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Chapter 543 - Spies

Chen Guo looked a bit dumbstruck. She didn’t understand it too thoroughly, but after seeing the two follow-up posts, she got a clearer idea of the whole picture.

Blue Brook Guild’s action had been forced. With the proof post, even if the guilds knew that Blue Brook Guild hadn’t done it intentionally, without any concrete proof to back up their uninvolvement, they didn’t mind putting the blame on Blue Brook Guild. This type of attack was much more valuable than a PvP match in the game. Blue Brook Guild had a Club and a team behind them. Such an existence made up of three entities would be extremely difficult to harm through just PvP alone.  

On the other hand, revealing a scandal could weaken the popularity of one of these three entities and could be considered quite a heavy blow to their reputation.

Blue Brook Guild clearly understood this point. As a result, they cleaned themselves of the matter, refusing to let the other guilds use this opportunity to attack them. Blue Brook Guild didn’t have much of a choice.

As for Samsara? Chen Guo saw the chain of shouting and cheering from Samsara fans underneath the post. There were quite a lot of other players praising the manliness of Samsara’s actions too. She quickly realized the significance of the actions that Samsara had taken. 

When normal players played the game, they didn’t care about the businesses of these Club guilds. Today, Samsara had been cheated and used this to attract the sympathy of others. Afterwards, they used a battle to show their might. Other guilds might look at such actions with disgust, but it resonated well with the vast majority.

People played the game to have fun. If they were cheated, they didn’t want to go through some lengthy process in order to get revenge. They would rather take revenge immediately. Whether or not revenge was the answer was a completely different matter.

Samsara went with what the people liked. Not only did they rally their own supporters, many neutral players had a deeper impression of Samsara now, especially with Samsara taking the boss. This was a perfect example of a main character taking action to achieve his goals. In the eyes of the people, the only word that could describe this was cool!

However, after looking at it again, she suddenly felt a bit confused about one part: “If that’s the case, Blue Brook Guild needed Samsara as witnesses to clear their name, but Samsara didn’t need Blue Brook Guild to do anything for them? If Blue Brook Guild was still the betrayer, then even if Samsara won the boss in the end, Samsara would look more powerful, right?

“Not bad not bad. You must have improved a lot to think of this outcome!” Ye Xiu praised.

Chen Guo rolled her eyes. She clearly didn’t feel very accepting of his praise. Truthfully, she didn’t have much interest in how the guilds operated. She preferred watching  sick plays, killing in a single combo, etc.

“Samsara obviously doesn’t want to be linked with Blue Brook Guild, but if their intents were seen through by Blue Brook Guild, then there’s nothing they can really do about it. Blue Brook Guild refuses to part with them, and they couldn’t take the boss, so to make a trade-off, they helped to clear Blue Brook Guild’s name!” Ye Xiu explained. 

“You saw that the two parties urgently needed the boss, so you struck a deal with them?” Chen Guo asked.

Ye Xiu laughed bitterly: “I had no choice. In our current situation, trying to compete with these guilds fairly is like asking a tiger for its skin. I don’t have the time to slowly make business with them, which is why I have to resort to such shameless methods like this….”

“You don’t need to explain. I’m not looking down on you for doing it. Keep up the good work.” Chen Guo said.

“With such a shameless guy like Old Wei to help me, it’s like adding wings to a tiger.” Ye Xiu sighed.

“It’s not like you’re very merciful either.” Chen Guo said.

“Don’t say such nonsense, I’m nowhere near Old Wei’s level of shamelessness.” Ye Xiu spoke solemnly.

Chen Guo commented: “You’re really modest when it comes to stuff like this.”

On QQ, Wei Chen reported the death of his gang. All of these characters had to be abandoned, so he decided that they would look around and kill these guild players, so these abandoned accounts would gain some value.

“See, look how shameless he is!” Ye Xiu said to Chen Guo, while asking Wei Chen how he should send over the open accounts. 

“How are we going to develop after this?” Wei Chen was currently leading his team all over the place to attack the guild players. He was having quite a good time, playing while chatting with Ye Xiu on QQ.

“I have a big plan!” Ye Xiu said.

“What big plan?” Wei Chen said.

“I’ve decided to send you out as a spy.” Ye Xiu answered.

“I can’t though, no? If I were to become a spy, wouldn’t you be wasting my talents?” Wei Chen objected.

“No, for such an unscrupulous guy like yourself, using you as a spy puts your talents to full use.” Ye Xiu honestly replied. 

“Wouldn’t you be a better fit then?” Wei Chen said.

“My schemes and foresight aren’t nearly as deep as yours.” Ye Xiu politely refuted.   

“No no. I’m older than you in age, but in terms of knowledge in Glory, you will always be the superstar of experience and shamelessness. Even after you retired, you’ve deeply affected the later generation. You’re not like me who stayed silent for all these years. Even Blue Brook Guild’s dog of a leader didn’t recognize this senior. Did Blue Rain not hang up a huge portrait of me in the Hall of Fame for those dogs to worship me?”

“I’m to blame for that. If it weren’t for me, you might have actually been able to win some fame during the two years and earned yourself a portrait in the Hall of Fame, but as the founder of Team Blue Rain, I believe your hard work and passion set the team’s path for the future by becoming the powerful stepping stone for the later generation. One shouldn’t be too unduly humble.” 

“Are you f*cking illiterate? When was this senior ever too unduly humble? Flip open the Baidu dictionary and study how to use proverbs properly. Don’t speak such nonsense to me.”

“If you aren’t too humble, then you’ll just have to accept your job as a spy. Trust me. You have the ability to do the job well.” Ye Xiu said.

“What a load of sh*t! This senior is saying this job is too easy for someone like myself. Stop pestering me.” Wei Chen expressed.

“Obviously for a job as a normal spy, but this time, I’m going to be doing something big.” Ye Xiu said.

“How big?”

“What’s the point of having one or two spies? If we’re sending in spies, we’re going to send in a full group of them.” Ye Xiu said.


“Look, with your skill, as long as you don’t intentionally keep a low profile, even if you won’t be able to become one of the core members that manage the guild, becoming a core member that leads teams shouldn’t be a problem, right? When this happens, you can add your gang into the guild and we’ll set up a group of spies in the guild. A single spy won’t be able to get much information, but a guild’s elite team should be able to access quite a lot of information, right?” Ye Xiu said.

“You really are too shameless. Not only do you want me to jump into a pit of fire, you even want all of my bros to jump in with me!”  

“How can say it’s a pit of fire? Do you know the benefits of being in a guild!” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s true. Without the extra stats and equipment from a large guild, our strength is too weak. It doesn’t feel good! It seems like taking advantage of these benefits is not a bad idea.”  

‘Yeah, it’s like killing two birds with one stone.”  

“Okay, I’ll do it. When will those account cards arrive?”

“That depends on the delivery worker.”

“Okay, when I get the account cards, I’ll start. Do you have any recommendation as to which guild I should join?”

‘Which guild do you think would be the best?”

“With this brother’s skill, it doesn’t matter. The guilds will be lining up to invite me. There’s no need to consider whether or not I can do it.”

“Then you decide!”

“What about Samsara? Seeing today’s actions, Samsara has quite the ambition! The guild wants to become more popular and they’ve been doing well in the competitive scene recently too! Samsara’s actions this time might even have been orders from above. They want the attention in game to coincide with their rise to the pro stage.” Wei Chen said.

“Mm, it’s a good choice. With greater ambition, there are more opportunities to join and develop. Samsara is not bad. I approve.” Ye Xiu said.

“B*stard, it sounds like you’re approving my decision. This senior makes his own decisions!” Wei Chen replied.

“This is the last time I’m going to remind you: Death Hand is still with me.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Right, don’t you think that Samsara has a good chance of winning this season?” Wei Chen quickly switched topics.

“Their momentum is strong and they clearly aspire to be champions. This year, they even got to host the All Stars. They clearly plan on cementing their position in the pro scene this year. If you’re talking about chances, all of the strong teams have a chance, but if you’re talking about readiness and conviction, Samsara is looking quite strong!

“Speaking of which, Samsara didn’t seem to be looking too strong for the first half of the split!” Wei Chen said.

“That’s part of their readiness. It’s not easy starting off strong and keeping it up for the entire season. It’s better to start slower, grow, and then burst forth at the end for the playoffs.” Ye Xiu said.

“So what you’re saying is that you think Samsara’s going to win?”

“Yes.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Then should I put some money on it?” Wei Chen said.

‘What are you talking about?"  

“Over here, our underground gambling den has opened a spot for Glory. I was planning on placing bets for who would win the playoffs, but I wasn’t sure who to place bets on.” Wei Chen explained.  


Chen Guo’s back was sweating seeing these two talk trash to each other, while discussing their shameless plan to send a group of spies into another guild. When she suddenly saw the two chatting about the playoffs and how Ye Xiu predicted Samsara to win: “Do you really think Samsara will win?”

“If I were the one running the underground gambling den, I would definitely set Samsara’s betting odds low.” Ye Xiu pointed to the screen.

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