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Chapter 534 - Venomous Flies

The entrance to the Arena in every major city of the Heavenly Domain suddenly became bustling with noise. After the surrounding players found out about the news, all of them ran to the Arena to watch the competition.

Every week, pro players provided matches for everyone to watch every week. But what about these guild experts? Even though they were closer to normal players, very few had really seen them play in PvP. Now that the news came out, some people went to cheer for their guild seniors. Some went to see what the noise was all about. Some took the opportunity to make bets. All sorts of people came to the Arena towards a single room. The room quickly filled up with people.

The eight guilds intentionally waited for the spectators to come. Seeing that there were enough people, they began the competition. They had thrown dice beforehand to determine the order and knew the results. The first match would be between Misty Castle and Herb Garden. The experts of the two sides were already standing on stage.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiu borrowed Chen Guo’s computer to watch. He wasn’t interested in the fights.  From time to time he would glance at her screen, while typing to Wei Chen: “What if it comes to Blue Brook Guild? Will you be under pressure?”

“Nonsense. Of course. Don’t you see I’m part of Blue Brook Guild? If I get kicked out of the guild, it’ll be a huge loss for me. You should know the benefits of being in a big guild.” Wei Chen replied.

“You really are shameless.” Ye Xiu disdained. 

“This is called competitive integrity. If you see Excellent Era, would you go easy because of your memories with them?” Wei Chen said.

“That depends on who I meet.” Ye Xiu said.

“Tch.” Wei Chen didn’t believe him.

Afterwards, Ye Xiu continued to glance at the matches from time to time, but most of his attention was traveling around Poison Fang Swamp. He had to avoid the eight guilds, but he also didn’t want to stray too far from the boss.

Poison Fang Swamp was very quiet today. The eight guilds were afraid of outsiders interfering, so while waiting for the results of the competition, they didn’t reveal the boss’s whereabouts. The Heavenly Domain was huge. Trying to find it through pure luck wasn’t very logical. As for the other guilds, even if they got the information, when they saw the attitudes of the eight guilds, they knew that trying to join now was already too late. It wouldn’t be good to provoke them.

In the Arena, the eight guilds didn’t play according to all of the pro scene’s rules. If they did, it would take way too long and they didn’t have such time to waste. As a result, they only played team competitions to determine the winner with the same rules as the pro scene. Five versus five with one substitute each.  

Because the competition had been quickly devised and set in motion, the map was chosen randomly, so neither side would have any tactical advantage. After fighting back and forth several times, Misty Castle finally couldn’t hold on any longer and Herb Garden won the first match.

Even though MIsty Castle was somewhat disappointed, they weren’t suffering. If they had fought for the boss the normal way, their chances of taking the boss was very small, so it wasn’t hard accepting their defeat.

“Misty Castle lost.” Ye Xiu told Wei Chen.

“I don’t think we should act yet. Wait a moment. We can still do a bit more preparing. Wait for an unexpected result. That would be the perfect time to act.” Wei Chen was extremely dirty.

“Wait for my next message.” Ye Xiu didn’t say anything more.

Next was Blue Brook Guild versus Tyrannical Ambition. Tyrannical Ambition lost. Jiang You was the first to propose the plan. Even though the plan had already gone this far, everyone was still a bit hesitant. Seeing how quickly Tyrannical Ambition had been eliminated, they began believing Jiang You didn’t have any ulterior motives.

Jiang You laughed and expressed the acknowledgement of their defeat.

Excellent Dynasty versus Blossom Valley. Excellent Dynasty won.

Samsara versus Void Walk. Samsara won.

Four guilds were eliminated. None of them were too surprising. The four matches ended relatively quickly. Even so, an hour had already passed. Wei Chen worked busily making preparations during that hour. The next round of matches between these four guilds began. Enough people had come as witnesses for their matches, so they decided to hurry with the matches and played both at once.

Samsara versus Herb Garden.

Excellent Dynasty versus Blue Brook Guild.

The first matched ended with Samsara beating Herb Garden, which was certainly a surprise. When the results came out, the spectators immediately dispersed and went to watch the other match. Chen Guo also went along. The other match quickly ended too. This time, Blue Brook Guild lost.

“We can act now.” Ye Xiu messaged Wei Chen.  

“What’s the situation?”

“Herb Garden, Blue Brook Guild.” Ye Xiu said. 

“My god. Blue Brook Guild? Are you serious?” Wei Cen asked.

“Competitive integrity.” Ye Xiu reminded.

“F*ck it. Let’s go!” Wei Chen replied. By this time, the eight guilds had already stopped scouting around. They had confirmed no outsider had come to cause trouble and returned to guard the boss. Wei Chen had finished his preparations. It had been a busy hour! Getting the monsters to gather towards a desired direction wasn’t an easy task. The one advantage Wei Chen had was the gang of bros beside him. He could lead them step by step. If they failed, he could personally step in and fix the situation. Ye Xiu finally sent him the go-ahead. Wei Chen picked out a few people and had them start the task. 

His gang was impatient to move. When they heard the order, they nearly let out a cheer. They controlled their characters and threw insect repellant smoke from their pockets towards the direction Wei Chen had forced them to memorize.

After throwing the insect repellant, they heard a buzz that boomed like thunder. A huge swarm of venomous flies had taken flight.

Countless venomous flies flew out from the swamp away from the insect repellant. The flies seemed to cover the skies as they moved towards a single direction. Where else could they fly? The insect repellant smoke was in the other direction. In order to get away from the repellant, they had to fly away!

The loud buzzing frightened the guild players ahead. When they looked back, they turned pale with fright.

“F*ck, where’d all these venomous flies come from?””

The venomous flies moved swiftly and arrived in an instant. Wei Chen’s bros had already hidden themselves among the guild and threw a bit more insect repellant.

Players who came to Poison Fang Swamp often brought insect repellant smoke. It was used very frequently too. Even if they hadn’t done this, they probably wouldn’t have gotten caught in any case because everyone else was doing the same thing.

Insect repellant smoke might be effective, but no matter how much the guild players used at this time, they wouldn’t get the desired effect. Insect repellant smoke was just something the insects didn’t like; it didn’t kill the insects. If the insect repellant smoke surrounded the venomous flies, the flies would buzz around randomly like houseflies. They wouldn’t receive any damage. If the player walked too close, the flies would still bite.

Players unaware of this bit of knowledge now learned the lesson through their own flesh and blood. One bro threw out some insect repellant, but the repellant surrounded these venomous flies. The flies began flying around randomly and a few still headed towards him. Who knew how many flies came at him, but this bro quickly fell to the ground.  

This was one reason small monsters like these were scary. Because of their small size, they could fly and attack at the same time, allowing them to cover a wide range. This was one reason why Ye Xiu and Wei Chen chose to use this tactic. If they had been goblins, no matter how many goblins there were, they wouldn’t have much killing threat. It was the same theory behind surrounding bosses. Even if you had thousands of troops, only a few could get close to the boss no?

These flies avoided this issue. They could cover above, below, left, right, all around, while attacking the player. No matter how little damage they did, with so many of them, they would certainly be able to kill. These venomous flies did quite a lot of damage too. The players were Level 70. The flies were Level 65. The level difference wasn’t significant enough. Moreover, their attacks had a chance to poison. The corpse of the dead player had turned green.

One person had died instantly, making the others extremely frightened. The second to face the flies was a Knight, who instinctively raised his shield.

Constant blocking noises could be heard from the venomous flies crashing into his shield. It sounded very comforting, but the Knight himself wasn’t looking good. Just because the shield blocked the flies didn’t mean the Knight wasn’t taking damage. The shield only reduced damage. With so many flies, the blocking noise continued to echo and the Knight’s health fell rapidly. In fright, the Knight shouted for the Clerics to help him.

When he looked back, the Clerics had been surrounded by venomous flies too! These venomous flies automatically attacked and wouldn’t only attack a single target. They had each found their own target. Players who only had one fly targeting them weren’t afraid, but with everyone packed together so closely, the flies would eventually get them.

The swarm of venomous flies had come from nowhere, catching everyone off guard. Many players instantly died. The remaining hastily moved into a defensive formation. The flies wouldn’t be enough to wipe out their entire group.

The news of being ambushed quickly reached their guild leader’s ears. The ambushed guild happened to be the guild just about to enter the deciding match: Samsara.

“WHAT!!” Samsara’s guild leader Three Worlds Six Paths became furious and immediately became suspicious of Herb Garden, who had just been defeated by Samsara. When a big guild lost a big opportunity, it was hard not to be resentful. When he thought of the initial agreement from every guild, Herb Garden’s response had been somewhat reluctant. Now, his guild had been ambushed by venomous flies. Of course! After all, the agreement was up for everyone to see, so it wasn’t possible to directly make an attack, so they made an indirect attack instead.

“Despicable!” Three Worlds Six Paths cursed in anger. The other guild leaders also received the news and immediately knew who Three Worlds was angry at. Jiang You, who had proposed the idea, hastily said in defense: “Three Worlds, don’t be rash. We don’t know the whole situation yet!”

“All eight guilds cleared the field together. There couldn’t have been a problem. If it wasn’t us, then who could it be? The venomous flies couldn’t have just happened to all come out and attack them. Even the noobs of the tenth server would laugh!” Three Worlds Six Paths spat.

Jiang You was just about to respond, when he suddenly received more news: his own guild had been attacked by venomous flies and Blue Brook Guild had started fighting the boss!

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