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Chapter 536 - Nobody Move!

Excellent Dynasty thought that they would be the ones to give Samsara a surprise, but they never thought that they would be the ones surprised by Samsara. There wasn’t much interaction between them. As soon as Excellent Dynasty started shouting, Samsara immediately pounced on them as if they were mad.

“F*ck! Did you guys go crazy?!” Excellent Dynasty had tried to deliver shock to their opponents but turned out to be the ones shocked. They confidently thought that they could hold their ground against Samsara. After Samsara’s vicious fight against Blue Brook Guild, they must have suffered heavy losses. Right after Excellent Dynasty made their intentions clear, even if they didn’t compromise, they could at least negotiate. They wouldn’t be in too terrible of a situation.

However, Samsara was extremely unreasonable. Despite the obvious difference in strength, they were still actively engaging their enemies in battle, with absolutely no intentions of negotiating. Were they delusional? 

Despite not having good intentions, Excellent Dynasty didn’t expect that they would have such a major fall out with Samsara. They hadn’t been prepared for Samsara’s response. Samsara’s fierce attack caught them by surprise and just like Blue Brook Guild, they were beaten into submission.

Before they could come to their senses, several of their players had already fallen.

“What are you doing Samsara!” Excellent Dynasty players were angry, but they didn’t want to be so irrational like Samsara and go straight for the blood of their enemies. If both sides fought each other, wouldn’t others take advantage? They were there for the boss, not to PK!


Right! Where’s the boss?

When they thought of this, the players from Excellent Dynasty immediately looked towards Blue Brook Guild to look for the boss. Blue Brook Guild was having a rough time today. They didn’t dare to fight back against the boss’s attacks and they felt wronged by Samsara’s attacks. Facing attacks from both sides, the casualties were very heavy. Even with Samsara’s sudden change of attention towards Excellent Dynasty, the boss was still wreaking havoc, though the boss was finally pulled away by someone else.

But such an action didn’t feel right in the eyes of the other guilds, especially Excellent Dynasty that had been plotting to get the Boss rationally. However, the boss had already been pulled far away. The ones dragging the Boss away were three players with Blue Brook Guild tags.

“The boss has already been stolen away, why are we fighting?” The team leader of Excellent Dynasty roared in frustration.

“Our Samsara isn’t fighting for the boss today, we fight for our honor!” Samsara replied in an arrogant manner, not backing down a single inch.

Excellent Dynasty’s players coughed up blood. Samsara didn’t have the rationale that a Club guild was supposed to have. 

“Fine. You want your honor, go play with Blue Brook Guild. Stop bothering us! We still have important matters to tend to.” Excellent Era’s team leader shouted.

“Hmph, don’t think we don’t know what Excellent Dynasty is planning.” Samsara’s people yelled back.

All said and done, Excellent Dynasty felt somewhat guilty. Right after Blue Brook Guild’s trickery was exposed, Samsara immediately charged in. On the other hand, Excellent Dynasty bided their time, waiting for Samsara and Blue Brook Guild to beat each other up and then planning to appear out of nowhere to make their presence known. However, Samsara clearly didn’t care anymore and continued fighting.

“You think Excellent Dynasty is afraid of you?” Excellent Dynasty’s team leader felt angry too. He originally hadn’t wanted to fight with Samsara, but how could he hold himself back anymore? He couldn’t. With a shout, Excellent Dynasty immediately engaged Samsara in a vicious battle.

“Fine! We didn’t have the chance to fight each other in the Arena, so let’s settle our scores right here right now!” Samsara players didn’t show even a hint of fear; their morale was high as ever.

The other guilds could only stare at each other with wide eyes. They couldn’t understand Samsara’s irrational behavior either. Going against Blue Brook Guild could bring honor to your guild and could return the rights to fight the boss to the rightful guild, but the fight against Excellent Dynasty was just pure anger at them. They threw away any gains for their honor.

The guilds had also finally stabilized the situation after the ambush by poisonous flies. They were too embarrassed to join the fight for the boss. However, with two guilds already fighting against each other and the boss being dragged further and further away by Blue Brook Guild members, they really wanted to move. But as soon as they made even the slightest of movements, they were intercepted by players from Blue Brook Guild.

“Nobody moves!” Blue Brook Guild’s players shouted, “We have to clarify this matter right now!”

“F*ck, the Boss is being dragged away by your guys and you’re still telling us to remain where we are. What’s there to be discussed?” Everyone was angry after listening to Blue Brook Guild.

“The boss is gone, but this has nothing to do with you. According to our agreement, do you guys have the rights to kill it?” Somebody from Blue Brook Guild said in a cold voice. It was Blue Brook Guild’s leader, Changing Spring.

It wasn’t possible to get over here from the city so quickly, unless a teleportation scroll was used. With chaos erupting at both sites, Changing Spring had a lot on his hands. But the situation in Poison Fang Swamp was somewhat cleaner. Everyone there was from the eight guilds. In comparison, there were numerous spectators in the Arena. Changing Spring thought it out and decided to settle things in the swamp first. Once he teleported, he found that the situation had already reached such a critical step.

“We agreed to maintain order here, but your Blue Brook Guild broke its promise, took the boss away, and is now stopping us from following it. Do you think we’re stupid?”

“You’re not stupid, but we’re not idiots either. Anybody who thinks that this is caused by Blue Brook Guild has a brain full of sh*t!” With Blue Brook Guild treated unjustly, courtesy was the last thing on Changing Spring’s mind.

Suffering from attacks by Samsara and the boss, only a few Blue Brook Guild players remained, but they clutched tightly to their weapons and went into formation, giving out a tenacious aura just like Samsara.

“You’re still putting up a farce? The three men that pulled the boss away had Blue Brook Guild tags hanging right on top of their heads. Everybody saw it.” Someone shouted.

“Just having a guild tag proves that they’re our men? Is this your first day playing Glory? Are you that naive?” The person was instead ridiculed by Changing Spring and he couldn’t come up with a response. Framing wasn’t impossible. All the guilds on scene had several accounts in hand that bore the Blue Brook Guild tag.

“I swear that this matter today has nothing to do with Blue Brook Guild. And I am almost certain that the guilds present here wouldn’t do such shameless acts either. This must be the work of an outsider.” Changing Spring said.

“You can say anything you want, but who knows if this isn’t a plot by Blue Brook Guild?” Someone still questioned.

“Destroying our own reputation for a mere Level 65 Boss. Think about it rationally, is that worth it?” Changing Spring responded with a question of his own.

The players went silent again. They were all the elites of their guilds and they understood his reasoning.

Since Changing Spring was already on the scene. The leaders of the other guilds weren’t far behind, some of them had even arrived earlier than him, but as the losers in the Arena, their positions became awkward. As a result, they kept quiet, waiting for a change in situation just like Excellent Dynasty did earlier on.

Excellent Dynasty was one of the victors in the duel. After waiting for chance to come, they switched from being passive to aggressive. They tried to grab the prize, which resulted in their clash with Samsara that ended with massive casualties on both sides. The other guilds were also observing from the sidelines and made the decision to strike and grab the benefits for their own. But just as they were sneaking up on the Boss, they were stopped by Changing Spring.

The guild leaders had no choice but to continue staying at the sidelines, waiting for Changing Spring to handle the current situation. It seemed like it wouldn’t hard for him though, as long as no one else was in a complete frenzy like Samsara was. Changing Spring’s analysis on the situation was acceptable.

After noticing that the chaos had subsided, each guild’s leader could no longer hide their presence and had to speak up for their guild.

“What Brother Spring said made sense, but it’s also true that the boss was stolen. Are we just going to sit here and watch?” The guild leader of Herb Garden, Arisaema, asked.

“Ha ha...… Sit here and watch? I don’t think so! I don’t believe that a simple ‘Don’t move!’ from me could stop you guys. Let me guess, the ones that are secretly tracking the boss aren’t of the minority, right? Not a single member of Blue Brook Guild took part in such an action and I hope that the guilds that did will watch carefully. We’ll see clearly who got the boss in the end. I’d like to ask for you guys to record the entire process. My Blue Brook Guild needs it as proof of our innocence. Thanks.”

The guild leaders were silent again. Changing Spring’s deduction was correct. They didn’t let Blue Brook Guild stop them and had already sent people out to secretly track down the Boss. As for the words that came after, they didn’t object to them. Those were formalities. If it was a plot by Blue Brook Guild and they sent out a team carrying the Blue Brook Guild’s banner to meet up with those three at this point, then they were truly stupid.

Even if Blue Brook Guild was setting it up, they’d be using open accounts and such accounts had no ties with the guild.

Guild leaders were people capable of thinking quickly and coming up with countless schemes in a single second. Faced with this situation, their priority was no longer the boss, but to hurt Blue Brook Guild as much as possible. This was much more valuable than the rare items and materials dropped by some random wild boss.

What should they do?

Send out their spies in Blue Brook Guild?

Kill those that were aiding the three that stole the Boss, creating a situation where nobody took over the boss, which would be a sign that Blue Brook Guild was guilty?

Ideas after ideas flashed through the minds of the guild leaders, while Excellent Dynasty and Samsara were still fighting. Nobody thought to break up the fight. Deep down, they hated the two victors of the fight for the boss and hoped that both would suffer heavy losses.

“D*mn, I’ve finally stolen the boss, but somebody is tailing me. Are you ready?” At the same time, Wei Chen sent a message to Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim.

“I’ve been waiting.” Ye Xiu replied.

For those two, the plan was simple. They really hadn’t planned on harming any guilds.  Their goal was to kill the boss and get the materials that they direly needed. That was all.

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