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Chapter 564 - Hold It Steady!

In the previous wave, Unrivaled Super Hottie had pulled one of the stone statues away for the melee classes, who couldn’t squeeze in, to attack. At that time, several Clerics surrounded Unrivaled Super Hottie waiting to act, so they had a good idea of how much damage Unrivaled Super Hottie would take from an enemy attack. This was why Happy Sheep was worried. 

Many of the players rolled their eyes when they saw Unrivaled Super Hottie’s attitude, but the Knights had already engaged with the stone statues in battle and several rounds passed in the blink of an eye. For Seven Blossom Leaves and the other tanks, the Clerics supporting them were busy healing. As for Unrivaled Super Hottie, the Clerics that Happy Sheep arranged to support him had their staffs raised, staring blankly at each other. 

Why? Because there was nothing to do! The other Knights lost health rapidly while fighting against the stone statues, but Unrivaled Super Hottie hadn’t even taken a single hit yet.

This scene made everyone rub their eyes. The DPSers hadn’t moved yet. They were still waiting for the Knights to establish enough aggro. However, this allowed them see the distinct contrast between the Knights. Seven Blossom Leaves and the other Knights constantly had a white glow around them; their Clerics were very busy. Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t have any glows around him; the surrounding Clerics could set up a table and start playing mahjong if they wanted to. 

“This….. this…...:” 

Everyone was speechless. They couldn’t find any words to describe the scene in front of them. What should they do? If he keeps fighting like that, did he even need them? Couldn’t he just kill it by himself?

Everyone was still in awe, when they suddenly heard a thump. Unrivaled Super Hottie had been hit by the stone statue’s spear. Seeing this attack hit the target, everyone unexpectedly let out a sigh of relief. If he actually kept on dodging and didn’t get hit by the stone statue, then he shouldn’t even be playing in the game.

The Clerics around Unrivaled Super Hottie scrambled to begin healing. Even though it had only been one hit, Unrivaled Super Hottie truly had lackluster equipment. A single hit from a hundred player dungeon monster hurt quite a bit, but with three Clerics, Unrivaled Super Hottie’s health quickly rose back to a safe level.

In addition, Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t get hit by the follow-up attack. The next attack was dodged by him. His character was constantly moving; there was never a moment where he stood still. Everyone could see clearly now. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s fighting strategy wasn’t the normal strategy of a Knight. He treated the battle like a PvP match and was trying hard to make the enemy attacks ineffective.

This type of strategy relieved the need for the Clerics’ help. Using three Clerics to support Unrivaled Super Hottie was clearly excessive. The three had gotten into overhealing situations several times. Overhealing meant the amount they healed was greater than the health their target lost, which wasted mana and established needless aggro, so it wasn’t good.

The DPSers on Unrivaled Super Hottie’s side were very depressed too because with Unrivaled Super Hottie constantly moving around, the stone statue wouldn’t be staying still either. The melee DPSers had to constantly move around and the long-ranged DPSers had to constantly predict where the statue’s next move would be.

In any case, it was still easy dealing with the stone statue. No accidents came about, but this strategy relied on the player’s skill.

Because it depended on a player’s skill to work, it meant it had higher risk. As soon as the player made a mistake and the Clerics had to rapidly heal, the aggro might go off the tank. So even though the Clerics didn’t have much to do, they were still very focused. 

The rest weren’t sure what to think of the situation.

They were obviously afraid that Unrivaled Super Hottie would make a mistake because a single mistake might get the Clerics killed. If the Clerics died, then the run would be over. They could kill off small monsters, but it would be difficult to beat any of the bosses.

But if this guy didn’t make any mistakes, then it meant that this guy had some serious skill. Most of them didn’t have that type of skill, so the guy that they had been looking down upon, suddenly became far greater than them. This wasn’t a good feeling.

To put it simply, it was a birds of a feather flock together issue.  

The weak ones would be looked down upon. The strong ones would be pushed out. Only those at a similar skill level could coexist harmoniously.

The weak ones could be laughed at, but strong ones would leave a sour feeling when being excluded.

 Most people hoped that others would be weaker than them, never stronger.    

Thus, most of the players in Happy Sheep’s team hoped to see Unrivaled Super Hottie fail. However, their hopes never came true. Nothing dangerous had happened yet for Unrivaled Super Hottie, but the fourth tank had gotten into a crisis.

“We can’t heal enough! We can’t heal enough!!” The Clerics supporting the fourth tank shouted.  

With these knights’ skill, even if they couldn’t hang on forever, they shouldn’t have fallen into a crisis so quickly. However, the fourth tank had been distracted by Unrivaled Super Hottie and didn’t block an attack properly with his shield. The spear struck his body. The drop in health exceeded the Clerics’ expectations. Seeing the fierce incoming attacks, the Clerics immediately felt pressured and hastily called for help.  

The fifth tank heard the call and went over. The team had a total of five tanks including Unrivaled Super Hottie. At this moment, the fifth tank didn’t have any monster to pull. He originally thought he would need to help Unrivaled Super Hottie, but who would have thought the fourth tank would need it first.

“Pay attention to that side! What are you doing staring at me the whole time?” Ye Xiu spoke. He had three Clerics on him, but they weren’t very busy. In order to prevent overhealing, the three took turns healing. When the fourth tank encountered a crisis, the three were distracted and Ye Xiu had to remind them.

The three Clerics woke up and immediately went to help the fourth tank. This didn’t take them long because they stood in a position where they could cover the entire field and specifically cover the tanks.

The fourth tank’s situation quickly turned around. As for Unrivaled Super Hottie? Nothing happened to him. 

Glory had all types of statistics, including healing. Some of the players opened up the healing charts to take a look. The amount of healing Unrivaled Super Hottie had received was actually a bit lower than the other three tanks.

Unrivaled Super Hottie had way inferior equipment to the other three. The amount of damage that he received per attack was much greater than the what the other tanks would take. The amount of healing he received was less than the other tanks too, which meant that Unrivaled Super Hottie had taken way fewer hits. His continuous dodging was very effective, but was used to make up for by his lackluster equipment.

This situation couldn’t last until the stone statues died though. The knights were gradually losing health. If not, why would they be scared of pulling four stone statues at once?

The main purpose was to wait until Unrivaled Super Hottie’s Knight’s Spirit came back up. Then, he could use Heroic Charge to gather the monsters. They could kill off the monsters this way.

However, Unrivaled Super Hottie was using Arc Charge. The problem was exactly what Unrivaled Super Hottie had told Seven Blossom Leaves. Their dungeon run depended entirely on this extremely difficult maneuver. The ones who understood this were very nervous.    

How much longer until Knight’s Spirit came off cooldown? This data was available to everyone, so some of the players remembered it. Ye Xiu wasn’t the only one counting down.

“It should be soon…..” Many of the players quietly thought to themselves. Suddenly, they heard a voice: “Pay attention to your position! Pay attention to your position! My Knight’s Spirit is almost off cooldown.”

Seven Blossom Leaves saw Unrivaled Super Hottie’s position and immediately pulled his stone statue over to a good spot. The other Knights originally didn’t think much of Unrivaled Super Hottie, but seeing how he was doing the exact same thing as them with lesser equipment made it so that although they might not like Unrivaled Super Hottie, they couldn’t look down on him either. 

Especially when they saw Seven Blossom Leaves act so sincerely towards Unrivaled Super Hottie, there was nothing they could say. After all, Seven Blossom Leaves was accepted by them. If they accepted him and he accepted Unrivaled Super Hottie, what else could they say? It was true that Seven Blossom Leaves was a good person, but even a good person shouldn’t respect such an ignorant idiot right?

As a result, the third and fourth tank saw Seven Blossom Leaves follow Unrivaled Super Hottie’s instructions and even though they didn’t want to, they did so anyways.

“Good good good! That’s perfect. Don’t move.” Seeing the three move, Unrivaled Super Hottie shouted.  

Seven Blossom Leaves was trying to improve. When he heard Unrivaled Super Hottie’s approval, he felt puzzled: “Isn’t it a bit off?”

“You guys are good enough. I’m going to go for it!!” Unrivaled Super Hottie yelled and then took over for the other three.

The four knights were all in different spots, but their stone statues were all in a straight line. Unrivaled Super Hottie activated Knight’s Spirit and yelled, “I’m coming!”

In the end, he didn’t need to use Arc Charge. He just charged forward in a straight line. Bang bang bang bang! The four stone statues were hit by Heroic Charge and their situation became the same as the previous four Blade Master statues.

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