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Chapter 574 - 2v2

Mist Earth City was the city closest to the teleportation formation in Tomb in the Sky. As a Level 70 city, this place was bustling with noise. Even though the Heavenly Domain covered a vast expanse of space, it couldn’t hold every player, so every city was packed like a large metropolis. If it wasn’t because players in the game didn’t need living space, it was hard to say if a city could even sustain such a large population.

When Ye Xiu set foot in the city, he also felt deeply moved. Fortunately, he was using an alternate account, otherwise, if Lord Grim had entered this bustling city, who knew what the scene would be like. The Club guilds had enormous influence and power. Not long after entering the city, Ye Xiu saw many characters with these guild tags walking around them. If he had walked in as Lord Grim, would there have been another pursuit all over the city like there had been last time? The Heavenly Domain didn’t have any safe places, which would prove to be quite troublesome. Suddenly needing to use the restroom en-route to some place could make a player very scared and on edge. 

However, a player’s wisdom was boundless. In the Heavenly Domain, was there really no way to be safe other than logging off? Of course not. Although it’s a bit ironic, the safest place to be was the PvP Arena.

The inside of the Arena looked similar to a stadium, but in reality, the Arena wasn’t considered part of the game’s scenery. It was more like a platform. In the Arena, players were completely safe because you couldn’t just rush into a huge crowd of players to attack them. If something unexpected came up, going into the Arena was a good choice. Unfortunately, this choice couldn’t be made by players out in the wild. Even though the Arena was a platform, a player could only enter the Arena through a city. Running all the way to the city in order to use the restroom clearly wasn’t worth the trouble. It would be much more efficient to just log off.

Both Happy Sheep’s team and Wolf Head’s team gathered at the Arena. They obviously weren’t there for safety reasons. As teams under the banner of the same guild, they were supposed to be in good relations with each other, so killing each other for equipment wasn’t likely to happen, but sparring in the Arena could be done if they wanted to let off some steam.

Wolf Head’s hostility towards Unrivaled Super Hottie had reached its peak. After leading his team into the Arena, he opened a room and notified Happy Sheep.

Along the way, Wolf Head gradually calmed down and began carefully preparing for the match.

As a player with 50,000 matches in the Arena, Wolf Head had a lot of experience in PvP battles. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s words angered him, but after thinking about it carefully, he also became somewhat fearful.

Because Unrivaled Super Hottie accurately pointed out a problem that he had been facing for a long time.

Wolf Head had reached a 75% win rate a long time ago, but afterwards, the only thing that increased was the number of matches that he played. His win rate was stagnant and stayed around 75% and never increased.

Opponents that he couldn’t beat before still couldn’t be beat by him.

And some of the opponents he used to be able to beat could now beat him. As their win rates went up, they became extremely difficult opponents for him.

Others might think that Unrivaled Super Hottie was taunting him, but this taunt hit too close to home. He had never met this guy before…

The more he felt like this person wasn’t simple, the less confident he became.

A short moment later, Happy Sheep brought his sheep into the Arena. Happy Sheep originally thought Wolf Head would jump on stage and loudly announce the match to everyone, but when he looked, Wolf Head wasn’t even on stage yet.  

“What is this guy scheming?” Happy Sheep felt uneasy! With his understanding of Wolf Head, when he looked at this scene, he immediately felt that something unexpected had happened.

“So you’ve finally arrived.” Just as he was thinking about it, Wolf Head spoke.

“Then, let’s start!” Wolf Head continued. Following afterwards, he appeared on stage, but it wasn’t just him. There was another person too!

Wolf Head, Wolf Claw.

“You…... shameless!!!” Happy Sheep immediately shouted.

Happy Sheep recognized Wolf Claw. Wolf Claw was the lead Cleric on Wolf Head’s team and wasn’t any less skilled than him. Unrivaled Super Hottie had asked if the other side wanted to bring a Cleric and Wolf Head responded with ridicule. However, now that it was actually time to start the match, he had actually brought a Cleric?

“Relax, I’m not going to fight two versus one. That wouldn’t count as a victory, so there’s no point. I’m saying that you guys can also send another person up for a 2v2.” Wolf Head said.

“2v2?” Happy Sheep was startled.

“No need. Just me alone is enough.” Unrivaled Super Hottie went on stage, “Let’s start!”

“Ah, you…….” Happy Sheep couldn’t stop him in time. Happy Sheep didn’t even have confidence in a 1v1, let alone a 1v2. In fear that they would actually start the match like this, Happy Sheep didn’t have time to think and immediately went on stage as well.

“What are you doing?” Unrivaled Super Hottie actually complained.

Happy Sheep was speechless. He had never met someone who didn’t know the difference between good and bad.

“Okay, if it’s a 2v2 fight, then it’s fair. No matter who wins or loses, there shouldn’t be any objections.” Wolf Head said.

“Sigh, whatever.” Unrivaled Super Hottie sounded regretful.  

Happy Sheep was nervous though. He felt like Wolf Head probably had some trick up his sleeve, but he couldn’t figure it out at this moment. This Unrivaled Super Hottie probably had one too. He had actually gone up by himself without hesitation. Even though winning a 2v1 wasn’t anything worth noting, the problem was that Wolf Head had analyzed this issue before. If he still planned on sticking with it, he must have some sort of other plan in mind too, right?

Happy Sheep felt like if he didn’t follow along with the other side’s plan, then it meant that he was ruining the other side’s plan, so he quickly joined.  

“Good, then shall we begin?” Wolf Head said and then clicked the start button.

The map chosen was the commonly used boxing arena. It was a rectangular map without any obstructions, but because it was a 2v2 match, the boxing arena expanded to accommodate, so it appeared a lot larger than normal. 

“What is he scheming?” Happy Sheep’s mind was still occupied by this question. The scene changed into the boxing arena. Wolf Head made the first move and directly charged at him.

It was a 2v2 and both teams had a Knight and Cleric. Without a doubt, the first priority target would be the Clerics. Wolf Head didn’t even give a greeting and directly rushed at him. Right when he thought he had seized the initiative, he heard someone curse from behind him: “F*ck!”

“What?” Wolf Head couldn’t turn his head around while charging forward, but up ahead, why was it only Happy Sheep in front of him?

Could it be…… that guy started moving towards Wolf Claw before he started moving?!

Right when Wolf Head had this thought, his character reached Happy Sheep. Happy Sheep was also distracted and was unable to dodge. He was hit by the Charge and sent flying.

Wolf Head hastily looked back. Sure enough, Unrivaled Super Hottie had also charged at the Cleric, even faster than he had. Happy Sheep had only just been sent flying, but Wolf Claw was already on the ground...... 

How did he do it?

Wolf Head was experienced though. As he thought about this question, he paid attention to Unrivaled Super Hottie’s and Wolf Claw’s positions.

It wasn’t a distance that Charge could cover! Wolf Head was familiar with the equipment that Knights used, so he knew that Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t have any equipment that increased Charge’s distance. If he started his skill from his initial position, Unrivaled Super Hottie must have moved a distance after using Charge. When he saw Wolf Claw crashing into the ground, Wolf Head immediately thought: could he have used a Charge and then followed up with a small jump into Heroic Leap??

Heroic Leap…… To leap such a small distance, his hands must be extremely nimble!

Wolf Head knew what was what. It was the class he played, after all. This detail immediately made him understand who was better, confirming his thoughts.

As expected, he wasn’t simple!

From this one move alone, Wolf Head lost all disdain for Unrivaled Super Hottie. Happy Sheep had fallen under his hand, but Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t even blink in their direction. He just continued to attack Wolf Claw. Wolf Head turned around and headed over to rescue him. Happy Sheep, who had been thrown to the side, wanted to cry! He was the Cleric, so why didn’t he feel protected? Unrivaled Super Hottie had left him to die as soon as the match started and didn’t even look in his direction when he was being attacked. Did Unrivaled Super Hottie really think that his existence was unnecessary?

But Happy Sheep’s goal was still victory. After healing himself, he prepared to help Unrivaled Super Hottie out.

Wolf Head quickly dashed back and used a Provoke in order to force Unrivaled Super Hottie to stop attacking Wolf Claw.

A white glow surrounded Unrivaled Super Hottie. He actually activated Knight’s Spirit at this time.

Wolf Head was surprised. He didn’t quite understand. If he didn’t want to be influenced by Provoke, he simply needed to activate Calm Like Water. Under Calm Like Water’s effects, he could dispel Provoke as well as status effects, such as Fear and Confusion. However, Knight’s Spirit didn’t have any effect.

Just as Wolf Head was puzzled, he saw the Provoked Unrivaled Super Hottie turn around and head towards him. Provoked players couldn’t attack in any other direction except towards the provoker. However, the player could still move around freely. As a result, Provoke stopped Unrivaled Super Hottie from attacking Wolf Claw, but Wolf Head would need to face the enemy’s unknown attack. Because the enemy was locked on, the enemy didn’t need to waste the efforts of looking around. Sometimes, Provoked players wouldn’t try and dispel the effects and simply go along with the flow. It wasn’t a bad choice.

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