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Chapter 563 - Bro, Slow Down

Right when the four stone statues were about to attack the fifth tank, they suddenly turned around and charged towards a different target: the self-proclaimed tank Unrivaled Super Hottie.

In this instant, no one had time to refute his self-proclamation. Everyone knew what was important at this moment.

“Hurry up and attack!” Their accepted tank Seven Blossom Leaves and their team leader Happy Sheep shouted at the same time.

The DPSers didn’t dare to be slow. At this crucial moment, they didn’t care about whether or not their attacks would cause the aggro to go out of control or waste mana. They just fired whatever damaging skills they possessed.

The path lit up with the bright effects from all of the different types of skills. The four statues enshrouded in light could clearly be seen. The stone statues had high resistance, so many of the crowd control skills had no effect on them. It didn’t matter though. They just needed to get rid of their last slivers of health.


Finally, a stone statue crumbled and fell to the ground with a loud rumble. Soon afterwards, the second and third also followed. All that remained were bits of stone that no different in size from pebbles on the road. 

Only the fourth stone statue was left!

Because the damage output hadn’t been equally spread amongst the statues, the rate at which their health dropped differed. This fourth stone statue still had quite a bit of health left and was still rushing towards Unrivaled Super Hottie.

However, the crisis had been averted. A single stone statue wasn’t anything difficult to deal with. Unrivaled Super Hottie had defended against a stone statue before, so there weren’t any problems. Seven Blossom Leaves had originally planned on using a Provoke to get the stone statue to attack him instead, but he realized it wasn’t necessary. Thus, he decided not to use Provoke and went forward to provide assistance.

Then, he saw a huge storm of skills fly out, engulfing the fourth stone statue and Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

Seven Blossom Leaves was startled.

Even though Unrivaled Super Hottie wouldn’t take damage, this type of attack affected the tank’s view and decision making. The tank would usually dodge the attacks anyways. However, seeing how the battle was at its end, there was no point in fussing over trivial matters, so Seven Blossom Leaves decided not to say anything.

The kind Seven Blossom Leaves couldn’t have known that this wave of attacks represented the team’s resentment! The attacks wouldn’t kill Unrivaled Super Hottie, but it would still feel good to see the attacks land on him, no?


Another rumble and bits of stone flew out from the light. The bits of stone landed on the ground and crumbled into dust. As the light faded away, the fourth stone statue was already missing its head. It rocked sideways and then crashed to the ground.  

Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

When the other three stone statues had fallen, the crisis had passed, but they could only relax after the entire battle had concluded.

After taking a deep breath, they turned towards Unrivaled Super Hottie and glared at him.  

Of course, only the people in real life could glare. In game, it just looked like everyone had turned towards Unrivaled Super Hottie. It was also quite a spectacular sight.

“Comrades, good work.” Unrivaled Super Hottie turned to look at everyone and waved his hands. 

“F*CK!” Everyone shouted.

“Let’s keep going!” Unrivaled Super Hottie pointed his sword forward and ran out.   

Happy Sheep watched him run forward. Everyone was already beginning to turn towards him. If he didn’t say anything, the others would lose respect for him. He immediately chased after Unrivaled Super Hottie and shouted: “Bro, wait one second.”   

“Hm? Are you talking to me?” Unrivaled Super Hottie turned to look, but his feet didn’t stop moving.

“Yes, yes. I’m talking to you. Hold on for one second.” Happy Sheep yelled.

“Oh?” Unrivaled Super Hottie stopped. He saw the others weren’t moving either. Their gazes were all on him.

“Did you make a mistake? Were we not supposed to take the left path?” Unrivaled Super Hottie asked.

“No.” Happy Sheep hastily replied, “It’s like this. Bro, slow down. Let’s not pull four stone statues at once. The pressure is a bit too much.”

“Didn’t it go smoothly?” Unrivaled Super Hottie asked.

Happy Sheep was suddenly stumped. From the results, there didn’t appear to be any danger. However, the battle made their hearts jump in fear the entire way through. If they didn’t achieve the ideal crowd control effects, the four stone statues would attack the Knights and the Clerics would have too much pressure on them. For tanks, if they had milk, they were gods. If they didn’t have milk, they were melons. If the tanks turned into melons, the entire team would turn into a melon farm. Anyone could be plucked away at a moment’s notice. This was why when four stone statues had been pulled, Happy Sheep felt like the risk was too big. No, this was what the entire team felt.

“This. If someone makes a small mistake and the statues aren’t controlled well, wouldn’t it be disastrous?” Happy Sheep reasoned.

“There’s me!” Unrivaled Super Hottie said.

It’s because of you that there’s so much trouble! Happy Sheep cried in his mind. At this moment, other players interrupted: “You? Can you control all the statues by yourself?”

“With me setting up the foundation, everything becomes quite easy.” Unrivaled Super Hottie said.

Those who weren’t skilled enough couldn’t grasp the meaning behind his words. Seven Blossom Leaves immediately understood though and asked: “You have confidence in using Arc Charge to gather monsters?”

“A piece of cake.” Unrivaled Super Hottie said.

Everyone hissed as a sign of displeasure. Only Seven Blossom Leaves honestly said: “Respect.”

“If you just practice a bit, you can get it down too.” Unrivaled Super Hottie encouraged Seven Blossom Leaves. The hissing noise increased in volume. Seven Blossom Leaves was such a good person! His popularity within the team didn’t need to be mentioned. He was one of those guys who, even if you found him disagreeable, you couldn’t hate him. When they heard Unrivaled Super Hottie act like he was giving advice, quite a few felt angry in place of Seven Blossom Leaves. Right when they were about to speak up for Seven Blossom Leaves, they heard him speak first: “I can’t. I’ve practiced for a long time. I still can’t get it.”

“Hm…… there’s nothing I can do then. It doesn’t require intense mechanical skill. It depends entirely on experience and awareness and is executed by relying on intuition. If you need to make calculations beforehand, then you won’t be able to act on time.” Unrivaled Super Hottie explained.

“Yes, yes. It’s exactly so.” Seven Blossom Leaves agreed.

Seeing how Seven Blossom Leaves had a why-couldn’t-we-have-met-earlier look, they could only stare blankly. Happy Sheep wanted Unrivaled Super Hottie to follow their usual strategy. Then, they saw their guild’s accepted tank, Seven Blossom Leaves, move farther away. After a short moment, he brought back four stone statues…...

“F*CK!” Everyone cursed, but in the blink of an eye, the two Knights brought the stone statues to them.

“These four stone statues seem like Battle Mages. They’re different from the previous Blade Masters. This is the troublesome part about using Arc Charge because you must be able to make adjustments according to the target. Actually, the current situation is fairly simple. If our opponents were targets with completely different stats, then using Arc Charge may make it impossible to hit every target. For circumstances like these, if you decide to use Arc Charge, make sure you don’t leave any openings. If there’s an opening and you meet an expert, your opponent will attack and interrupt you right in the middle of it.” The others could hear Unrivaled Super Hottie chattering non-stop.

“Right right right, you’re right.” Seven Blossom Leaves felt moved.

The others were speechless. What could they say? The monsters had been pulled already, they had to attack! Then, they suddenly heard Unrivaled Super Hottie shout: “Not good!”

“What’s wrong?” Seven Blossom Leaves asked. 

“I forgot to look at my cooldowns! Knight’s Spirit isn’t up yet!” Unrivaled Super Hottie yelled.  

“Uh oh!!” Seven Blossom Leaves immediately understood the severity of the problem. Without Knight’s Spirit, they would just be using normal Charges. Only Heroic Charge would be able to achieve the desired effect. The entire team heard this and felt like crying. F*ck, was the team going to wipe out?

“A crisis has come, comrades!” Unrivaled Super Hottie shouted.

“It’s all your fault!!!” Everyone replied together. 

“It’s my mistake. I forgot to wait for my cooldowns to come up.” Seven Blossom Leaves began to take the blame for him. 

“Everyone pull one!” Unrivaled Super Hottie said to the Knights.

“Our healing won’t be able to keep up!” Happy Sheep panicked.

“We only need it for a short while!”    

“The aggro will shift off the tank easily like that……” Happy Sheep was depressed! Usually, the Clerics would take care of one tank together. This didn’t mean all the Clerics were necessary to protect the tank. This was done in order to control the aggro. Against a boss with high attack, if one or two Clerics rapidly healed the tank, the Cleric might establish enough aggro for the enemy to chain to them.

To put it simply, it was like if a DPSer attacked an enemy with the same strength as a boss. With such a high damage output, it would be strange if the aggro didn’t shift from the tank to the DPSer.

Even though there were differences in aggro for healing and damage, the theory was the same. Boss’ did a lot of damage with their attacks. If the healing class healed all of that damage, the aggro would naturally accumulate, but with many Clerics, the healing and aggro would be distributed among all of them. If a single Cleric had to take responsibility for the healing, let alone being able to heal all of that damage, the aggro would pulled off the tank. With the healer dead, the tank would turn into a melon and the rest of the team would also turn into melons too…… This was a team.

“Don’t be afraid. You just have to hang on for a bit. My cooldowns are almost up! When pulling the monsters, pay attention to their positions. Try to make it easier for me to charge at them.” Unrivaled Super Hottie shouted.

“How about you not go forward?” Happy Sheep saw Unrivaled Super Hottie was about to pull one and immediately called out to him.


“Your equipment. If you get hit… the aggro will go off you immediately.” Happy Sheep explained.

“Then isn’t it fine as long as he doesn’t hit me?” Unrivaled Super Hottie grinned. He turned around and attacked a stone statue. This time, the four stone statues were Battle Mages. The one attacked by Unrivaled Super Hottie used Dragon Tooth and stabbed at him with its stone spear. Unrivaled Super seemed to have predicted it. He dodged and slammed his shield into the stone statue.

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