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Chapter 562 - Gather Around the Tank

It looked like he was underestimating this hundred player dungeon. No one was happy. Pulling four statues at once should have meant that he thought very highly of the team, but they still weren’t happy. That’s why being a tank was difficult.

The four statues were the same class, Blade Masters. They were a bit different from playable blademasters though. They used stone swords, not light sabers, and didn’t posses sword aura. They attacked with plain and simple swordplay. Compared to playable Blade Masters, their attacks had lower range. Playable Blade Masters had a variety of skills, such as Sword Draw or attacked by using their sword aura, allowing them to attack farther than their weapon’s physical capabilities. However, these four stone statues didn’t have these types of methods.

Four statues had been pulled. After Happy Sheep cursed, he immediately raised his voice. He was truly afraid Unrivaled Super Hottie would roll forward once again and pull another two stone statues. Defeating six stone statues at once was a feat that no one had ever pulled off before. Happy Sheep had no intentions on attempting to do so.

Luckily, Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t roll forward again. After another two statues slashed at him, he jumped backwards and dodged another two slashes. However, the first two stone statues had already begun hacking at him again.

A white glow surrounded Unrivaled Super Hottie as if he carried a small Cosmos. He had instantly activated Knight’s Spirit. 

He took a step, lifted his shield with his left hand, and swung his sword with his right hand. Under the effects of Knight’s Spirit, this attack was called Heroic Charge!

Unrivaled Super Hottie moved faster than the stone statue and his sword struck the stone statue’s waist.

The stone statue fell, and Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t waste any time.

The Heroic Charge under Knight’s Spirit couldn’t stop!


The second stone statue was also sent flying and smashed into the first stone statue.

As for the third and fourth stone statue? They hadn’t been in Heroic Charge’s path. Even so, after two bangs, the third and fourth stone statue were also sent flying.

Everyone was stunned, especially the Knights on the team. 

“Was that an…… Arc Charge?” The third tank said to the fourth tank after a moment of hesitation.

“It looked like it……” The fourth tank didn’t dare to believe his eyes.

“It must have been.” Seven Blossom Leaves confirmed. He had seen it clearly. If it hadn’t been an Arc Charge, let alone the third and fourth stone statue, even the second stone statue wouldn’t have been sent flying.

The third and fourth tank had no words left to say.

Arc Charge meant the charge hadn’t been pathed in a straight line and travelled along a curved path instead. Moving in a curved path wasn’t difficult, but the hard part was actually getting the result one wanted and hitting the intended target. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie’s Arc Charge had actually knocked away four targets that hadn’t been on a straight line. This required incredible precision, calculation, and control. Only an experienced Knight could understand the difficulty of this maneuver.

At this moment, the four stone statues had been sent smashing into one another.

Unrivaled Super Hottie flew up. With a Heroic Leap, he swung his sword downwards at one of the four stone statues. However, the damage was passed through each statue and into the next. The Heroic Leap under Knight’s Spirit also had another name, Fair Heroic Leap.   

The original Heroic Leap dealt large amounts of damage to a single target, while the remaining targets would receive damage from the shockwave. However, Fair Heroic Leap would deal the same amount of damage to every target. The damage dealt depended on the defense of the target that had been hit by the leap. The others would receive the same amount of damage as well.

Unrivaled Super Hottie’s attack did the same amount of damage to each of the four statues. The grouped up statues couldn’t stand up for a moment.

“Attack!!” Ye Xiu shouted. 

The others saw him fighting the four stone statues alone and were somewhat dazed. When they heard him shout, they finally woke up.   

Some attacked, while others hesitated.

Four stone statues? How were they going to win? 

The Clerics felt awkward raising their staffs because they didn’t have anything to do for now. When Unrivaled Super Hottie fought the four stone statues, he hadn’t received any damage.

“Everyone, forward!” Seven Blossom Leaves suddenly shouted to the third and fourth tank, while advancing.

“Heroic Charge!” Ye Xiu yelled.

“Understood!” Seven Blossom Leaves seemed like he already knew as he charged forward with a white aura surrounding his character.  

Even though he didn’t have the ability to knock down all four statues with a single Arc Charge, the four statues were all in the same spot, so he only needed to charge straight forward.    

The first smashed into the second, the second smashed into the third. The third smashed into the fourth. The charge didn’t lose momentum either because this was also a Heroic Charge. 


It sounded like there were echoes.

The four stone statues were sent flying to the side by Seven Blossom Leaves, knocking them back into their original stone platforms.

Seven Blossom Leaves had done the charge quite quickly. He leaped into the air and crashed down with a Heroic Leap. The four stone statues had just recovered and steadied themselves, but were immediately slammed back into the ground once more.

The attacks from the DPS classes had already surged forth. The stone platform instantly turned into an eye-dazzling scene. The space was too narrow. Many of the close ranged classes couldn’t get near and could only stay back.

“I’ll send you one!” Someone shouted. One of the stone statues unexpectedly rushed out. Unrivaled Super Hottie was in front, running in an ugly manner. He was waving his sword around in a shameful way, provoking the stone statue. 

“This time, you don’t need to learn from me.” Ye Xiu didn’t forget to tell Seven Blossom Leaves.

“I know.” Seven Blossom Leaves laughed, “Third tank!”

The third tank, the former off tank, heard Seven Blossom Leaves’ shout and got ready to take over from him out of habit.

When he saw Seven Blossom’s Leaves’ actions, he immediately understood what to do.

He activated Knight’s Spirit, Heroic Charge, and then Fair Heroic Leap.

The three stone statues were powerless to fight back. They only had enough time to do something, when they were sent flying by another Knight.

The last one had been pulled by Unrivaled Super Hottie over to the close ranged classes that couldn’t squeeze into the space.

The Clerics were also on this side. Unrivaled Super Hottie hadn’t taken any damage when fighting against the four stone statues. Now that he had pulled one over, that stone statue began doing damage to the other players. It was as if Unrivaled Super Hottie was giving the Clerics work to do.

“Control the field well! Throw a Shururu!” Seven Blossom Leaves directed the battle.

The Witches didn’t dare delay for the true tank in their hearts and immediately threw their Doll Shururus.

“Fourth tank!” When the situation couldn’t be controlled any further, Seven Blossom Leaves called out.

The fourth tank had been prepared. He activated Knight’s Spirit before using Heroic Charge and Fair Heroic Leap.

The original arrangement ended at this moment. The four Knights couldn’t make this an endless loop. Heroic Charge and Heroic Leap didn’t have too long of a cooldown, but Knight’s Spirit wasn’t a shared skill that those under Level 20 could use. It had a very long cooldown…...

However, the team had five tanks.

The fifth tank raised his sword and shield in preparation.

However, another Knight wasn’t enough to make it an endless cycle. The cycle would still fall here, but seeing the health values of the stone statues, the experienced players had already come to a conclusion.

Even though the stone statues were as strong as normal dungeon bosses, the number of players here wasn’t five or ten players. With so many players attacking, they did much more damage than what five or ten players could ever do.

As long as they controlled the battle and attacked freely, they would kill these stone statues at the same speed as killing mobs in normal dungeons.

The fifth tank finally acted.

When he completed his set of skills, complete control over the three stone statues ended. Without Knight’s Spirit, the effects from Charge and Heroic Leap were different. The two skills wouldn’t be able to knock down all three stone statues.

The three stone statues were almost dead though, so it looked like they could still persevere.

Seven Blossom Leaves suddenly felt his head hurt! Because they had completely controlled these stone statues’ movements, they hadn’t kept track of the aggro. After their control over the statues ended, who would they attack?

No one knew.

Confusion over aggro usually resulted in a team wipe out…...

“Everyone spread out!!” Seeing that the three stone statues were still alive, Seven Blossom Leaves immediately ordered and then shouted.

This wasn’t a regular shout, but a skill: Roar!

All three stone statues were within Roar’s range, so all of their attacks were now directed at him.

Seven Blossom Leaves raised his shield to defend against the three incoming sword strikes. Under the heavy blows, Seven Blossom Leaves stumbled and his health dropped to half. With the three stone statues aggroed onto him, if he took another attack from all three, he would die!  

At this moment, there was another shout.

The third tank had used Roar too.

Seven Blossom Leaves let out a sigh of relief, but soon discovered that the small amount of time he had rescued wasn’t being used by the DPSers, who were in a frenzy.  

“HURRY UP AND ATTACK!!” Seven Blossom Leaves roared. He knew the DPSers hadn’t yet reacted. With his shout, the three stone statues rushed forward and lifted their swords. 

They couldn’t waste any time! Seven Blossom Leaves was worried. After shouting, the DPSers woke up and immediately began attacking the stone statues heading towards the third tank.

The third tank blocked the attacks and his health dropped as disastrously as Seven Blossom Leave’s.

The fourth tank was ready too. He stood a certain distance away and then roared. The three stone statues immediately switched targets. This time, the DPSers didn’t need any reminders and hastily chased after the statues.

The fifth tank was eager to try as well. He chose a spot just on the edge of Roar’s range to force the stone statues to run a bit more and win more time.

His time to shine quickly came. The fifth tank immediately Roared, but Seven Blossom Leaves shouted in response: “Not good!”

“What’s not good?” The fifth tank stared blankly. Weren’t the three stone statues coming towards him? He had stood in a good spot.

“Behind you!” Everyone shouted. 

The fifth tank turned around. Sh*t. He had forgotten about the fourth stone statue! With his roar, not only had he pulled the three stone statues, but the fourth one as well. The combined attacks of four statues…… The fifth tank’s face went pale. He knew his own stats. His equipment wasn’t as good as the previous three tank's’ equipment. He definitely wouldn’t be able to take all four hits.

But before the attacks came, he heard another roar, followed by someone’s voice: “What’s there to be afraid of? There’s still another tank that hasn’t moved out yet!”

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