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Chapter 541 - Guarded Secret

“Okay. Please follow me then. Let’s hurry up so you two don’t have to worry anymore.” Ye Xiu added after Lord Grim finished up the deal with the two guild masters. In the meantime, he was already slipping into the depths of the swamp. Taking Ye Xiu’s words seriously, Changing Spring and Three Worlds Six Paths followed him without a moment’s delay, leading their groups away.

They soon arrived at the scene. Wei Chen’s Windward Formation was leading ten to twenty players, who were tangled in a fierce fight. Changing Spring and Three Worlds Six Paths were all veterans at boss fights. With a few glances, they knew right away that Wei Chen’s group was mainly trying to control the boss instead of rushing to kill it. Their worrying hearts finally settled down. Clearly, the other party had been dragging out the fight until the deal could be sealed. 

Having roamed Heavenly Domain for so long, Wei Chen knew the big shots from the big guilds better than Ye Xiu did. He saw Changing Spring and Three Worlds Six Paths’ names awhile ago. With a skillful dash, Windward Formation moved through the battlefield and greeted the newcomers enthusiastically, “Guild leader, do you want to take over the aggro? Or do you prefer to have us join your party? Relax, additional service won’t cost you any extra.” 

“That won’t be needed.” Changing Spring replied coldly. Taking it as a signal, people from Blue Brook and Samara charged at the boss. 

“You two guilds are trying to split one boss? This is going to be intense.” Wei Chen muttered his comment while stopping his people from attacking the boss. The transition that followed went smoothly since everyone was familiar with the process. 

At the same time, Changing Spring was starting to believe that the extremely shameless person mentioned by Ye Xiu might actually exist. 

Why? Because the person known as Windward Formation was roaming and laughing directly in front of him without feeling any discomfort whatsoever, even though the guild tag of Blue Brook Guild hovered above his character’s head. 

Even if he were a spy, he should still feel somewhat uncomfortable right now. Even if this was only in game, as a spy, one should still have trouble calling themselves the police righteously. The guilt of betraying those around them would weigh heavily upon their hearts no matter what, so all the spies had excellent mental strength. The guy in front of him was undoubtedly the best candidate for a spy there was. He was perfectly at ease even when he was directly exposed in front of his own guild leader. 

Although the transition finished quickly, when Wei Chen and his people backed down, they still looked very anxious, as if the players from Blue Brook and Samsara would turn and kill them right away to vent their anger. 

To Changing Spring, the sight was funny and annoying. For competitions in an online game, killing and fighting was a rather ineffective method. If a battle could actually resolve all the future threat the group in front of him posed, Changing Spring would start a world war without any hesitation. Regrettably, even if he were to beat them here, what could he possibly achieve? If it was a war fought between the big guilds, then victory would win glory for his own guild. On the other hand, killing this group of nobodies would only tarnish his guild’s name.

Being one of the top elites in the game for so long, Changing Spring had long since passed the stage where he still needed to PK to vent his anger, yet people were still weary of him for these kinds of trivial matters. It only made Changing Spring feel that this group’s character was particularly low. 

“Hm? What? Aren’t you people going to try to fight us?” Wei Chen exclaimed in surprise when he realized that neither Blue Brook nor Samsara planned on doing anything to him or his group. They had left the battle zone perfectly unscathed. 

“Is there such a need?” Changing Spring retorted flatly.

“This is an online game. Scores ought to be settled quickly and directly. Even after such a great loss, instead of fighting it out, you people are still scheming around. What a killjoy! The way you people play is so boring.” Wei Chen lamented. 

Wei Chen’s words made Changing Spring fall into a long silence. At last, Changing Spring admitted, “What you say is not entirely false, but we were never here to play in the first place.” 

“Haha, apparently you’re quite smart. No wonder you’re the guild leader of Blue Brook.” Wei Chen praised. 

“Ha ha, I’ll remember you.” Changing Spring didn’t join the battle himself. His view was pointed at the other party the whole time. 

“That’s a must. If possible, I hope you won’t kick me out of your guild though.” Wei Chen replied. 

“Why?” Changing Spring asked. 

“Because Blue Brook’s benefits are really good and its fame is also quite useful.” Wei Chen answered. 

Changing Spring was speechless. He was fully expecting some spectacular reasoning, but all he got was this kind of honesty instead. Thus, when he was moving his view, he kicked those in Blue Brook all out decisively. 

“F**k! Shameless! With such a big guild, do you honestly need to empty up a few slots that badly?!” Wei Chen swore as he drifted away with the group. Finally, they all disappeared into the swamp. 

“Let me see what goodies you’ve got!” Shortly after they left, Wei Chen was asking Ye Xiu impatiently, drooling in anticipation. 

“Here.” Ye Xiu sent an exchange request over and gave Wei Chen the materials he got from the two guild leaders. 

“This is it? Why didn’t you use the list I sent you.” Wei Chen was unexpectedly disgruntled with the results, but these were all that the guild leaders could manage with great difficulty. 

“Get some standards, why don’t  you? Is it even possible for them to accept your list?” Ye Xiu scolded. 

“Under that kind of conditions, it was worth a try.” Wei Chen refuted. 

“And this is the result of your attempt.” Ye Xiu replied. 

“It’s so-so, but it’s still better than what you would have gotten before. Weakling.” Wei Chen argued. 

“That’s because I’m not as shameless as you are.” Ye Xiu retorted. 

“This is completely shameless? If I had more people, I would have planned an ambush on the way here and kill their delivery person. That would have been spectacular! Could they count that loss on me?” Wei Chen proposed. 

“No human can stop you now…” Ye Xiu took a deep breath and lamented. 

“Enough already. Give Death Hand back to me. I’m going to upgrade it.” Wei Chen changed the subject. 

“Are you sure you won’t destroy it?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“F*ck off! Stop cursing me!” Wei Chen yelled back. 

“You’re not confident.” Ye Xiu concluded. 

“Based on my years of research, I think it should be fine.” Wei Chen answered. 

“Clearly, you’ve never tried.” Ye Xiu pointed out. 

“But I have experience.” Wei Chen insisted. 

“The experience of an antique?” 

“F*ck off! I’m not going to argue with you. Hurry up and give Death Hand back to me. Let me upgrade the weapon first. We have to work for the material needed for the next upgrade anyways. I don’t know if we’ll be lucky enough to find another boss.” Wei Chen sighed. 

“That’s going to be hard. With all the hidden rules in the game, we’re no better than the big shots from the big guilds. Truthfully speaking, they didn’t pay much attention to us before. They thought that the Heavenly Domain wasn’t like the normal servers. They believe that they have more power here, and we are just a tiny group with no real power, but after this, they will probably start to see us as a threat towards their bosses. If they actually spend some effort on making things difficult for us, we might actually suffer a lot from it.” Ye Xiu explained. 

“True! After all, Bosses are different. Just killing one takes a lot of time. Hijacking a boss is more troublesome than hijacking a guild leader.” Wei Chen agreed. 

“Actually, killing guild leaders would be nice too, but the problem is that guild leaders only drop equipment, not materials.” Ye Xiu lamented. 

“Ai, if only we know who got the material every time they killed a boss, then that would be great! We wouldn’t have to kill the bosses anymore. We just need to kill that player.” Wei Chen added. 

“That would still be difficult. Killing the person won’t give you the right thing every time.” Ye Xiu commented. 

“If killing them doesn’t drop it, then we’ll just keep on killing.” Wei Chen answered. 

“Should we try it next time?” Ye Xiu offered. 

“But we need to find out who picked up the material. That’s too hard…” Wei Chen sighed. 

“We just need a spy among the higher-ups.” Ye Xiu spoke. 

The two turned around and looked at the same time then. Wei Chen’s friends stood behind his Windward Formation. By now, almost all of their guild titles had disappeared. It was not because they were hiding them, but because they got kicked out. There were a few exceptions though: they were in Excellent Dynasty or Samsara. None of Wei Chen’s players from these two guilds had joined the fight, so the spies in these two guilds weren’t exposed. 

“We’re probably on their blacklist now. This is problematic.” Wei Chen frowned. 

“It shouldn’t be too much of a problem. You can just switch accounts. I checked. Luckily, in your group, everyone has a different class, right? Well, it just happens so that I have a bunch of level 70 empty accounts. I can give those accounts to your people. You can then transfer over your equipment, then that should settle it.” Ye Xiu offered. 

“F*ck! Do you know that our accounts all have really high amounts of skill points?” Wei Chen complained. 

“Really? How high?” 

“About 4700.” Wei Chen answered. 

“Why is it so high?” Ye Xiu exclaimed. With the regular leveling and main quests, a character would always end up with exactly 4000 skill points. The additional skill points were gained under random conditions from skill books, hidden quests, and event rewards.

Glory had a long history. Ye Xiu wouldn't be surprised to see some regular characters in the game actually had an amount of skill points comparable to the godly characters. After all, this kind of thing depended solely on luck. However, those around Wei Chen all had around 4700 skill points. Now that was shocking. 

This was all the result of good luck? Such good fortune for all 20 or so? 

Clearly, this was no longer the result of luck. There must have been some skill involved in it. 

“Hehe, this is my guarded secret.” Wei Chen boasted. 

“Nonsense! More than 20 people already know this. How can you call that a guarded secret?” Ye Xiu snapped. Speaking about it, skill points had been a headache for Ye Xiu. This was something that could only rely on luck. No one could guarantee how a character would end up. The only solution to this problem was money. On top of that, money couldn’t actually buy skill points. It could only be used to buy the accounts with really high skill points. 

Some would say, “All problems that could be solved with money are not problems.” Clearly, those who say that are all rich people. For those who use money to build teams, this is truly not too big of an issue. Even though there are very few accounts with such high skill points, Glory had been established for a long time and it had a large population of players, there are still a decent number of accounts with high skill points. 

Still, to Ye Xiu, who was starting over with nothing in hand, this was a very grave issue. The price for accounts with high skill points could be as high as the price of a silver class weapons. Let alone a full team of them, Ye Xiu couldn’t afford a single one. Who would have thought that Wei Chen, who was right in front of him, would have a way to stack skill points? This would not only solve an urgent problem for Ye Xiu, but it would also bring a large amount of fortune to him. 

In that moment, Ye Xiu only had one wish: let’s hope this shameless guy isn’t bragging, or that the guarded secret is as worthless as “I bought them.” 

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