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Chapter 573 - Natural Knight

It wasn’t without reason that Wolf Head requested a challenge. Happy Sheep was also very clear on his reasons.

If you looked at his character profile, you could clearly see that Wolf Head has fought a total of 50,000 Arena matches with a win rate of 75.49%.

These statistics were enough to show that Wolf Head was obsessed with PK! A 75% win rate was also quite impressive. No one on Happy Sheep’s team had such a record.

Arena records were not hidden. Anyone could see them with a single click. Happy Sheep saw Wolf Head suddenly issue a challenge and immediately remembered that he hadn’t seen Unrivaled Super Hottie’s Arena record yet.

But when he checked, he was very disappointed. Unrivaled Super Hottie had only played 2,000 matches with a win rate of 30%. Compared to Happy Sheep’s team, he would be placed dead last. After all, they were still members of a top guild like Tyrannical Ambition.

A poor Arena record didn’t mean the players was a noob. There were many players who didn’t like PvP and only enjoyed PvE. Truthfully speaking, with Unrivaled Super Hottie’s display in the dungeon, Happy Sheep had a difficult time believing that this was his true Arena record.

Even though PvP and PvE were different, there were similar aspects to them. Those who were good in one area wouldn’t be too far off in the other area. Even moreso, this was the Heavenly Domain! In order to enter the Heavenly Domain, the player needed to pass the Arena portion in the Heavenly Domain quest chain. To complete the Arena part, the player needed to beat a certain number of players. However, Unrivaled Super Hottie’s 34.25% win rate meant his character hadn’t tasted victory after entering the Heavenly Domain. Or perhaps this person had absolutely no interest in PvP?

Happy Sheep tried to estimate Unrivaled Super Hottie’s chances. Compared to Wolf Head’s Arena record, the odds were way too unbalanced. Right when he was about to make an excuse, Unrivaled Super Hottie actually took the initiative to respond: “Spar? That sounds good! PvP is actually my strong point!”

“Are you serious?” Happy Sheep blurted out after looking at Unrivaled Super Hottie’s win rate in the Arena.

“With a name like mine, I can’t have any weaknesses.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied in a modest tone, making everyone speechless.   

Happy Sheep didn’t know how to respond. Wolf Head had clearly looked at Unrivaled Super Hottie’s Arena record. This guy’s words and win rate were the complete opposite of each other. Along with this guy’s name, Wolf Head had already judged this person to be a megalomaniac. 

He didn’t poke any holes at the contradiction between Unrivaled Super Hottie’s words and Arena record. He simply laughed: “Then, how about we go for a round?” 

“No problem.”” Unrivaled Super Hottie immediately answered.

“I have a problem!” Happy Sheep interrupted. Today, he had slapped Wolf Head’s face. He wasn’t about to give him a chance to bite back. Such an obvious risk had to be avoided.

Even if Unrivaled Super Hottie had a reason for his disgusting win rate, Wolf Head’s Arena record wasn’t just for show. His win rate and total matches played clearly showed his skill. No one in Happy Sheep’s team would be an opponent to him. This was one of the reasons as to why Wolf Head had always been so arrogant in front of them.

In the dungeon, the progress between the two teams were about the same, but in PvP, Wolf Head had the advantage. Thus, when comparing the two teams, Wolf Head’s team was slightly better, allowing Wolf Head to always feel satisfied.

It hadn’t been easy delivering a heavy blow to Wolf Head. Happy Sheep didn’t want to give Wolf Head a chance to retaliate.

“Do you have any problems?” Unrivaled Super Hottie and Wolf Head unexpectedly spoke in unison, causing Happy Sheep to turn and glare at Unrivaled Super Hottie. Unfortunately, the other side couldn’t see his glares. Happy Sheep wanted to shout at him, asking which side he was on.

“You just came out of the dungeon and killed the boss, so you must be tired.” Happy Sheep said.

“Not at all. It’s nothing much.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied.

Happy Sheep suddenly wanted to die, when Wolf Head laughed out loud: “This brother is so straightforward. Happy Sheep don’t be so disappointed. He was the one that said it himself. Those were all trivial matters. What I want to know is how a peerless expert, who sees those as trivial matters, will do against me.

“You misunderstand me.” Unrivaled Super Hottie hastily said.

“Leading a new team to beating the final boss in this hundred player dungeon was quite difficult. What I meant was sparring with you is a trivial matter.” Unrivaled Super Hottie corrected.  


“Didn’t I say before? PvP is my strong point.” Unrivaled Super Hottie said in a serious tone.

With his character’s Arena record, it was quite hard to believe his claims , but there might be other special reasons for it. Seeing his extremely confident manner, Wolf Head immediately became alert: “This isn’t your account?”

If this wasn’t his account, then of course this character’s Arena record wouldn’t represent his actual skill.

“It’s my account.” Ye Xiu replied, “But I haven’t played on it in a long time and let my friend use it instead. He brought my Arena record way down. My real skill isn’t at this level.”

Ye Xiu explained himself because he suddenly realized that he stood out way too much. He was supposed to be a spy. His background and strengths should be mostly consistent. If his background and strength were too different, it would be suspicious.

“Ha ha ha ha, so it’s like that. Then, I’ll play with you for a bit.” Once Wolf Head heard his explanation, he immediately understood the situation. Unrivaled Super Hottie only had a total of 2000 matches played. Many of those matches were played by his friend, which meant he only could have played a maximum of 1000 matches. If he could get into the Heavenly Domain, his PvP skill shouldn’t be that bad, but the problem was that if one looked at it in the Heavenly Domain, those who could pass the Heavenly Domain Challenge were noobs in the Heavenly Domain.

This guy was probably still looking at matters from the perspective of normal servers. He didn’t realize the terror of the Heavenly Domain! Wolf Head laughed inwardly.

Happy Sheep had been hoping Unrivaled Super Hottie had some sort of mysterious solution. How could he have expected such an answer? He thought the same thing as Wolf Head and started to panic. When he saw how Wolf Head kept on pressing in this matter, he tried to stop him, but Unrivaled Super Hottie was faster: “Okay, should I find you a Cleric?”

Happy Sheep looked up at the sky and let out a long sigh. This name truly represented him, but arrogance should have a limit right?

“Bring a Cleric?” Wolf Head was slightly startled. Originally, he was about to lash out, but he suddenly had a change of thoughts and laughed: “Bring a Cleric? Two versus one?”

“Sure!” Unrivaled Super Hottie exclaimed.

“You’re pretty smart.” Wolf Head said.

“You think so?”

“If I bring a Cleric and I win. Then, there’s no way I can call that a victory, can I? He he, your request looks as if you’re taking a risk, but in reality, you’re putting yourself in an invincible position! Oh, that’s not right. You’ve definitely lost, so you’re putting your team in an unloseable situation. You really care about the team, don’t you!” Wolf Head said.

Happy Sheep also stared blankly for a moment. He hadn’t thought of doing this, but if it was actually true, it was quite a good method. However, Wolf Head had seen through his plan. He probably wouldn’t accept it now, would he?”   

“You’re always misunderstanding me. I’m saying the truth.” Unrivaled Super Hottie was helpless.

“Ha ha ha, don’t count on me being fooled. I’m going up alone.” Wolf Head said.

“Your stats were reduced because you just died. Why don’t you get your experience back first?”

“You want to stall for time?” Wolf Head sneered.


“No need. Let’s go back to the city!” Wolf Head said proudly. He became inspired after hearing the other side requesting a two versus one. His stats were reduced. With this disadvantage, if he beat the opponent, wouldn’t he appear even more powerful? Wolf Head began heading towards the city. 

“Where does he get all of that confidence from?” Unrivaled Super Hottie asked Happy Sheep.

“What?” Happy Sheep stared blankly for a good while. After a pause, he regained his composure: “Are you talking to me?”


“No way?” Happy Sheep couldn’t believe it.


“That’s what other people should be saying about you! This “he” is referring to yourself, right?” Happy Sheep cried.

Wolf Head hadn’t gotten very far yet, so he heard them speak. He had misunderstood initially. He thought someone else was trash talking Unrivaled Super Hottie! He had been laughing inwardly, but who would have thought Unrivaled Super Hottie had been trash talking him!

Wolf Head immediately stopped and turned around: “Please! Open your eyes! Look at my Arena record before you continue talking!”

“Oh, got it.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied, but then said to Happy Sheep: “Did you hear him? What he just said is my reason for confidence.”

“What are you talking about?” Happy Sheep was puzzled. Everyone was puzzled. Did Tomb in the Sky’s final boss make him go stupid?

“Fifty thousand matches. 75% win rate. Your skill has probably peaked. Those you can’t beat will never be beaten by you. As for those you can beat, after some time, you won’t be able to beat them anymore.” Unrivaled Super Hottie said.

“Arena! Hurry up! I really want to see what you’re made of!!” Wolf Head furiously roared and stomped off in the direction of the city.

Happy Sheep stood dumbly in place. After a while, he said: “You really are a natural Knight! You’ve got his aggro stabilized perfectly!”

“I’m just saying the truth.” Unrivaled Super Hottie was as calm as ever.

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