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Chapter 560 - One Hundred Player Dungeon Team

The one hundred player dungeon was undoubtedly the largest scale dungeon type in the game. Naturally, the dungeon’s difficulty would be higher than smaller scale dungeons. There was even a difference in difficulty between hundred player dungeons. For example, Tomb in the Sky, the dungeon Happy Sheep’s group was planning on running, could only be considered moderate when with other one hundred player dungeons. Although it wasn’t too difficult, Happy Sheep’s group had yet to complete it. They were still figuring out how to take down the dungeon. 

Equipment from one hundred player dungeons weren’t common because the dungeons could only be run a limited number of times. Compared to smaller dungeons, which could be run three times a day, each person could only enter a one hundred player dungeon once per week. In addition, most couldn’t clear the dungeon until the end. This was because within the dungeon, players only had one life and couldn’t be revived by priests. Within a hundred player team, there’s one less person every time a player died. So more and more players would be taken out gradually until there wasn’t enough manpower. Naturally by then, it would be impossible to clear the dungeon. 

However, the rewards for clearing a hundred player dungeon were given out differently than other dungeons, which only gave rewards for finishing the run. The rewards were based on the player’s progress, so even if the whole team wiped out and failed to clear the dungeon, the team could still obtain rewards according to their progress percentage.

This was why many ads to recruit people into their groups included their progress through the dungeon. As long as the player joining wasn’t a first timer in the Heavenly Domain, prospective players would have a good idea of the group’s strength.

For example, Happy Sheep’s team had reached 88% completion for Tomb in the Sky. This percent was good enough to be boastful about for more than 95% of the players in the Heavenly Domain. Even though Happy Sheep was only investigating a moderately difficult one hundred player dungeon, his group’s strength could already be considered amazing. For guilds on a similar level as Guild Exterminate the Heavens, their teams had only just taken the first step at tackling level 70 hundred player dungeons. 

As for guildless wild players, forming a random one hundred player team was like buying the lottery. They would run through as much as they could! However, random groups taking down hundred player dungeons might only be possible if the group of players were Level 70 and the dungeon was Level 60…...

As a result, Happy Sheep’s prideful team instantly boiled with anger when faced with a guy who immediately went to check a walkthrough after hearing the dungeon’s name. 

“Reading a guide? What does he think this is? A five-man dungeon from the newbie village?” Someone typed furiously in the group chat. If one hundred player dungeons could be cleared by simply reading a walkthrough, then it wouldn’t be so hard. Being able to fight a hundred player dungeon could be counted as a skill. It couldn’t be learnt by reading walkthroughs once. It required hours and hours of practice.These people were able to clear 88% of Tomb in the Sky because they had gone through nine weeks of repetition and hardship. They were only able to exchange their final grade after their skills matured and their equipment improved. Yet this guy just lightly wrote he was going to check a guide. It felt as though he were looking down on hundred player dungeons and felt quite offensive to listen to.

“He’s probably never run a hundred player dungeon before has he? How could a tank like this be any good?” Some people spoke their doubts, blindly shooting off their mouths. In a normal player’s eyes, those who believed that hundred player dungeons could be cleared by reading a simple walkthough were noobs who had never fought in a hundred player dungeon and didn’t know the difference between heaven and earth.

Happy Sheep wasn’t too happy either, but even though he was leading the team, he wasn’t a guild leader level core member. The matter had been reported to Jiang You by Senior Exterminate the Heavens. Then, Jiang You left the task to the branch guild leader, who gave the task to him. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s origin had been lost during this process, so Happy Sheep didn’t really know what responsibility he should take. The guild leader gave him an order and he had just accepted it out of convenience. After hearing Unrivaled Super Hottie say “I’m going to check a guid”, he suddenly felt like this person was overestimating himself.

Guild Exterminate the Heavens? Those who came from such a guild could only be so skilled. Happy Sheep thought, but because he had accepted the task from the guild leader, he couldn’t not do it. Thus, he could only patiently wait for him to look over his guide. At the same time, he looked at the chat to see the others laughing at him. He didn’t intend on stopping them.

The guide for this hundred player dungeon would take a very long time to carefully read. Happy Sheep decided to start the pre-dungeon meeting. The meeting would discuss their mistakes in the previous run and what could be fixed, but not long after starting the meeting, Unrivaled Super Hottie’s voice drifted over: “Okay, I’m done reading. When do we start?”

Happy Sheep checked the clock. It had only been ten minutes. He immediately became furious again. Hundred player dungeons were complicated. First of all, the dungeon itself was complex. Secondly, because the team consisted of a hundred players, the class composition was very complicated. Not a single walkthrough covered everything because all of them used teams with different classes. Because of this, many people compared several guides before considering them as a guide, making the guides even more complicated. So ten minutes? He probably didn’t even get to the first boss, did he?

Happy Sheep didn’t say anything, when the team chat erupted.

“How long have you been looking at a guide? Ten minutes? That’s one minute for each boss!”

“Does he think this is a normal small scale dungeon?”

In normal small scale dungeons, the difficulty was mostly concentrated on the boss, so the important parts for these types of dungeons were the bosses. However, in hundred player dungeons, the mobs were all at a level similar to smaller scale dungeon bosses. When looking at a guide, the player couldn’t only look at the bosses. Unrivaled Super Hottie said he had finished the guide in ten minutes, making many suspicious. Everyone looked down on him again and saw him as being too much of a noob.

“Whatever. Let’s not talk about it anymore. I’ll add him to the team and he can just leech off of us. He’ll understand once we go in.” Happy Sheep said.

“Why not let him be the main tank and see what he says?” Someone suggested.

Everyone laughed out loud. Speaking of this, if hundred player dungeon runs weren’t so limited and precious, they would have certainly agreed so they could laugh at him.

“Don’t joke around. We can let him be a tank when we run a different dungeon.” Someone else refuted.

“He’s just leeching anyways. It’s not like it matters whether he’s there or not!”

“It’ll be more efficient with me!”

Someone suddenly interrupted. Everyone turned. Sweat, it was Unrivaled Super Hottie. This guy had actually joined the chat. They had been chatting too fiercely and didn’t even notice the notification of him joining.

“Cough, what? Brother, you want to be the main tank?” Someone followed up.

“Main tank? I looked at a guide. I might need someone to lend me their equipment for the fourth, fifth, ninth, and final boss.” Ye Xiu said.

Sure enough, this guy had only looked at the bosses!

This guy wasn’t here to cheat them of their equipment, was he?


No one knew what to think, but Unrivaled Super Hottie had already joined the team and they felt too ashamed to say anything to his face. This situation was a bit different than when Unrivaled Super Hottie joined Guild Exterminate the Heavens. After all, Ye Xiu had gone to join Guild Exterminate the Heavens himself. He hadn’t needed to show his skill beforehand, which was why Crispy Bean immediately doubted his skill. In his current situation, Tyrannical Ambition had roped him over. Even if everyone doubted his skill, they could talk behind his back, but if they said it to his face, it would make Happy Sheep, who brought him over, feel embarrassed. They might be doubtful of Unrivaled Super Hottie, but at least, they had to give their team leader face.

“How about you be the main tank for now? When we get to the fourth and fifth tank, we can switch?” Someone said half-jokingly.

“Okay, but I don’t really remember much about this dungeon, so I don’t think I would be able to lead very well.” Ye Xiu said.

Everyone cried. He had only just looked at the guide and he wants to lead them? 

Happy Sheep couldn’t bear it anymore: “I’ll lead! Are you sure you’re okay with being a tank?”

“I’ll have trouble with the fourth, fifth, ninth, and final boss.” Ye  Xiu repeated.

“Okay okay. I understand. Then let’s start and see what happens?” Happy Sheep said.

“Sure.” Ye Xiu said and then went into the dungeon.

“He thought I was serious! He actually thought I was serious!!” Someone spoke in the chat again. This person remembered that besides the team chat, he could speak in the guild chat, which Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t have access to.

“He’s already entered the dungeon!”

“As the tank, he’s going to start pulling monsters. Shouldn’t we hurry up and go in?” Another person sneered.

“What are you guys talking about?” The other guild members were curious.

“A God has come to our guild!” Someone inadvertently said the truth.


“Yeah, an exceptional God!” The truth continued.


“Unrivaled Super Hottie! Do you see that name!” Someone said.

“How arrogant? How is he a god?” A curious person asked.

“It’s hard to say in a single sentence…….”

“Okay, stop chattering. Let’s go in.” Happy Sheep hastily said. He didn’t think that his team would go to the guild chat to continue this chat. This this……. Wasn’t this equivalent to slapping the guild leader’s face? This guy was the person the guild leader had told him to bring over to the guild, yet his team was laughing at him. 

Sure enough, the branch guild leader saw the chat and messaged  Happy Sheep privately: “What’s up with this person?”  

Happy Sheep explained what had happened to let the guild leader know that his team wasn’t trying to slap his face, but that this person really didn’t seem like any sort of expert.  

“Then let him be the main tank and see what happens.” The branch guild leader instructed.

“Fighting in Tomb in the Sky with that equipment?” Happy Sheep felt a scared just saying it. 

“What equipment does he have?” The branch guild leader clearly didn’t know the details.

Happy Sheep explained. The branch guild leader furrowed his brows and then said after a short pause: “He should be able to fight against the mob monsters, right? Let's have him fight with the mob monsters first…..”


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