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Chapter 555 - Knight’s Spirit

A DPSer like Ye Xiu, who could attack relentlessly without having the aggro go off the tank, might draw some jealousy from other DPS players, but he was definitely loved by the team leader, tanks, and healing classes. However, in this current team, the one who hated this DPSer the most was a tank. Crispy Bean was dressed in a set of superior equipment. Regardless of whether the aggro went off the tank because of DPS or having another DPS surpass his own damage output, he would find it shameful.

However, this DPS was so outstanding that it caused Crispy Bean heart to tremble. He could already feel that Unrivaled Super Hottie hadn’t made the aggro go off the tank because of his control. It is only because of that control that Unrivaled Super Hottie’s current output damage was below Crispy Bean’s.

If this was a DPSer whose role was to deal damage…… the two shameful things would have already happened.

An excellent DPSer should have decreased the pressure that would be placed on the tank, but instead Crispy Bean felt as if his pressure multiplied. He wished that Unrivaled Super Hottie would hurry and die. 

Now his wish would finally happen!

Unrivaled Super Hottie unexpectedly chose this opportunity to rush out and misposition himself!

Clove yelled out for him to be careful, but Crispy Bean knew clearly that if he reacted to the warning now, it would definitely be too late. Forwards, backwards, left, or right? No matter which way he went, it would be impossible to be faster than Aldton‘s wing attack.


Crispy Bean couldn’t express his excitement out loud, so he could only speak it continually in his heart. In the blink of an eye, the retracting wing already covered Unrivaled Super Hottie. He could hear a faint clashing sound. 

What a great sound to hear!

Originally, Crispy Bean hated the clashing sound between bones and metal, but at this moment, he found the sound very pleasant.

Aldton’s bone wing finally fully retracted. Crispy Bean couldn’t wait to take a look at the results. The sight of Unrivaled Super Hottie rolling on the ground from the sweep of the bone wing would be humiliating.

After Aldton retracted its wing, it turned its body and swept its tail towards them.

Not bad! Just like this! Crispy Bean was excited.

He knew clearly that with a Knight’s toughness, a wing attack was not enough to instantly kill, but the addition of a tail sweep would be just enough. After all, this was a dungeon for ten people and Unrivaled Super Hottie’s equipment was poor even with the Dragon Guardian Axe. However, because he used this double-handed weapon, he didn’t have a shield. Speaking of defense, there was a significant difference between having a shield and not having a shield. 

At this moment, Crispy Bean was afraid Clove would heal him. However, Crispy Bean already thought about it before. Right at the moment when Unrivaled Super Hottie made a mistake in positioning, Crispy Bean also made a little mistake in positioning. Thus, he also entered the wing attack’s range. Crispy Bean pretended not to notice and didn’t block with his shield. 

There was only one Cleric on the team.

For a situation like this, it was obvious whether one should prioritize the tank or the DPSer.

Crispy Bean admired himself for being able to plan so much in a single moment. 

When he saw his health gradually recover, Crispy Bean revealed a dark smile. As expected, Clove chose to heal him in this instant.

At the same time, Aldton’s tail swept towards Unrivaled Super Hottie. In fact, the boss’s current aggro was still on Crispy Bean, so its attack was aimed at Crispy Bean. However, Unrivaled Super Hottie positioned himself there, so he became the first person to receive the attack. 

Crispy Bean, of course, would hate to miss this scene. His unblinking eyes stared towards the direction of Unrivaled Super Hottie. He even continued to scheme evilly, if this tail didn’t manage to sweep Unrivaled Super Hottie to death, then…...

Just as Crispy Bean reached this thought, his brain suddenly halted for a moment. This was because he saw Unrivaled Super Hottie rolling around. Without any delay, he lay prone and slipped through the only gap as the dragon swept its tail across. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie stopped right behind Aldton. As he stood up, he swung his Dragon Guardian Axe in an arc. After straightening up, he continued to use all sorts of attacking skills.

He completed all of the movements in one go. Once everything replayed and connected together, his previous act of continuous rolling became less humiliating. Just from the scene, where he lay prone through the gap under the tail’s sweep was thrilling enough to be recorded, watched, and replayed for a hundred times. 

“How is this possible?” Crispy Bean’s couldn’t close his gaping mouth. 

This had to be a coincidence!


Crispy Bean thought. This was because under normal circumstances, it would have been too late to use such a method of dodging. However, at that time, Unrivaled Super Hottie’s was already rolling because of the wing attack. The speed of his roll was faster than what could be done by players. He was able to complete such a risky dodge by borrowing the speed generated from being hit by the wing attack.

Crispy Bean hoped it was just a coincidence, but unfortunately it didn’t seem like it.

After rolling, Unrivaled Super Hottie continued to attack. He was absolutely calm. Who would believe that he was able to escape from such a desperate situation through luck?

It was certain that calmness originated from confidence. He was confident that he could dodge the attack, so that chain of rolling wasn’t a coincidence. He deliberately used Aldton’s wing attack to position himself.

A method like this actually existed? Crispy Bean’s mental pressure grew. 

How about the others? They were also struck dumb with astonishment by this scene. Ye Xiu’s Unrivaled Super Hottie continued his attacks at once after rolling. The other members froze for a moment in awe. Even Clove, who was meant to quickly heal Unrivaled Super Hottie, was shocked stiff for a second.

“That was so close!” Clove exasperated while healing Unrivaled Super Hottie after she broke out of her shock. 

“Haha, it’s good to have a priest.” Ye Xiu said as he continued to attack. 

As Crispy Bean watched Unrivaled Super Hottie slowly recover his health, he gnashed his teeth in anger, but he couldn’t come up with any calculations. Don't tell me that I have to finish this dungeon quietly like this? I refuse!

Crispy Bean looked around to see if there were any other chances, but Unrivaled Super Hottie positioned himself behind Aldton. Between the two, one of them faced the dragon’s front and the other faced its back. The bone dragon’s body was not small. He couldn’t even see Unrivaled Super Hottie in person, so how could he make any further calculations?

Crispy Bean continued to fight the boss half-heartedly. On the contrary, other people were passionate like fire. Especially those who had received weapons from Bone Dragon Abyss threw out damage ruthlessly. They wanted to leave the others behind and get closer to their targets ahead. 

For a moment, the competition in the damage charts was in full swing as the players competed with one another. Only the rankings of Crispy Bean in first place, Unrivaled Super Hottie in the second, and Clove in last place were stable. The other seven people competed with one another like a race car match. However, two groups formed between the seven people: those with and without dropped weapons.

However, Crispy Bean wasn’t in the mood to care what happened below him on this list, there was only one name in his eyes: Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

This fellow’s name continued to hang behind him steadily from start to finish. It seemed as if he would surpass Crispy Bean at any time. Crispy Bean didn’t have any methods to getting rid of Unrivaled Super Hottie, so he could only grit his teeth and try to crush Unrivaled Super Hottie under his name. However, no matter how he fought, he still wasn’t able to pull away from him on the damage charts. Unrivaled Super Hottie was like a cat catching a mouse. The cat wanted to catch the mouse, but would restrain itself and patiently follow behind as if teasing the prey. 

Crispy Bean’s eyes were close to spewing fire. His emotions surged as his performance became more and more chaotic. He would only consider which skill’s damage output was greatest and immediately chose to use it. 

However, would his total damage rapidly shoot up from blindly using skills with high damage? Of course not! In order to have a higher damage output, apart from optimizing skill cooldowns, one had to take note of random effects triggered by the skill or extending buffs given by skills. 

Just standing there and putting out skills? That would be the legendary brainless DPS. True experts at dealing damage might not have it easier than a tank in terms of technique. The reason Crispy Bean had high DPS was because he had good equipment.

But he still continued to grind his teeth and brood about the damage output. He also continued to try making different adjustments. Not only did his damage output become unstable, even his responsibility of keeping the boss’s aggro was influenced. 

He was only focused on competing with Ye Xiu. He failed to realize that the other players at this moment were also competing and it became more and more intense. The damage output increased and the boss’s aggro also whirled up. Moreover, they trusted him as the chief tank, so they had completely forgotten about controlling the boss’s aggro. 

Crispy Bean was still grinding his teeth and playing as both DPS and a tank though. Suddenly, the bone dragon turned its body. Its pair of pitch-dark eye sockets changed to glare at another target instead. 

“The aggro is off the tank!!” Clove turned pale with fright and yelled out continually. The other seven DPSers had already roughly grasped the set pattern of attacking the boss. Amidst their risky thrills with no danger. They had become extremely excited about their competition. They never thought that with Unrivaled Super Hottie so high up, that they would be responsible for causing the aggro to go off the tank.

At this instant, the person who caused the aggro shift secretly felt satisfied in his heart. This was actually the mindset of many DPS players. To cause the aggro shift was something they were proud of instead of feeling ashamed about. They believed that this was a proof of their mighty DPS.

There was nothing wrong with thinking like this. It was true that causing an aggro shift meant having a high damage output, but there was not much else to it. Having high damage output did not necessarily mean that they were an expert in dealing damage. Having a high damage output could perhaps only be because of their equipment. On the other hand, experts in dealing damage could have a high result of damage output, while not letting there be any bothersome problems like causing an aggro shift.

The brothers who chuckled to themselves only had time to feel accomplished for a moment before Aldton turned around. The dragon’s head raised as it tore through to bite towards them. 

However at this time, a bright light shone from behind Aldton as Unrivaled Super Hottie already rushed ahead at a fast pace. He raised his hand to beckon and used a Provoke towards Aldton at this crucial moment. 

No, this was not a normal Provoke!

This was Glorious Provocation.

At this moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie’s body was flooded with white light, he activated the Knight’s level 50 Awakening skill: Knight’s Spirit!

Humility, honour, sacrifice, bravery, mercy, honesty, spiritual, justice.

With the buff from Knight’s Spirit, the Knight would have enhanced skills and a massive buff in stats.

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