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Chapter 553 - Damage Output Competition

Crispy Bean didn’t care about any of the equipment that dropped from Bone Dragon Abyss. Just now, this Unrivaled Super Hottie actually thought he wanted to compete for the axe. It made him feel like he was being looked down upon.

“What? You don’t want it? If you don’t want it, then who else would want it?” Ye Xiu asked.

Clove really felt worried! Did this guy really not know the rules, or was he pretending not to know? She didn’t want to say it in public, so she privately messaged Unrivaled Super Hottie: “I told you you could leech and the first equipment that dropped can be used by you, but how am I supposed to give it to you like this?”

“Oh. Don’t worry. I’ll just use it temporarily. Once I get out of the dungeon, I can give it to you. I’m a tank, so why would I need this weapon, but wouldn’t it be better to temporarily use it to raise my DPS?” Ye Xiu replied.

Clove was surprised. She hadn’t thought he would reply in such a way. When an equipment was given to someone, the system would notify those in the team, so she had to say a few words before giving it out. Clove told the rest she would give Unrivaled Super Hottie the axe temporarily. After explaining the reason, she handed the Dragon Guardian Axe to Unrivaled Super Hottie.


Ye Xiu immediately switched his Knight sword and shield with the Dragon Guardian Axe. This axe was a dual handed weapon, so he wouldn’t be able to equip both the shield and the axe.

The Dragon Guardian Axe wasn’t anything unique. It was just big and the two blood-red streaks on the two sides of the axe made it quite eye-catching. Right now, it looked very powerful in Unrivaled Super Hottie’s hands. The other players looked at him in envy. Crispy Bean glanced at him and then continued to pull monsters.

The dungeon battle continued. Unrivaled Super Hottie, with his new Dragon Guardian Axe, was no longer leeching. He was on the front lines killing monsters.

Clove, as the rear support, paid more attention to Unrivaled Super Hottie and realized that he didn’t need any instruction from her. His coordination with the rest of the team was solid. When she checked the total damage charts, she jumped in fright.

Even though Unrivaled Super Hottie was still in ninth place, his numbers had increased greatly. Before, he had only been a third of the player in the eighth position, but now, he was already two thirds. And during this time, they had only killed the first boss and cleared three waves of monsters.

Even though Unrivaled Super Hottie had switched his equipment, it shouldn’t have been able to make him increase his damage by so much. Thus, most of the damage must have been from attacking the first boss. The boss’s health was equivalent to several waves of monsters.

However, at that time, Unrivaled Super Hottie was only wearing his original equipment. He didn’t have any advantage over the other players on the team, but for him to be able to catch up so quickly! What skill! His ability to output damage must mean his skill level wasn’t ordinary!

After Clove noted this point, she paid more attention to Unrivaled Super Hottie. With his Dragon Guardian Axe, the current Unrivaled Super Hottie had already caught the eye of the other team members. When Clove looked at the damage charts, she saw that Unrivaled Super Hottie was rapidly rising in the ranking, nearing the player in eighth place.

Once he caught up to eighth place, he wouldn’t be too different from everyone else. The other seven players were all around the same skill level. Even though there were differences, the differences weren’t large. The player in first place was Crispy Bean, the tank. After all, he had the equipment advantage and the tank’s attack couldn’t be too low. Damage was a huge factor in calculating aggro. Only by relying on aggro-inducing skills wouldn’t be able to provide stable control over the monster.

“This person isn’t simple!”

Clove finally concluded. Not just her, but the other players also noticed this. The players, who liked to check the damage charts, saw his huge rise upwards. Even though he had just gotten the Dragon Guardian Axe, it was only a slight advantage. Everyone’s equipment had  Level 70 requirements. There couldn’t be a heaven and earth difference between the weapons. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s rise couldn’t be brought about solely because of the weapon.

Everyone else began to raise their damage output. Even though the enemies were NPCs in PvE, players liked competing with other players. The competition in PvE was only slightly different than competition in PvP. PvP was a battle between players, while PvE was a battle of numbers.

The players in the team had started a numbers battle over damage output. No one wanted to lag behind. With the start of this competition, their battle strength soared and they advanced through the dungeon even faster. In the blink of an eye, they reached the second boss in Bone Dragon Abyss.

It was the same as the first boss. Crispy Bean went forward to pull the boss and Unrivaled Super Hottie went forward with him. Crispy Bean already had no more words to say to him, but Unrivaled Super Hottie had already proved that he didn’t have any intention of causing trouble. The first boss battle also proved his ability to control aggro. He wouldn’t be an obstruction to the main tank.

Crispy Bean remained silent and just hit the boss. However, he also paid attention to Unrivaled Super Hottie’s fighting method. He realized Unrivaled Super Hottie was fighting slightly differently than when he fought the first boss.

The other seven DPS players were very worried. When they reached this boss, Unrivaled Super Hottie caught up from his one third damage deficit. Even though he was still in ninth place, he was very close to the others. He had rushed forward to start putting out damage, but the others could only watch helplessly. If this kept going, wouldn’t they just be watching his damage surpassed their damage?

However, the tank hadn’t said anything yet, so they didn’t dare to move. Unrivaled Super Hottie dared to fight alongside the tank without the tank losing aggro, but they didn’t have the ability to do that. They thought it was probably because he played as a tank and knew the Knight class well, so he had a good grasp over managing aggro. Normal players could also manage aggro, but not as precisely as he could.

The seven others could only watch in helplessness. Having not heard Crispy Bean say anything in a long time, they were starting to look down on him. It’s been so long and he still hasn’t established the aggro?    

It had only been five seconds since Crispy Bean had pulled the boss. However, for the seven other players, those five seconds felt like eternity.

Finally, everyone heard Crispy Bean shout “Everyone, up!” The seven impatient players immediately pounced on the boss like tigers and went all out. One of the brothers had charged forward too ferociously and crashed into Crispy Bean. Teammates couldn’t do damage to each other, but it could still mess up his positioning.

The crash had caused Crispy Bean to shift slightly, resulting in his shield failing to block the second boss’s attack.

“What are you doing!?” Crispy Bean roared.

This normal player didn’t have the courage to shout back at the tank. He hastily whimpered “Sorry.” He moved two steps back and then started putting out damage. If he didn’t, he would fall behind.

Their fierce attacks caused blood to constantly spurt from the boss. With a strong tank, the boss battle wasn’t anything difficult. The second boss quickly fell. No one cared about the drops. They immediately pulled up the damage charts.

F*ck! With just one boss, Unrivaled Super Hottie shot past the other seven players. In addition, compared to the slight differences between the seven, the second place Unrivaled Super Hottie was far ahead of them now. He had even shrunken the distance between the player in first, who had a huge advantage in equipment.

“Too amazing!”

The others could only admit their defeat. In the beginning, he had just been leeching, but as soon as he stopped leeching, his damage output immediately soared. In addition to his weapon advantage, they couldn’t compete anymore!

At this moment, Clove picked up the equipment and showed it to everyone. Everyone immediately began murmuring.

Angry Dragon Sword!

It was a Level 70 Greatsword, which Berserkers or Blade Masters could use. In the team, there was a Berserker and a Blade Master. However, this Blade Master used lightsabers, so he didn’t have any proficiency in Greatswords and backed away in tears. The Berserker shouted in happiness and took the Angry Dragon Sword in front of everyone’s envious eyes.

This Berserker placed fourth in the damage charts. His spirit rose after switching equipment. He had more confidence now, but he had completely forgotten that Unrivaled Super Hottie had caught up from a two-thirds damage deficit. He had surpassed them after killing the monsters between the first and second boss. A better weapon clearly wouldn’t account for such a rise.

But in any case, the other seven hadn’t been too far apart in damage output. With a better weapon, his damage output would clearly be shown.

After killing a few waves, the Berserker reached third place and looked like he could compete with the second place Unrivaled Super Hottie.

The other seven players felt somewhat disheartened. At this moment, one of the players who found an item shouted in joy: “Team leader, hurry up and come over here!”

“What is it?” Clove immediately went over. One of the monsters had dropped a golden weapon. When she picked it up, she was surprised. Blue weapon! A mob monster had actually dropped a Blue weapon.

In terms of probability, small monsters obviously had the chance to drop good equipment, but it was a very low chance. If not, why would boss’s be valuable? However, their team had gotten good fortune. A small monster had actually dropped a Blue weapon! They were in the Bone Dragon Abyss, so the equipment dropped would be from the dungeon.

This dagger was given to the Assassin, who found it. Thus, another person began rising up on the damage charts. After several waves, the two with better weapons had pulled a distance apart from the others, but at the same time, they also discovered that Unrivaled Super Hottie had widened the distance even farther. That guy was clearly going after the first place Crispy Bean, but that Crispy Bean had equipment that far surpassed theirs! He had several pieces of Purple equipment. With such great equipment, wouldn’t his damage output naturally be high?

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