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Chapter 567 - Aquatic Battle? I Know About It

Seven Blossom Leaves didn’t have any complaints about being the secondary tank. He lent his equipment and eagerly cooperated. The kind Seven Blossom Leaves had come across someone whom he truly admired. The others couldn’t watch any longer.  

A quick Provoke. The summoned spirits didn’t even have time to attack Unrivaled Super Hottie, when one of them had been pulled away. The third, fourth, and fifth tanks didn’t dare to be slow. Even though Unrivaled Super Hottie had Seven Blossom Leaves’ equipment, his equipment wasn’t so great that he could just ignore the mob attacks and sit there. Others still needed to help him.

The Knights pulled the mobs to one side, while the DPSers attacked madly. The Clerics carefully watched the health of these few Knights.

Usually, Seven Blossom Leaves was the main tank. They hadn’t come across any problems with this strategy. It wasn’t any different with Unrivaled Super Hottie. However, because Unrivaled Super Hottie had borrowed someone else’s equipment, everyone had one thought: if Unrivaled Super Hottie had his original low-grade equipment, they wouldn’t have been able to pass.

The answer was somewhat embarrassing because it seemed to be true. 

First of all, the coordination between the Knights wasn’t very good. Seven Blossom Leaves had reacted quickly, but the others were one step slower. Two of the Knights had already messed up and allowed the monsters hit Unrivaled Super Hottie.

They had a clear understanding of their roles though, as none of them Provoked the same monster.

In addition, the DPSers’ attacks were all over the place. Everyone just attacked whatever was close to them. There wasn’t any sort of coordination between them. The Knights were partly to blame. They pulled the summoned spirits away, but they didn’t pull them to a suitable place for the DPSers to attack. Some of the melee DPSers just barely reached their targets, when Provoke’s duration ended…

When Provoke’s duration ended, the monsters would immediately head back to attack Unrivaled Super Hottie.

The Knights hastily Roared one after the other. Their order was quite clear though. None of them overlapped with each other.

Unrivaled Super Hottie watched the events unfold and commented: “How messy.”

Everyone felt ashamed!

This had originally been the place they had previously been stuck on, but after their equipment became better, they could fluster their way through it, so their coordination hadn’t changed. The only thing that improved was their understanding of the order and division of labor the Knights had. When the summoned spirits came out, everyone would be busy. The DPSers attacked freely. In any case, they could beat the boss, so why did they need to be so careful?

Everyone felt their honor disappear when they heard the expert comment “How messy.”  

But they didn’t have any problems beating the boss. It might have been messy, but there weren’t any casualties in clearing away the first wave of monsters. However, their hypotheses had been proved: if Unrivaled Super Hottie hadn’t switched equipment, he definitely would have died.

Besides saying “How messy”, Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t say much else. The players wanted to be less messy, but when the spirits were summoned once more, they returned to their chaotic fighting. After hearing Unrivaled Super Hottie’s comment, they looked at the scene with different eyes and verified it: it really was quite messy. 

Everyone wanted to fight more orderly, but they failed to fight in a beautiful orderly manner all the way until the fourth boss fell. 

We beat the boss, so it’s fine!

Everyone silently consoled themselves.

“We beat the boss, so it’s fine.” Unrivaled Super Hottie directly spoke their thoughts. When they heard this, they suddenly didn’t feel consoled anymore. Instead, they felt mocked. 

Everyone wanted to give it another try to show their true skill. Unfortunately, they could only run this dungeon once a week.  

After beating the fourth boss, they continued forward. For the fifth boss, Unrivaled Super Hottie also needed to borrow equipment, but this time, they didn’t know why he needed to switch equipment. 

It was only until after they fought for a while did everyone finally understand why.  

The fight against the fifth boss took place on several floating stone pillars. There was a limited amount of space on these stone pillars, so Unrivaled Super Hottie would have much more difficulty dodging. More importantly, this boss could freely teleport across these stone pillars. The moment the boss teleported, the boss would reset its aggro counter and freely attack.

This was naturally a difficult test for the team. 

The classes, who wouldn’t be on the same stone pillar as the boss, would be the Clerics and long-ranged classes. If the boss suddenly teleported to their position and attacked, it was as if the system ignored the rules and caused the aggro to be pulled from the tank. 

The way Happy Sheep’s team dealt with this problem was by splitting the tanks between the stone pillars. When the boss teleported, the Knight in charge of that stone pillar would immediately go up to defend. Provoke, Roar, or whatever would be used to re-establish the boss’s aggro.

But what did Unrivaled Super Hottie do? He chased the boss when the boss teleported. Moreover, he wasn’t any slower than the boss. The task, which had originally been split between the other Knights, was shouldered by him alone.  

After teleporting, the boss would attack brainlessly. Unless a player used a skill like Provoke or Roar, no one would know who the boss would attack. As a result, the tanks could really only be meat shields. They would see who the boss was intending  to attack and then jumped in front of the target to take the attack for them. 

This task wasn’t easy for the Knights.

Because this was more different than normal tanking. Normally, the monsters would attack the Knights. The Knights didn’t need to use any aggro-establishing skills to tank, but in this case, they didn’t know where the boss would attack. They had to predict the boss’s movements and defend. The fifth boss was always a section where Happy Sheep’s team had never been able to pass without any casualties. They wouldn’t lose too many players, but they would definitely lose a few. They could pass the fourth boss without any casualties, but after the fifth boss, their hundred player team would no longer have a hundred players.

But everything changed with the addition of Unrivaled Super Hottie.

Unrivaled Super Hottie closely followed the boss’ steps. He predicted and intercepted the boss accurately too. The majority of the boss’ brainless attacks hit Unrivaled Super Hottie. All of them were blocked by him on purpose. 

His low-grade equipment wouldn’t have been good enough for him to be a proper meat shield. Had he been using that equipment, he would have needed to dodge the majority of the boss’ attacks to reduce the incoming damage, but now, he could actively seek to block the boss’ attacks. Even with Seven Blossom Leave’s equipment, the Clerics still felt the pressure.

Usually, a single player couldn’t defend against the boss’s attack. As soon as the boss teleported to another stone pillar, all of the tanks would go up together to act as meat shields. You block, I block, everyone blocks, so the Clerics could spread their healing amongst different players.

But now, Unrivaled Super Hottie was blocking for everyone singlehandedly. In addition to that, he was doing it better than what they could do combined. One or two Clerics on a stone pillar weren’t enough to heal him up properly! 

Fortunately, Happy Sheep made appropriate adjustments. The Cleric squad began to chase after Unrivaled Super Hottie. All of them focused their healing on Unrivaled Super Hottie.

When the fifth boss fell, Happy Sheep’s team had made another breakthrough. They had finally cleared the boss without a single casualty with this method. The team still consisted of a hundred players, and not a single one had died yet.

Happy Sheep felt somewhat embarrassed to say this was because of the entire team’s efforts. They had always tried hard on this section, but they had never gotten through without any casualties. It was because of Unrivaled Super Hottie and his outstanding predictions that the team managed to not lose any members.

“Beautiful!” Happy Sheep praised Unrivaled Super Hottie.

“Of course.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied.

The Knights felt very ashamed. A task that they couldn’t do with all four of them had just been achieved by a single person. 

Having created history, the team was in high spirits and swept through the sixth, seventh, and eighth bosses.

Up to this point, there were still no casualties. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s tanking was extremely stable. If an incident ever occurred, he would come to their rescue. With a tank like this, even if someone wanted to die, it would be extremely difficult. An atmosphere of happiness gradually enveloped the entire team. The team killed the ninth boss. Only the final boss was left. At the same time, this was the farthest the team had ever progressed. Up until now, they hadn’t cleared this pass yet.

This time, they had all of their members alive and well, along with a powerful tank like Unrivaled Super Hottie.

“How do we fight it?” Happy Sheep didn’t rashly make arrangements and instead asked Unrivaled Super Hottie for his advice. They had tried to clear this section countless times but had failed, so Happy Sheep didn’t have much confidence in their strategy.

“How do we fight it?” Unrivaled Super Hottie heard this question and repeated the question. After thinking for a moment, he said: “I’ll tank the monsters. The damage dealers will deal damage. The healers will heal.”

The highly anticipated strategy turned out to be something like this. It made everyone want to cry. Wasn’t this the same as normal? As long as it was a game with tanks, healers, and damage dealers, weren’t all bosses fought with this strategy?   

Happy Sheep grumbled for a long time, but he didn’t say anything.   

“Is everyone ready? Should I start?” Unrivaled Super Hottie said.

“Wait. Wait.” Happy Sheep hastily stopped him.


“We’ve died here lots of times before.” Happy Sheep said.


“Our team’s progress has always stopped here.” Happy Sheep said.

“Congratulations!” Unrivaled Super Hottie exclaimed, “Today will be your first time clearing it.”


“Should I start?”  

“Wait! Wait!” Happy Sheep still wasn’t sure about what his plans were, so he wasn’t prepared. It was their first time reaching here without any losses. They had to grasp this opportunity well!


“How are you planning on tanking?” Happy Sheep asked.

“You guys probably weren’t able to tank it before, right?” Unrivaled Super Hottie’s gaze fell onto Seven Blossom Leaves and the other knights.

The Knights couldn’t help but affirm this cruel reality.

“The damage we took was too great. Our healers couldn’t keep up.” Happy Sheep said, “Maybe it’s because our equipment isn’t good enough.”

“Your equipment is good enough.” Unrivaled Super Hottie said, “You’re just not skilled enough. This is an aquatic battle, so there’s a lot of skill involved. It’s a bit more difficult.”

“You know how to engage in aquatic battles too?” Happy Sheep discovered the source of Unrivaled Super Hottie’s confidence.

“A bit.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied modestly, but why did it sound like he was bragging?

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