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Chapter 566 - I Won’t Let You Test Your Luck

When the first boss fell, their question was finally answered. Unrivaled Super Hottie had actually tanked the first boss by relying on skill alone to dodge attacks and reduce the damage that he received.

His name didn’t stand out in the various statistics, but the participating players all recognized his skill by now. With Unrivaled Super Hottie’s equipment, it was already incredible to be in the average group of players.

Moreover, for him to be able to keep dodging for the entirety of the boss fight meant that he still had energy to spare. It wasn’t his limit.

The players in Happy Sheep’s team stood around in small clusters, whispering amongst each other about Unrivaled Super Hottie. Everyone even forgot to care about what the first boss dropped.

Unrivaled Super Hottie was as calm as ever though. After beating the boss, he smashed the gear and turned to face everyone: “Continue?”

“Continue…” Happy Sheep replied. He had quietly picked up the boss drops and showed it to everyone in the team chat, but no one seemed to care. At least three people could use the equipment dropped, but none of them had replied to his message.

On their way to the second boss, no one held anymore doubts about Unrivaled Super Hottie. Right now, they only had one thought on their minds: If he can play the role of main tank in a dungeon like Tomb in the Sky with his current equipment, what would happen if we gave him better equipment? What would he be like then? Would we be able to completely clear Tomb in the Sky?

This was the embodiment of why the tank was the core of a team. With just an upgrade for one player, the entire team could reach a completely different level. As a result, every team prioritized training the tank. The faster the tank became stronger, the faster the team would grow.

Happy Sheep’s team didn’t need to train a tank. A powerful tank directly dropped into their laps. His equipment currently limited his strength, but once he upgraded his equipment, the impact such a tank would provide to the team was unimaginable!

Their path to the next boss verified their thoughts. Even though Happy Sheep still led the team, their strategy would always change a little because of Unrivaled Super Hottie’s performance. The change would initially frighten everyone, similar to their first time fighting the four stone statues, but after getting used to it, their fights became easier and more efficient.

Second boss.

Third boss.

These two boss fights were virtually the same as the first boss. Unrivaled Super Hottie continued to make up for his lacking equipment with his skill. After defeating the three bosses, everyone looked at the time. They finally realized why Unrivaled Super Hottie said “It’ll be more efficient with me.” The time they had used to beat these three bosses was much faster than their previous runs.

After clearing away the mobs, they finally reached the fourth gear.

“How about it? Will anyone lend me some equipment to use?” Unrivaled Super Hottie asked after clearing away the mobs.

Everyone was a bit startled. Shortly afterwards, they recalled that Unrivaled Super Hottie had said that he would need to borrow better equipment for a few of the bosses. 

“Did he say that for the fourth boss?”

“I think so?”

“He did. I remember what he said. Besides the fourth boss, he also said the final boss.”   

“Not just those. There’s more. Didn’t he also mention the fifth boss? I remember him talking about two bosses in a row?”    

Everyone muttered to one another. Because they looked down on Unrivaled Super Hottie at that time, they hadn’t paid too much attention to his words. Quite a bit of time had passed and they had long since forgotten his words.

“I’ll lend you my equipment!” Seven Blossom Leaves happily stepped forward. All of his equipment belonged to him. They weren’t borrowed from the guild storage, so it could be traded. Guilds would always invest in their tanks to win them over.   

Seeing how Seven Blossom Leaves was once again being a kind person, the players with a good relationship with him were somewhat nervous. After all, borrowing equipment wasn’t a trivial matter. How long had they known Unrivaled Super Hottie? Besides his shameless name and extraordinary skill, they knew nothing else about him. What if he was a scammer? What if he used this type of method to cheat equipment from others?

Many players came to this conclusion. When they thought again more carefully, Unrivaled Super Hottie had only been with them for three bosses. If he cheated them of an entire set of equipment, it would be a low risk, high return plan. Even though they had never heard about this type of scamming strategy, why couldn’t it be the first of its kind?

They couldn’t say this in public, so they privately messaged Seven Blossom Leaves urging him not to trust in this stranger.

But Seven Blossom Leaves objected.

“With his skill, why would he need to scam me for equipment?” Seven Blossom Leaves argued.

“That’s the type of thinking he wants you to have!” His friends warned.

Seven Blossom Leaves stubbornly clung to his belief. His friends continued to warn him, but he had already completed his trade with Unrivaled Super Hottie.

“I’ll give you my equipment for you to use!” Unrivaled Super Hottie handed over his lackluster equipment to Seven Blossom Leaves.

“Okay!” Seven Blossom Leaves took the equipment. In the blink of an eye, Seven Blossom Leaves and Unrivaled Super Hottie looked as if they had traded places.

The doubtful players had their hearts leap into their throats. The trade had already been completed. If he was a scammer, he would directly leave the team to without wasting any time.

But Unrivaled Super Hottie went forward and touched the gear.

Fourth boss, start!

Why did Unrivaled Super Hottie suddenly need better equipment for the fourth boss? No one questioned this issue because, after seeing how he handled the previous bosses, they knew why he wouldn’t be able to for this fourth boss.

The fourth boss was a summoner. The summoned spirits were its faithful servants and prioritized their master’s safety over their own lives. To put it into gaming terminology, these summoned spirits had the same target as their boss. Whoever the boss had aggro on would be whoever these spirits had aggro on.

As a result, the main tank would be surrounded by many monsters at a time.

If Unrivaled Super Hottie continued to use his low-grade equipment, he would instantly fall.   

Because these summoned spirits didn’t have their own aggro stat, no matter how fiercely they were attacked, they would still only attack the boss’s target. Thus, in order to pull them apart, only Provoke, Roar, or similar type skills would work.

After using these skills and pulling them away, they would hurry and attack.

This section of the dungeon required a lot of work from every member of the team. The knights had to have fast reaction times. If they were too slow and the summoned spirits attacked too many times before acting, the tank would die. The DPSers had to have fierce firepower. This required a certain level of equipment. When the summoned spirits came out, they needed to immediately send out a heavy barrage. After all, the Knight’s monster-pulling skill would only last a few seconds. In these few seconds, the summoned spirits needed to die.

For such a high requirement fighting method, Unrivaled Super Hottie’s original equipment wouldn’t have been good enough. Everyone would need to play perfectly in order to ensure that he did not die. As soon as the summoned spirits came out, they would need to pull them immediately. When the skill effect ended, the summoned spirits needed to be dead. Otherwise, a few scratches would hit Unrivaled Super Hottie and he would be dead.

But with Seven Blossom Leave’s equipment, there was more room for error. When they pulled the spirits away, they could be a bit slower because he could hang on for awhile longer. Even if not all of the spirits died after the effects ended, he would be able to tank a few hits.

After understanding this point, the players in Happy Sheep’s team felt a bit embarrassed. They felt like the reason Unrivaled Super Hottie needed better equipment to survive wasn’t because of him, but because he didn’t think they would be able to play perfectly…

Even though they understood this, there was nothing they could say because a perfect fight was too difficult. Everyone knew what to do in theory, but actually doing it was an entirely different matter. In the past, when their team didn’t have good enough equipment, they relied on luck for this part. Every time the spirits came out, whether or not they would succeed depended on luck.

As their equipment became better, the tank could survive longer and their damage output increased. This part no longer became a big problem.

But Unrivaled Super Hottie’s originally equipment would be a challenge of luck. Switching equipment was done for their sake!

But they could just switch out the tank! If Seven Blossom Leaves tanked, they would pass all the same. Seven Blossom Leaves lending his equipment to Unrivaled Super Hottie made the more pessimistic players worry. Only when the boss came out did they finally relax.

After wearing Seven Blossom Leave’s equipment, Unrivaled Super Hottie immediately became more carefree. He no longer dodged around as much. He just held his shield up and smashed violently at the fourth boss.

A shriek! After accumulating enough damage, the boss would summon the first wave.

“You guys don’t need me to tell you what to do right?” Unrivaled Super Hottie asked.

“No need!” Seven Blossom Leaves replied.

Seven Leaves, could you not be so nice? Everyone cried.

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