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Chapter 583 - Flashy But Ineffective

After being hit by Heroic Leap in the mid air, Dazzling Spring fell like a meteor. Sensing the approaching player, Blade Master Lan Rui pointed his sword and started another sword dance. Seeing the familiar scene, everyone soon remembered the Knight got killed in the same manner before. It looked like this Spitfire could only die faster than that Knight. 

Who would have expected the Spitfire to actually fire twice during his fall despite going as fast as a meteor?

As the gun roared, the falling figure took on a different trajectory, twisting towards the side. As soon as he landed, he rolled away, successfully dodging Lang Rui’s dancing blade. 

Who are these two players!!!!

All the players watching felt like going crazy.

One defied the system’s rules and used Heroic Leap in mid air. The other was able to use Aerial Fire to dodge the boss’s attack while rapidly descending. Only a perfect amount of experience, judgement, and speed would have made both feats possible: just the slightest insufficiency in any of the three would have spelled failure. Even up until now, the audience still had no idea how Unrivaled Super Hottie had accomplished that impossible Heroic Leap. 

The brilliance wasn’t over yet. Dazzling Spring’s Aerial Fire, landing, and rolling linked together flawlessly, allowing him to dodge Lang Rui’s flashing blade. Still, the descending shadow above his head was still locked onto him. Heroic Leap hadn’t ended yet!


Heroic Leap hit Dazzling Spring again. There weren’t a lot of changes, but to be able to deal damage again under these circumstances was truly unbelievable for the viewers. 

Heroic Leap was used under Knight’s Spirit. This Just Heroic Leap hit Dazzling Spring as well as the boss. The special effect of this skill was to deal equal damage to its targets. There was no way to avoid it, even the boss was no exception. After being hit, Lang Rui’s steps paused, unlike Dazzling Spring, who got flattened on the ground. After all, a boss is still a powerful existence. 

Knowing that the boss was more dangerous than Dazzling Spring, Unrivaled Super Hottie rolled away immediately after landing. 

The boss soon got out of the stun from Just Heroic Leap. Lang Rui’s blade chased after Unrivaled Super Hottie without a moment’s delay. Expecting the attack, Unrivaled Super Hottie avoided all of the strikes as Dazzling Spring cursed aloud, “F***!” on the side while scrambling away towards safety. 

All the players who saw it were stupefied. What an evil scheme! He could have run anywhere to avoid the boss’s blow, but he just had to run in Dazzling Spring’s direction so that the boss’s attack would also be pointed at the Spitfire. Had Dazzling Spring not been an expert player with outstanding reaction speed and mechanics, he would have died right then and there under Lang Rui’s blade. If it were any other normal player under the same conditions, it would have being a certain death. Even though the boss’s sole target was Unrivaled Super Hottie, the boss’s slashing sword covered a significant amount of area. If Dazzling Spring hadn’t reacted fast enough, he would have been smashed to pieces on the spot. 

“Second tank, take over!” Unrivaled Super Hottie shouted.

At that moment, almost half of the players had abandoned their tasks to watch the commotions on the sideline. This shout snapped Tyrannical Ambition’s Knight back to reality: Blade Master Lang Rui was really close to him right now.

Was this his true intention?

Everyone was confused: was Unrivaled Super Hottie trying to lead the boss towards Tyrannical Ambiotion’s troops, or was he trying to killing Dazzling Spring indirectly, or was he trying to kill two birds with one stone?

Tyrannical Ambition’s Knight immediately threw out a Provoke, forcing Lang Rui to turn, while making Blossom Valley’s Knight very sad.

Blossom Valley’s Knight thought Unrivaled Super Hottie was dead for sure, so he didn't rush in to fight over the boss. Who would have thought that Unrivaled Super Hottie would be able to survive through all that? He knew that Unrivaled Super Hottie was too busy to take on the boss, but he had forgotten that there were still people from Tyrannical Ambition present. Right now, the second team, which had a good number of Knights and Clergy and plenty of time to prepare, easily dragged the boss away.

“Get it back!!” With the Knight’s shout, Blossom Valley’s troops rushed forward. The second, third, fourth, and fifth tank gathered around the main tank to start a war of Provokes. Blossom Valley’s Clerics all tensed up right away. They knew soon that the battle would soon fall into chaos as the ownership of the boss’s aggro becomes a total mess. That would be the hardest time for the teams, especially the Clerics. 




Both sides started picking fights with the others. They were provoking each other to see which side had the better skill.

Meanwhile, despite being pushed around earlier, Dazzling Spring had already jumped back up and was chasing after Unrivaled Super Hottie. Both of them had no helper now, so the battle turned into an one on one death match. Dazzling Spring’s embarrassing state was nowhere to be seen now. His gun roared in his right hand while grenades rolled off his left, churning up a fiery storm of explosions. 

Under Ye Xiu’s control, the Knight moved nimbly in spite of its usual clumsy impression. Unrivaled Super Hottie dodged all of Dazzling Spring’s offensives narrowly with skillful pathing. 

But because of the fast pace of the fight, no one was able to tell how many skills Dazzling Spring released nor how many times he had attacked. All that people could be heard were the endless roars of explosions and gunshots. In the blink of an eye, the colorful visual effects of the skills had swallowed up a large area on the map. 

“So flashy!!” Someone exclaimed.

“But they seem ineffective though? None of them hit.” Someone followed up after noticing Unrivaled Super Hottie’s expert positioning. 

Flashy, but ineffective….

When this comment came out, many players paused in realization, especially the players from Blossom Valley. Although Dazzling Spring had whipped up a lively battle for the sake of Blossom Valley, the players from Blossom Valley had no idea where he had come from. Amidst the discussion, one thought suddenly came up, reminding these Blossom Valley’s players of one person. 

That person was none other than Hundred Blossom’s former captain, Dazzling Hundred Blossom’s owner: Zhang Jiale. 

Zhang Jiale’s style was extremely garish, just like his character’s name: Dazzling Hundred Blossoms. However, because he overly pursued the flashy effects in an onslaught of skills, his style's effectiveness had became the target of many’s criticism. Especially when his opponent had managed to analyze his fighting style thoroughly, comments like "Cool, but you aren't able to hit him" started to appear more and more frequently on Zhang Jia Le's commentary.

Right now, the same critique appeared on Dazzling Spring. It sparked that feeling of familiarity almost instantaneously among the fans of Team Hundred Blossom.    

Dazzling Spring grabbed everyone’s eyes since the moment he got on stage. His style had been garish enough. It was so excessively flashy that even the issue of being effective had surfaced. Could this person truly be Zhang Jiale? If not, then the player behind Dazzling Spring had perfected a truly unbelievable imitation. 

However, if Dazzling Spring was indeed Zhang Jiale, then the player who was able to dodge every attack of his had to be a pro player too. Could he be Zhen Chengfeng? While everyone was having a headache just to figure out the situation at hand, Jiang Jiale suddenly exploded as if being triggered. 

That person really is Zhang Jiale!!!

The players of Blossom Valley were incomparably familiar with their team’s former God and immediately came to this conclusion. Even the players from other guilds quickly had the same thought. In this instant, Dazzling Spring’s hand speed rampaged freely. Knowledge, decision-making, and reaction speed could occasionally be made up for with luck, but hand speed was a rigid physical factor. It wasn’t something luck could bring about. This person wasn’t randomly mashing his keyboard either. His character’s movements were clean and crisp like a famous star singing. No matter how fast he or she sang, each and every word could be heard clearly.

Dazzling Spring gave the audience this type of feeling. All of his moves had some purpose to them. What about Unrivaled Super Hottie? It looked like he could no longer dodge any more. The brilliant array of attacks enveloped him. Was he dead or alive? No could tell.

Probably dead, right?

Most of the players made this guess. The wave of attacks had been too frightening. However, Dazzling Spring didn’t seem to share their thoughts. Although he stopped attacking, it was because even he couldn’t see the situation from all of the attacks he had released. Even so, he prepared to attack at any moment. His gun didn’t lower and his left hand had a grenade prepared. He was waiting for the moment the field cleared up. 

Suddenly, more than half of the players stopped whatever they had been doing. Only those fighting the boss couldn’t do so because they simply couldn’t. Though at this moment, no one cared about the boss. Everyone focused their attention onto the duel between these two mysterious guys.

The light dispersed and everyone saw that Unrivaled Super Hottie had fallen.

Dazzling Spring lowered his gun and turned around. His attention was already on the boss. At this moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie’s corpse suddenly glowed with a white light. Unrivaled Super Hottie leaped up and headed straight for Dazzling Spring with a Charge. 

This unexpected revival was undoubtedly the best kind of ambush there was. Dazzling Spring had no time to prepare against it. Among the shocked cries of many, Unrivaled Super Hottie charged directly into him. 

“I know picking on noobs feels good, but you don’t have to look for superiority in this way, right? You’re better than this!” As Unrivaled Super Hottie spoke, Dazzling Spring was already being sent away flying. 

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