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Chapter 544 - Third Follow Up

Blue Brook Guild had kept their name pristine. Samsara had gained more momentum. Overall, Samsara had benefited the most from this transaction.   

Blue Brook Guild could only preserve their current popularity, allowing their guild members know just how much they had suffered under Lord Grim and his group’s hand  

Samsara’s move had greatly increased their popularity, especially since the Club also made a statement in an interview about the battle spirit Team Samsara had. Even though the Club never referred to the game, anyone would be able to piece the two together.

The Club mostly talked about the performance of the team during the current season. Samsara’s recent achievements formed a backdrop which proved their spirit. Both the guild and Club had made progress together and immediately garnered a great amount of attention. Many people began considering the probability of Samsara winning the championships this season.  

At this moment, no one would have thought that after these two follow ups came out, that a third follow up would appear.

The main topic of the post: Who gave you the power to put the boss at stake?

The original poster heavily criticized the eight guilds and their competition that staked the boss as the reward. The poster’s reasoning was very simple: the boss didn’t belong to the guilds. In theory, the boss belonged to all the players of Glory. Why did the guilds get to take the boss as their own and fight against each other with the boss as the reward?

This post gave rise to a huge amount of commotion.

It didn’t matter whether the player was a fan or a supporter, everyone hoped to have the chance to kill this type of boss and obtain its potential drops.

However, wild bosses weren’t beings that could be killed by just anyone. Slightly weaker teams could even die against one. As a result, only the elite guild teams could successfully kill wild bosses with a high success rate.

Club guilds were undoubtedly amongst the top among guilds and also valued wild bosses highly. Over the years, the wild bosses almost always fell into the hands of these Club guilds. In reality, the Club guilds already considered wild bosses as theirs.

As soon as this post came out, controversy erupted. The reasoning was specious though. The Club guilds had never declared that these bosses belonged to them alone. The boss belonged to whoever killed it. They had to care about their own images. If other players came to fight for the boss, they would kill the players or win the boss with higher contribution. In any case, if other came to stop them, they would fight back. They treated everyone equally when it came to wild bosses. 

Bosses belonged to all the players of Glory. Because of this, Club guilds obviously had the right to kill bosses as well. Club guilds killed the bosses according to Glory’s rules. If someone else stole the boss away from them, they wouldn’t immediately attack and take revenge.

The proof post hadn’t been well written. It ignored the feelings of many players. The guilds felt that it was completely natural. The players thought so too, which was why no one had said anything about it until now. However, now that someone with a different perspective had come out, it immediately raised a lot of controversy.

The Club guild players naturally supported their own guilds. However, many players criticized the guilds’ inconsiderate conduct towards them.

This post was much more shocking than Blue Brook Guild’s or Samsara’s follow ups. This time, it not only struck a blow towards the eight guilds involved, but also to all of the Club guilds. The post also denounced how the Club guilds only cared about the interests of their pro teams and restricted the freedom of their own players, treating them like slaves.

This denunciation was a harsh statement. In response, the big guilds frantically defended themselves, talking about the benefits of being in a large guild…..

While defending themselves, they conducted an investigation on the original poster. They obviously wanted to know if this attack had been done by someone with other motives. Speaking of which, everyone had already begun suspecting a certain player.

But after conducting their investigation, the poster hadn’t hidden his history. He wasn’t anyone particularly famous. Traces of him could be found all over the forums. It seemed like he was the type of player who liked to spread rumors.

The big guilds didn’t dare to relax their guards though. If it was just some random player talking trash, then they wouldn’t be afraid at all, but if this player had other motives, they had to be ready to respond.

Let alone the big guilds,even Chen Guo began to suspect a certain someone after seeing the ruckus caused by the post. 

“Is this your doing?” Chen Guo pointed at the screen and asked Ye Xiu. Then again, she had not seen Ye Xiu typing up anything like this earlier.

Ye Xiu took a quick look and shook his head: “No.”

“Tsk tsk, the guilds are going crazy over this. Look.” Chen Guo went back to the forum home page for Ye Xiu to see. The main page was filled with statements from the big guilds, defending themselves from the criticism they had just been plastered with, especially the part about treating their guild members as slaves. They had to give an explanation. 

“Tsk tsk tsk.” Ye Xiu sighed, but didn’t pay too much attention to it and continued to do his own work. He hadn’t played much of the game in these last two days. Instead, he studied the document from Wei Chen on the fastest way to gather skill points.

In this document, Wei Chen listed a huge amount of quests and explained the requirements of these quests in order to get an increased drop rate for skill books.

With Ye Xiu’s knowledge of the game, he didn’t need to do much testing to test the hypothesis in order to figure out the method’s reliability. In the end, he had to admit that Wei Chen’s research couldn’t be considered a myth. The only thing he lacked was hard data that he himself had collected.

In Wei Chen’s research, he called all of these “hidden conditions”. The reason he was so confident was because Glory didn’t seem to be lacking in these types of “hidden conditions”. For example, the vast majority of skills had hidden effects that could be activated upon certain situations playing out. Because players used these skills so often, these hidden effects were eventually figured out. In that case, what other hidden conditions existed in Glory?

This was one reason for Wei Chen’s efforts in researching how to increase the drop rate of skill books. Of course, Wei Chen also considered this as a method of becoming rich. The two had discussed this when discussing the contents of the document.

“I’ve finished looking at the document you sent me.” Ye Xiu hadn’t played the game for the last two days and had spent all his time studying the document.

“What do you think? It’s pretty sound, right?” Wei Chen replied on QQ.

“Yeah, amazing!” Ye Xiu praised sincerely because he knew just how difficult it must have been to research all of this. Wei Chen had studied quests! He had searched through the forums and heard from rumors about the different places and quests with a chance of dropping skill books. Through these quests, he found the hidden conditions necessary to increase the drop rate of said skill books.

Apart from daily quests, most quests couldn’t be repeated. Non-repeatable quests made up most of the results from Wei Chen’s research. What did this mean? It meant that Wei Chen had used numerous accounts in order to test his theory because each account could only try each quest once.  

Ye Xiu didn’t ask how Wei Chen had gotten all those accounts, but he could imagine how difficult it must have been. It wasn’t possible for Ye Xiu to not respect such effort.

“Once our team starts using it, make sure it doesn’t leak out.” Wei Chen carefully warned.

“Of course.” Ye Xiu said.

“Come take a look at all the loot we got.” Wei Chen said and sent Ye Xiu screenshots of their regained equipment one after the other. With his gang of bros, Wei Chen wandered around the Heavenly Domain ambushing guild players. They didn’t say a word to them and just killed them directly.

This type of harassment wouldn’t hurt the big guilds much, but they couldn’t let it slide either. The guilds formed a hunting team in order to hunt down Wei Chen and his gang. Wei Chen happily clashed with them, sacrificing their accounts, while continuing to fill up their inventories.

After two days, the stats of their twenty accounts were completely red. Their experience points were negative numbers. They were too lazy to count how many times they had died because they were more interested in the equipment they received during this period.

As they died, their strength declined making it more and more difficult to continue fighting. Even so, they still continued to bite at these guild players. The guilds were completely sick of them, but they learn from their previous mistake. This time, they didn’t dare to release a bounty. Wei Chen’s gang was with Lord Grim. If they offered a reward, what would they do if these guys just killed themselves for the reward?

“Okay, save some strength to help me escape!” Ye Xiu said.

The guilds weren’t having a good time these last two days. Let alone the boss, the proof post was also very troublesome to deal with. A random team was ambushing their players every day. In addition to this, they had a group of players guarding Lord Grim’s log-off spot 24/7, but they had yet to see Lord Grim log on.

This time, they were determined to fight with Ye Xiu though. They had the manpower anyways. If they just made the shifts shorter, no one would be as bitter about it. Whoever killed Lord Grim would get a large reward, so the guild players had fairly high morale. 

“Yeah, it’s about time. We should hurry and get you out while our accounts still have enough strength to! If we’re going to be spies, we can’t get revealed yet.” Wei Chen also replied.

“Yeah, I’ll get an account too and help you guys.” Ye Xiu said. He asked Chen Guo to borrow her Chasing Haze. After logging into the game, he headed towards Poison Fang Swamp, where Lord Grim had logged off at.

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