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Chapter 565 - A Tank That Makes Others Embarrassed

This time, the DPSers were prepared. As soon as the four stone statues slammed into the walls and started swaying back and forth, the DPSers attacked.

They didn’t need to worry about dealing too much damage and shifting the aggro off the tanks. The purpose of the strategy being employed wasn’t to control their aggro, but rather the field. By chaining their attacks appropriately, the targets would be unable to fight back. Under this type of situation, who cared about aggro? It wasn’t important at all.

After a Just Heroic Leap, Unrivaled Super Hottie pulled a stone statue out. Behind him, Seven Blossom Leaves and the other Knights had their Knight’s Spirit coming off cooldown soon. The tanks lined up, ready to use a Heroic Charge and Just Heroic Leap. The timing wasn’t difficult to grasp. They simply needed to attack when their Knight’s Spirit came off cooldown.

The same scenario repeated itself. Moreover, compared to their first time, everyone knew what to expect. Their execution may not have been completely perfect, but it turned out even better than the previous time.

Unrivaled Super Hottie? At this moment, he was soloing another stone statue. Another bunch of Clerics waited upon him. They didn’t know the first time, but now they knew that Unrivaled Super Hottie could make up for his lacking equipment with pure skill alone, so the Clerics weren’t nervous anymore. They might not have been nervous anymore, but it turned out Unrivaled Super Hottie wasn’t nervous anymore either. Compared to before, he wasn’t dodging like before and just stood there attacking.

Because of his lackluster equipment, the Clerics became nervous again. The Clerics wanted to smash their heads into the wall, but everyone understood Unrivaled Super Hottie’s incredible skill already, so they didn’t dare be negligent. They knew that his previous way of fighting must have been very exhausting. He only needed to dodge at crucial moments. There was no need to waste energy when it wasn’t necessary.

With the Clerics supporting him, Unrivaled Super Hottie wasn’t in any danger just standing there. The other Knights and DPSers grew more accustomed to the strategy and their overall damage output increased. These four statues crumbled faster than the previous four statues. Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t need to rescue everyone with a Roar this time. 

The four stone statues crumbled and everyone let out another sigh of relief. This time, the team leader Happy Sheep was in a very different mood than before. After killing these four statues, his impression of Unrivaled Super Hottie became much more favorable.

This was because when Unrivaled Super Hottie went to gather the monsters, he didn’t use an Arc Charge. Instead, he set it up so that the four statues lined up and then simply charged straight at them.

Unrivaled Super Hottie hadn’t chosen to show off his skill. He chose to coordinate with everyone and executed a safer and simpler method. Happy Sheep appreciated his decision.

A team leader had to consider things from the team’s perspective, not just their own. Team leaders hated people who wanted to be heroes. Unrivaled Super Hottie could have chosen to show off and be a hero, but he chose to use a simpler method instead. Many players wouldn’t have noticed. 

Moreover, after fighting this way, Happy Sheep realized that Unrivaled Super Hottie had helped them create a new strategy. This strategy didn’t rely on him either. Lining the monsters up in a straight line and using a Heroic Charge directly at them was something any Knight could do. This type of strategy was very practical.   

In the next waves of stone statues, the other Knights became the ones gathering the monsters.   

There were a total of 24 stone statues. Every four had the same class, so the players liked to group them together. The six classes that the six groups of stone statues had were randomly determined at the start of each run.

After the initial moment of fear, Happy Sheep’s team smoothly cleared through two groups with a not-so-difficult strategy too. For the next four groups, Seven Blossom Leaves, the third, fourth, and fifth tank each took turns gathering the stone statues together. All of them successfully completed their task.

As the groups of stone statues fell one after the other, everyone gradually realized that Unrivaled Super Hottie wasn’t so simple after all. Whenever Unrivaled Super Hottie said anything again, no one would boo at him. Those who wanted to boo at him could only quietly boo in their heads, because everyone recognized his strength.

After passing through the stone statues and another trap, they finally reached the first boss.

If they touched the gear, the boss would immediately appear to stop them. The player who touched the gear would be designated as the boss’s aggro target. In the Tomb in the Sky, it was extremely easy to set up the nine boss' aggro. The main tank just had to touch the gear and the aggro placed on him would be incredibly high. Simply put, after touching the gear, the main tank would have enough aggro on him for the DPSers to begin attacking. 

The Tomb in the Sky clearly wasn’t a difficult dungeon in terms of controlling aggro. The difficulty of the dungeon lay with the mobs, so for normal players, this was a dungeon that ate up equipment. As their equipment became better, this dungeon wouldn’t be too difficult anymore, which was why the Tomb in the Sky was only considered a medium difficulty dungeon.

It was because this dungeon consumed equipment that everyone had initially looked down on Unrivaled Super Hottie’s lackluster equipment.

At this moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie stood in front of the gear as the main tank, waiting for everyone to finish resting. Even though everyone recognized his skill, some of the players still raised their doubts.

“You’re going to tank it?” Someone asked.

“Of course.”

“Will you be okay?”

“If I’m not okay, someone else can take my place!” Unrivaled Super Hottie lightly said.

Everyone crashed to the ground. Such a happy response made it difficult for them to find a reason not to let him be the main tank.

“Go ahead!” Happy Sheep spoke as the team leader. He also wanted to see just how skilled Unrivaled Super Hottie was by testing his skill with this boss.

Since the team leader had spoken, no one said anything more. After taking a rest, Happy Sheep told him to start the boss fight. Unrivaled Super Hottie touched the first gear.

The first boss appeared and attacked Unrivaled Super Hottie with a powerful strike.

Every player knew the might of the first boss’s first strike, but in front of Unrivaled Super Hottie, the attack had no effect.

Because he dodged it!

As long as one could dodge the attack, the attack would naturally be ineffective. 

The boss moved much faster than the stone statues. The players nervously watched. In the blink of an eye, several exchanges passed. During this time, the Clerics raised their crosses and then put them down; raised their crosses and then put them down. In the end, none of them cast any spells.

Unrivaled Super Hottie still hadn’t been hit a single time yet.

It was the same as against the stone statues. When he started the fight, he would be focused and dodge for a good while, but this boss had fiercer and quicker attacks. Even so, Unrivaled Super Hottie was still able to dodge several attacks. This wasn’t just an issue of concentration, but it also meant that his hand speed had reached a certain level.

The Clerics still had to be wary because they knew if Unrivaled Super Hottie were to be hit by an attack, they would need to heal him immediately. With his equipment, there wouldn’t be much time for a breather. As a result, even though they seemed to be having an easy time, they were incomparably nervous. Their crosses repeatedly moved up and down. They didn’t dare to relax for a moment.

“Attack!” Suddenly, everyone heard someone shout out. Only then did they realize that Unrivaled Super Hottie was telling them to begin attacking the boss. Everyone had been watching so intently that they had forgotten again.

The DPSers rushed forward to attack and the Clerics finally started getting busy. 

The boss’ attacks wouldn’t only be single target attacks. There would also be AoE attacks. Unrivaled Super Hottie might dodge them, but it didn’t mean that the other DPSers would be able to.

Everyone had originally been accustomed to this, but today, something unprecedented happened.

The Clerics hadn’t healed the main tank before they had to heal the others.

As a result, on the healing charts, the DPSers took the top spots for most healing done on them, while the main tank sunk to the bottom. It made everyone feel very ashamed.

“This really is…” The players in the team didn’t know what to say.

The Clerics who saw the healing charts were also speechless. Because of Unrivaled Super Hottie’s performance, the amount of work to be done decreased. After all, healing the tank was their priority. For the DPSers with light wounds, they could just heal them when they had time.

Because of this, the amount of healing they did was incomprehensibly low. If others looked at it, they would definitely think that the Clerics were slacking, but in reality, it wasn’t that they refused to heal, but that they didn’t have any chances to do so!

What a conflict! This dungeon made them feel very awkward!

“Pay attention!” Happy Sheep was afraid they would relax and reminded the Clerics.


Unrivaled Super Hottie had finally been hit by an attack. Everyone cried tears of joy! The Clerics swarmed around and healed him. They truly weren’t used to not healing the tank in a boss fight.

Unrivaled Super Hottie’s concentration began to wane and he got hit by more and more attacks. However, he was still dodging most of them, so he still didn’t put too much pressure on the Clerics.

Even against the boss, his skill could make up for his lackluster equipment.

However, unlike against the stone statues, there wasn’t any time to relax. The boss required his full concentration and ability the entire time. Was he going to be able to last for the entire boss fight?

Everyone doubted it.

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