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Chapter 542 - Follow Up

“Ha ha ha, you want to know? Let this senior think of something for you to do and then I’ll consider telling you.” Wei Chen raised his eyebrows.

“Old thing, who has your Death Hand?” Ye Xiu laughed grimly.

“F*ck!!” Wei Chen realized that he had been too pleased with himself and had forgotten something so important. 

“You win……” Wei Chen clearly valued his Silver weapon. His years of hard work couldn’t be faked.

“Hurry up and tell me.”

“You should know. In Glory, when certain conditions are met, some items can be dropped 100% of the time.” Wei Chen said.

As an experienced expert, Ye Xiu understood what Wei Chen meant: “You’re saying kill books can also be dropped in a similar way?”

“Yes, but it’s still not guaranteed. At best, it can increase the drop chance.” Wei Chen answered.

“Big brother, isn’t that just a myth?” Ye Xiu felt a bit confused. Time range, fixed input sequence, fixed kill order, etc. These weren’t proven facts in Glory, but rather beliefs of some players. These illogical methods were hard to believe.

On the other hand, setting up certain conditions to hit out equipment had a 100% chance and could be proven through testing. All of these methods made sense too. For example, when Ye Xiu first started playing the game from scratch, the method to guarantee the hidden boss’ ornamental sword in the beginner village was to repeatedly hit the sword’s belt. This could be explained through logic: if the sword belt broke, the sword would drop.

A lot of these types of methods existed in Glory. However, Wei Chen’s method only increased the drop chance. In an instant, his method felt somewhat implausible. How could you know whether the drop chance actually increased or not?

A 5% drop rate didn’t mean that you would be guaranteed 5 drops out of 100 kills. Each drop was an independent event after all. Out of a thousand times, you might not get any drops in 950 kills, but you could get 50 drops in the last 50 kills and it would still be considered a 5% drop rate. As a result, for drop rates, apart from 100% or 0%, it was difficult to estimate an exact number. Wei Chen only mentioned increasing the drop chance. His method seemed more like a myth than a fact.

“Myth? Don’t all of these characters with around 4700 skill points prove that it’s not a myth?” Wei Chen refuted.

“Then tell me, how do you do it?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Okay, we have to start with the relationship between people and Glory.”

“Death Hand.” Ye Xiu spoke bluntly.

“D*MMIT!” Wei Chen grit his teeth.

“Hurry up and tell me.” Ye Xiu held a stick and he didn’t have the patience to wait.  

“There’s a lot of stuff. I’ll just send you a doc!” Wei Chen didn’t continue stalling. He knew that what he had was very important. If the two of them were going to create a team with the goal of becoming champions, then just having outstanding players wasn’t enough. The characters had to be strong enough too.

“Okay, send it to me. I’ll study it.” Ye Xiu said.

“You don’t trust this brother’s research? You haven’t touched the game very much in these past few years. Glory is an online game, after all. You can still learn a lot from the web. The training methods used by teams are becoming more and more mature, but they’re also moving farther and farther away from the game. That’s not good.” Wei Chen spoke his thoughts. 

“It sounds like you’ve discovered a lot in these past few years?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I have. Definitely things that you guys in the pro scene probably wouldn’t know.” Wei Chen said confidently.  

“So thank me! For giving you a chance to go back on stage.” Ye Xiu said.

Wei Chen went silent for a long time, but then said: “F*ck off. Hurry up and give me my Death Hand back.”

“It’s in the city storage. I’ll go grab it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Wait, something doesn’t feel right up ahead.” Just as they were about to leave Poison Fang Swamp, Windward Formation suddenly stopped to hear for any sounds of movement. 

“Yeah, something feels off.” Ye Xiu said. The two experienced players could tell the situation wasn’t normal.

“It’s probably those guilds from before. They probably left some people behind to see what we’re up to.” Wei Chen guessed.

“It looks like there are quite a lot of people.” Ye Xiu looked around. These people hadn’t exposed themselves yet, but they weren’t making too much of an effort to stay hidden either. They had clearly completed an encirclement, ready to pounce at any time.

“It seems like breaking out will be a bit difficult.” Wei Chen said.

“I agree.” 

“You go first.” Wei Chen said. 

“Of course.” Ye Xiu logged off.

“F*ck! Can’t you say something nice???” Wei Chen cursed in QQ.

“Tch. We still need to play tricks with each other? We all know it’s true, so why waste time?” Ye Xiu asked.

“You f*cker. You said you’d give us accounts. Was that for real?” Wei Chen asked.

“Of course. You still have time to chat?” Ye Xiu asked back.

“The enemies aren’t moving. I’m not moving. It’s not like we need these accounts anymore. In a bit, this senior is going to fight with them and give them a taste of my amazingness.” Wei Chen said.

“Seeing that I’ve logged off, that attack must have hurt them greatly.” Ye Xiu said.

“Don’t be so happy. They might wait there until you log back on.” Wei Chen warned.

“I doubt they’ll spend all day waiting for me with so many people. Come rescue me when there are less people.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why should I rescue you?” Wei Chen said.

Ye Xiu replied with two words: Death Hand.

“God d*mmit! This time, when you get out, you’re going to return my Death Hand immediately. If you don’t return it, I won’t agree to anything you say ever again. I can’t wait another minute.” Wei Chen cursed.

“Hurry up and go fight them!” Ye Xiu said.

“Wait for my message!” Wei Chen replied. In Poison Fang Swamp, the battle began.

With Windward Formation at the head, a bunch of half-naked characters charged in a direction. After being kicked out of the guild, they were left half-naked. Half of their equipment had been taken back by the guild storage.

Against these half-naked savages, the guilds calmly concentrated their firepower to kill them immediately.

Who would have thought that this charge would be a fake? The instant the encirclement attacked, the two teams suddenly changed directions and started attacking in a frenzy. At this moment, the encirclement had already let out their attacks and couldn’t take them back.


It was like a sword hitting a crucial point. However, the sword was too blunt and couldn’t kill. It was still enough to injure though. On the other hand, these two teams attacked the encirclement and killed several people.

“Pick up their equipment!!!” Wei Chen shouted. There wasn’t many equipment on the ground. With 20 half-naked people scrambling for them, it seemed very uncivilized.

Their scramble made the players making up the encirclement stare dumbly at them. They were all from big guilds and had discipline. It was hard for them to look at such shameless acts. During this period of disdain, all of the equipment laying on the ground had been swept clean. Wei Chen shouted again and the two teams separated with one on the left and the other on the right. Each team forced their way into one part of the encirclement.

This time, the guild players fought back. They wouldn’t let these savages pick up their items so easily. Their counterattack killed off several of them.

This was a team battle. With a multitude of attacks coming at once, life and death was only a matter of seconds. Ye Xiu wouldn’t be able to remain in this type of battle. A Level 54 character had limited strength.

The battle that took place in Poison Fang Swamp didn’t last long. It ended within minutes. All twenty players died. 

These players had been cursing the entire time and in a very ugly manner too. Their shouts often had to do with the reproductive system, but from their angry curses, they could also feel that they were happy and having fun.

The enemies had finally been killed, but the guild players didn’t feel happy at all. The enemies that they had killed didn’t bear any resentment towards their killers, only pure passion for fighting. Right before they died, they often said things like “You’re washed clean now. Wait for big daddy to come for you!”

It made all of the guild players feel like they had been ridiculed. They looked at each other and couldn’t find anything to be pleased about.

At this moment, a system announcement came: Samsara had killed Swamp Hunter Leipu.

What’s this?

When the guild leaders saw this message, their minds suddenly went blank. Hadn’t Swamp Hunter Leipu been snatched away by Lord Grim’s gang? They even killed off a bunch of guys at Poison Fang Swamp’s exit. Even though it was too bad that they weren’t able to catch Lord Grim, it was still a small win in their eyes. However, how come Samsara killed Swamp Hunter Leipu?

They hadn’t come to their senses yet, when a follow-up to the proof post in the Glory forums.

The follow-up spoke of two things.

One, ridiculing Blue Brook Guild had been a misunderstanding. In reality, this had all been done by the pest Lord Grim. After learning the truth, Blue Brook Guild helped Samsara take the boss and, in accordance to the proof post, the boss was given to Samsara.

Two, Samsara was the main topic. Even if they weren’t going to fight for the boss, they had to fight for justice! Blue Brook Guild had proved everything was a misunderstanding, but in this type of situation, Samsara wouldn’t cower. Excellent Dynasty wanted to enter by exploiting their weakness. Fine, Samsara would fight. Samsara wouldn’t compromise for any reason. No matter the predicament, if they were going to kill, they would slaughter their way to the heavens. They would kill for justice!

These two had videos and images as proof. Samsara’s players stood up straight with pride as they watched Excellent Dynasty’s players stoop down to pick up equipment and leave. All of it had been recorded.

“Didn’t you say you couldn’t understand this time’s deal? Do you understand now?” Ye Xiu said to Chen Guo.

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