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Chapter 559 - Tyrannical Ambition’s Four Branches

One could never have too many talents. When Jiang You heard Senior Exterminate the Heavens praise this knight, he also became interested.

Getting him over reasonable was very easy. All he needed to do was send over an invite with Tyrannical Ambition’s name.

Tyrannical Ambition and Exterminate the Heavens were on two completely different levels. A Glory player might not be a fan of the team, but the player definitely wouldn’t reject a Club guild’s invite, unless the player was the type who didn’t want to join a guild. However, if Unrivaled Super Hottie had joined Exterminate the Heavens, he clearly wasn’t that type of person. Jiang You was only worried if this person might have some sort of grudge against Team Tyranny. For example, if he were a fan of Excellent Era, then it was possible he would refuse an invite to Tyrannical Ambition.

“What details do you know about him?” Jiang You asked Senior Exterminate the Heavens.

“I don’t know. He just joined the guild today. According to him, he hasn’t played the game in awhile. Judging from his equipment, it seems to be true.” Senior Exterminate the Heavens said.

Jiang You didn’t have much else to ask. He was just pondering whether this tank, who Senior Exterminate the Heavens thought highly of, had the qualifications for him to personally go out and invite him.

After thinking about it for a bit, Jiang You decided to play it safe. Even though he trusted Senior Exterminate the Heavens, this tank and Senior Exterminate had only played together in one dungeon. Senior Exterminate certainly didn’t dare guarantee this tank’s ability. Without knowing exactly how deep this tank’s skill went, if he invited him into the guild and he turned out to be sham, he would be laughed at.

As a result, Jiang You found a branch guild leader and had him complete the task. Although it was only a branch guild, it was a guild that Tyrannical Ambition publicly acknowledged and could be considered a part of Tyrannical Ambition. The branch guild’s strength couldn’t be compared to the official Tyrannical Ambition, but it wasn’t bad either. Otherwise, Tyrannical Ambition wouldn’t be able to hold onto its image. Publicly acknowledged branch guilds would directly receive help from Tyrannical Ambition, so their resources weren’t lacking. For normal players, jumping from a guild like Exterminate the Heavens to a Club’s branch guild could be considered a huge success.


In-game affairs were always carried out very quickly. Not long afterwards, Unrivaled Super Hottie received a guild invite.  

Seeing a personal invite from one of Tyrannical Ambition’s branch guilds, Ye Xiu was quite dumbfounded.

He didn’t think things would develop so fast. He had only just joined Guild Exterminate the Heavens and ran two dungeons. He didn’t think he had made enough of a commotion yet. Who would have thought he would be deemed good enough already?

Even if he had ran a dungeon with the guild’s chief tank and then the guild leader Senior Exterminate the Heavens as well, and received their recognition, Ye Xiu hadn’t imagined he would receive a direct recommendation from Tyrannical Ambition so quickly.    

This truly was difficult for someone to imagine.

If Crispy Bean hadn’t made things difficult by showing his intent to leave the guild, even if Senior Exterminate the Heavens witnessed Unrivaled Super Hottie’s skills, he still wouldn’t have immediately asked for a recommendation.

Crispy Bean had forced him to make a decision. He didn’t want to give up on Crispy Bean, but he also felt like Unrivaled Super Hottie wasn’t so simple. In order to not lose either of them, his only choice was to find a different way to get Unrivaled Super Hottie to stay. After all, Senior Exterminate the Heaven’s main goal was to help Tyrannical Ambition.

Ye Xiu wasn’t some godly immortal. How could he have known about all of this? Even if he had seen how unhappy Crispy Bean was towards him, they had only just gotten to know each other. How could Ye Xiu know Crispy Bean had so much pride and actually threatened the guild leader.

“Is this the basis for the saying gold will always shine?” Ye Xiu said to Chen Guo.

Chen Guo was speechless. Ye Xiu truly could be considered as gold, but she really didn’t like how he called himself gold so calmly. Couldn’t you let someone else say those words?

“So you’re in…..” Chen Guo was also surprised. She sighed thinking of how much effort it had taken her to get into Excellent Dynasty. How infuriating!

Chen Guo was still melancholy. Ye Xiu had already begun talking with the inviter. Ye Xiu directly inquired why they wanted him.

This branch player couldn’t say it was because of Jiang You! In the end, he could only say that he had a friend in Exterminate the Heavens who told him of his skill, which was why he hoped to see it for himself. 

“Ha ha ha, could I ask who your friend is? He has very good eyes!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Yes, yes.” The other side was speechless. Seeing how arrogant this Unrivaled Super Hottie was, he didn’t want to chat with him any longer. Honestly speaking, he didn’t like this sort of personality.   

“Since you look so highly of me, I can’t refuse can I? We have to give each other face! Don’t you think so?” Ye Xiu said.

“Yes yes yes……..” The other side really wanted to end this conversation.

"How should I do this? Should I leave the guild first? Have you finished arranged everything on your side?” Ye Xiu asked.

“After leaving a guild, you have to wait five days before you can join another. But it doesn’t matter. You can come dungeon with us during those five days!” The branch player said.    

“So there’s something like that. Okay!” Ye Xiu acted like he was reluctant, but then immediately left the guild.

He came and left in a rush. During his time in Guild Exterminate the Heavens, the only thing that he had made an impression of to the guild members was his name. His incredible performance in the dungeon hadn’t spread yet!

No one really said much about him joining and leaving the guild so suddenly. However, the ones who had interacted with him before immediately noticed. 

Crispy Bean was naturally bursting with joy. Even though the guild leader never said anything directly, his intentions had been made clear. Crispy Bean acted like nothing had happened and didn’t mention leaving the guild anymore.

As for Senior Exterminate the Heavens? He had received a message from the branch guild saying the transaction had been successful. He was also satisfied.  

The only person who wasn’t happy was the innocent girl, Clove.

This girl saw the notification of Unrivaled Super Hottie leaving the guild and immediately became somewhat upset. While complaining to Senior Exterminate the Heavens, she went to ask Unrivaled Super Hottie.

‘I didn’t. I didn’t say anything! I’m still thinking about how to resolve this situation!” Senior Exterminate the Heavens pretended like he didn’t know what was going on.

“Then why did he leave the guild without saying bye!” Clove asked.

“How should I know? He didn’t say bye to me either!” Senior Exterminate the Heavens continued to put on his act.

Clove didn’t reply because she had already received a reply from Unrivaled Super Hottie, who told her someone from Tyrannical Ambition had invited him, so he would be going to their guild.

Clove stared blankly. Had she thought too much? It seemed like he left on his own accord. She didn’t have anything else to say.

“Okay.” Clove only replied with one word.

“If an opportunity comes up, we should dungeon together again.” Ye Xiu replied. He had good impression of this girl. 

“Sure.” Clove replied.

Ye Xiu didn’t say anything else. The branch guild had already called him over to dungeon together. There were a lot of Level 70 dungeons. It wasn’t possible to run all of them in one day.

The two sides found a place to meet. The branch guild also saw the severity of the situation, when they saw Unrivaled Super Hottie’s equipment.

Unrivaled Super Hottie’s equipment wasn’t any different from before. He had taken the Dragon Guardian Axe in Bone Dragon Abyss, but after running the dungeon, he returned it to Clover and let the team deal with it. In the second run, no Knight equipment dropped, so Ye Xiu hadn’t gained anything from there either. Honestly speaking, Ye Xiu looked down on Bone Dragon Abyss’s equipment even more than Crispy Bean.

Even if he got equipment from Bone Dragon Abyss, so what? Would he appear any different in front of others?

Tyrannical Ambition’s four branch guilds were much more powerful than Guild Exterminate the Heavens. The set of equipment on Unrivaled Super Hottie was even more shocking to the branch guild than to Exterminate the Heavens.

Tyrannical Ambition’s branch guild had directly invited Unrivaled Super Hottie to go into a hundred player group dungeon. They had originally planned on immediately adding Unrivaled Super Hottie to the group to see how he would deal with an extremely difficult dungeon. But now from the looks of it, with his equipment, he didn’t even seem close to being qualified to entering the dungeon.

Before adding Unrivaled Super Hottie to the group, everyone was whispering to each other, when they heard Unrivaled Super Hottie laugh out loud: “Wow, so many people are here to welcome me? You’re all too nice! To tell you all the truth, I haven’t officially joined the guild yet, so all of you should prepare another welcome party five days from now!”

Everyone was speechless. How could a guy with such a set of equipment act so arrogant? It seems like his name wasn’t just for show!

“Uh, everyone is here to run a dungeon. We just happen to only have 99 players and have an open spot. Are you interested in joining?” The person speaking was their group leader, Happy Sheep, a Cleric. He was one of the core members of Tyrannical Ambition’s branch guild. He had been the one to invite Unrivaled Super Hottie over. The branch guild leader hadn’t gone to personally invite him either with the same reasoning as Jiang You. he didn’t want to personally invite over a faulty product.

Knowing this, under the guild leader’s instructions, Happy Sheep was to pull him over to a dungeon and check his skill. As a result, Happy Sheep directly arranged a hundred player group and planned on bringing Unrivaled Super Hottie along. But after seeing his equipment, his equipment wasn’t good enough for the dungeon. At this moment, the team chat was in a heated debate. 

“A hundred player group? It can’t get better than that! Which dungeon?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Our group is planning on running the Tomb in the Sky.” Happy Sheep answered.

“Tomb in the Sky? That sounds familiar. Wait one second, I’m going to check a guide!” Ye Xiu said.

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