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Chapter 58 – Kill Stealing


Ye Xiu could only give this evaluation towards this sort of kill stealer.

Boneyard didn’t have many people. There were plenty of monsters for players to kill, but this guy just unexpectedly stole his target. This type of evil kill stealing was mostly done to show off their own skill.

This player held a pole in his hands. Magic fluctuated under his foot. He was a genuine Battle Mage. The magic fluctuations under his feet were a buff from the Battle Mage’s signature skill, Chaser.

Chasers could be triggered through several different Battle Mage skills for a total of five. After triggering a Chaser, they would circle around the Battle Mage’s body for 30 seconds. Within those 30 seconds, the Chaser could fly out and attack the target. After injuring or killing the target, the character would be buffed for 20 seconds.

At Level 20, Battle Mages could learn one Chaser: Neutral Chaser. It was triggered through Dragon Tooth and did the lowest damage among the five Chasers. The buff it gave increased the character’s movement speed. A Level 1 Neutral Chaser increased movement speed by 1% and the max Level 20 increased movement speed by 20%.

Chasers were the Battle Mage’s most distinguishable feature, which was why it is said that they used magic to increase their fighting strength. Although Lord Grim was already Level 20, he didn’t have the option to learn this skill.

This Battle Mage used this skill very proficiently. After knocking the monster into the air, he quickly moved behind the monster and then stabbed with Dragon Tooth, completing an aerial and back attack. A Neutral Chaser condensed onto the pole tip and flashed to his side. Depending on how the attacks were executed, there were differences between the triggered Chasers: small, medium, large. Although the size didn’t affect the buff given, it did affect the Chaser’s damage. In Glory, Battle Masters were easy to learn, but difficult to master. The usage of Chasers as well as the technical requirements for Battle Spirit all made it difficult to play proficiently.

This guy turned around and just happened to face Lord Grim. Even after kill stealing, this guy still continued to show off in front of him.

Ye Xiu look and felt that this guy wasn’t ordinary. Not talking about his flaunting, he could tell just by looking at the character’s mocking face. What a disharmonious face! Neither the game’s appearance editor nor a random creation could make such a conflicting result.

Ye xiu shook his head. He didn’t think that he would be tangled with such a show-off king over a small monster. Who would have thought that after the show-off king turned around and flaunted in front of Lord Grim twice, he would suddenly make a mistake. The monster, which had originally been in the air, fell to the ground.

Ye Xiu couldn’t help but laugh. Right when he was going to leave, he heard this person say his name: “Lord Grim?”

“Yeah?” Ye Xiu heard this and turned Lord Grim around. That person walked towards Lord Grim while the monster chased after.

“So it was you.” The other side said.

“You are?” Ye Xiu looked at this guy’s ID. Thousand Creations, no idea. Was it someone from the Internet Cafe who he just friended? Ye Xiu opened up his friends and list was about to look, when the person said: “I heard you’re quite good? Come, let’s compare notes.”

“Who are you?” There were thirty or so people on his friends list. Ye Xiu quickly glanced at it, but didn’t see the name Thousand Creations.

“That’s not important. The important point is that I want to duel you.” Thousand Creations said.

Ye Xiu didn’t say anything else and made Lord Grim turn around to leave.

“Hey, don’t leave!!” Thousand Creations immediately said, but the half-fought monster was still attacking him. Thousand Creations used a Sky Strike to knock up the monster and then used Falling Flower Palm. The monster he fought was blown away and just happened to smash into Lord Grim.

After leaving beginner village, the system no longer protected players, so players could now PK each other. Right when this monster looked as if it smashed into Lord Grim, Lord Grim suddenly turned his body. Taking out his battle lance, the monster was stabbed in midair. With a wave of his arm, the monster fell to the ground. He then used a “Circle Swing” to finish the combo, killing off the monster that Thousand Creations had blown towards him.

“You really do have some skills. But I still advise that you go to the Arena with me, so you don’t lose any experience.” Thousand Creations said this, but the other side didn’t reply back. The other side did the same as him. He used a Sky Strike at a monster and then used Falling Flower Palm to knock the monster to him. But this time, the Falling Flower Palm was done quicker and the monster flew out towards him.

“Humph.” Thousand Creations snorted in disdain. He stabbed it with his pole and was about to do what Lord Grim had done. He also used a Circle Swing to finish off the blown away monster.

The pole easily executed it. Thousand Creations was already praising himself, thinking that his previous action was quite cool. But who would have thought that the monster that was flying towards him suddenly fell to the ground. The pole unexpectedly stabbed at air.

Thousand Creations was stunned.

If this wasn’t a coincidence, then this guy had actually used Falling Flower Palm with just the right strength and also calculated that he’d use Circle Swing to receive it. As a result, the monster was blown away to just outside of the Circle Swing’s range, making his pole miss. What type of terrifying microing was this?

“You still have a ways to go!”

When Thousand Creations heard this, he immediately moved his camera over. Lord Grim was already walking away minding his own business, while he himself was being attacked by the monster he missed.

“You’d better not leave!” People who loved to show off, naturally, were most afraid of losing face. Now that he was being played with and looked down upon, Thousand Creations wouldn’t forgive him. He once again blasted the monster over and chased after him, at the same time.

Lord Grim showed his skills once again. He lifted his hand and used Dragon Tooth. The monster that was flying over was staved off in mid-air. Following up with a Sky Strike, he hit the monster high up into the air and then used Double Stab. The monster opened up its arms and hugged towards Thousand Creations.

“F*ck!” Thousand Creations, who had rushed forward too fast, didn’t have time to react. He didn’t think that Lord Grim would play around with this monster for so long, before hitting it back. The flying monster hit his face. From a first person view, the entire screen was filled with arepulsive, rotting zombie corpse, utterly disgusting. Thousand Creations was hit down onto the ground by the zombie.

After pushing away the zombie, he immediately got up. But he discovered that the zombie had latched onto his thigh and opened his rotting mouth about to bite down. Thousand Creations beat it with his pole. After killing off this zombie with great difficulty, he heard creaking bone sounds from his headphones. He didn’t know when, but a skeleton had aggroed onto him. The skeleton raised its machete and charged at him.

“Don’t you like kill stealing? Take your time.” Lord Grim called out. Thousand Creations immediately looked towards him. This guy had already gathered four monsters in that short amount of time. At this moment, a Falling Flower Palm exploded out and the four monsters were smashed towards Thousand Creations.

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