen Guo was still in a daze, when Ye Xiu shouted again: “Is anyone going to come help me??”

Now Chen Guo finally understood. This was no scheme nor was it a trap. It was because he really couldn’t beat the opponent that he had to ask for help.

Even though Ye Xiu managed to take advantage of the opening, while Zhang Jiale was in a daze, and attacked a few times, but just like what Ye Xiu had told Chen Guo, his character’s was too weak. Even though the equipment was provided by Jiang You, it was only bit better than his previous out-dated equipment. It was nowhere near Dazzling Spring’s equipment. Nowhere near didn’t just mean the stats. For Unrivalled Super Hottie, it was a set of equipment casually provided by Jiang You. But for Dazzling Spring, it was obviously matched and designed meticulously by Zhang Jiale according to his own habits and style. It could be likened to a scuffle between two people. One fellow would be improvising with a randomly picked up brick, while the other fellow would be using a weapon he was familiar with. 

Secondly, there was the 160 stat point gap. Unrivalled Super Hottie didn’t have it because he didn’t have a guild. On the other hand, Dazzling Spring was with Blossom Valley.

These two disadvantages were already enough to be a deciding factor.

Ye Xiu’s current opponent wasn’t any random player from the Heavenly Domain in which case he could suppress through skill alone. This was a God who was on the same level as Ye Xiu. His achievements were only a bit less than Ye Xiu’s. Let alone normal players, even Wei Chen wouldn’t be able to compete with Zhang Jiale right now. 

Ye Xiu was able to take advantage of the small opening, but he could gain a slight advantage for a bit. Without any alarm, Zhang Jiale relied on his two advantages to easily reverse the situation. Thus, Ye Xiu had to call for help. 

However, the players from Blossom Valley wouldn’t give him the opportunity.

After identifying Zhang Jiale, protecting this duel from outside interference was even more important than than the boss.

“Blow him to bits!!!”

After hearing Ye Xiu calling out for help again, the players from Blossom Valley became very excited and gave another wave of cheers. 

Zhang Jiale also attacked amidst the cheers as if he had returned onto the stage.

“Hey, why are you being so serious?” Ye Xiu spoke, while controlling Unrivaled Super Hottie and looking for an opportunity.

“You don’t seem very relaxed either?” Zhang Jiale finally spoke.

“That’s a must. I intend to form a new team and make my way back to the pro scene. Of course I have to be serious. I’m doing business here! If you want to bully noobs to feel superior, couldn’t you go somewhere else? Hurry and pretend you DCed.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Didn’t you just say that bullying noobs doesn’t feel good? I find it quite nice bullying you.” Zhang Jiale said. 

“I’m conducting serious business here. I don’t have time to fool around with you!” Ye Xiu got angry.

“You’re still not going to give up?” Zhang Jiale asked. 

“Why do I have to give up?” Ye Xiu asked in reply.

“Haven’t you already gotten what you want? Why do you still want to keep going?” Zhang Jiale asked. 

“I’ve never heard of anyone getting tired of winning championships.” Ye Xiu said. 

“You’re still thinking of winning a championship?” Zhang Jiale laughed.

“Winning a championship is very addicting. I really cherish my memories of it.” Ye Xiu said. 

“F*ck……” Zhang Jiale turned depressed. Ye Xiu clearly knew of his circumstances, yet this fellow was still discussing the feeling of winning a championship. He was sprinkling salt onto his wound!

“I don’t feel like I need to retire yet. As long as there’s a chance, I will never back out, even if it’s just for one more day.” Ye Xiu spoke.

“Big bro, you’re also in retirement right now, okay?” Zhang Jiale said. 

“Struggling isn’t limited to just the pro scene. This here is still Glory. This is our true starting point.”

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