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Chapter 545 - Rescue

The eight guilds involved in the proof post were gathered at the boundaries of Poison Fang Swamp.

Initially, only five of the guilds had hidden themselves to lie in wait for an ambush, but later, they invited the other three guilds to join in. Blue Brook Guild and Samsara had just been extorted by Ye Xiu, so they happily accepted. Excellent Dynasty naturally accepted too.

The guilds arranged the shifts for guarding this area. The method was a bit clumsy, but it was still better than nothing. Against a cunning god-level opponent, having an opportunity to kill him once was hard to come by. 

Yes, the eight guilds just wanted to kill him once in order to vent their anger, but how would they have known that he wouldn’t appear for two days? It was quite surprising to them.

Lord Grim won’t log on?

If this was permanent, it would be incredible news, but then again, how could it be possible? Of course it couldn’t be. If he wasn’t logging on, was he perhaps plotting something scary? The guilds thought of the little nincompoop complaining on the forums and suspected that it must have been the work of Lord Grim.

For a moment, they didn’t know if it was better for Lord Grim to be online or not. In any case, they had to hastily explain themselves on the forums and stay in position at Poison Fang Swamp. As for the reward they would receive for killing Lord Grim…… it had already been put up inside the guilds and would never been taken down. Why else had Wei Chen attacked Ye Xiu with his identity as a member of the Blue Brook Guild?

Overall, the deployment of the guilds was a bit sloppy. It wasn’t a very careful formation, but rather more like a desperate action, but in any case, their superiors hadn’t given them any new instructions, so the guild members simply followed orders and changed shifts constantly.

Each of the eight guilds sent a team of players for a total of 80 players. For convenience, they formed a group. As a result, the teams who arrived to take over the new shift would enter the group and then stare blankly into empty space. This sequence hadn’t changed at all for the past two days. The players on shift weren’t too bored though. The guilds had a lot of players. They just needed to randomly switch a few of them out every once in awhile. No one would feel like the task was too repetitive.   

The only thing that repeated was Lord Grim never showing up.

At this moment, a team from Misty Castle arrived, ready to take over the new shift. The eight guilds switched shifts at different times to avoid everyone coming at once and making the situation chaotic.

“Are you guys here?”

“Yeah, we’re here.”

“Has Lord Grim logged in yet?”


Whenever new players arrived on shift, they would often have a similar conversation.

After some dialogue, the new team entered the group and the old team left. At this moment, twenty players lay in wait, secretly observing the situation.

Wei Chen had already investigated this change of shift already. It wasn’t any different than before.们

“The enemy is quite fierce. By changing shifts at different times, we won’t only be facing these eighty players. There’s always back-up on their way.” Wei Chen said to Ye Xiu.

“Is there always one team coming to change shifts every time?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Yeah, from what I saw this time and last time, this seems to be true.” Wei Chen said.

“Then why don’t we attack this team?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I thought of it, but from the main city to here, the space is very open. There isn’t any place to ambush them from. We’ll catch wind of each other way before we can get close.” Wei Chen said.

Ye Xiu thought of the terrain and agreed.

Afterwards, he said: “Then what about in the main city?”

“It’s a Level 65 city and it’s quite populated too. It would be best if we didn’t go to a place with too many people.” Wei Chen sighed. His team had gone to a city to repair their equipment, but the guilds somehow surrounded and massacred them. It had been a miserable day!

“So the only choice is to break through these eighty players?” Ye Xiu asked.

“It seems like it.”

“Then let’s do it!” Ye Xiu said,

“That’s what I was going to do, but then you started spewing all that bullsh*t.” Wei Chen cursed.


“Let’s go from the six o’clock direction!” Ye Xiu suggested.

“Why six o’clock? Go from the twelve o’clock. We’ll create a small hole. Then, you log on and run deep into the map. As long as you pull some distance from them, how could you not shrug them off with your strict control over your stamina?” Wei Chen said.

“Old bro, I’m only Level 54. I can’t even use insect repellant smoke. Running deeper into the swamp isn’t convenient for me. It would be better to run down the main street.”

“Oh, I forgot about that.” Wei Chen immediately realized. It wasn’t that he lacked experience. There hadn’t ever been a Level 54 character in the Heavenly Domain, so players over here wouldn’t consider things from that sort of perspective.

“Let’s go then!” Wei Chen led his team and changed directions.

“Don’t be in such a rush. Let me cause a small disturbance first.” Ye Xiu was using Chasing Haze. Launchers had the longest range of the classes in Glory, so he dared to provoke these eighty players.

“Hurry up.” Wei Chen impatiently urged.

As soon as he said this, Ye Xiu’s Chasing Haze threw out a lighter, low and level. However, in the dark Poison Fang Swamp, the light attracted everyone’s attention. 

“Who is it?” A player on guard noticed the light, but with how Ye Xiu threw the lighter, the lighter didn’t travel far, so it had already landed on the ground by the time the player noticed it. The player could only see light and couldn’t tell what it was.

“What’s wrong?” The unaware players asked, when suddenly, they heard a loud bang and saw several Heat-Seeking Missiles flying towards them.

“F*ck, it’s an attack from above!” Someone shouted. Everyone began to move. The Heat-Seeking Missiles would fly towards wherever the lighter had hit the ground. They hadn’t seen the lighter, so they didn’t know where to run.

“No one move!” The person who saw the light realized that the light was the guiding beacon for the Heat-Seeking Missiles. He didn’t have time to think where the lighter had come from. He only knew that if no one moved, everyone would be safe. 

However, at this moment, the one thing that couldn’t be shouted was “no one move”, even something like telling everyone to move in a single direction would have been more believable.

The shout aroused everyone’s suspicion, especially because not everyone here was from the same guild. No one really trusted each other. Thus, it would have been better if he hadn’t shouted anything at all. The shout made the all of the guild teams run around like crazy. Three players pounced directly towards the Heat-Seeking Missiles’ landing spot.

“Not my fault!” The player saw that no one was listening and actually felt happy seeing three players running towards the missiles.


By the time the three had noticed that they really shouldn’t have moved, the missiles had already reached them. A mushroom cloud popped up and the three went tumbling away. One player fell on a dried up tree and couldn’t get down.

“Team 1, Team 2 go take a look over there.” Someone spoke. This time, in this joint movement, there was an overall leader. Whoever was the group leader could speak. Because they changed shifts frequently, every guild had a chance to lead the group, so no guild would feel that the system was unfair, so there was no point arguing over it.

Team 1’s captain was the group leader. He gave the orders to personally check and also brought along Team 2.

The two teams hastily ran over with their weapons clanking. When they arrived, the mushroom cloud had yet to disperse. Suddenly, a beam of light descended from the skies and, because of the mushroom cloud covering it, no one noticed it.

This attack was very brave. People had to immediately rush over for the mushroom cloud to cover it, otherwise no would have gotten hit by the light beam and the attack would have been wasted.

But now?

Satellite Beam descended from the skies. The ones in front bore the brunt of the attack.

The other players quickly got out of the way in fright. But then, the Satellite Beam split into multiple smaller pillars, which were controlled manually. The pillars didn’t follow the set pattern and predicted the directions which the players would dodge towards.

“Team 3, perform a flank. Everyone else, search the surroundings!!” The group leader hastily ordered.

The eight guilds dispersed like water. Wei Chen didn’t need Ye Xiu to remind him. He could easily tell that it was a perfect opportunity to act. The enemies scrambled to figure out the situation, which gave them an opportunity to directly cut through them.

“Everyone ready!” Wei Chen typed in the group chat. His gaze was locked onto the numerous players that were heading in his direction.

“Pop out and kill them all for me!” Wei Chen shouted.

“1, 2, 3!”

“There are people here!!”

When Wei Chen finished counting to three, the other side noticed half of Windward Formation’s head sticking out from behind a tree. The distance between the two sides was too close to escape. Wei Chen couldn’t hide any longer, but he timed it perfectly. After counting to three, he shouted a single word: attack.

Twenty players leapt out of their hiding spots and used their strongest moves. All of them were cursing at the same time too, saying things like “F*ck you for ten thousand years!”

One wave of AoE.

Even though Wei Chen’s group no longer had the same strength as other Level 70 characters, their attacks combined together were enough to take down several enemies. The wave of attacks attracted the attention of the enemy. They looked and saw a whole bunch of familiar names. Weren’t they the ones with bounties on their heads? Rumors said they went around bullying stray guild players. Were they hallucinating? Why would they attack such a huge group like them?

“Be careful! They’re here to rescue Lord Grim. Everyone, stay in formation!!” The group leader kept a clear mind and instantly figured out their intent.

As soon as he said this, the dazzling light from the Satellite Beam dissipated. Lord Grim had unexpectedly logged on in the middle of this and had already started running away!

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